Chapter 859: The Heavens Reaching Church

    Chapter 859: The Heavens Reaching Church

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    Only after 2 more hours, Zhang Tie had seen the young thief who had stolen his money at the end of a remote alley in a residential area in the east of Youzhou City.

    When Zhang Tie arrived here, although it was still windy and snowy, the alley had been surrounded by criminal hunters in solemn, black uniforms with crossbows and sabers in hands like ghosts within 100 m, even on the walls and the roofs.

    "Tell them to get off the walls and roofs. The new year is coming, don't scare others!" Before entering the alley, Zhang Tie instructed the one beside him.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the one on Zhang Tie's side made a hand gesture while those criminal hunters disappeared from the roofs and walls at once.

    The one on Zhang Tie' side who waved his hands towards those criminal hunters was an old man, who looked solemn and a bit aggressive. This old man was Zhang Tie's assistant. When Zhang Tie was not in the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province, this assistant took charge of it.

    Actually, this assistant had known Zhang Tie in Huaiyuan Prefecture in Waii Sub-continent. At that time, Zhang Tie returned to Zhang's old mansion after promoting to a knight. Coincidentally, Zhang Haitian's eldest wife was celebrating her birthday. Out of jealousy, some unworthy descendants of Zhang family aroused some filthy troubles in the banquet. In order to clarify his innocence, Zhang Tie fetched Zhang Yuanshan, the grand justice of Golden Sea City; by the way, those unworthy descendants of Zhang family were severely punished.

    Given Zhang Yuanshan's position in Huaiyuan Prefecture, Huaiyuan Palace arranged for him to be Zhang Tie's assistant and cooperate with Zhang Tie to handle criminal cases.

    Compared to Zhang Tie, Zhang Yuanshan was more experienced in criminal justice. Being severe and capable, he was the best supplement to Zhang Tie.

    Count Long Wind was good at choosing people for jobs. During the period when Zhang Tie was not in Youzhou City, under the rule of Zhang Yuanshan, the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province ran orderly and no chaos occurred within the scope of the official duty of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province.

    Because of this, Zhang Tie was extremely furious about the malicious impeachment of Gobbling Party.

    The alley was piled with some sundries such as hencoops, honeycomb briquet and broken cases. Like other places, even though Taixia Country was good enough and Youzhou City was big enough, there were still poor people in this city. Some families lived in brilliant residences and pavilions while some families only crowded in humble abodes. Here was the second kind of residence.

    Even big cities like Youzhou City were not full of fresh flowers or sunshine everywhere. There were also people living in dim places.

    Those sundries were covered with snow as thick as 3 cm.

    The ground in the alley was a bit dirty, which was muddy, thawy snow caused by numerous people's footsteps. They could even see the clear grains left by the soles of the leopard-headed battle boots of those criminal hunters in Youzhou Province on the snow...

    The footmarks on the snowfield also implied that many criminal hunters had entered this alley before Zhang Tie's group arrived.

    Even the residents in the neighboring residential area could not imagine that so many ferocious criminal hunters from yamuns could gather in such a remote place one day. Few people with a genial look could do a good job in this profession. Because those who looked genial could never frighten those evil and brutal people.

    In such a snowy day, the criminal hunters dispatched by the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province were like black vultures with an awe-inspiring inauspicious qi. The residences in the neighborhood had long closed their curtains. Some brave guys dared only throw stealthy glances at them from behind the curtains.

    At the end of the alley, Zhang Tie made a turn and caught sight of that young man whom he had met in the early morning.

    Like a section of a deserted broken tree stump, that young man's corpse was lying beside some railway sacks of sundries, facing down. His body had almost been covered by snow.

    It became silent in the surroundings.

    After letting out a sigh, Zhang Tie squatted down in front of that corpse and turned it over.

    Given his angular look, he was just 13 or 14 years old. Zhang Tie found his face had turned totally pale. By contrast, the location of his heart had been covered with blood. Due to the cold weather, his blood had been frozen before flowing out. Therefore, a few blood drops were left on the ground beside his corpse.

    He was still looking up at the sky with an anguished and amazed look.

    Zhang Tie watched this face seriously as he had not imagined that this juvenile whom he had met in the early morning could become an icy corpse. 'It's just a common crime of theft. He would be set free after being put behind the bars for about a year. Why are you so brutal?' Zhang Tie sighed inside.

    "This man is called Lu Xiaoshuang. He had been jobless for many years and lost his family. When the Northeast Military Region decided to build Youzhou City, millions of people poured in the territory of Youzhou City. He followed the contingent of builders in and wanted to seek for a chance to survive himself. He was just a beggar and went on errands for people in the city. 2 years ago, a local ruffian called Wang Wu had him in his care and taught him how to be a thief; Lu Xiaoshuang then survived on theft. 2 hours ago, someone saw Wang Wu and Lu Xiaoshuang enter this alley. Finally, Wang Wu left here alone!" Zhang Yuanshan introduced this thief to Zhang Tie, "Wang Wu's corpse was also discovered in his home. He has already committed suicide by taking poison. Besides Lu Xiaoshuang, 7-8 thieves who worked for Wang Wu had been arrested and were being interrogated!"

    Zhang Tie just put his hand on Lu Xiaoshuang's face as if he intended to close Lu Xiaoshuang's eyes.

    In others' eyes, Zhang Tie's movement was nothing strange but driven by the mercy. Therefore, although Zhang Tie put his hand on Lu Xiaoshuang's forehead for a couple of seconds, he didn't arouse the doubts of those beside him.

    Nobody knew what Zhang Tie was "seeing" and "hearing" in his mind.

    Lowering his head as if he was gazing at Lu Xiaoshuang; however, nobody could notice Zhang Tie's glittering, exotic eye light.

    After Zhang Yuanshan finished his words, Zhang Tie's fingers slightly trembled. Closely after that, he moved his hand away from Lu Xiaoshuang's face, when the latter's eyes were closed.

    Zhang Tie picked himself up before sighing once again with emotions, "Buy a good coffin using the gold coins that he had stolen from me and bury him. Stop interrogating the other thieves. They're just poor people without any reliance. Have people send them to the Righteous Palace in Youzhou City and instruct them with knowledge; Confiscate Wang Wu's family property for public use. Send all the money to the Righteous Palace. Additionally, spare 100,000 gold coins from my compensation this year and send them to the Righteous Palace of Youzhou City too so that the Righteous Palace could have more homeless juveniles and beggars in. Prevent them from being misled by evil people anymore!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zhang Yuanshan instantly cupped his hands and bowed towards Zhang Tie, "Benevolent Lord!"

    It could be said that all the homeless juveniles and beggars across Youzhou City would survive themselves with the 100,000 gold coins donated by Zhang Tie. 100,000 gold coins was not a small figure. Even though they were deposited in the bank, their interests could also afford over 1,000 orphans and beggars each year.

    The Righteous Palace of Youzhou City had just been in place lately after Huaiyuan Palace won the competition for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province. Of course, as it started from scratch, it could not take many people into its care. Before Youzhou promoted to an established province, there was no Righteous Palace in Youzhou City.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile as if he had forgotten about this "trifle", "Well, let's go back. Take a round across Youzhou City with me. As the new year is coming, we'd better guarantee a peaceful year for the commoners in Youzhou City!"


    After knowing that the dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province was going to leave, a fierce criminal hunter from the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province and the officials from yamuns left with him too. Of course, the orders that Zhang Tie had issued would be executed by someone else.

    In over 1 hour, Zhang Tie truly took a round across Youzhou City with those officials and a criminal hunter from the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province facing the heavy wind and snow. Although they were not awe-inspiring enough to arouse a general turmoil like lions in streets, they also scared commoners away.

    During the past few hours, Youzhou City had finished a temporary yet sharp "crackdown of evil forces" before the new year festival. As a result, over 100 ruffians who preyed upon people and fattened themselves had to celebrate the new year in the cells. These b*stards were domineering in front of commoners yet were as docile as rats in front of cats facing these criminal hunters and officials from the yamuns.

    After taking a round in Youzhou City, Zhang Tie had returned to the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province.

    When the others left, Zhang Yuanshan moved closer with a bit more solemn look, "Lord, whatever happened today was a bit weird!"

    After rolling his eyes, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile, "Yup, the moment we wanted to find them, they had been killed. It seems that someone was leaking message from the yamuns. If they keep doing this, even trifles would deteriorate into big events. After the new year, you'd better screen them carefully. Although some officials in the Provincial Court are closely related to people from all walks of life, it's not good if the human relationship is too complex. We'd better dismiss some of them!"

    Although Zhang Yuanshan wanted to see something more, Zhang Tie had waved his hand, "No more words. As the new year is coming; don't make our fellows depressed!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zhang Yuanshan swallowed his words back before bowing towards Zhang Tie and intended to leave. As an experienced person, especially in forbidding agencies like the Provincial Court, he clearly knew what he should speak and do as the assistant of Zhang Tie. Although this event was a bit weird, now that the dean of the Provincial Court didn't want to continue to investigate it in the spring festival, he didn't need to think too much about that. After all, only 2 trivial people had died.

    "Ahh, is there any people on duty in the Provincial Court during the spring festival?" Zhang Tie casually asked when he found Zhang Yuanshan was going to leave.

    "I will be on duty in the Provincial Court during the spring festival. The officials in the other yamuns would also be on duty by shift."

    "That's fine. The deacons and disciples in the Provincial Court from Huaiyuan Palace would better not come back during the spring festival. They should practice more and be familiar with their services. So many forces are gazing at Huaiyuan Palace. If we don't work hard, people will laugh at us. In major agencies like Provincial Court, deacons and disciples of Huaiyuan Palace should make greater achievements!"

    "Yes, sir. I will make an arrangement soon!" Zhang Yuanshan received the order.

    Zhang Tie nodded as he said with a self-mockery expression,"Today, I planned to show my face to those who had not seen me in the Provincial Court in case of being spoken ill of by them; I've not imagined about such boring things. Alright, I will go back to Jinwu City..."

    Although Zhang Tie dared order the disciples and deacons of Huaiyuan Palace to stay in the Provincial Court during the spring festival, nobody dared order Zhang Tie to do the same. Even Zhang Taixuan dared not say such words to Zhang Tie.


    After half an hour, Zhang Tie left Youzhou City by airship under the gazes of the officials from the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province.

    After traveling to Youzhou City, Zhang Tie made the officials in the Provincial Court cheer up; besides, the number of thefts across Youzhou City would greatly reduce for sure during the new year festival.

    Watching Zhang Tie boarding the airship, someone in the Youzhou City let out a sigh of relief.

    In the airship, Zhang Tie's eyes flickered and revealed a bit cold light as he saw Youzhou City diminishing under his foot. At the same time, he pursed his mouth tightly.

    His subordinates told him that his purse and gold coins had been discovered and even showed them to him. The purse and the gold coins inside it were both real; even the quantity of the gold coins remained unchanged; however, Zhang Tie knew that those gold coins didn't belong to him as the gold coins that he had marked with tracing tentacles were still in a place in Youzhou City.

    After Lu Xiaoshuang submitted the gold coins, those gold coins had long been shifted among them for two rounds.

    Those people were strictly organized at a high efficiency.

    After following Wang Wu for so many years, Lu Xiaoshuang had known something more or less.

    Especially before his death...

    In the last moment, Lu Xiaoshuang saw Wang Wu's face which suddenly turned grim, closely followed by a sharp pain.

    When Lu Xiaoshuang fell down, he heard another strange voice talking with Wang Wu--

    "5 days later, we will do great things in Youzhou Province. Remember to not make any mistake at this critical moment. Zhang Mushen is called Lion of Youzhou Province. A new broom sweeps clean. As the Provincial Court's prison has a lot of means to investigate you; we have to prepare for that. I feel sorry for you. Just tell me what you want to say now!"

    "I hope Heavens Reaching Ancestor to descend to the world. This disciple expects to be the lad cupping flowers on the Ancestor's side..." A panting and frenzied voice sounded.

    "Fine, I will tell the Heavens Reaching Ancestor. Here's the Brain Shattering Pill gifted by the altar head. Take it and you will get relieved without any pain..."

    "Thanks, Law Protector Zuo, please pass on the message to the altar head that Wang Wu could not propose a toast to him in his "Washing Hands Ceremony" on the first day of the lunar new year...

    "I know, you can leave now..."

    Only after a short dialogue between Wang Wu and the other strange voice, Lu Xiaoshuang's consciousness had entered into total darkness with unwillingness...

    Zhang Tie knew that Brain Shattering Pill was a rank poison. Compared to common poisons, Brain Shattering Pill could not only destroy one's vitality rapidly but also destroy one's brain structure, causing one's brain to die at the fastest speed. This was the fastest way to die. After one took that pill and died, nobody else could get any message from his brain anymore.

    In Waii Sub-continent, those who took Brain Shattering Pills were all dauntless fighters or spies. Once being caught, they would commit suicide by taking Brain Shattering Pills. Additionally, the performance of Brain Shattering Pill was no different than that of "powerful rat poison". Unless making brain anatomy, it was hard to identify what they had committed suicide with.

    Therefore, in order to not frighten the tiger, Zhang Tie even didn't check Wang Wu's corpse; he just handled this thing in a distant way...

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that his casual movement could have him involved in the plot of the Heavens Reaching Church.

    The big things mentioned by the strange person from Heavens Reaching Church referred to riot and rebel for sure.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether it was his fortune or the misfortune of Heavens Reaching Church...

    'Someone must be keeping an eye on my movements from time and then in Youzhou City...'

    Therefore, Zhang Tie just ignored the crime scene so as to make his enemy reassured...

    However, Zhang Tie felt a bit chilly when he realized that the Heavens Reaching Church could control his subordinates like Wang Wu to sacrifice himself for the sake of the church at the critical moment...

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