Chapter 881: Family Strategy (I)

    Chapter 881: Family Strategy (I)

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    On March 1st, the all-purpose medicament base of Jinwu Business Group in Golden Light City...

    The base was built in a heavily guarded fortress. Its security system could match that of vaults in banks. After Zhang Clan and Jinwu Business Group moved to Youzhou Province, this place had become the largest all-purpose medicament plant and metallurgy plant of Jinwu Business Group.

    On one floor of the basement of this base, there were 500 huge half-sealed terrines, each of which was higher than 1 m just like a huge water vat.

    As these terrines were placed so tidily, they were standing in lines from every perspective. When one stood on the stages above this floor and watched them, one would feel like reviewing troops.

    This basement was designed very specially. There was a huge piece of crystal weighing dozens of kilograms on the ground in each fixed distance. The special energy field brought by these huge pieces of crystals would mix with the looming fragrance of the super enzyme in this space; after taking a breath of it, one would feel refreshed and spirited.

    Some workers in white dustproof suits, hats and masks were walking among those huge terrines. They would stop occasionally so as to check the fermentation.

    Even workers should pass 5 safety checks before entering this basement.

    Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang, Zhu Dabiao and Feng Cangwu in white dustproof suits had just entered it and were standing on the steps at the entrance of this floor.

    "Here's the base of all-purpose medicament!" Zhang Yang introduced it to Zhu Dabiao and Feng Cangwu.

    After hearing Zhang Yang's words, Zhu Dabiao widely opened his eyes, "All of them?"

    "All of them!" Zhang Yang nodded.

    After being shocked for a few seconds, Zhu Dabiao forcefully swallowed his saliva before asking in a terrified way, "What's the value of these all-purpose medicaments?"

    The ex-works price of these all-purpose medicaments is 20,000 gold coins per vat. As there're 500 vats in front of us, they are worth at least 10 million gold coins. Based on the market quotation, their terminal retail price might be above 15 million gold coins."

    Even though Feng Cangwu was always distant, after hearing that the items in these vats were worth about 15 million gold coins, he also raised his eyebrows.

    Even in Taixia Country, this was also a big figure for many people.

    "How many vials of all-purpose medicament could Jinwu Business Group produce each year?"

    "This year, we plan to produce 15 million vials of all-purpose medicament. The total sales volume would break the upper limit of 100 million gold coins!"

    When they talked about that, they went downstairs and traveled across those huge vats.

    Walking through those terrines, the fragrance of all-purpose medicament grew dense.

    Each terrine was marked with an exclusive number. There were a production date and a fermentation date under each number. There was even a log sheet beside each number, which contained the signature of the director of each procedure. Each link of the production process was under strict control. Therefore, the quality of these all-purpose medicaments was guaranteed.

    Previously, Jinwu Business Group needed to purchase vials for all-purpose medicament from outside; now, Jinwu Business Group could produce vials for their all-purpose medicament themselves; additionally, they had over 10 orchards where they planted various fruits in Yanghe Prefecture. They could realize self-sufficiency. That was to say, nobody could influence the production of Jinwu Business Group.

    "What are these crystal generators used for?" Zhu Dabiao asked out of curiosity as he watched those huge pieces of crystals.

    "Through the test, we found that huge pieces of high-quality crystals could improve the quality and activity of all-purpose medicament!"

    After wandering here for a short while, Zhang Yang opened a sealed terrine and scooped out some cups of a well-fermented all-purpose medicament for Zhu Dabiao and Feng Cangwu.

    After drinking the all-purpose medicament and tasting it for a short while, Zhu Dabiao forcefully patted his thigh, "Good, I will deal with you..." After saying that, Zhu Dabiao threw an embarrassed glance at Zhang Tie, "But I do not have enough money. The bit of money that my grandpa gifted me was spent on the patch of land that I've bought. Therefore, I could not purchase too much this time!"

    "Jinwu Business Group could gift you 1 million vials. After you open the market in Yanzhou Province, if you want to order more, you can pay us then!" Zhang Tie said, which meant that he gifted over 10 million gold coins to Zhu Dabiao.

    After throwing a glance at Zhang Tie, Zhu Dabiao's eyes turned red at once. After sniffling twice, he forcefully patted onto Zhang Tie's shoulder and said, "That's my brother!"


    Yesterday, Youzhou City had already purchased 200,000 vials of all-purpose medicament from Jinwu Business Group as the storage of the six warehouses in Youzhou City. It was the first time for Zhang Tie's all-purpose medicament to enter the six warehouses of a Class A city in Taixia Country. Although it was not too many in the local purchase storage contents for six warehouses storage in a Class A city in Taixia Country, it possessed a historical significance for Zhang Tie's family.

    If Zhang Tie's all-purpose medicament could enter the nationwide purchase storage contents for six warehouses storage of Class A cities and be stored as a strategic material by each Class A city in Taixia Country one day, even though the Gobbling Party had a great influence in Taixia Country, Zhang Clan and Huaiyuan Palace could still maintain their force in Taixia Country, which could not be rocked by any people or any force unless the Gobbling Party wanted to rise in revolt.

    The power of the Gobbling Party lay in that they bound themselves with the crown prince and the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele. As long as all-purpose medicament could enter the standard six warehouses storage of all the Class A cities in Taixia Country, Zhang Tie would almost bind it with the entire Taixia Country and all the Hua people in the world. As a result, Zhang Clan's foundation would reach each corner and nook of Taixia Country and be as steady as Mount Tai.

    Now that the Gobbling Party knew the power of binding, Zhang brothers knew that too.

    After a hot discussion, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang realized that the target and strategy that they would push all-purpose medicament into the nationwide purchase storage contents for six warehouses storage in all the Class A cities in Taixia Country was closely related to the rise of Zhang Clan in the next hundreds of years and became the most important mission for them in the future.

    The reason that Zhang Tie gifted 1 million vials of all-purpose medicament to Zhu Dabiao lay in that he wanted Zhu Dabiao to push all-purpose medicament into the local purchase storage contents of the Class A cities in Yanzhou Province. As a grandson of the Provincial Governor of Yanzhou Province, Zhu Dabiao had a great advantage in doing this job legally.

    Compared to the target of Zhang family, 1 million vials of all-purpose medicament meant nothing at all...
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