Chapter 876: A Quarrel

    Chapter 876: A Quarrel

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    When they exited the airport, Zhang Tie waved his hand towards a green steam taxi. The taxi then parked beside them. Zhang Tie let Zhu Dabiao sit in the co-pilot seat while he and Feng Cangwu sat on the back seats.

    After getting on the vehicle, Feng Cangwu started to twist his body in an uncomfortable way with a faintly stiff facial expression. By contrast, Zhu Dabiao felt pretty fresh. Zhang Tie remained unruffled.

    "Where're you going?" The driver who was a bit baldheaded turned around and asked them.

    "Take us to the biggest seafood trading market in Embracing Tiger City!" Zhang Tie said in Hua language.

    "Ahh, the biggest seafood trading market is located in the Whitesand Gulf. It's in the south of Embracing City over 25 miles away from here. It will cost you 2 silver coins, sir!" The driver quoted. If the passengers disagreed, they had to get off.

    "No problem, let's go!" Zhang Tie smiled.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's answer, the driver started the car. With a slight shock, the green taxi started to run.

    "Are you really going to buy seafood?" Zhu Dabiao asked Zhang Tie with a serious look.

    "I've told you. I'm here to do that!" Zhang Tie explained.

    Although he had mentioned it to Zhu Dabiao and Feng Cangwu before they came here, the two guys didn't believe that Zhang Tie was here for setting free sea living beings. Therefore, they followed Zhang Tie here.

    "Hahaha, that's interesting..." Zhu Dabiao rolled his eyes before saying, "If it really works as you've told us, I will have a try too. I'd like to see whether Gaya will pay special attention to me!"

    "As long as you stick to it, you will see the effect!" Zhang Tie said.


    "Practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth!" Zhang Tie replied with the most popular sentence among Hua people before the Catastrophe.

    Zhu Dabiao replied with a smile before turning back. Watching the scenery outside the window, Zhu Dabiao made a comment, "Embracing Tiger City is really developing well. The population is rising here..."

    "It will be better!" Zhang Tie added.

    Previously, Zhu Dabiao only wanted to look around Golden Sea City after coming back from Youzhou City with Zhang Tie. After the lantern festival, he would recruit some subordinates and purchase some materials in Yanghe Prefecture before building 1 or 2 towns and settlements in the land that he had bought for the preparation of further development. It was also the regular method for Taixia Country to develop border areas.

    Benefited from the convenience of sea trade, Yanghe Prefecture was very developed in human trafficking or gracefully "border economy". Those foreign population from other subcontinents or Chaosang Sub-continent which was adjacent to Taixia Country would be transported to Embracing Tiger Harbor by huge ships and become members of the contingent in the border areas of Taixia Country. Along with these people were a large number of materials, capital, valuable equipment and machines from all the other subcontinents.

    After Youzhou promoted to an established lower province in Taixia Country, the "border economy" in Yanghe Prefecture became hotter. Local major clans and foreign major clans which wanted to expand their domestic territories in Youzhou Province would demand a lot of cheap labor forces to make their cheap land "alive" or to constantly consolidate their domestic territories and population size. New border residents would also bring greater market demand and a lot of capital, which were very beneficial to a lower province which was vast and sparsely populated.

    The holy war pushed all the subcontinents surrounding Taixia Country to transfer their population, capital and industries to the Eastern Continent. On this occasion, the prices of population, materials and equipment were pretty cheap in Embracing Tiger City. Those border foreign residents could have a bit dignity with the protection of the laws of Taixia Country; however, those machines and equipment that were transported from other subcontinents to Taixia Country were directly sold at the price of metal craps. Some were even sold in terms of ships. As long as they could offset their freight and bring a bit benefit to their owners, they would be constantly transported to Taixia Country from all the surrounding subcontinents. This was a grander feast for the major clans in Taixia Country.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how would the holy war underwent; however, given the current situation, the holy war seemingly provided a chance for major clans in Taixia Country to exploit those subcontinents around the Eastern Continent. Due to the holy war, Taixia Country firstly grew more powerful instead of suffering a catastrophe...

    Perhaps this was the rudimentary reason for Taixia Country to only interfere with the battles in the subcontinents to a certain degree at the beginning of the holy war. The demons drove the resources from all the subcontinents to Taixia Country. How could Taixia Country which flew the blood of Hua people fight for those foreigners at the cost of the strength of itself? How could it prevent these resources from flowing into its own territory by maintaining the safety and stability of those subcontinents?

    Retrospecting to the history of humans, each worldwide war provided the best development time for those safe and stable countries and continents which were far from battle flames. The power of Hua people in this age was closely related to the safety and stability of the Eastern Continent in the earlier two holy wars.

    Watching the boisterous streets outside the airport, Zhang Tie realized something.

    Since they got on the vehicle, Feng Cangwu had been feeling uncomfortable. In only a few minutes, Feng Cangwu's body had become stiff. His uneasiness grew each second.

    After staying with Feng Cangwu for so many days, Zhang Tie also knew that this guy was not only very arrogant but also a clean freak. He would take bath two times a day and would never use items which had been used by others. However, this guy's response in the taxi really made Zhang Tie amazed. Although this taxi was not deluxe or new, it was at least okay; of course, unavoidably, hundreds even thousands of people had sat on the back seats. Although the cover of the seats didn't look dirty, its color had faded away.

    "Haven't you taken a taxi before?" Zhang Tie asked Feng Cangwu.

    "Not yet!" Feng Cangwu shook his head.

    "Young man, you've not even taken a taxi before? It seems that you come from rural areas. Many people would have a carsickness or feel like throwing up when they took a taxi for the first time; if you feel like throwing up, please tell me in advance. I will park it on the roadside. Don't vomit it in the car. It's hard to clean!" After hearing Feng Cangwu's words, the driver started to "instruct" him. Finally, he added with a good intention, "Young man, don't just stay in the rural area. You need to look around. It only takes you a few silver coins for a ride. Don't be that frugal; otherwise, you will regret it when you're old."

    After hearing this, Zhang Tie tried his best to not burst out into laughter. Even Zhu Dabiao's shoulders kept quivering. Only Feng Cangwu's face turned black at once...

    When they came to Embracing Tiger City, at Zhang Tie's request, all of them had changed a set of very common clothes. Therefore, others could barely identify their statuses; otherwise, if they loitered in the seafood market in expensive boa-silk clothes, they would look very strange and would send a signal to those sellers that they were here to be ripped off, not to mention potential troubles...

    Zhang Tie knew the living conditions and thoughts of the small figures at the bottom of the society pretty well.

    Feng Cangwu wanted to say something; however, he finally stopped because he didn't think that he had deteriorated to quarrel with a taxi driver. Nevertheless, after swallowing his words, Feng Cangwu felt like swallowing dozens of balloons as he felt pretty inflated...

    In less than one hour, the driver had taken them to the Whitesand Gulf in the south of Embracing Tiger City along the coastline.

    Being miles away from the Whitesand Gulf, they had smelt a special fishy sense from the sea wind that blew from there.

    Compared to the Embracing Tiger Harbor which was anchored with huge passenger liners, the Whitesand Gulf was anchored with a lot of fishing boats, which varied from dozens of tons to tens of thousands of tons.

    There was a fishery processing plant covering several square miles being close to the Whitesand Gulf. Right between the processing plant and the docks, they saw the biggest seafood market in Yanghe Prefecture.

    Soon after they entered there had they seen many workers in black rubber water-proof pants busy unloading seafood and big fishes from big ships by crane...

    "Here we are, did you see the place with blue steel tiles in front of us? That's the biggest seafood market in the Embracing Tiger City. The seafood market here is very large, it divides into many regions. If you want to buy something more fresh, you could go to the docks and directly buy them from those fishing boats. However, those seafood on fishing boats are only sold in terms of ship or wholesale!"

    After parking the car, the driver made an explanation to his passengers kindly. Zhang Tie then fumbled 3 silver coins out of his pocket and gave them to the driver. After that, he pulled open the door of the vehicle and got off the car with Feng Cangwu and Zhu Dabiao.

    "I've not taken a taxi before; however, I'm not from the rural area!"

    Before getting off, Feng Cangwu finally poured out the words that he had been standing so much on the vehicle. As a result, the driver threw a glance at him like watching a lunatic. At the same time, Zhang Tie and Zhu Dabiao burst into laughter.

    After the driver drove away, the three guys stood nearby a region of the seafood market. Smelling the stimulative fishy and bloody smell, Feng Cangwu turned his face once again.

    Watching them still exchanging glances with each other, a slightly shorter guy ran over from afar immediately. The moment he arrived in front of them, he had nodded and bowed towards them very politely, "Welcome, do you need any help?"

    His Hua language sounded a bit weird; however, he looked similar to Hua people; besides, his humble smile made people feel good.

    "You're...from Chaosang Subcontinent?" Zhang Tie asked after throwing a glance at him given the knowledge that he had learned.

    "I'm Haruki Murakami. I'm from Chaosang Subcontinent. I can provide you with the information about fish trade in Whitesand Gulf. Please give me your concern!" As this man replied to them, he made another deep bow towards Zhang Tie. His head could almost touch his knees.

    "My guests, if you're new here, Park Yong Tai hopes to serve you!" Another guy ran over here with a big smile.

    Compared to the guy called Haruki Murakami, this guy had a big round face and small eyes, which looked a bit ridiculous but impressive...

    Haruki Murakami immediately threw a glare at Park Yong Tai; Park Young Tai also glared at Haruki Murakami, being not to be outdone...

    After throwing another glare at each other, they turned around and watched Zhang Tie, Zhu Dabiao and Feng Cangwu at the same time.

    "If you want to learn the fish trading information in Whitesand Gulf or buy something, this humble man is glad to serve you three and will never let you down!" Haruki Murakami said.

    "If he could do it, I could do it too; additionally, I only need half of his premium!" Pak Young Tai immediately made a response.

    'F*ck, I've not imagined that I could see two human races in Chaosang Subcontinents quarrel with each other in front of us the moment we come here...' Zhang Tie swore inside.
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