Chapter 870: Bidding a Farewell

    Chapter 870: Bidding a Farewell

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    After staying in Youzhou City for one day, Zhang Tie returned to Golden Light City by airship.

    He came to Youzhou City with nothing; however, he left Youzhou City with a full load of gifts which were presented to the old d**chebag Jiang by the guests from all walks of life.

    There were almost 1,000 gifts in different cases, big or small, which filled the entire warehouse of the airship.

    In the "Washing hands in the gold basin" ceremony of a master artisan, even the gifts of those guys sitting at the average tables were at least worth 10 gold coins.

    Many gifts packages had not been opened yet; some of them which had been unpackaged were packaged in cases. Even the gift-list had made people dazzled, including various pearls and gems, rune equipment, various exotic goods in Taixia Country, top-quality crystals, tea leaves, medicinal pills and medicaments, boa silk and rare linings, expensive tools and equipment for rune equipment masters, scripts and paintings and antiques, etc..

    It seems that Zhang Tie had robbed an exhibition of luxuries and exotic items.

    Zhang Tie had the Provincial Court share the "Master Jiang"'s cheques in cash and gold cheques which were worth over 40 million gold coins with the almost 1 million brothers of the Xiezhi Camp across the province including criminal hunters, officials on all levels and bowmen. Each bowman could share at least 7 gold coins while each member of Xiezhi Camp could share at least 30 gold coins. This was not a small amount of money. Even knights needed to eat and drink, not to mention commoners.

    After sharing the red packet of over 40 million gold coins, plus the meritorious deed of inflicting heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church, all the yamuns across Youzhou Province lived a festive new year. Meanwhile, the reputation of Zhang Tie, who had just served as the dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province for three months rocketed to its highest point in the entire judicial system across Youzhou Province.

    Not only in Youzhou Province, after receiving the precise and timely intelligence about Zhang Tie, all the other judicial systems across the Northeast Military Region had made great meritorious deeds these days by toppling over the Heavens Reaching Church. Therefore, the name of Zhang Mushen became thunder-like across all the yamuns in the Northeast Military Region. Everyone who heard about his meritorious deeds would thumb up and speak highly of him.

    No matter what, those leaders who could win the enemy with their force, make meritorious deeds and could make their subordinates rich would always win the awe, love and esteem of their subordinates.

    Therefore, without receiving Zhang Tie's order, his subordinates had moved those gifts of "Master Jiang" onto Zhang Tie's airship consciously.

    Although the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province was of a kindly disposition, his subordinates must be aware. Now that the dean of Provincial Court made such a great meritorious deed with his force, there was no way that his subordinates would drink soup and eat meat while the head had nothing to eat. They could share the money; however, nobody across the yamuns in Youzhou Province dared take away those gifts in case of being sneered as rude by the provincial courts in the Northeast Military Region.

    Besides these gifts, the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province also transferred the manor of Master Jiang on the 10 mile-willow bank of the Youzhou City, the greater part of the industrial shops in the artisans street in Youzhou City to Zhang Tie.

    In the words of good omen of the commoners in Taixia Country, Zhang Tie really left home with nothing and returned home with wealth.

    Zhang Tie left Youzhou City on the noon of January 7th when all the officials in the Provincial Court went to Huaiyuan Mansion to bid a farewell to Zhang Tie.


    "Well, you can go back now. Remember to do a good job. Prevent the Heavens Reaching Church from coming back. Additionally, you should continue to pay attention to the evils and bandits on the wanted list of the Provincial Court in case those people slip into Youzhou Province and scourge any place in it. This is also my last expectation from you before I leave Youzhou City." Zhang Tie left his last warning to the crowd before boarding the airship.

    "Lord, too many commoners outside White Tiger Complex today have been willing you to continue with the position of the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province." Zhang Yuanshan told Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie really didn't know about this. After hearing Zhang Yuanshan's words, Zhang Tie directly asked him in secret pattern, "Is it arranged by Huaiyuan Palace?"

    Zhang Yuanshan faintly shook his head, which indicated that they were voluntary.

    'Voluntary?' Zhang Tie felt a bit complex. He had not imagined that he could root in the hearts of commoners in Youzhou City only after taking the position of the dean of Provincial Court for 3 months.

    Given this point, Zhang Tie had been satisfied with it. Someone might dream about a good reputation flowing down for long ages; however, Zhang Tie didn't have such a great ambition. He felt that it would be good if someone could beat him in their minds even if he left that place. At least it indicated that he was not good for nothing in that place.

    Anyone who wanted to have a good reputation flowing down for long ages or leave a stink for ten thousand years would feel very tired!

    After taking a deep breath, Zhang Tie waved his hands towards the crowd before turning around and boarding the airship.

    "Bon voyage! Lord Zhang!"

    All the officials of the Provincial Court bowed deeply as they said in unison. Even though Zhang Tie would leave, they still treated him as the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province.

    Watching this scene, Zhu Dabiao on Zhang Tie's side chested out with a frowned fat belly. He looked proud. Since he was born, Zhu Dabiao had been growing up in the family of a provincial governor; therefore, Zhu Dabiao had witnessed such scenes many times. However, those officials only flattered his grandpa, his dad or his uncles. It was his first time to see people show respect to his friend in this way. Therefore, he felt pretty different about that. Although his family members belonged to Zhu Clan, his friend belonged to himself. In Zhu Dabiao's eyes, he felt more pleasant about seeing his friend being flattered than seeing his family members being flattered.

    Besides, Zhu Dabiao, Feng Cangwu was also standing on the airship, who felt more complex at this moment. Feng Cangwu had not imagined that this young man who had completely defeated him in the Heavens Ball could win so many people's love and favor only after taking the position of the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province for 3 months. As a result, Feng Cangwu felt more depressed in a split second. He felt being defeated by Zhang Tie once again. The distance between him and Zhang Tie was further enlarged.

    When the airship slowly rose, Zhang Tie just stood near the porthole and watched the streets down there.

    At this moment, he found that all the streets outside Huaiyuan Mansion had been crowded with commoners. There were at least 100,000 commoners who came here to bid a farewell to him. As they were forbidden in the Huaiyuan Mansion, they were just looking up in the streets.

    When the airship rose, those commoners were in an uproar.

    "During the 3 months when Lord Zhang took the position of the dean of Provincial Court, he didn't levy any rice from the commoners across Youzhou City, disturb commoners or expropriate any wealth from commoners. Watching the poor homeless kids in the city, Lord Zhang Tie even donateD 100,000 gold coins to the Righteous Palace of Youzhou City so as to settle down those orphans. When the Heavens Reaching Church wanted to rise in revolt, Lord Zhang inflicted heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church alone for the safety of the commoners in Youzhou Province. After that, Lord Zhang killed the shadow demon and won 40 million gold coins from the Jiang Mansion. However, he had people distribute them to the subordinates. What a good dean of Provincial Court! He brought happiness to the commoners in Youzhou Province; however, he was driven away by the son of a bitch official of Gobbling Party!" Seeing Zhang Tie flying off, a grey-haired old man thumped his chest and stamped his feet while being filled with righteous indignation.

    In a farther place away from the streets, hundreds of kids were running over here from the Righteous Palace of Youzhou City under the leadership of their teacher. They raised their huge paper banner on the street--Bon Voyage!

    Even the kids in the Righteous Palace knew about appreciation.

    Watching the airship rising up, many commoners nearby the White Tiger Complex burst out into tears...

    In farther places, 40,000 elite forces in 4 matrices in the Xiezhi Camp of Youzhou City were standing as a mark of respect outside the city by raising high their weapons. Meanwhile, they roared in unison, "Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill!"

    Since Zhang Tie became outstanding in the competition for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province to a few days ago when he inflicted heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church, although Zhang Tie had not stayed in this city for a long time, he had left a deep mark in this city.

    All of a sudden, a golden light pillar shot into the sky from the airship while a huge geometrical halos suddenly loomed above the airship. Closely after that, the halos swept over the Youzhou City...

    In the tranquil, energetic protection of the energy, all the commoners across Youzhou City and the soldiers in the Xiezhi Camp outside the city saw the airship off until it disappeared in the east when the warm strength that covered all of them gradually faded away. All the people then woke up like having a dream...

    Such a strength was really fascinating to commoners.

    It was the Gentle Strength of Lord Zhang.

    "Let's go smash the Learning Association of the Gobbling Pary in Youzhou City!" Many people exclaimed out of fury among those surrounding the White Tiger Complex. After that, the contingent of population poured towards the Learning Association of the Gobbling Party in Youzhou City like a fierce tide.

    As the Gobbling Party had a great influence, they had Learning Association in Youzhou City which was called Morality Association. Morality Association existed in each city, each prefecture and each province in Taixia Country. It was used to publicize the theory of mercy, righteousness and morality which was advocated by the Gobbling Party and absorb backbone members of the Gobbling Party. It could also be regarded as the club of the members of Gobbling Party...

    In Taixia Country, it was illegal to gather people to smash goods; except today when the furious commoners rushed into the Morality Association of Youzhou City, the criminal hunters and inspectors across Youzhou City just crossed their arms and watched that in the distance...

    When those furious people left, the Morality Association of Youzhou City had deteriorated into debris, not even a single tile was complete over there...
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