Chapter 869: A Soldier Crossing the River

    Chapter 869: A Soldier Crossing the River

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    In a very spacious room of the airboat, Zhang Tie saw Cheng Honglie.

    Commander Cheng was standing in front of a porthole with his hands crossed on his back and watching the ground below. After taking Zhang Tie inside, Gao Tianqi silently closed the door and left the room.

    As Commander Cheng was tall and robust, even though he stood still over there, he was still like a pillar and made Zhang Tie feel dejected.

    Zhang Tie was guessing the intention of Commander Cheng. Right then, a faint qi of a shadow knight caused a great stress to him. Being influenced by such a great stress and the rotating chakras of Commander Cheng, Zhang Tie's chakra slowed down.

    'Is this the power of a shadow knight?' Zhang Tie was shocked inside.

    All of a sudden, Commander Cheng's battle qi expanded and started to push towards Zhang Tie like an iron wall.

    It was like bulldozers driving towards him from all directions. In this space, Zhang Tie felt that four-iron walls were gradually moving towards him like wrapping a dumpling. He almost became suffocated.

    Zhang Tie didn't know what Commander Cheng meant by doing this to him. However, he had no time to think too much about that at this moment. If he didn't take any measures to respond to it, Commander Cheng's battle qi would definitely wound him severely.

    With a roar, Zhang Tie widely opened his furious eyes; at the same time, he released his protective battle qi and punched hundreds of times in one second towards his surrounding space so as to completely seal it by imitating the metallic battle qi of the "Five-element ground-look sutra", colluding with Commander Cheng's battle qi ferociously.

    With the property of sharpness, metallic battle qi as firm as the iron wall was used to defend which could not be rocked by commoners.

    At this moment, a rumbling of muffled thunders rolled in the room; however, the rumbling was limited in a small space around Zhang Tie.

    The battle qi that pushed towards Zhang Tie was repelled. However, when Zhang Tie thought that it really moved back, it came back in a more berserk way. The moment it touched Zhang Tie's protective battle qi, it had made Zhang Tie's heart pound due to the amazement. When Zhang Tie wanted to launch a counterattack once again, the battle qi disappeared at once like a life-giving spring breeze and rain.

    In only a few seconds, Zhang Tie's back had oozed fine sweat drops...

    Zhang Tie had not experienced such a life or death feeling for a long time. It was a wrestle between knights. As Zhang Tie knew that Commander Cheng wouldn't wound him, he didn't make his full efforts to respond to it just now. However, Zhang Tie was a bit scared by the helpless constriction caused by the sharp difference in realms and levels between him and Commander Cheng. It was his first time to sense the terror of a shadow knight.

    Commander Cheng turned around and watched Zhang Tie with an extremely profound look, "If it were a heavens knight just now, you would have already died!" Commander Cheng told Zhang Tie after pausing for 2 seconds, "Am I clear? For a heavens knight to kill a black iron knight is as easy as a LV 9 fighter killing a commoner."

    After being silent for a second, Zhang Tie replied, "Commander Cheng, Are you reminding me that I'm risking my life by doing that? I heard the head of the Gobbling Party is a heavens knight who has formed 4 chakras."

    Commander Cheng replied with a solemn look, "Since the day you promoted to a knight, you should have known that your punch is the most reliable thing in this world. Because all the disputes in this world have their rules. For the final analysis, the one with the most powerful punch would win the battle. If Lord Huaiyuan was already a heavens knight at that time and directly sealed the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele by force, there would not be any Gobbling Party. However, Gobbling Party has controlled the imperial court; how could you defeat them?"

    "So what?" Zhang Tie raised his head stubbornly as he watched Commander Cheng in a recalcitrant expression, "I don't care whether the Gobbling Party has controlled the imperial court or not; I don't care whether do they have a heavens knight or not. Perhaps, a heavens knight could be an unrivaled overlord in other sub continents and continents, I don't think that the Gobbling Party and a heavens knight could shout out the heavens with one palm in Taixia Country. As long as I don't violate the Laws of Taixia Country , I don't believe that the head of the Gobbling Party dares to hurt me. He's just the master of the crown prince; he's not one of the top three chancellors yet. As the Gobbling Party dare attack Huaiyuan Palace, I dare launch a counterattack towards them. Huaiyuan Palace was forced to leave Taixia Country before; in the worst scenario, we will leave once again. If Lord Huaiyuan dared do that, his offsprings would dare do that too!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Commander Cheng slowly raised his dense eyebrows, "If the Gobbling Party request to reconcile with you and promise you a bright future, what will you do then?"

    After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie replied solemnly, "I didn't read too many books. However, I remember a paragraph in a book that I've ever read. It was told by a historian before the Catastrophe--In a dirty country, if everyone was in compliance with the rules instead of just talking about morality, the dirty country would finally become a human-friendly normal country and everyone would be moral. However, in a clean country, if everyone was not in compliance with the rules but speak highly of morality, righteousness and selflessness every day, this country would finally deteriorate into a dirty country being covered with hypocrites. At least 8 of 10 people who speak highly of morality, righteousness and selflessness every day are thinking about behaving like thieves and prostitutes. The most shameless thing is always done by those who speak highly of mercy, righteousness and morality. I feel dirty to be with them even if you give me a continent. It's not even as clean as my courtyard!" Zhang Tie gradually became generous, "If I could be born hundreds of years earlier, I would definitely try my best to seal the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele together with Lord Huaiyuan in case the Gobbling Party abducted the natural rules to scourge the entire country!"

    "You mean you're sniffing at the mercy, righteousness and morality?"

    "In this world, some things could only be done practically instead of being mentioned every time and then. You could not show it off and request others to do this. Mercy, righteousness and morality are like making love, which is used to sustain human bloodlines; during this period, the couple should respect each other as a human ethic. It's of a great significance and you could make it; however, if you talk about it every time and then; even just perform it in the public, you're obscene, shameless and demoralizing. If you perform it yourself and force others to perform it like you, you are bewildering the countrymen. The Gobbling Party is using the mercy, righteousness and morality advocated by the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele to rule the entire world. If the Gobbling Party became the ruling party in Taixia Country, Taixia would definitely deteriorate into a country full of beasts. I don't feel that I'm noble; I show my respect to those who could practice mercy, righteousness and morality very much; however, I'm too ashamed to be with the Gobbling Party!"

    "Hmm, great!" Commander Cheng couldn't stand clapping his hands forcefully with gleaming eyes, "Mercy, righteousness and morality are like making love, which could only be done privately instead of being performed in the public. What a great metaphor!" Commander Cheng felt moved as he started to look at Zhang Tie in a different eye light, "What an offspring of Huaiyuan Palace! You have such a deep understanding about the essence of the Gobbling Party and maintain such a firm and evident stance. Additionally, you have both braveness and intelligence. Hmm, you don't let me down!"

    Zhang Tie felt a bit embarrassed. Even an outsider like him sniffed at the vicious trick of the Gobbling Party, not to mention the resentment between the Gobbling Party and Huaiyuan Palace, "Thanks for your excessive appreciation, Commander Cheng!"

    "It's not an excessive appreciation, you do good and I say good; you do bad and I say bad. Very few people could win my appreciation, you're one of them!" Commander Cheng put it straight, "I have things to tell you so that you could know better what you're doing; otherwise, you might not know if you're trapped!"

    Zhang Tie's heart raced at once as he hurriedly cupped his hands and said, "Thanks for your guidance, Commander Cheng!"

    "You're not the only one who could figure out the essence of the Gobbling Party. However, do you know why nobody dared to oppose the Gobbling Party till now? Do you think that the top three chancellors and 9 ministers in Xuanyuan Hill are good for nothing?" Commander Cheng asked with a deep meaning.

    After being silent for a second, Zhang Tie replied, "The Gobbling Party take the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele as the natural laws; their head is the master of the crown prince who has made great meritorious deeds. Additionally, although the Gobbling Party has a great influence across the country, the dangers of the theories that it poses have not been manifested; therefore, the moguls in Xuanyuan Hill does not have an antagonist to the Gobbling Party.

    Commander Cheng let out a sigh, "You're right. The Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele, the crown prince and the leader who has made great meritorious deeds and is famous across the country. At present, the Gobbling Party has a great influence while their dangers have not been manifested now. Therefore, the moguls in Xuanyuan Hill wouldn't adopt excessive means against the Gobbling Party. On this occasion, any excessive response to the Gobbling Party would be expounded by the Gobbling Party as the doubts against the natural laws pursued by the Taixia Country and the denial of the crown prince in the east palace of Xuanyuan Hill. It would arouse a series of chain reactions. Among the people, anyone who dared oppose the Gobbling Party would be regarded as the protester of the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele, which means you disagree with the natural laws, namely, the belief pursued by Hua people. It means that you want Hua people to stand on the opposite of mercy, righteousness and morality, which is advocated by the demons. If so, a great chaos would be aroused among people. In Xuanyuan Hill, anyone who dared attack the Gobbling Party would be regarded as attacking the master of the crown prince, which would be further expounded as disagreeing with the current crown prince. It would arouse a great chaos in Xuanyuan Hill too. When the holy war arrives, nobody dares bear the outcome of the great chaos in Taixia Country, even the three top chancellors and nine ministers. Therefore, many people must be cheered secretly by your sharp blow to the Gobbling Party and add fuel to the flame so as to further strike the Gobbling Party. Whereas, in the meantime, you will also be the thorn in the side of the Gobbling Party. The entire Gobbling Party might target at you. According to the game rule of Taixia Country, although the Gobbling Party won't dispatch powerhouses to kill you, as long as you make a mistake, the Gobbling Party will kill you in a lot of bloodless means!"

    "Commander Cheng, are you telling me that I've already become a soldier crossing the river and could only move forward while preventing from being others' cannon fodder?" Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile.

    "Not necessarily a cannon fodder. It's a rare chance for those who want to strike the Gobbling Party in Taixia Country to have one soldier crossing the river. Therefore, they will protect you from being killed by the Gobbling Party. Additionally, they will assist you to give tit for tat to the Gobbling Party both in the public and in the dark so as to shape you into the vanguard and representative of those who want to strike the Gobbling Party. This is what you should face on this position. It's like wirewalking, which has both benefits and shortcomings. Someone will push you forward while someone can't wait to trample you to the bottom of the hell. As to the degree to move forward or backward, it depends on you. I just want to warn you. You're just a black iron knight. No matter how you strike the Gobbling Party, you have to stick to one bottom line, you'd better not involve yourself in any dispute about the East Palace of Xuanyuan Hill. If not, even I could not stand that, not to mention you. When you realize that you're going to be involved with the dispute about the East Palace of Xuanyuan Hill, run as fast as possible."

    "Thanks for your warning, Commander Cheng!" Zhang Tie deeply bowed towards Commander Cheng. After that, he watched Commander Cheng with gleaming eye light and asked, "Commander Cheng, whether do you treat me as a soldier crossing the river towards the Gobbling Party or not?"

    "F*ck!" The black-face commander swore as he glared at Zhang Tie with a terrifying look, "You're the very soldier crossing the river from this father's camp. When you mentioned it to me the day before yesterday, I didn't express my opinion as I wanted you to consider it well. Now that you've already crossed the river, of course, this father will support you. No matter what, I could not watch those b*stards of the Gobbling Party engulfing you without leaving a bone. If not, I would lose my face. Won't it indicate that I, the Black Cheng is incompetent? As you've given a heavy blow to the Heavens Reaching Church, you should have a great reward. Even though you will resign, you will also enjoy the reward. Tell me, what do you want? This father will give you a favor."

    "Any reward?" Zhang Tie couldn't adapt to the outright temperament of Commander Cheng as the tone of Commander Cheng sounded like sharing the bribe with his subordinate.

    "As long as it's within the limit of my authority, everything is available including, wealth, jewelry, medicinal pills, secret books, land, honor, even official position!" Commander Cheng said arrogantly.

    "Erm, may I buy one airboat? I don't need one as large as yours, may I have a smaller one?" Zhang Tie put it straight. After boarding on this airboat, Zhang Tie had a deep feeling on the benefit of an airboat. If he could have one airboat, it would be more convenient for him to travel between Taixia Country and the Sacred Iceland Kingdom. Additionally, it would be too convenient for him to travel with his family members.

    Zhang Taixuan's official airboat would be handed over to Youzhou City by March.

    "Do you think that the airboat is built by me or white cabbages on the roadside? Do you think that it could be sold and bought at our will? Do you really think that the Taxation and Craftsmanship Ministry of Xuanyuan Hill is good for nothing..." Commander Cheng threw a glare at Zhang Tie as he waved his hand, "Change one!"

    Zhang Tie rubbed his nose, "Alright, I will choose earth-elements crystals then!"

    "It's told that you've got a space-teleportation equipment from that shadow demon? Have you got it with you?"

    Zhang Tie took out of that exotic small bead and directly threw it to Commander Cheng. Zhang Tie knew that Commander Cheng must have something better than this item. Therefore, Commander Cheng would not be jealous of such a small item.

    After catching the small bead, Commander Cheng nodded inside as he murmured inside, "This brat is really alluring."

    After taking a look at it in hand, Commander Cheng threw it back to Zhang Tie, "It's a nanobead with a good space. Brat, you are really lucky! This father could not get a space-teleportation equipment after killing so many demons in the earth-element realm for one decade; however, you got one only after killing one shadow demon, f*ck..."

    "It's called nanobead?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Yup. Zhang Taixuan's nanobead, which is especially for the provincial governor will arrive with his airboat. This item could only be found in the earth-elements realm. Additionally, it's very rare. It's inconvenient to take it with you. You'd better have someone process it into a finger ring or something!"

    'It turns out the provincial governors of Taixia Country also have such an item.' Zhang Tie nodded after throwing a glance at those finger rings of Commander Cheng.

    "300 earth-elements crystals. This is your reward from the Northeast Military Region Headquarter!" As Commander Cheng said it, he waved his arm while 300 golden earth-elements crystals appeared in front of Zhang Tie at once.

    Zhang Tie knew that 300 earth-elements crystals were definitely a great reward. With them, a common black iron knight might form the greater part of his earth chakra. 'Commander Cheng gave me a great favor.'

    "Thanks, Commander Cheng!" Zhang Tie then moved those earth-element crystals into the nanobead in front of Commander Cheng.

    "Watch out yourself. And, there's one thing that I want to ask for your help!"

    "Please!" Zhang Tie asked outrightly.

    "Ahem...ahem..." Commander Cheng coughed twice while a guy with a glassy-eyed look pushed open the door and entered.

    At the sight of him, Zhang Tie was shocked once again.

    "He's Feng Cangwu; he needs to stay in Youzhou Province for some days. As you're in Youzhou Province, may you help me receive him?"

    'Receive? What does he mean?' Zhang Tie watched Commander Cheng in a dubious look, 'Is it necessary? This guy is a knight! He's not handicapped. Does he need to be received? Is there some special reason or this guy has some abnormal "hobby"...'

    "You are unwilling?" Watching Zhang Tie being silent, Commander Cheng's face turned more black at once, "Wait, did I give you too many earth-elements crystals just now?"

    "Hahahaha, Brother Cangwu, I felt I saw an old friend at the sight of you!" Zhang Tie instantly changed his face and burst out into laughter like a hospitable rural rustic. Before Feng Cangwu made any response, Zhang Tie had walked forward and gave a passionate hug to Feng Cangwu and patted his back kindly. After that, he turned around and told Commander Cheng with a big smile, "Don't worry, Commander Cheng, Brother Cangwu can stay in Youzhou Province as long as he wants. He will live and eat with me. I promise you that I will return a white, fat buddy to you..."

    After hearing the expressions "white, fat", Feng Cangwu's face twitched a bit; however, he didn't say anything...

    "Well, I have to go back to Yanzhou Province now. You can leave too!" After handing over Feng Cangwu to Zhang Tie, Commander Cheng directly drove them away...


    In 2 minutes, Zhang Tie and Feng Cangwu had flown off the airboat and landed in the Huaiyuan Mansion of Youzhou City.

    Before they landed, the airboat had long disappeared.

    After landing on the ground, Zhang Tie seriously watched Feng Cangwu as he stroked his jaw. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

    When Zhang Tie didn't speak, Feng Cangwu just stood still with a cold, arrogant look while he tightly closed his mouth.

    "Brother Cangwu, what requirements do you have on accommodation? Tell me about that. I will have people arrange it for you!"

    "I will eat what you eat, live where you live and go wherever you go!" Feng Cangwu replied mechanically while Zhang Tie tightened his anus.

    However, before Zhang Tie replied, Zhu Dabiao had run over there with a red face, "Ha...ha...Tiezi. I have a good news for you. The old thing has left. Before leaving, he gave me 20 million gold coins and paid off my debt. Additionally, he gave me another 10 million gold coins and told me to run well the land in Youzhou Province. You know what, the trick by daubing pepper oil under my lower eyelids really works. Ahahaha, I will invite you to Yicui Building tonight. I've booked some beauties over there..."

    Until Zhu Dabiao finished his words did he find one more person on Zhang Tie's side.

    When Zhu Dabiao wailed mournfully in front of his grandpa, he didn't notice Feng Cangwu behind Commander Cheng. At the sight of Feng Cangwu, Zhu Dabiao just felt that he was a bit familiar; however, he could not remember whom he was. Based on Zhu Dabiao's ability, he could never recognize that Feng Cangwu was a knight.

    "Ahh, Tiezi, is this your attendant? I've not seen him before!" Zhu Dabiao put it straight. Closely after that, Zhu Dabiao quivered all over, "Ahh, it's a bit strange, why do I feel a bit cold suddenly?"

    "Ahem...ahem..." Zhang Tie coughed twice before explaining, "Dabiao, this is Brother Cangwu, one of my friends. He needs to be...looked after by me in Youzhou City for a few days..."

    "Okay, I see, I see. Anyone would need a friend when in dilemma!" Zhu Dabiao said as he instantly put his fat claws onto Feng Cangwu's shoulders forcefully like a new rich, "Younger brother Cangwu, if you need any help, just find this elder brother; this elder brother has nothing but money now. If anyone dares to bully you, just tell him that you're on my side, I, Zhu Dabiao will protect you, gagagaga..."

    Zhang Tie covered his face by hands as he almost wailed...

    Feng Cangwu was tightly clenching his fists while his hands were quivering...

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