Chapter 880: Settling Down

    Chapter 880: Settling Down

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    It soon came to the February of the 900th year of Black Iron Calendar...

    Although there were constantly unstable factors outside, Zhang Tie's family was still peaceful...

    After Aimei and Aixue came to Zhang Tie's family for two weeks, Zhang Yang finally accomplished his authentication as an orange robe pharmacist in the Pharmacists Union in Youzhou City.

    This news aroused a shock in a certain region although it was not that shocking compared to when Zhang Tie competed for the provincial governor for Zhang Clan in Youzhou City.

    By now, Zhang Tie was a knight and a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace as a cultivation talent in Zhang Clan who would not be encountered in 100 years and the lion of Youzhou Province; Zhang Yang was a pharmacist talent who had promoted to an orange robe pharmacist at his 30s and became influential in the circle of pharmacists in Youzhou Province. In the opinions of the public, Zhang Tie's family had started to enter a wholly new rising track while its potential to be a major clan had gradually manifested.

    The rudimentary reason that Zhang Yang chose to promote to an orange robe pharmacist at this moment and reveal his trump card was that he sensed the great stress facing Zhang Clan and Huaiyuan Palace. Under this great stress, Zhang Clan must have a greater influence and root deeper in Taixia so as to be stable and unswerving. Therefore, after negotiating with Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang revealed his trump card a few years earlier than that in their former plan, which indicated that Zhang Tie's family contained a knight and a pharmacist. Besides, Zhang Tie's family could borrow the strength from the circle of pharmacists.

    When Zhang Yang promoted to an orange robe pharmacist, Jinwu Shipyard had silently merged the domestic shipyard being affiliated to Huaiyuan Palace. After that, the new Jinwu Shipyard became the largest shipyard in Youzhou Province and monopolized over 60% of market shares of the shipbuilding industry in Youzhou Province.

    In the same February, soon after the snow melt, a construction brigade of almost 100,000 people had left for the land that Zhang Tie had just bought and made preparations for the construction of Jinwu City, such as prospecting, site selection, road construction and erecting railways. Soon after these preparations were accomplished, constant materials, equipment and workers would enter that wilderland and build Jinwu City at the fastest speed.

    This time, Zhang Tie didn't show them the blueprints of Jinwu City. When he showed the blueprints of the capital city of Sacred Iceland Kingdom to the public, he could owe them to Huaiyuan Palace; however, now, he would have no reason to explain it. 'It's very easy for Agan and Aziz. They would like to do that very much if I showed them the blueprints; however, I would arouse their doubts for sure.'

    His elder brother was a pharmacist genius, he was a cultivation genius, if he was also a construction master who learned it himself, what would others think about his family?

    'I'm already famous enough.' Zhang Tie really didn't want to make trouble anymore at this critical moment.

    Thankfully, Taixia Country didn't lack experts and masters in city construction. Taixia ranked top in construction in the world. Zhang Tie just told them about Agan's opinions and hand it to professionals.

    The February was bustling. With the smell of early spring, everything looked vigorous.

    On February 13th, the group of members of God's Will Brotherhood came to Golden Light City.

    This time, it took them must less time from Anping Prefecture of Guizhou Province to Youzhou Province by the fury-level airship that Zhang Tie had dispatched for them.

    Only 11 of the 28 members of the God's Will Brotherhood would like to "have a big go at it from the scratch" with Zhang Tie in Youzhou Province.

    After going back, according to Zhang Tie's request, Barley didn't tell others about Zhang Tie's current situation. He only told them that Zhang Tie was still alive and had already arrived at Taixia Country, who expected members of the God's Will Brotherhood to help him.

    Zhang Tie's reputation as the Lion of Youzhou Province had not spread to Guizhou Province yet. Even if the news that Zhang Mushen the dean of Provincial Court of Youzhou Province inflicted heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church spread to Guizhou Province in the future, they could not imagine that Zhang Mushen was Zhang Tie. Even if they were told that Zhang Mushen's original name was Zhang Tie, they would never link it with the Zhang Tie they knew in Blackhot City. Because the name Zhang Tie was too common in Taixia Country. Even Barley's group didn't believe that he could become a knight at the beginning, not to mention others.

    Finally, besides Barley, Doug, Sharwin, Hista, Leit, Bagdad, after receiving the news of Zhang Tie, Potter, Wood, Gandi, Jones and Franca came here without any hesitation. All the others had gotten married and had a family, who had settled down in Guizhou Province. As for those who came here, Wood had already been the father of two kids. Gandi and Jones had gotten married respectively although having no kids for the time being. All the others were still single by far.

    Zhang Tie was already satisfied when he was told that over 1/3 of members of the God's Will Brotherhood that he founded in Blackhot City would still like to follow him after separating for so many years. As for those who didn't come, Zhang Tie didn't blame them as they all had families and hoped to have steady lives. Zhang Tie could completely understand and respect their choice; additionally, he hoped for them to live happily.

    Finally, the hotels and some properties of God's Will Brotherhood in Anping Prefecture of Guizhou Province were left to those who didn't come. They had an amicable parting and maintained their friendship in hearts. As of now, the God's Will Brotherhood gradually became an association of fellow provincials or townsmen from Blackhot City in Waii Subcontinent. However, a more united team came into being on Zhang Tie's side.

    As the old proverb went, great waves swept away sand. This was also a test to the God's Will Brotherhood.

    Not until they came to Golden Light City did Potter, Wood, Gandi, Jones and Franca know about Zhang Tie's current situation. They were all shocked after knowing that Zhang Tie had promoted to a knight.

    Zhang Tie signed with complex emotions about being able to reunite with his friends and brothers whom he recognized in Blackhot City in Golden Light City, besides laughter and tears...

    After living in Golden Light City for 2 days, they had left for Youzhou City.

    Zhang Tie transferred all the properties that he had gained from "Master Jiang" to them, which was dozens of times more valuable than their properties in Guizhou Province. "Master Jiang" had a lot of properties in Youzhou City, most of which were in the prime land sections in Youzhou City. Besides the Jiang Mansion which occupied a wide area of land in Youzhou City, the rent of "Master Jiang" in the Artisan Street in Youzhou City would be over 400,000 gold coins a year.

    After a slight renovation, the Jiang Mansion would become the first high-end deluxe courtyard hotel in Youzhou Province. The rent of the Artisan Street could provide stable cash flow for them. Therefore, Barley and the other guys were ready for their great undertaking.

    This was Zhang Tie's reward to his friends and brothers who trusted him.

    After the arrival of the members of God's Will Brotherhood, Linda, Beverly and Fiona were also thrilled. Anyone would feel pleasant if they could reunite with their previous friends in Taixia Country.

    Barley's group left Golden Sea City on February 15th; only after 3 days, namely on February 18th, Paul who had left Zhang Tie a few months had come back.

    Although Paul didn't reach Zhang Tie's target, he still made a great achievement--From this March, a pharmacist clan which bred uangs would distribute one time more golden uangs to Paul, which meant that the number of fruits of redemption from the gratitude of golden uangs would increase two times in the same period, namely about 1 fruit per week. Therefore, Zhang Tie's strength would increase rapidly and steadily.

    As long as he thought that he could have over 70 kg's strength after taking each fruit of redemption from the gratitude of golden uangs, Zhang Tie would be satisfied.

    The main reason that Paul failed to meet Zhang Tie's target was that the demand for medicament in Taixia Country started to grow. As an important raw material for the medicament, the provision for golden uangs also started to be urgent; therefore, Paul failed to gain golden uangs by great batches.

    Paul also came back with a good news. He learned that someone was breeding earthworms in the rural areas of some prefectures of Tongzhou Province, which were all used for feeding animals just like what Zhang Tie saw in Chevli Village.

    Zhang Tie told Paul that he would be responsible for supervising Haruki Murakami and Pak Yong Tai when they set free gulf shrimps and hairy shellfish in Whitesand Gulf; additionally, Zhang Tie dispatched 4 Spirits people to Paul as his subordinates. From then on, Paul became Zhang Tie's "Redemption Steward". With 500,000 gold coins a year, he would ensure that Zhang Tie could eat fruits of redemption all the year round.

    Given this point, Zhang Tie felt that Paul was like his employed farmer in his own farmland; however, this employed farmer didn't plow and sow common fields; neither did he reap common seeds. Paul was plowing and sowing the land of good fortune, yet reaping fruits of redemption for Zhang Tie.

    The fruits of redemption from the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree were the only fruits that could be purchased with the highest cost performance. Therefore, Zhang Tie was very satisfied with them.


    Zhang Tie passed the entire February in such a bustling atmosphere. When Zhang Tie enjoyed the great fortunes, his human relationships also became smooth; by now, Zhang Tie finally felt having settled down in Taixia Country completely.

    At the end of February, Zhang Tie made a further breakthrough in his cultivation base when the 12th dragon scale on his knight's crystal plate was lit on.

    On the last day of February, after finishing supper, Zhang Tie's mom pulled Zhang Tie to one side and told him, "You should go to Yingzhou Province, don't forget that you've one more wife there. Fan Clan has already been urging us..."
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