Chapter 871: Mental Obstacle

    Chapter 871: Mental Obstacle

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    After resigning and leaving Youzhou City in order to launch a counterattack to the Gobbling Party, Zhang Tie won his freedom back.

    On the airship, Zhang Tie didn't know that some commoners in Youzhou City had smashed the Morality Association in Youzhou City after his departure.

    After calculating his booties, Zhang Tie was also shocked.

    300 earth-elements crystals, the opportunity to launch a counterattack to the Gobbling Party, over 1,000 expensive gifts in the warehouse of the airship, Master Jiang's manor in Youzhou City, a rare space-teleportation equipment and the fruit of plunder and the unquantifiable reputation.

    Zhang Tie had been very satisfied with such a great achievement.

    He was forced to take the position of the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province at the beginning given the tense situation; now Huaiyuan Palace had won the heart of commoners; therefore Zhang Tie didn't feel unwilling to resign.

    If it were before, after coming to the airship, Zhang Tie would definitely enter Castle of Black Iron and eat fruits; besides that fruit of plunder, he should have 10 more leakless fruits and few fruits of redemption from the gratitude of golden uangs. After taking these fruits, Zhang Tie would make another small progress. The road of cultivation was a process from quantitative change to qualitative change day by day.

    However, at this moment, Zhang Tie gave up this thought. It was not because he was afraid of being discovered by the knight on his side after entering Castle of Black Iron but because Zhang Tie had been confident enough to control his impulsion that he couldn't wait to eat fruits.

    'Heller was right. The small tree's ability is limited. Unless I die, the small tree will stop providing me fruits sooner or later. I have been able to sense it now.'

    After boarding the airship, Zhang Tie took out the earth-elements crystals from the nanobead in his own berth cabin.

    It took him 8 hours to use up 4 earth-elements crystals. After throwing the 4 useless earth-element crystals into Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie silently moved 4 earth-element crystals from Castle of Black Iron to the space of the nanobead so as to maintain the number of earth-element crystals in the nanobead unchanged.

    With the nanobead, Zhang Tie could casually move items from Castle of Black Iron to the space of the nanobead. In this way, when he took items out of nanobead, he would not worry about arousing doubts to others.

    This nanobead was the best stage property that Zhang Tie used to launder the resources in Castle of Black Iron. A few days ago when Zhang Tie was worried whether he could get another space-teleportation equipment anytime soon; talk of the devil and he comes.

    As for Zhang Tie, the wing demons that frightened everyone was as cute as a boy with fortune. From Master Abyan to "Master Jiang", each time he met a wing demon, Zhang Tie had a good fortune and improved his battle strength a bit.

    'However, If I met a wing demon knight in the future, I would not get any fruit from it. That's too pitiful! Heller said that once demons promoted to knights, they would be protected by special rules. As a result, the small tree could not get any fruit from them. I wonder that whether the rules that protect the demon knights could be broken or have loopholes.'

    When Zhang Tie was thinking about it, he walked out of his room.

    It was already dark in the midnight while the lamps in the airship had been lit up. Zhu Dabiao had fallen asleep. After sensing around, Zhang Tie walked towards the bar in the resting area.

    The other airships could never be such luxurious. However, as the transportation vehicle of elders of Huaiyuan Palace, of course, it would contain everything. However, after visiting the airboat of Commander Cheng, Zhang Tie had a deeper understanding of luxury.

    Feng Cangwu was drinking at the bar counter. After boarding the airship, Zhang Tie had felt that Feng Cangwu was in a blue mood.

    Nobody else could be found in the bar except for Feng Cangwu. However, there was another empty glass on the side of Feng Cangwu. It should be left by Zhu Dabiao. After drink for a while with Feng Cangwu, Zhu Dabiao might have been drunk and returned to his berth cabin. When Zhang Tie was cultivating just now, he heard Zhu Dabiao throwing up in his cabin.

    After coming to Feng Cangwu's side, Zhang Tie took a new glass and made a glass of liquor for himself using the bottle in front of Feng Cangwu. After seeing that Feng Cangwu's glass was empty, he filled it with liquor again.

    After throwing a glance at Zhang Tie, Feng Cangwu bottomed it up.

    Followed by Zhang Tie.

    It was brewed by a green bamboo snake, which looked dark green and smelt refreshing and fragrant. After drinking a glass of it, Zhang Tie smacked his lips. After feeling addicted to it, he made another glass for himself and Feng Cangwu. They then bottomed it up again.

    After drinking the dragon-marrow liquor gifted by Commander Cheng, Zhang Tie felt this common liquor was not that acrid anymore. After drinking 3 glasses, he felt as light as water. When the bottle was empty, Zhang Tie put down his glass.

    "Brother Cangwu, don't beat about the bush anymore. I know that you are arrogant and always aim too high but you must have something to deal with in Youzhou Province. Just put it straight. I would try my best to help you. As long as I could do it while not betraying my conscience, I swear to help you!" Zhang Tie watched Feng Cangwu with a serious look, "But I don't understand that Brother Cangwu has such a great battle strength and could make Commander Cheng help you, is there really anything that you cannot handle in the Northeast Military Region? As I'm just a small figure, I don't think that you need my help."

    "Can you let me defeat you?" Feng Cangwu raised his head and asked Zhang Tie with a gloomy look.

    Zhang Tie frowned as he watched Feng Cangwu seriously, 'This guy is not drunk, how could he speak such weird words?', "Brother Cangwu, what do you mean? I have no resentment toward you. Additionally, we've not fought at all. How can you say you want to surpass or defeat me?"

    Feng Cangwu revealed a bitter smile as he threw a glance at Zhang Tie, "You're not completely right. I indeed have no resentment toward you either; however, we've already wrestled. It's a battle of life or death. You win it!"

    "Hahaha, Brother Cangwu, you must be kidding!" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "When did I wrestle with you, Brother Cangwu? I don't remember!"

    "Have you forgotten about it in the Heavens Ball in White Tiger Complex 3 months ago?" Feng Cangwu let out a sigh.

    Zhang Tie's smiled froze at once. After blinking his eyes and gazing at Feng Cangwu, he instantly realized something, "You're that...that last demon knight?"

    "Right, I'm the very demon knight that has been killed by you in the end and helped you win the reputation of the Lion of Youzhou Province!" Feng Cangwu's words contained a little bitterness.

    After hearing that, Zhang Tie recalled why he felt that the demon knight, in the end, was excessively powerful. 'It turns out that demon knight is not formed by the Heavens Ball, but being incarnated by Feng Cangwu, f*ck!'

    "What the hell?"

    "Heavens Ball is the treasure of our Heavens Fortune Sect. If you could enter it, I could enter it too. Besides, I could enter it in any look and frame. Are you getting me?" Feng Cangwu watched Zhang Tie as he continued, "I just wanted to try the battle strengths of the young powerhouses of Youzhou Province in it, unexpectedly, I was discouraged in the end!"

    "It's just a battle in the Heavens Ball, don't care so much about it, Brother Cangwu!" Zhang Tie comforted Feng Cangwu as he murmured inside, 'If I were discouraged by losing my life one time in the virtual space, I would have been extremely depressed after losing my life so many times in the trouble-reappearance situations.'

    "The battle in the Heavens Ball has become my mental obstacle!" Feng Cangwu forced a bitter smile, "The key of the laws of cultivation in our Heavens Fortune Sect is as follows: after promoting to a knight, we have to know ourselves at first; after that, we will sense the essence of the natural laws. Finally, we need to unite ourselves with the universe. If I could not break my mental obstacle, I would not make any breakthrough in my cultivation base in the future. I would hardly form other chakras anymore. Therefore, I have to seek for your help!"

    "How can I help you?" Zhang Tie glanced at Feng Cangwu with a strange look, "If you could break your mental obstacle by beating me, it's negotiable!"

    Of course, the so-called negotiation referred to conditions. If the Heavens Fortune Sect could afford it, Zhang Tie felt that he could be beaten by Feng Cangwu. Just take it as a way of forming iron-body fruits. After all, Zhang Tie had been used to do it. When he was in Blackhot City, he served as a human flesh sandbag; later on, he was always beaten in Selnes Theater of Operations. Therefore, he had a rich experience in being beaten.

    "If I could break my mental obstacle, I don't need to come to Youzhou Province." Feng Cangwu threw a cold and arrogant glance at Zhang Tie.

    "But, Brother Cangwu, can you break your mental obstacle only by following me up?"

    "The mental obstacle could only broken wherever it was formed. However, I don't know how to break it. It depends. Therefore..." Feng Cangwu continued with an embarrassed look after a pause, "Master and Senior Fellow Apprentice Lin Changjiang both suggested me to find you. Only by following you up could I find the fortune to break my mental obstacle!"

    "Lin Changjiang?" Zhang Tie's heart raced as he was so familiar with this name, "Lin Changjiang is your senior fellow apprentice? I also know a Lin Changjiang in Waii Sub-continent!"

    "Senior fellow apprentice Lin was once the marshal of Norman Empire in Waii Sub-continent!" Feng Cangwu replied with a natural look.

    Zhang Tie was shocked again. Until then did he realize how deep had Taixia's strength penetrated in each subcontinent. Zhang Tie remembered that those who inflicted heavy losses on demons in Waii Sub-continent were just Norman Empire in the north and Hua nations in the south. Hua people of Taixia Country was the pillar of humans. It was true.

    After thinking about it for a while, Zhang Tie's face suddenly turned solemn, "Brother Cangwu, you can stay with me as long as you want so as to break your mental obstacle, as this is related to me and has been supported by Commander Cheng. Whereas, as I'm always a casual person, I'm afraid that I have been a poor host as Brother Cangwu comes from Heavens Fortune Sect, a top sect in Taixia Country..."

    "No problem. Everyone has the lowest point in his life!" Feng Cangwu let out a gloomy sigh like a playboy who was in a trouble...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was thinking about that, 'The Heavens Fortune Sect might dislike the Gobbling Party; therefore, they dispatched a knight to my side to show their instance. Based on the young age of Feng Cangwu and his arrogance in the past, he must not be an average member in the young generation of the Heavens Fortune Sect. With such a person on my side, even if he was good for nothing, what other people would think about me?'

    'However, why would the Heavens Fortune Sect do that? I'm just a small black iron knight. Is it necessary for the Heavens Fortune Sect to back up me?'

    Zhang Tie had racked his mind; however, he couldn't figure it out.

    'Whatever, unless I'm dead...'

    Now that Zhang Tie couldn't think it through, he just stopped thinking about it...
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