Chapter 860: A Back Thrust

    Chapter 860: A Back Thrust

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    This family reunion dinner was the most boisterous one in the late decade.

    Besides safe reunion, Zhang family's undertakings were flourishing; plus so many kids, Zhang Tie's father and mother were very happy.

    It would be the first day of the 900th year of black iron calendar next day, the beginning of a new century.

    In the next year, Zhang Tie's family would build Jinwu City, their first private city in Youzhou Province, Taixia Country and lay a foundation for their descendants. This was also a new century for Zhang Tie's family.

    Therefore, this family reunion dinner became pretty boisterous.

    Before dinner, the cheers and laughter in the dining hall had started.

    Sitting in the dining hall, Zhang Tie's mother and father were giving heavy red packets to each servant, maid and guard. After taking the heavy red packets, all the servants and guards of Zhang family spirited up and did things more swiftly.

    Zhang Yang and Zhang Tie had already had their wives and concubines give the red packets to their servants this noon. The two side mansions were both cheerful and festive.

    At the table, when they talked about the Jinwu City that they were going to build next year, everyone became highly spirited; especially Zhang Tie's father. After knowing that he would be the mayor of Jinwu City, Zhang Ping almost returned to his youthhood and became more energetic. As a result, he kept talking at dinner.

    Watching their father's excited look, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang exchanged a glance with each other before revealing a tacit smile.

    'It seems that I've made a wise decision to have dad be the mayor of Jinwu City.'

    When it gradually turned dark, they could hear cracking drumbeats from other houses across Golden Light City. Those kids couldn't stand the lure and immediately rushed into the courtyard to beat drums.

    According to the custom in Taixia Country, people needed to beat drums in the new year's eve. Therefore, to beat drums in new year festival became kids' favorite activity.

    "Have you got enough money to build the city? If not, I've got some case-dough, you can...take it away!" Zhang Tie's father became a bit drunk.

    After hearing Zhang Ping's words, before Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang made a response, Zhang Tie's mom had raised her eyebrows while asking in a tender voice on Zhang Ping's side, "How many case-dough have you saved?"

    "About 500,000-600,000 gold coins...erm..." Zhang Ping suddenly realized that he had fallen into the trap. He immediately turned around and watched her glassy-eyed look while quivering all over a bit before crying inside, 'Sh*t, I'm over...'

    "Well, well, well, Zhang Ping, how dare you save so much case-dough these years? If you were not drunk today, how long did you prepare to cover it in front of me? What do you plan to use this money for? To find another younger mother for Linda, Beverly and Fiona? Where's the deposit book?"

    Zhang Tie's mom watched Zhang Ping with an aggressive look while stretching out her hand. At the sight of her majestic look, the mayor of Jinwu City in the future instantly turned pale and dared not look straight into her eyes. He then answered in an embarrassed way, "Erm...erm...it's just a bit pin money!"

    "Pin money? You could buy hundreds of beautiful female slaves with these pin money! Give me the passbook! You can ask pin money from me!"

    After hearing this, Zhang Ping instantly became disappointed like a cock who had lost a battle...

    After throwing a glance at each other, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang sighed inside and could only wish good luck to their dad, 'Besides being too strict to dad's pin money, mom is always good.' Since they were in Blackhot City, Zhang Tie's father's money had always been in the hand of Zhang Tie's mother. After saving some case-dough these years, he suddenly revealed it after being drunk due to the overexcitement. How poor was Zhang Ping!

    "Ahem...ahem...we don't need your money, dad and mom. Jinwu Business Group has sufficient capital for building Jinwu City. Even if there's any problem, I will work out a solution with Zhang Tie too. Am I right?" Zhang Yang threw a glance at Zhang Tie.

    "Hmm, right, right..." Zhang Tie replied in a blurry way.

    Actually, Zhang Tie had been a bit regretful about buying another patch of land in Youzhou City. 'Zanggu Plateau is too large, the cost of which has already surpassed my remaining deposit in Golden Roc Bank. I still lack tens of millions of gold coins. I could only borrow them from Golden Roc Bank. If my parents know that I've bought such a useless patch of land at such a high price, they would feel very pitiful about that.'

    'Although I have so much money in Castle of Black Iron, I could not take them out of the air in the bank or in front of others. Therefore, I need a public reason to gain space teleportation equipment.

    Zhang Tie had already seen space teleportation equipment on Commander Cheng's body. However, given Commander Cheng's status, Zhang Tie knew that space teleportation equipment was in short supply even in Taixia Country, which could not be enjoyed by common knights.


    After entering the new year, the whole family went to bed.

    Before leaving the dining hall, Zhang Tie passed a secret message to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang threw a glance at Zhang Tie before nodding silently.

    After sending Linda, Beverly, Fiona and his kids back to his private mansion and watching his sons falling asleep, Zhang Tie left some words to Linda, Beverly and Fiona before changing a set of relatively common clothes and leaving his private mansion. He then came to the garden of Zhang's mansion.

    At this moment, only two lanterns were lit in the garden. It was tranquil in the garden except for the drumbeats from distance.

    Zhang Yang had long been waiting over there.

    "It's so late, what do you want to negotiate with me here?" Zhang Yang asked Zhang Tie out of curiosity.

    Zhang Tie put it straight. He told Zhang Yang that he found the trace of Heavens Reaching Church in Youzhou City two days ago. As it was of great importance, Zhang Tie used secret voice transmitting skill in case of being eavesdropped.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's message, Zhang Yang changed his face. He had also heard that the Heavens Reaching Church was staging an armed rebellion in a province of Taixia Country. The members of Heavens Reaching Church were all lunatics, they could even overthrow a sub-continent. Therefore their hidden strength was very terrifying.

    "Now that I know it, I have to go back to exert my full efforts so that the commoners in Youzhou Province could face less trouble. I will not face any danger and won't flaunt my superiority. When I cannot handle it, I will notice Count Long Wind and Commander Cheng. Therefore, you don't need to worry about my safety. However, I don't know about the scale of the Heavens Reaching Church's riot and whether the riot would influence Golden Light City. Elder brother, you just stay at home; Elder Muyuan will also stay at home in Golden Light City these days. If there's something wrong, you can seek for Elder Muyuan's favor. If dad and mom ask you about my whereabouts, just tell them that I needed to go out for public affairs for a few days. Remember to not make them worry about me!"

    Zhang Yang nodded with a solemn look.

    Watching Zhang Yang's response, Zhang Tie cut the crap, "See you then!"

    Closely after that, Zhang Yang felt dazzled as he found that Zhang Tie had disappeared. He looked up and found no trace of Zhang Tie in the dark sky. He then moved his eyes to the ground and saw no footmark in the snowfield either.

    'Is this what a knight is supposed to be?' Zhang Yang felt complex inside before taking in a deep breath. After checking those invisible sentries in the mansion, Zhang Yang then returned to his private mansion.


    In a short moment, Zhang Tie had already arrived at the wild outside Golden Light City. He landed in a open land. Closely after that, he started to stride towards Youzhou City at a terrifying speed of 100 m per step like a black shadow, which could even match the flying speed of common knights. Additionally, his moving method was more hidden...

    'It's too eye-catching if I just fly towards Youzhou City; however, there would be no problem if I strode towards Youzhou City after activating my Kuafu Bloodline. After all, almost all the people across Youzhou Province have seen that I've awakened Kuafu Bloodline after the competition for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province.'

    Even now, Zhang Tie was still rigorous in thinking.

    As the scenes flashed back on his sides, Zhang Tie put on the disguising face mask that Donder had gifted to him.

    Zhang Tie had not used this face mask for many years. However, It was suitable this time.


    After 6 hours, a Hua youth with a faintly sick look slowly arrived at a city gate in the north of Youzhou City with a common iron-sheath longsword in hand...

    Nobody across Youzhou City could imagine that the dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province who had just left 2 days ago could make a nice back thrust by returning to Youzhou City silently once again...
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