Chapter 865: Trampling the Old D**chebag to Death

    Chapter 865: Trampling the Old D**chebag to Death

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    The elite forces in black helmets and armors of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province poured in with shields and battle tools in hands...

    In the blink of an eye, some more parts of the courtyard walls of Jiang Mansion had been pushed over while a lot of elites of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province poured in like a black fiery flame and besieged the entire venue.

    At the sight of such elites, all the guests felt cold all over as they could only stay still.

    "Xiezhi Camp!" Many people at Zhang Tie's table turned pale; some even started to quiver all over.

    It was the Xiezhi Camp which pushed over the exterior wall of Jiang Mansion.

    Xiezhi was a far-ancient immortal beast worshipped by Hua people. According to the legend, Xiezhi was as large as an adult ox. Besides being covered with black fur, it had a pair of fiery eyes and a horn on its forehead. It was very intelligent and could distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, allegiance and crafty; abhor evils as deadly foes. At the sight of the evil and treacherous ones, it would kill them with its horn before eating them.

    The totem of the yamuns in Taixia Country was Xiezhi. As the dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province, Zhang Tie's official hat was called Xiezhi Hat, which was similar to the horn of a Xiezhi. As it would take him some time to put it on, Zhang Tie didn't wear it.

    The most forcible and deterrent force among the subordinates of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province was Xiezhi Camp.

    After Huaiyuan Palace took control of Youzhou Province, the greater part of Breaking Sun Corps and a part of Hurricane Corps had been arranged into Xiezhi Camp and spread over Youzhou Province. They became the most powerful force that Huaiyuan Palace used to rule the province.

    In Taixia Country, armies were used to defend enemies from outside while Xiezhi Camp was used to resist enemy from inside.

    Based on the standards of Western Continent or Waii Sub-continent, Xiezhi Camp was similar to a super armored police force.

    Being composed of the pillar forces of two major corps of Huaiyuan Palace and some local powerhouses in Youzhou Province, although it was called camp, it actually contained 900,000 people, which was equal to the total population of two corps. This was the most powerful force in Zhang Tie's hand. As the dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province, of course, Zhang Tie had a good card. Among the judicial agencies in Taixia Country, average criminal hunters were responsible for arresting disperse bandits and criminals while Xiezhi Camp was used to crack down riots.

    Over the past 3 months, Xiezhi Camp which was composed of the pillar forces of two major corps of Huaiyuan Palace had already spread over Youzhou Province.

    After knowing that Heavens Reaching Church was going to riot in revolt, Zhang Tie directly mobilized the entire Xiezhi Camp.

    As the soldiers in Xiezhi Camp had the experience in fighting demons in Waii Sub-continent, undoubtedly, they had a great battle strength; especially the commissioned officers in Xiezhi Camp, most of whom had fought demons. Therefore, their killing qi made people suffocate.

    During the period Zhang Tie engulfed the food, the force under the affiliation of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province had already cleaned up the exterior guards of Jiang Mansion. 30,000 elites of Xiezhi Camp had already been in place around Jiang Mansion. The moment Zhang Tie stood up, those elites of Xiezhi Camp had Jiang Mansion under control.

    Besides Xiezhi Camp, a lot of powerhouses among the criminal hunters of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province had appeared on the roofs and courtyard walls. With immortal crossbows and heavens tearing nets which could even scare powerhouses, they were glaring at those people in the Mansion.

    "At the order of our superior, the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province are here to take down the heretics of Heavens Reaching Church. Anyone who dared move would be killed!" Zhang Yuanshan shouted with a solemn look while entering the venue being escorted by a lot of powerhouses.

    At the sight of the soldiers of Xiezhi Camp and Zhang Yuanshan, Master Jiang became still on the arch. He just watched Zhang Tie and replied with a calm voice, "Who're you?"

    Zhang Tie slowly pulled off his mask and revealed his original look.

    "The dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province!"

    "Zhang Mushen!"

    "Lion of Youzhou Province!"

    At the sight of the excessive, young face, the guests exclaimed at once.

    3 months ago, Zhang Tie's image had deepened into people's heart in the competition for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province. On this occasion, the moment Zhang Tie showed his original look, he had been recognized by many people.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile at Master Jiang in the distance before saying, "All the 900,000 soldiers of Xiezhi Camp across Youzhou Province have swarmed out and cleaned up all the bases and heads of Heavens Reaching Church across Youzhou Province. You will have no time to notice them. Altar Head Jiang, why not fold your hands for capture?'

    Master Jiang let out a long sigh of grief before saying, "I've been working so hard in my life so that I could have such properties. I know that wealth could incur disasters. My properties make people jealous. As Huaiyuan Palace has just laid a foundation in Youzhou Province, it needs to expand in all aspects. I planned to wash my hands in the gold basin for the sake of my safety; I've not imagined that I was still one step late. Now that you liked my properties which were made during the past 100 years, you could have just told me about that. I would have directly gifted them to you. Why do you have to kill so many innocent ones and fabricate these crimes for me? I will gift my properties to you only expecting that you could let my old friends and disciples leave safely. From then on, I will be a hermit in deep mountains; pick tea leaves and plant chrysanthemum. How about that?"

    After hearing Master Jiang's sigh, the guests were in an uproar.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that this old D**chebag could still make unfounded countercharges at this moment and exonerate himself from the charge while framing Huaiyuan Palace and Zhang Tie at the same time. How incorrigible he was!

    Zhang Tie sneered, "No matter how talkative you're, you could not escape today. As for whether you're the heretic of Heavens Reaching Church, we only need to take you down and search around Jiang Mansion. To prevent commoners from being killed by your b*stards, I will chop off the head of anyone who dares to block me. Do you think that I will be scared by your brief words? Come on!"

    "It seems that you've determined to embezzle my properties and don't intend to leave me alive!" Master Jiang lowered his voice...

    "Take him down!" Zhang Tie shouted.

    Zhang Yuanshan and two criminal hunters of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province instantly charged at Master Jiang at the same time.

    "Zhang Mushen the dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province wants to embezzle the properties of our master and kill all of us. Brothers, let's fight these sons of bitches officials to death!"

    The moment Zhang Yuanshan moved, one of the old d**chebag's disciples had shouted of extremely grief as he directly took a weapon and rushed towards those soldiers of Xiezhi Camp.

    Many disciples and servants of that old d**chebag moved too as they wanted to cause a bigger chaos here.

    However, they were in Taixia Country. Although not all the officials were good-hearted here, the local administration of civil affairs was clean in compliance with the strict laws and complete system. Few officials dared bully commoners or plunder the properties of commoners across Taixia Country.

    Those who attended this ceremony were not silly. They would not directly rush towards those soldiers of Xiezhi Camp at the risk of their lives only because of some guys' instigation. Actually, even if Zhang Tie was arresting those guys' parents and brothers, these guys would hurriedly disassociate themselves from them regardless of the so-called righteousness once the latter ones were related to the Heavens Reaching Church, not to mention that Zhang Tie was catching Master Jiang.

    Those who wanted to provoke chaos and charge at soldiers of Xiezhi Camp were waiting for the storm-like bolts of the immortal crossbows.

    In a split second, some corpses had lain on the ground like hedgehogs. The small turmoil was appeased at once.


    Suddenly, two longswords appeared in the hands of Master Jiang on the arch.

    Nobody could imagine about such a change. With a sword qi, Zhang Yuanshan and two powerhouses were sent flying backward from the arch after uttering a muffled harrumph at the same time...

    Even one LV 15 battle spirit and two LV 14 battle demons could not defeat Master Jiang.

    Zhang Yuanshan's face turned red while a part of his sleeve had been left on the arch. After landing on the ground, Zhang Yuanshan's fingers were still dropping blood while the two LV 14 powerhouses both moved some steps backward and spat out blood at the same time.

    With a cracking sound, the long gown of Master Jiang was broken while a pair of wings and a tail suddenly stretched out of his back. He flew off at once.

    Among humans, besides knights, no one else could fly. As for those who could speak human words with wings, they could only be minas, parrots or demons.

    "Ahh, shadow demon!"

    One guest cried as if his anus was being stabbed by someone.

    Everyone else was shocked by the words "shadow demon" like suffering from a magnitude Richter 10 earthquake.

    Zhang Tie was shocked too. Closely after that, he became excited while a great trembling sense flashed by his spine like current. He soon caught a longsword on his side and threw it towards the shadow demon...

    With a fiery flame, the longsword hit that shadow demon who was flapping its wings immediately.

    After that, they heard a thunder, which shocked almost the entire Youzhou City. At the same time, its bloody flesh and body parts fell into the arch, which included broken and burned wings, a greater part of the tail and a strange body being covered with scales whose chest had been penetrated through with a horn on its head. Besides, its eyes were very terrifying...

    "...Hua people...'s doomsday is coming...I'm waiting...for you in the hell...ha...ha..."

    Although the voice belonged to Master Jiang, the remaining body where the words came from made people tremble with fear.

    The pleasant laughter came to an end at once...while that ugly head was trampled to pieces by Zhang Tie...

    Zhang Tie didn't know that his image had become extremely brave and fierce in the eyes of the guests.

    After moving his foot away from it, Zhang Tie flicked off the blood stains on his clothes...

    "Congratulations, Castle Lord, you got one more fruit of plunder!" Heller, who had not talked with Zhang Tie in a while, uttered a voice in Zhang Tie's mind sea...


    Zhang Tie couldn't help raising his mouth corners. He then continued to shout with a dignified look, "Topple over the entire Jiang Mansion..."
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