Chapter 868: No Zuo No Die

    Chapter 868: No Zuo No Die

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    Based on Zhang Tie's temperament, he would definitely fight back after being beaten. Now that the resentment between Zhang Clan and the Gobbling Party could not be resolved and the Gobbling Party provoked Zhang Tie in such a vicious way, Zhang Tie had to launch a counterattack.

    'Eye for an eye. The public opinion is not controlled by the Gobbling Party. Now that the Gobbling Party could take advantage of the public opinion, I could also take advantage of it.'

    'In order to help Huaiyuan Palace root in Taixia Country deeply, I have to take this chance to make Gobbling Party the target of public criticism.

    'Someone in Zhang Clan has to stand out to be diametrically opposed to the Gobbling Party. It seems that I'm the most proper person as of now. The Gobbling Party is targeting at me. I am also the most competent one who could launch a counterattack to the Gobbling Party.'

    Zhang Tie had communicated with Zhang Taixuan and the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace about this plan. All of them supported his decision.

    Before Zhu Dabiao met Zhu Tong, he daubed some pepper oil on his lower eyelids. Zhang Tie did the same thing when he requested to resign his position as the dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province.

    The function of the pepper oil remained unchanged. Zhu Dabiao used it to move his grandpa while Zhang Tie used it to move the commoners across Taixia Country and the tycoons in the Xuanyuan Hill on behalf of Huaiyuan Palace.

    "Now that I could resign this position, I could also take it up again. After all, nobody else could grab it away from me in Youzhou Province. However, there's a big learning about the resignation. As the old saying went, you take a step back to have a bigger world in front of you."

    Zhang Tie was not taking a step back.

    It was Zhu Dabiao who taught Zhang Tie to do this.

    As the grandson of the Provincial Governor of Yanzhou Province, Zhu Dabiao was very familiar with the affairs in the imperial court and the official circles.

    The event that Su Qianling the imperial official in charge of the discipline of the public functionaries in the censorate of Xuanyuan Hill was not a secret in a certain circle of the Northeast Military Region in Taixia Country. The resentment between Huaiyuan Palace and the Gobbling Party was not a secret either. Before coming to Youzhou Province, Zhu Dabiao had heard his father talk about it. Therefore, he was familiar with this event.

    Therefore, during the days when Zhu Dabiao lived in the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province, he worked out such an idea for Zhang Tie.

    In the beginning, Zhang Tie felt that Zhu Dabiao was joking; whereas, he gradually realized the subtlety of this idea. After considering it for some time, Zhang Tie finally adopted this idea.

    On January 6th, after Commander Cheng arrived at Youzhou City, Zhang Tie officially resigned.

    As he had long made some preparations, on the same day when Zhang Tie resigned, the entire Youzhou City had been shocked. Along with the message that Zhang Tie resigned was the memorial that Su Qianling used to impeach Zhang Mushen, the new dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province for the dereliction of his duty and the resentment between the Gobbling Party and Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace...

    In one day, the reputation of Su Qianling the imperial official in the censorate of Xuanyuan Hill had become notorious in Youzhou City. Numerous commoners were swearing the Gobbling Party in all the pubs and hotels across Youzhou City.

    Before the Heavens Reaching Church rose in revolt, they had been nipped by Zhang Tie. As a result, numerous commoner families survived. However, such a talented dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province had been forced by the Gobbling Party and an insidious villain in the censorate to resign only after taking the office for less than 3 months. After hearing this news, of course, all the commoners across Youzhou City became infuriated.

    On the same day, the Gobbling Party and Su Qianling the imperial official in the censorate of Xuanyuan Hill were sent above the grill. As this message gradually spread over, the fire below the grill grew fiercer. The more troubles did the Heavens Reaching Church make, the greater destruction it would cause to the Gobbling Party as more furious would the official circles and folks in Taixia be about the Gobbling party. Because the only dean of Provincial Court in Taixia Country who cracked down the Heavens Reaching Church was pushed aside by the Gobbling Party for the sake of its own benefit, Heavens Reaching Church grew more and more aggressive. The fury of commoners and officials in Taixia Country was not only stabbing the Gobbling Party; it could rock the foundation of the Gobbling Party in Taixia Country like a bloodless saber.

    This time, Zhang Tie knew that he had completely offended the Gobbling Party in Taixia Country.

    'From the start, the Gobbling Party has not spared any chance to me and Huaiyuan Palace to negotiate with them. Even though I could stand it this time, I would only be regarded as weak and easily bullied by the Gobbling Party. Kind-hearted men would always be bullied while kind horses would always be ridden by people. This rule always works.'

    However, the Gobbling Party might not imagine that they could encounter such an overwhelming counterattack so fast.

    'No zuo no die--After this time, the Gobbling Party must know the meaning of this proverb. When the Gobbling Party wants to deal with me and Huaiyuan Palace, they have to think well about it. How could the posterities of Lord Huaiyuan be easily bullied by others? Now that Lord Huaiyuan could slap the face of the Gobbling Party and almost seal the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele, his posterities must be not easily bullied.

    The day before yesterday, after knowing that Zhang Tie was going to resign in the White Tiger Complex, Commander Cheng didn't express his opinion. After a couple of days, when Zhang Tie put this event into effect, Commander Cheng had people summon Zhang Tie. He wanted to talk with Zhang Tie before Zhang Tie left Youzhou Province.

    After arriving at Youzhou City, Commander Cheng had been focusing on the event of the Heavens Reaching Church. Besides listening to the report from all parties, he even reviewed all the material evidence about the Heavens Reaching Church's riot. Additionally, he entered the prison of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province to interrogate the believers of the Heavens Reaching Church and check the corpse of that shadow demon.

    When he escorted Commander Cheng, Zhang Tie didn't see any smile on the black face of Commander Cheng.

    On the evening of January 5th, Commander Cheng's airboat left Youzhou City for Changshan Prefecture.

    This time, the Heavens Reaching Church developed a force of over 10,000 people in some suburban counties of Changshan Prefecture. Pitifully, before those guys rose in revolt, their nestle had been destroyed by the Xiezhi Camp dispatched by Zhang Tie. As a result, all the heads of Heavens Reaching Church in Changshan Prefecture were under arrest. All the others were caught according to the name-list too. During this couple of days, before the backbone figures of Heavens Reaching Church were escorted to Youzhou City from Changshan Prefecture, a well-preserved sacrificial altar was discovered in Changshan Prefecture. Therefore, Commander Cheng couldn't wait to fly towards Changshan Prefecture overnight.

    Zhang Tie should go there together with Commander Cheng; however, as he had determined to resign, he had to play it to the end. At this critical moment, the words of resignation would have the best effect and make people feel being wronged the most; therefore, Zhang Tie resigned on the same day.

    When Commander Cheng's airboat returned from Changshan Prefecture, it passed by Youzhou City; therefore, Commander Cheng wanted to see Zhang Tie. After receiving the message, Zhang Tie, who was in the Huaiyuan Mansion looked up and found that huge dragon-shaped airboat was hovering about 3,000 m above Youzhou City. Zhang Tie then directly shot into the sky. In a split second, he had arrived at the airboat.

    At this moment, the movable half-closed crystal cover on the deck of airboat slid off. Seeing the young knight on the side of Commander Cheng nodding towards him, Zhang Tie directly landed on the deck.

    Zhang Tie had met this young knight 3 times, once on the riverside, twice in White Tiger Complex.

    This young man was called Gao Tianqi, the trusted subordinate of Commander Cheng. His position was military governor under Commander Cheng in Northeast Military Region. He took charge of the soldiers and guards in the Northeast Military Region and work as the inspective attendant. In Taixia Country, all those who could take this office on the side of the commander were cultivated by the commander himself. They would probably take the office of a provincial governor in the future. Therefore, this position was also called "Provincial Governor's Seed" in Taixia Country.

    This was told by Zhu Dabiao. If not, it would take Zhang Tie some days to understand it.

    "Brother Tianqi!" Zhang Tie cupped his hands towards Gao Tianqi modestly.

    "Young elder Mushen, Commander Cheng is waiting for you. " Gao Tianqi always looked kind and didn't put on airs as the trusted subordinate of Commander Cheng. It felt pretty comfortable to be with such a kind person.

    Zhang Tie also wondered why this guy's temperament was not influenced by Commander Cheng's bad temper after staying with Commander Cheng for so many years. It was hard for commoners to maintain their temperaments unchanged in front of a shadow knight.Gao Tianqi directly led Zhang Tie into the airboat.

    Although Zhang Tie had taken airboat many times, he was still shocked by this one. It was too large. Zhang Tie kept exclaiming inside.

    It was spacious and bright inside the airboat. Part of the inner space of the airboat looked larger than a football court. Besides plants, there was also a fountain pond inside. The highest tree was over 10 m in height. Additionally, Zhang Tie saw colorful carps slowly swimming in the fountain pond. In the airboat, you could not identify whether you were in the sky or in the park on the ground at all.

    In front of such an airboat, all the so-called luxurious aircraft and airboats were nothing but sh*t.

    When Zhang Tie walked, he looked around out of his curiosity.

    "How many soldiers could this airboat carry one time?"

    "Hehe...if there's any need, this airboat could throw 50,000 full-armored elite soldiers into any place within the territory of 30,000 square miles in 24 hours or carry the same number of soldiers to any place in the territory of Taixia Country within 2 weeks."

    "You mean two airboats like this could throw a super demon corps into any place of Taixia Country in a short period?"

    Gao Tianqi replied with a smile...
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