Chapter 862: Another Breakthrough

    Chapter 862: Another Breakthrough

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    At 10 am, more and more people entered Jiang Mansion while the street outside the mansion became more boisterous. Jiang Mansion's subordinates, stewards and Master Jiang's apprentices were welcoming and seeing off guests outside the manor. What was more boisterous was the airport behind the manor where so many airships landed and flew off, transporting influential figures from afar.

    When Zhang Tie was thinking about finding the breakthrough, a tall, thin man with long and thin eyes in cyan long gown walked out of the gate while a lot of stewards and disciples outside the gate of Jiang Mansion hurriedly bowed towards him, "Steward Zuo!"

    The man just nodded in a reserved way, "Jiang Ping, Jiang Sheng, Master Jiang summoned you. The CEO Gu of Bailian Palace of Gaozhou Province has arrived, Master Jiang wants to introduce him to you!"

    After hearing Steward Zuo's words, the other disciples of Master Jiang who were welcoming guests outside the gate threw "admiring" looks at two of them. After taking a deep breath, Jiang Ping and Jiang Sheng both followed Steward Zuo in with high spirits.

    It was normal for influential figures like Master Jiang to introduce his excellent apprentices to others when he washed his hands in a gold basin.

    Master Jiang lost his wife at a young age. Due to deep affection between them, he was severely stricken by it. He became very depressed for a long time. Later on, Master Jiang put all of his efforts into studying about rune equipment. Over these years, he didn't marry any woman. Therefore, he didn't have any posterity. All of his apprentices were his adopted children who followed his family name.

    The spoony experience of Master Jiang also became a much-told tale in his life. Of course, someone felt pitiful about Master Jiang.

    Although the distance between Steward Zuo and the teahouse was over 100 m, with his strong knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie could hear each of his words clearly.

    This voice was the same as that Lu Xiaoshuang had heard before death.

    Zhang Tie knew that Steward Zuo was his target.

    Watching Steward Zuo entering the mansion once again, Zhang Tie's eyes glittered. Closely after that, he disappeared from the private room. At the same time, a tiny beetle appeared in the room and flew towards afar.

    It was pretty tranquil in the private room; additionally, those people outside could not see what happened inside the private room. He found that nobody was paying attention to him; therefore, he entered Castle of Black Iron and called his incarnation out of there.

    After a few hours, when the lad opened the door and wanted to ask whether Zhang Tie needed to add tea and pastries, he found nobody was inside except for a gold coin on the table. Scratching his head, the lad became confused as he had not seen anyone exiting the private room at all. However, when he noticed the open window and the weapon in Zhang Tie's hand, he understood something, 'It turns out that the young man is a powerhouse...'

    The Stewards Zuo didn't find that he had been followed by a white, trivial beetle when he entered the Jiang Mansion once again.

    Jiang Mansion today was indeed much more boisterous than that outside.

    There was a temporary canopy on a patch of open land in Jiang Mansion, which covered at least 200 tables. There was a very solemn hathpace in the middle of those tables, which held a 1-m high stone table. A gilded basin full of water was placed on the stone table.

    Numerous servants and maids were penetrating through those dining tables while a team of strong guards was standing against the hathpace while holding swords.

    This was where Master Jiang would wash his hands tonight; by then, all the 200-odd tables would be occupied.

    Steward Zuo was also very busy.

    As Master Zuo was talking with his VIPs kindly in the mansion, all the affairs across Jiang Mansion would be managed by Steward Zuo. Thankfully, Steward Zuo had been familiar with all the procedures. He kept his eyes on Master Jiang and his subordinate stewards, who would attend to their own duties. Therefore, all the affairs across Jiang Mansion ran in the order.

    Zhang Tie just gazed at Steward Zuo. Although Steward Zuo was busy, Zhang Tie believed that he would have a chance sooner or later. It only took him 1-2 minutes to extract all the messages and secrets from the brain of Steward Zuo without arousing the attention of others.

    As there was no knight in Jiang Mansion, Zhang Tie became totally reassured.

    As a person who could cultivate alone in a tower of time for 15 years, he was patient enough to wait.

    Steward Zuo walked around Jiang Mansion and constantly handled various affairs followed by Zhang Tie.

    After 2 hours, it was almost 12 am. After receiving the report of a subordinate steward that the lunch had been prepared well in the dining hall, Steward Zuo entered a parlor and invited Master Jiang and those VIPs who had arrived here earlier to have lunch in the dining hall.

    When Steward Jiang entered the parlor of the inner mansion, Zhang Tie was resting on a plum blossom in the garden outside the parlor.

    A faint forthright laughter and the voices of talks with someone drifted from the parlor. After half a minute, Zhang Tie saw a genial, old man with white hair and whisker in plain robe leaving the parlor with some people who also looked noble for the dining hall.

    'This old man is Master Jiang. Given his look, who could imagine that he's the altar head of Heavens Reaching Church?'

    'You could not identify a person from his face.' Zhang Tie sighed with emotion inside.

    As not too many people have arrived this morning, they had lunch in the dining hall instead of the venue where Master Jiang was going to wash his hands in a gold basin. The venue would turn boisterous in the evening.

    At lunch, Steward Zuo just stood not far from behind Master Jiang and waited for his order at any time. The table was full of dainties. However, Master Jiang only ate a vegetarian diet.

    When someone asked out of curiosity, Master Jiang sighed with a pitiful look. Steward Zuo answered on one side, "Mrs. liked to eat a vegetarian diet before; since Mrs. passed away, Master Jiang had started to eat the vegetarian diet and didn't kill living beings anymore!"

    "Master Jiang is really the No. 1 spoony man in the world!"

    "Master Jiang is too merciful!"

    All the guests at present praised him in unison.

    Hearing this praise outside the dining hall, Zhang Tie became speechless at once...

    In the brief report from the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province, Zhang Tie learned that Heavens Reaching Church coerced commons to rise in revolt in Ganzhou Province. Those commoners who refused to follow their orders would be chopped off their heads together with their family members. Finally, when the Heavens Reaching Church in Ganzhou Province was cracked down, almost 1 million people were wounded or killed. 'How could such an old d**chebag be praised as merciful? F*ck...'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt that all the reputations in the secular world were nothing but a sh*t.

    When he recalled his master Zhao Yuan, who was blamed by all the commoners across the world, Zhang Tie realized that something must be hidden inside.

    'Even the old d**chebag of Heavens Reaching Church could be praised when he didn't expose his real status, how could those be sworn by the public be heinous?'


    This lunch lasted about 1 hour. After lunch, Steward Zuo left Master Jiang and hurriedly walked towards a tranquil place in the manor. Zhang Tie knew that his chance finally arrived.

    People had to take a pee or sh*t. After the entire morning, this guy should take his pee. Zhang Tie didn't believe that this guy would be followed by a lot of people when he was taking a pee or directly solved it in the public.

    Zhang Tie was right, Steward Zuo was indeed heading for the washroom.

    As a lot of servants were in the Jiang Mansion, even the washroom of management was separated from that of servants. The washroom that Steward Zuo entered was more advanced and tranquil where he would not be bothered by others.

    At the sight of this scene, Zhang Tie realized the thing would proceed even faster than he had imagined.

    After taking a pee, Steward Zuo quivered twice. The moment he had put his mummy into his trousers, Steward Zuo had faintly frowned. He turned around and saw a pair of eyes. From then on, he could not move his eyes away anymore...

    Zhang Tie slowly put his hand onto the forehead of Steward Zuo...

    The breakthrough that Zhang Tie made in the Dragon Cave not only promoted him to the rarest and most powerful profession among knights but also advanced his Soul Capture Skill to a realm that Zhang Tie had not imagined. In this realm, Zhang Tie made another breakthrough to the secret methods in the Soul Capture Skill and directly entered the supreme realm.

    After 2 minutes, Steward Zuo walked out of the washroom like nothing had happened and continued to do his work. He didn't look abnormal at all; he had already totally forgotten about what happened in the washroom just now...

    He just took a pee, nothing strange at all!


    10 minutes later, the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province...

    After feeling that one more person appeared in the room, Zhang Yuanshan who was lowering his head and reading a document immediately raised his head while his qi turned aggressive...

    "Argh, chief justice!" Zhang Yuanshan was shocked by Zhang Tie.

    However, what shocked him more was Zhang Tie's words.

    "Heavens Reaching Church will rise in revolt in the Northeast Military Region, it's time for the Provincial Court to render meritorious service in Youzhou Province..."
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