Chapter 851: Ceaseless Troubles

    Chapter 851: Ceaseless Troubles

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    The group of Barley left after staying in Golden Light City for 4 days, during which period, they learned about Zhang Tie's recent developments; especially the message that Zhang Tie was going to buy a land and build a city in Youzhou Province. Through a short negotiation, they had determined to settle down in Youzhou Province and restarted their new life here.

    Even though, they needed to handle a lot of problems.

    The first problem was in the God's Will Brotherhood.

    There were 28 members of God's Will Brotherhood totally, among whom only the 6-7 guys headed by Barley knew Zhang Tie's recent developments. All the others still knew nothing about Zhang Tie's current situation. As the achievement that they had made in Guizhou Province also benefited from all the other members of God's Will Brotherhood, they needed to notice the other members of God's Will Brotherhood about their choice so that the others could make their decisions.

    As of now, besides the group of Barley which was still single, many members of God's Will Brotherhood had gotten married and established families in Guizhou Province. Therefore, it was actually uneasy to convince others to develop in Youzhou Province together with the group of Barley.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't mean to move all of them to Youzhou Province, because he didn't want to destroy their recent lives by having them move to a strange place and restart a new life. He was not entitled to make such a selfish decision.

    Zhang Tie asked Barley to only tell them that he had already returned to Taixia Country and was going to do something; instead of telling them about his recent developments. Those who wanted to come could come here to develop their new undertakings; those who didn't, just stay there to maintain their current lives.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's suggestion, Barley and the other guys nodded. It would be much easier to handle it in this way. However, they all knew that the members of God's Will Brotherhood would divide into different ways after they made such a decision. The God's Will Brotherhood that they founded in Blackhot City would also come to an end soon after they made their choices.

    Perhaps, nobody would declare about the dissolution of the God's Will Brotherhood; actually, after they made such a decision, they would divide into different ways completely. What linked them would be the friendship between them instead of interests and honors. As a result, God's Will Brotherhood would become a countrymen organization and club.

    Anytime, only the binded interest was the firmest foundation.

    He could not force all of them to follow his leadership because each person had his own lifestyle. Some liked to conquer the world; some felt that the greatest pleasure lay in mountainscapes and rivers. If the two kinds of people were bound with each other, besides being embarrassed, there would be a series of side effects. The final outcome might be that they could not even be friends.

    Zhang Tie didn't dream about conquering the world. It was normal for him to have such a dream in other sub-continents; however, if he still thought about this in Taixia Country, he must have been insane. Nevertheless, given his current social status, what he should consider and face was still different than that of commoners. This also caused the greatest difference between him and the other members of God's Will Brotherhood.

    "The original intention of God's Will Brotherhood was to survive our friends in Blackhot City in the holy war. It seems that we've already reached this target now. All the members who joined the God's Will Brotherhood are living pretty well. It indicates that our decision to establish the God's Will Brotherhood is right. Our brotherhood also played its role. I'm very happy about this point. From then on, I hope our friendship remains unchanged and God's Will Brotherhood to be preserved. Those who come to Youzhou Province will have a wholly new start. I feel that Jinwu Hotel Group would be a nice name. I hope Jinwu Hotel Group would be the largest hotel group in Youzhou Province in one decade."

    The bright future that Zhang Tie described just now made Barley and the other guys spirited; therefore, after confirming some details with Zhang Tie, they had hurriedly returned to Guizhou Province by the fury-level airship dispatched by Zhang Tie. After ending their business in Guizhou Province, they would soon return to Youzhou Province by that airship. By then, they would show their talents in Youzhou Province.

    During the 4 days, Zhang Tie also got the news about those girls in Rose Association who had come to Taixia Country. Most of them had married others and delivered babies. Some moved to other places in Guizhou Province with their parents and had lost their contact with the God's Will Brotherhood.

    Guizhou Province was larger and more prosperous than Waii Sub-continent. The total population in Guizhou Province was over 10 billion. A lot of foreigners were living there. With the financial management income of 580 gold coins from Golden Roc Bank annually, plus their nice looks, they could live like rich ladies even with their family members. Therefore, Zhang Tie was not worried about them.

    This message also drew a full stop for the crazy deed between Zhang Tie and those girls of Rose Association in Blackhot City.


    On December 1st, Zhang Tie stood in the open land in the backyard in the heavy snow and saw Barley and the other guys of God's Will Brotherhood slowly rising up and flying towards the south.

    On the deck, Barley and the other guys were waving their hands towards Zhang Tie with full ambitions. Even Beverly, Fiona and Linda had come out to bid a farewell towards them together with Zhang Tie.

    Seeing off the airship, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh.

    "Alas, I've not imagined that those beautiful girls of Rose Association have married others. Hubby, are you missing them? If those girls were here, we would have a lot of games to play!" Fiona looked around and watched Zhang Tie while pouting her petite mouth faintly.

    "You know that." Zhang Tie watched Linda and Beverly with a sense of guilt.

    "I've long known Barley and the other guys, do you think that I don't know what you enquired from them?" Beverly watched Zhang Tie with a faint smile.

    "Ahem...ahem..." Zhang Tie coughed in an embarrassed look, "Erm, I just care about them, don't think too much!"

    Fiona suddenly let out a sigh, "Actually, we know that you're a nostalgic person. Hubby, if you want to find those sisters of Rose Association or pick them to your side, as long as they like, Beverly and I will not oppose it, if some more people could serve you, we don't need to be that painstaking anymore!"

    'Say yes and mean no; definitely say yes and mean no.' The moment he heard Fiona's tone, Zhang Tie had known what this ladykin was thinking about. Women were all jealous; especially those women who had married and delivered babies would have a strong territorial consciousness in the family; perhaps, Fiona and Beverly didn't feel anything special when Zhang Tie killed time with those girls in Rose Association previously; they would even join them; however, if any more women dared break in his life circle at this moment, Zhang Tie was sure that his harem would get a big fire.

    "Don't worry. It's enough for me to have 3 of you!" Zhang Tie patted Fiona's raised butt under her fox-fur robe and said seriously.

    "Really? I don't think so!" Beverly watched Zhang Tie with her flickering eyes, "I remember that Sonia stayed in your study a bit longer than before a few days ago!"

    "Alas!" Zhang Tie suddenly shouted as he heavily patted his head and said, "I forgot I promised Chenglei to teach the little guys rollerskating!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie had escaped away.

    Fiona, Beverly and Linda became silent for a few seconds as they had not imagined that Zhang Tie could be so shameless. After exchanging a glance with each other, they burst out into laughter at the same time.


    After the group of Barley left Youzhou Province, Zhang Tie recovered his "home-staying" mode.

    Even in such a "home-staying" mode, besides accompanying his family members and negotiating with his elder brother about purchasing a land to build a city, Zhang Tie also kept an eye on the holy war, the situation facing Taixia Country and various messages. Additionally, he kept cultivating every day.

    As the old Hua saying went, be prepared for danger even in times of peace. Even though Youzhou Province in Taixia Country could not sense the battle flames of the holy war, Zhang Tie, who had witnessed the cruelty of the holy war, dared never forget about the greatest threat from demons. Zhang Tie knew that there was no Shangrila across the human territory facing the holy war; even in Taixia Country, there were also a lot of surging hidden forces...

    The notice "Long-term Garrison Knights Wanted in the Lion Fortress of Earth-element Realm" was still hanging on the top of the notice board in the Mountain of Brightness. Being different from that a few years ago, the treatment for garrison knights in the Lion Fortress grew from 2 earth-element crystals per month to 6...

    This was not a good signal as it revealed that the situation facing Lion Fortress in the Earth-element Realm was growing more and more dangerous.

    Demon disasters started to break out in Golden Roc Sub-continent. The National Defense Department of Taixia Country had dispatched knights over there to crack down the demons...

    Plague broke out in the dozens of cities of Chaosang Sub-continent at the same time. The Northeast Military Region Headquarter had issued the order to the navies in each province within its territory to prevent ships from stealing into Taixia Country from Chaosang Sub-continent and strictly control population and commodities smuggling...

    These were the major events that happened in the border of Taixia Country during the past a couple of months. As to the inland of Taixia Country, the heresy Heavens Reaching Church aroused a riot in Ganzhou Province in Taixia Country at the bottom of November, which was pacified in Mid-December. However, the court temples in Youzhou Province also received the documents about catching the dregs of the Heavens Reaching Church from the Supreme Court in Taixia Country...

    In Mid-December, a LV 13 important criminal on the 8369th place of the wanted list in the Supreme Court of Taixia Country sneaked in Youzhou Province and fought ferociously with 4 bounty hunters in the wild of Threespring Prefecture. Finally, the important criminal was killed at the cost of the lives of 2 bounty hunters.

    In such ceaseless troubles, they welcomed the first spring festival of the 900th year of Black Iron Calendar...
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