Chapter 873: Making a Compromise

    Chapter 873: Making a Compromise

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    Gentlemen were in line with natural laws possessing their unique opinions while villains gathered for benefits yet being derailed by natural laws. This was the difference between gentlemen and villains.

    In case of being impeached, Zhang Tie still stuck to his post and performed his duties. As a result, he inflicted heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church. After that, he resigned. All this indicated that Zhang Tie was a gentleman.

    By contrast, the Gobbling Party defended those who belonged to their own faction and attacked those who didn't by instigating an imperial official in Censorate to frame Zhang Tie with a rumor. As a result, they almost dismissed Zhang Tie's position before the Heavens Reaching Church rose in revolt in Youzhou Province. This indicated that the members of Gobbling Party were villains.

    The law of officials was their professional conduct.

    If Zhang Tie returned, it would be a competition for tricks; if not, it would be a competition for morality and justice.

    As for the first case, Huaiyuan Palace could only take the advantage for the time being; as for the second case, Huaiyuan Palace would take the advantage forever.

    Zhang Tie didn't feel that he was a very good official and had a very good professional conduct; however, the winner took all. As long as he could defeat the Gobbling Party, he didn't mind bragging under the halos of the gentleman.

    In one word, as long as Zhang Tie could stick to his principle, the members of Gobbling Party would become villains besides being roasted over the fire.

    Additionally, there was an incantation of the golden hoop for the Gobbling Party who used to talk about mercy, righteousness and morality. With this incantation, it would be hard for the Gobbling Party to pretend to be dignified once again. This incarnation only fitted the Gobbling Party, which could be only be manifested by villains under the influence of a gentleman.

    The Gobbling Party also knew that Zhang Tie was a gentleman; therefore, even though they wanted to impeach Zhang Tie, they could only amplify Zhang Tie's dereliction on the special occasion.

    The Gobbling Party didn't attack Zhang Tie's moral standing because those gentlemen who were called "would-be sages" had perfect morality. If the Gobbling Party attacked the moral standing of Zhang Tie, they were actually attacking the values and cultural system of the entire Taixia Country and rocking their own foundation.

    According to the Gobbling Party, "mercy, righteousness, laws and morality" were the "four essences of the heavenly laws". If the "four essences of the heavenly laws" were not manifested, the heavenly laws would not be carried forward. Sages were free as they had gained the essences of the heavenly laws. If the Gobbling Party denied sages, they were denying the heavenly laws; if they denied the heavenly laws, they were denying themselves and their foundation.

    Lately, Zhang Tie was thinking why the Gobbling Party would cause him trouble. 'Did they only find my evidence among so many elders and such a great undertaking of Huaiyuan Palace? After thinking about it for a while, Zhang Tie made a conclusion, the reason that the Gobbling Party chose me as their first target was that they were afraid of my status and influence as a gentleman. The Gobbling Party would strangle me before I could grow up with a greater influence. Because of this, the Gobbling Party couldn't wait to show their fangs and stamp me into the darkness when Huaiyuan Palace has become the first clan in Youzhou Province for less than 3 months.'

    'However, the Gobbling Party could never imagine that I could find their conspiracy by chance when I paid a visit to Youzhou City and reverse the situation by inflicting heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church only in a few days.'

    As the old Hua saying went, when you made a mistake at the beginning, you would make mistakes throughout. Because of this mistake of the Gobbling Party, Zhang Tie completely reversed the situation and had a chance to defeat Gobbling Party at a higher position with a greater influence.

    'I'm too stupid if I don't make use of my status as a gentleman at this moment.'

    Combining all the reasons, Zhang Tie made a decision to not return to Youzhou City anymore.

    "A victim who was constantly exposed to the public would have the lowest probability to be harmed once again. At this moment, it's the firmest shield that Huaiyuan Palace could use to resist the Gobbling Party by letting Huaiyuan Palace become a victim on the supreme point of morality so as to win the sympathy of the mainstream opinion and value in Taixia Country. With the protection of this shield, Huaiyuan Palace could win opportunities and time to root in and develop in Youzhou Province in case of being struck by the Gobbling Party with its full strength. I'd like to be the shield of Huaiyuan Palace!" Zhang Tie told Elder Muen and Elder Muyuan.

    The two elders were moved.

    "However, in this situation, all the stress that Gobbling Party brought to Huaiyuan Palace would be transferred to you. The Gobbling Party would definitely make use of all their means to put you down, ruin your reputation or kill you. It's too dangerous!" Elder Muyuan opposed.

    Some elders might have considered Zhang Tie's opinion; however, nobody posed it as they didn't want to isolate Zhang Tie...

    "Do you think that the Gobbling Party would be lenient in treating me if I apologized to them?" Zhang Tie asked, "So many years have passed from Lord Huaiyuan to the present, the moment Huaiyuan Palace made a bit achievement in Taixia Country, the Gobbling Party had jumped out to frame Huaiyuan Palace and me. Did they spare any chance to negotiate with us? They've been so embarrassed, we can make them even more. If we don't seize this opportunity to make the Gobbling Party fear about us and inflict heavy losses on them, the Gobbling Party will become insatiable. As for me, as long as I leave the officialdom, the Gobbling Party will have very limited means to handle me; let alone be framed by them. As long as they don't dispatch any powerhouse above earth knights to kill me, I will not be afraid of their means. If one day they dare dispatch a powerhouse to kill me blatantly, the Gobbling Party will become the target for all in Taixia Country. They are seeking for death. We don't have to worry about that!" Zhang Tie rubbed his face while revealing a bitter smile, "Honestly, I'm really not a qualified official. I've been used to be free. Officials have to take too many responsibilities and be in line with too many rules. To the utmost extent, it's my fluke to inflict heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church and the Gobbling Party this time. Without the protection of Commander Cheng, the impeachment from the Gobbling Party would have reached the imperial court. I should not always rely on the superior and fluke. If I return, I bet that the Gobbling Party would cause me trouble soon so as to win one round back. As I resign, I will stop the Gobbling Party from thinking so. They could only squat and stand in front of Huaiyuan Palace and dare not even stand up and say no loudly!"

    When Elder Muyuan wanted to say something, Zhang Tie waved his hands to stop him. Zhang Tie then said in a self-mockery tone, "I'm well-known again in Taixia! It's not bad for me!"

    After recalling how he persuaded Zhang Tie a few months ago, Elder Muyuan let out a sigh and became silent.

    "If you don't become the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province again, who else could take it?" Elder Muen asked Zhang Tie after being silent for a while. It indicated that he had almost agreed with Zhang Tie's choice; after all, Zhang Tie was an important elder of Huaiyuan Palace. If he didn't want to do that, nobody else could force a stubborn ox to drink water.

    "I like Zhang Yuanshan. Although he's not a knight; he's at least a battle spirit. Additionally, he's competent at that job based on his rich experiences and ability! After the Heavens Reaching Church is exterminated, the judicial system of Youzhou Province will not encounter another big challenge in a short period. I find he's proper." Zhang Tie revealed the plan that he had long worked out, "Additionally, even if I don't work as the dean of Provincial Court, I could also enter the judicial system of Youzhou Province like I can be a bounty hunter!"

    "Bounty hunter?"

    "Yes, bounty hunter!" Zhang Tie revealed a bad smile, "I'm a gentleman. Although I'm not in the position, I could also care about the security of Youzhou Province and the lives of the commoners in Youzhou Province. Additionally, I will also frighten those evil guys. I might be the first one who preferred to be a bounty hunter instead of the dean of a provincial court in Taixia. The more aggrieved I am, the more uncomfortable will the Gobbling Party be. Meanwhile, being a bounty hunter, I could directly help Zhang Yuanshan solve almost any problem in Youzhou Province. Actually, I had long thought about this when I was the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province!"

    'What the hell!' Elder Muen and Elder Muyuan became speechless.

    Given their expressions, Zhang Tie knew that Huaiyuan Palace had agreed to his plan. Although only two elders were negotiating with him, actually, Elder Muen and Elder Muyuan were sending messages to the other elders and Count Long Wind by the remote-sensing crystals on their finger rings at the same time. Of course, Huaiyuan Palace could not refuse his reason.

    "Alright, the head has agreed with it!" Elder Muen said.

    "But there's one point that you should concern about it!" Elder Muyuan added, "It's time for Elder Mushen to fulfill the duty that you've promised the clan at the beginning!"

    "What duty?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "To sustain the bloodline of Zhang Clan. You've prolonged it all the way from Waii Sub-continent to Taixia Country. Now that Elder Mushen doesn't serve as the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province anymore, you will have more free time. You should think about it!"

    Zhang Tie patted his forehead as he asked with a bitter smile, "How do Huaiyuan Palace usually arrange it?"

    "The clan has prepared for a lot of innocent and reliable Hua girls for you. Elder Mushen, you can just select whoever you like. You can select as more concubines as you like. It's normal for a knight to have dozens even hundreds of concubines. If Elder Mushen likes someone, you could directly tell us. As long as she's single, it's negotiable!" Elder Muen said in an ordinary tone as if he was telling Zhang Tie how to buy commodities in the shop. It was too common for clan elders.

    Rubbing his forehead with one finger, Zhang Tie finally made a compromise after thinking for a while, "No need to bother you. Just bring me Aimei and Aixue whom I've been familiar with in the Hurricane Corps! No need to hurry. For the sake of the domestic harmony, I'd better not select too many girls for the time being..."

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