Chapter 863: Making Trouble

    Chapter 863: Making Trouble

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    At night, the Jiang Mansion was filled with human voices. All the guests had almost arrived.

    Most of these guests came from Gaozhou Province, Mozhou Province, Tongzhou Province, Qiongzhou Province, Yanzhou Province, Huizhou Province and Chaozhou Province. Over 2/3 of the almost 2000 guests came here by airship. After receiving the invitation, many people had set off a month ago.

    Besides Master Jiang's old friends, even those who had invited Master Jiang to make rune equipment for them had arrived. A few of them were of the same trade as Master Jiang. What Zhang Tie had not imagined was that even the Provincial Construction Administration of Tongzhou Province had dispatched an official to witness Master Jiang's ceremony with one gift. What a great respect it was!

    A master artisan's powerful influence and human relationship were clearly manifested at this moment.

    After leaving Jiang Mansion a few hours ago, Zhang Tie finally arrived at Jiang Mansion once again in a disguised look half an hour ahead of the ceremony.

    This time, he directly swaggered inside without using his incarnation.

    Finding that Zhang Tie was strange in average dress and came with no gift, a steward frowned as he immediately blocked Zhang Tie.

    "Brother, may I know your name and your purpose here?"

    Zhang Tie blinked his eyes and replied, "Won't Master Jiang wash his hands in a gold basin today? I also came here to join in the fun and witness that!"

    "You've met our Master Jiang? Brother?" That steward watched Zhang Tie with a dubious look.

    "Only once. Master Jiang looked kind; he's even a vegetarian!" Zhang Tie answered seriously.

    'It seems that he has indeed met Master Jiang.' The steward murmured as he waved his hand. Two servants then walked over here, one with a roll, the other with a tray.

    The roll had been filled with names of guests. After throwing a glance at it, Zhang Tie picked the pen and jostled down his name "Zhang Tie" on it.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's scrawl which looked like an ox's dung in blossoms, the steward even wanted to slap his face.

    After the signature, Zhang Tie wanted to enter; however, he found the other guy who was cupping the tray and staring at him.

    "Ahem...ahem..." The steward coughed twice after composing himself, "According to the regulation, all the friends who come to witness Master Jiang wash his hands should present a gift, which represents their admiration to Master Jiang, regardless of its value!"

    "I see, I see..." Zhang Tie nodded while smiling like a rat genius with narrow eyes. At the same time, he stretched out his hands and fumbled over his upper coat for a while. After that, with a crash, he threw his "ritual" into that tray.

    Watching the three copper coins circling around the tray, the steward opened his mouth which could almost hold an egg as he frowned. All the servants of Jiang Mansion outside the gate were glaring at Zhang Tie as if they were ready to drive Zhang Tie away the moment the steward issued the order.

    "May I come in? I think Master Jiang would not blame me for such a little gift. No matter what, it's my sincerity!"

    After gazing at Zhang Tie for a couple of seconds, the steward took in a deep breath before waving his hand with a glassy-eyed look, "Take this guest to the 11th average table!"

    After hearing the steward's order, a servant invited Zhang Tie in with a reluctant look

    Watching Zhang Tie moving away, a servant on one side couldn't stand to ask, "Steward Wu, the b*stard obviously came here for free food, why not drive him away?"

    "If we didn't let such a sophisticated person in, he might make some trouble. If such a toad climbed onto your foot, he would be disgusting even if he did not bite you. We'd better not provoke him. Even though our dog doesn't lack these copper coins. Just let him in. Those average tables are especially set for such people from all walks of life. Just hope him to speak high of Master Jiang after having the food!" Steward Wu said. After throwing a glance at the 3 copper coins in the tray, he directly threw them into the grass of the parterre beside the gate. After that, he gazed at the two ox dungs on the roll for quite a while before recognizing that they were "Zhang Tie".

    'It sounds a bit familiar; I remember that Zhang Mushen the dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province is called Zhang Tie...'

    'I've not imagined that such a rascal dare share the same name with the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province.' Steward Wu ridiculed inside, 'It's really a humiliation to this name...'

    However, he could never imagine that the one who had just dropped 3 copper coins in the tray was Zhang Tie the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province.

    When he recalled the two words "Zhang Tie", Steward Wu couldn't stand to look at them on the roll once again. This time, he felt the other signatures were repressed on the page and became inconsistent and abrupt. What a weird feeling!

    Although being not a knight, Steward Wu couldn't taste the realm of knights. As Zhang Tie was here to make trouble; therefore, his signature carried his spirit and awareness no matter how ugly it was. Although it was a casual scrawl, the spiritual realm that the words contained had destroyed the brilliant qi field on the roll. Because of this, Steward Wu felt the entire page becoming weird.

    However, Steward Wu had two servants to pay special attention to "Zhang Tie" silently. As long as "Zhang Tie" made any excessive movement, they should drive him away at once.

    Although being far away from Steward Wu, Zhang Tie could still hear clearly what Steward Wu ordered the two servants to do.

    Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile...

    On such an occasion, the so-called average tables were in the most remote places which were specially set for those who came to join in the fun from Youzhou City.

    Those at the average tables were all small figures compared to those guests being invited. They could make the banquet more boisterous.

    If Wang Wu didn't die, he might have been at an average table.

    Those who sat on the average tables were from all walks of life who liked to join in the fun. Although they had certain social statuses, their statuses were dwarfed on such an occasion. Therefore, they could only stay at the average tables.

    When Zhang Tie arrived there, he saw those guys in brilliant clothes sitting seriously at those average tables who were watching that hathpace where a gold basin was placed on it and those figures at those main tables beside that hathpace. Additionally, they were whispering to each other. Although being tough, they had to disguise to be reserved. Some of them were twisting their bodies at the tables as they didn't fit their new clothes.

    "Boss, this new pair of deer hide boots aches my foot. Can I take them off? I feel the wooden slippers in our outdoor bathing place was more comfortable!" A guy complained to a tough guy on his side in a low voice.

    "F*ck, if you dare take off your boots at this moment, this father would let you have no feet to wear boots. Do you believe that?" The boss swore in a low voice as he threw a glare at his subordinate.

    "10 gold coins is really wasteful for two of us. I think 3 gold coins is enough. It's 10 gold coins, boss, you cannot make so much in one month. With so much money, we can even rent a courtyard of girls and play with them for one week, if we don't nitpick!"

    "Shut up! Dogs only know to eat sh*t!" The boss raised his eyebrows as he added, "One pile of sh*t for one teeth!"

    The other guy hurriedly shut up.

    Hearing this funny dialogue, Zhang Tie laughed inside.

    "Here, just sit here!" The servant took Zhang Tie to the table on the edge as he pointed at a chair to him. After throwing a sick glance at Zhang Tie, he turned around and left at once.

    After throwing himself onto the chair, Zhang Tie started to glance at the other guys at this table. Given the dress, only Zhang Tie's clothes were the most average. Besides, Zhang Tie's "look" was also average.

    "Bro, you look a bit strange, do you scrape a living in Youzhou City?"

    The moment Zhang Tie took a seat, a 50-year odd guy on his opposite had thrown a glance at him and asked.

    "Hmm, almost like that!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's answer, that man frowned as he said frankly, "What do you mean by almost like that? If you're, just say yes; if not, just say no. Whether you're or not?"

    Rubbing his face, Zhang Tie replied, "Yes, then. But my job is arranged by my family. It's not stable. Some people even speak ill of me and want to drive me away!"

    "Where do you work, bro?"


    After hearing that Zhang Tie worked in yamun, the other guys at the table revealed a clear look at the same time. In their opinions, Zhang Tie, as one who went on errands in yamun would always be pushed aside if he was dumb, not diligent and didn't have a deep background. As yamun was a profitable place, even though boilersmith and dustman should have a background. Those who could stay long inside were not average.

    "Bro, do you know Zhao Long? He's my friend, also a criminal hunter in yamun." The other guy asked in a tentative way.

    "No!" Zhang Tie shook his head directly.

    After finding that Zhang Tie didn't even know Zhao Long, those guys lost their interest in Zhang Tie at once and continued to chat. Through their chat, Zhang Tie learned that they were in the coal trading industry in Youzhou City. They had trade ties with those smithies and foundries which belonged to Master Jiang. They were the coal suppliers of those smithies and foundries. Therefore they were here to join in the fun today...
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