Chapter 878: Making an Arrangement in Whitesand Gulf

    Chapter 878: Making an Arrangement in Whitesand Gulf

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    A steam, smoking fishing vessel whose water discharge was about 100 tons appeared on the open water over 7 miles away from Whitesand Gulf in the south with its crew and cases of seafood, making a sound of "tutututu".

    The fishing vessel was just a bit bumpy on the sea.

    As it was afternoon, people could see the limpid and blue sea water under the sunlight.

    This open water was relatively tranquil. Additionally, fewer vessels were fishing here.

    After arriving at the destination, the boat head walked out of the cabin and came to the deck of the fore before noticing his passengers who had chartered the boat.

    The deck of the fore was filled with cases of fresh gulf shrimps and hairy shellfish while a group of people was talking about something over there.

    When the boat head drew closer to them, he heard a young man of about 16 years of age talking about something.

    "The God of Protection Church is very famous in Western Continent. They're very excelled at driving animals. According to the doctrine of this church, human awareness is the most mysterious realm in the universe. When we pay attention to the wild beast that we see, we're actually telling ourselves that its body is different than ours; therefore, it's different than us. However, if you stick to such a thought, you're actually preventing yourself from communicating with these animals. Because you treat the physical differences as the obstacle of your exchanges, you could not reach their inner hearts. Whereas, these animals are all created by Gaya. They are on equal footing with us! Actually, you could ignore the physical differences between them and yourself and try to communicate with them using your awareness..."

    Zhang Tie continued to pretend to be a priest jerk. Based on his acknowledge about the God of Protection Church; especially that he had learned from Krell, he was absolutely qualified to be disguised to be a pious believer of the God of Protection Church.

    Even Feng Cangwu who had always been dubious about Zhang Tie's talent started to believe that Zhang Tie was a pious believer of the God of Patron Church. At least, Zhang Tie adopted the theory of the God of Patron Church. It might be strange if a Hua knight who had been living in Taixia Country was interested in foreign religions; however, it was understandable for Zhang Tie who grew up in a subcontinent to be interested in the God of Protection Church.

    When Zhang Tie talked about the religion, Haruki Murakami and Pak Tai Yong both watched him with an admirable expression whether being real or not.

    "You mean, you could communicate with these maritime animals?" Zhu Dabiao asked Zhang Tie with a dubious look.

    Zhang Tie revealed a modest smile as he continued to fabricate a bigger lie so as to lay a foundation for explaining some of his abilities which were benefited from cultivating "the Great Wilderness Sutra" in Taixia Country. 'If someone finds out that I could drive animals, I hope they're not too shocked; as this is the secret skill that I've learned from the God of Protection Church.' "Based on my ability, I could indeed make simple exchanges with these maritime animals. I've also slightly learned how to drive animals. It was taught by a wild patron when I was in Waii Subcontinent!"

    "Show us, hurry, show us..." Zhu Dabiao's curiosity was raised as he couldn't wait to urge Zhang Tie, "My grandpa also has an animal controller; however, that old guy is too arrogant. Besides treating my grandpa respectfully, he just ignores me..."

    After hearing their talk, the boat head became quiet. He had also heard about animal controller; however, he could never imagine that there was an animal controller in his boat. As for these guys who survived on their labor force, the world of animal controllers was too far away from their world.

    There was a huge iron-sheet water tank in front of them, which was filled with gulf shrimps.

    Under the gaze of the others, Zhang Tie walked to the huge water tank and stretched out his hand, "Come on, show us three of you!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, 3 gulf shrimps obediently climbed onto Zhang Tie's hand and stood in a line tidily.

    "Raise your right hand!"

    The three gulf shrimps raised high their right pincers at the same time...

    "Put it down!"

    The three gulf shrimps put down their right pincers at the same time...

    "Raise your left hand!"

    The three gulf shrimps raised their left pincers at the same time...

    "Put it down!"

    The three gulf shrimps put down their left pincers at the same time...

    "Raise both your hands up..."

    In a split second, 6 pincers were raised up at the same time...

    Except for Feng Cangwu, all the others at present were shocked, including the boat head. They were not in a circus; instead, a young guy was displaying his skill to control animals. Although they were just three tiny gulf shrimps, their performance was marvelous!

    "Well done, go back to your water tank now. Tell your brothers and sisters that they're going back home soon!"

    The three gulf shrimps then climbed back into the water tank. Only after a few seconds, all the gulf shrimps in the water tank in front of Zhang Tie became restless as they were clipping their pincers, making a sound "Kakakaka". Soon after that, all the gulf shrimps across the fishing boat became restless as if they had received the news. As a result, the sound "Kakakaka" was drifted from all the water tanks across the boat like drum beats. As a result, all the boatmen became stunned...

    At this moment, Haruki Murakami and Pak Tai Yong were watching Zhang Tie with full awe-stricken expressions.

    When Zhu Dabiao said that his grandpa had an animal controller, the two fishing information agents had realized that Zhang Tie's status was special. After watching Zhang Tie's performance, they behaved in a more modest way.

    The boat head was also stunned as he had not seen this after fishing dozens of years. After swallowing his saliva, he told them with a respectful voice, "Here we are..."

    "Stop the vessel and help these living beings return to the ocean then!" Zhang Tie issued the order. Closely after that, he put his palms together devoutly and closed his eyes before muttering the prayer of the God of Protection Church like a priest jerk...

    "The mother of the land which carries all the living beings, please open your mind and welcome me and your living beings so that they could return to your infinite bosom and integrate with you in the light of your love..."

    When Zhang Tie was muttering the solemn prayer, all the people in the ship started to pour tanks of gulf shrimps into the sea while the exit of the water storehouse at the bottom of the ship was opened, discharging the hairy shellfish...

    This time, Zhang Tie bought over 3,000 kg's gulf shrimps and 4,600 kg's hairy shellfish. However, plus the rent of this ship, the total price was less than 25 gold coins.

    Only in a few minutes, after Zhang Tie finished his prayer, all the gulf shrimps and hairy shellfish had returned to the ocean.

    When those gulf shrimps and hairy shellfish got rid of their death destiny and gained their rebirth and freedom, Zhang Tie faintly felt an invisible energy of gratitude gathering in his body, making him pleasant all over. He felt everything was bright and nice.

    'Living beings really have their souls!'

    After setting free the maritime animals, the fishing boat turned around and returned to the Whitesand Gulf.


    After paying off the balance payment to the boat head, Haruki Murakami and Pak Tai Yong gave the remaining gold coins and gold checks back to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie promised 1 gold coin to each of them. According to the income of the fishing information agents, their minimal service fee was 50 copper coins. In block trading, the commission would not exceed 1% of the trading volume. Therefore, 1 gold coin was already a fat return for each of them. Generally, they might not gain 1 gold coin in half a month. During bad luck, they might not even gain 1 gold coin in one month.

    Zhang Tie didn't take the gold coins and gold checks from them; instead, he asked, "How much could you make in one year in this line?"

    "7 to 20 gold coins!" Haruki Murakami replied.

    Pak Yong Tai nodded. This might the sole tacit deed between them since the beginning. The income in this line varied greatly. However, It depended.

    "I need two people to help me set free maritime animals in Whitesand Gulf every day. I will pay you 50 gold coins a year. Would you like to serve me?"

    Haruki Murakami immediately bowed deeply as his head could almost touch his knees, "Haruki Murakami will definitely live up to your expectation!"

    Closely followed by Pak Young Tai.

    This was undoubtedly good for them.

    Zhang Tie watched them as he continued, "You can take this money first as your first year's compensation. As for the remaining payment, Haruki Murakami will take charge of buying gulf shrimps and setting them free in Whitesand Gulf every day, Pak Yong Tai will take charge of buying hairy shellfish and setting them free. I don't care how you spend it. You need to supervise each other; however, you cannot cause the other one any trouble. In the future, I might only employ one of you. Therefore, it depends on your performance. After a few days, I will dispatch a man called Paul to find you. He will be your head. You can report any problem to him. If you use up your money, remember to ask from him."

    Zhang Tie was not worried that any one of them dared escape away with his payment. On the premise of having a high compensation, if any one of them really would like to be a criminal in Taixia Country only for hundreds of gold coins, Zhang Tie would not make any comment about him. After all, Zhang Tie had not felt about losing such a bit of money. However, if they didn't escape away with his payment, it was a good way to have them supervise and compete with each other, which would be a stable source of fruits. Therefore, Zhang Tie wouldn't suffer a loss from this trade.

    This was also a way to use talented people. Wisdom lay in details.

    Soon after they went ashore, Zhang Tie had received the message from his elder brother through remote-sensing crystal--Huaiyuan Palace has sent Aimei and Aixue home, dad and mom like them very much...
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