Chapter 882: Family Strategy (II)

    Chapter 882: Family Strategy (II)

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    A few years ago, all-purpose medicament was not as popular as it was now; It was not even as hot as that in Waii Subcontinent. When Jinwu Business Group started to sell it in Taixia Country, it was even let out in cold. Until now, all-purpose medicament gradually became widely accepted by people in Taixia Country.

    Taixia Country was too powerful and prosperous.

    The main function of all-purpose medicament was that it could be used to replace many low-end medicaments. After the holy war broke out in Waii Subcontinent, many low-end medicaments were in shortage; from then on, all-purpose medicament became more prominent and precious in Waii Subcontinent.

    By contrast, at least so far, other low-end medicaments were in sufficient provision in Taixia Country; therefore, the all-purpose medicament could not win its position in Taixia Country.

    Additionally, all-purpose medicament had a great effect on healthcare and curing many diseases. In Taixia Country, traditional Hua medicine ranked top; over 99% of Hua people would choose to take traditional Hua medicine when they were sick. However, given the treatments adopted by traditional Hua doctors, few of them would recommend vials of medicaments to their patients; especially this medicament was much more expensive than the other traditional herbal medicines.

    Whereas, these were not the biggest problem facing all-purpose medicament.

    The biggest problem that all-purpose medicament faced at the beginning was that very few people across Taixia Country believed that it could be produced in Waii Subcontinent.

    In this age, the most powerful pharmacists were in Taixia Country, even the headquarter of Human Pharmacists Union was located in Taixia Country. It could be said that Taixia Country was the source of the profession human pharmacist. Even the pharmacists in Taixia Country could not make it, how come a pharmacist in Waii Subcontinent made it, not to mention all-purpose medicament. Only idiots would believe in you!

    The Hua people in Taixia Country were too proud of their talents; therefore, the salesmen and personnel of Jinwu Business Group who attempted to promote sales of all-purpose medicament in Taixia Country at the beginning were usually taken as liars and sent to yamuns in Taixia Country.

    The situation that all-purpose medicament was widely accepted in Taixia Country in only a few years could never just be awaited at home but benefited from the efforts of Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang.

    With the efforts of Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang, plus the unusual effect of the all-purpose medicament, the sales volume of all-purpose medicament finally registered a blowout growth in Taixia Country until two years ago, namely, the latter half of the 898th year of Black Iron Calendar through the gradual accumulation of public praise. From then on, the all-purpose medicament produced by Jinwu Business Group had been out of stock or in urgent demand.

    In Taixia Country, those who first realized the marvelous effects of all-purpose medicament and started to purchase and hoard all-purpose medicament by great batches were those major Hua clans who moved to Taixia Country from Jinyun Country and Qilan Country. These clans were the first batch of loyal customers of Jinwu Business Group who opened the market for all-purpose medicament in Taixia Country.

    The production of 15 million vials of all-purpose medicament this year could never meet the demand of the extremely large population and market in Taixia Country,

    Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang both knew that a family had to rely on something in Taixia Country so as to lay a solid foundation over there.

    They didn't rely on Zhang Tie's battle strength--at least now, as a black iron knight, even if he promoted to an earth knight in the near future, Zhang Tie could only be a local overlord in a province at most. However, in front of the powerful opponent Gobbling Party, an earth knight was far from enough.

    Compared to Zhang Tie's battle strength or the background of Jinwu Shipyard and Huaiyuan Palace, only all-purpose medicament could work as the firmest foundation of Zhang Tie's family in Taixia Country.

    As early as two years ago, Zhang Yang had thought about pushing all-purpose medicament into the six warehouses storage of Class A cities in Taixia Country. The encounters that Zhang Tie faced in a short period after coming to Taixia Country accelerated the process.

    The strategic materials in the six warehouses storage of Class A cities in Taixia Country all referred to the nationwide and local purchase storage contents in Taixia Country.

    Nationwide six warehouses purchase storage contents were the hard targets that Taixia Country made to all the Class A cities. All the materials and their quantities entering this contents had to be met by all the Class A cities in Taixia Country. By contrast, local purchase storage contents, as soft targets, were established on the basis of the nationwide six warehouses purchase storage contents, which could be determined by local magistrates and agencies according to local features.

    Take Class A cities in the north as an instance, they could add some cold-resistant clothes and equipment in local purchase storage contents as they would. Similarly, Class A cities in the south; especially those coastal cities could add some weapons or equipment that could be used to respond to the threats from the sea in the local purchase storage contents as they would. If Class A cities had rich plant resources in their surroundings, they could add some specific plant seeds in their local purchase storage contents; similarly, those Class A cities neighboring rich resource sources could add some special rare metals in their local purchase storage contents.

    Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang were targeting at the nationwide six warehouses purchase storage contents in Taixia Country. However, it was very difficult for the all-purpose medicament to enter this contents. Because the nationwide six warehouses purchase storage contents in Taixia Country was determined by the top three chancellors of Taixia Country and approved by Emperor Xuanyuan. Even a screw in the nationwide six warehouses purchase storage contents would mean a great trade volume across all the Class A cities in Taixia Country.

    Therefore, they had to adopt the proper strategies and coordinate with the general trend of the society step by step.

    In a short-term, Zhang family aimed to have the all-purpose medicament enter the local purchase storage contents of Youzhou Province, Gaozhou Province, Mozhou Province, Tongzhou Province, Qiongzhou Province, Yanzhou Province, Huizhou Province and Chaozhou Province within the northeast military region.

    In Zhang Yang's words, if Zhang Tie and he could accomplish this plan, they would make their ancestors illustrious and die with satisfaction no matter how many years they would spend.

    As they were in Youzhou Province, which only had one Class A city--Youzhou City, with the support of Huaiyuan Palace and Zhang Yang, Zhang Tie had already conquered it. Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang planned to have it blossom in the middle of northeast military region. If they could conquer Yanzhou Province, the core of northeast military region, the other provinces in the northeast military region would learn from Yanzhou Province. Gradually, they would conquer the entire northeast military region.

    When the all-purpose medicament entered the local purchase storage contents, the general trend would come into being; gradually, all-purpose medicament would enter the nationwide purchase storage contents.

    Zhang Tie was going to leave Youzhou Province for Yingzhou tomorrow to pick up another wife whom he had not even seen yet. Zhu Dabiao was also going to leave Golden Light City tomorrow. Therefore, before leaving, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang showed Zhu Dabiao around the all-purpose medicament base of Jinwu Business Group and fixed the cooperation between them. Being legal, through this cooperation, they could realize a win-win situation to the satisfaction of all.

    Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang were both full of confidence about this plan.

    After becoming a pharmacist, Zhang Yang had put the greater part of his study on the "cold extraction technology" of all-purpose medicament.

    Now that the essential energy aura yeast that Zhang Tie gifted to Zhang Yang could convert common fruits into the super enzyme, it should also convert herbal medicines into the super enzyme; because herbal medicines were essentially similar to fruits.

    In the past, people mainly extracted the useful ingredients from herbal medicines by fire; many traditional Hua doctors and many pharmacists made the decoction of medicinal ingredients or pills in this way.

    However, the essential energy aura yeast that Zhang Tie gifted to Zhang Yang reminded Zhang Yang of an utterly different thought. He chose to extract the essence of those herbal medicines through fermentation in normal or low temperature, which was called "cold extraction".

    Through "cold extraction" technology, the essences of herbal medicines could be maintained at utmost. It could completely avoid damages and losses in useful ingredients and aura caused by traditional "heat extraction".

    At the beginning, Zhang Yang was just thinking about it. However, after becoming a pharmacist, through constant tests, he made a great breakthrough and turned it into reality.

    This year, Jinwu Business Group's series of all-purpose medicament increased from 1 to 3. It was the first time for the family of manjusaka all-purpose medicament to welcome their new members; the product line of the all-purpose medicament of Zhang family would be further verified in order to push the series of the all-purpose medicament of Zhang family to the entire market of Taixia Country and satisfy the demand of the greater population.

    The first type of all-purpose medicament was standard, which was an old type and was completely fermented by various fruits. Its effects remained unchanged.

    The second type of all-purpose medicament was called Rose Beauty. Besides containing the essences of all sorts of fruits in the standard type, it also contained the essences of peach blossoms, rose blossoms, red jujubes and polygonum multiflorum and job's tears. It was developed in cold extraction technology. The second type of all-purpose medicament was the marvelous product for women to maintain their beauty and youth. Compared to the standard type, this one was more effective.

    The third type of all-purpose medicament was called Evergreen. Rose Beauty was targeted at women; evergreen was targeted at men. Like Rose Beauty, besides containing the essences of various fruits in standard type, Evergreen also contained the essences of medlar, angelica, Cistanche deserticola, longan, cornel, yam and Poria cocos and was developed in cold extraction technology. Besides maintaining all the features of the standard type, it also had a prominent effect in strengthening the essence and marrow of men. As long as men tried it, they would know its effects.

    Now that Taixia Country didn't lack substitutes of low-end medicaments, Zhang Yang directly developed a unique all-purpose medicament to make it irreplaceable...

    Among the 1 million vials of all-purpose medicament that Jinwu Business Group gifted to Zhu Dabiao, there were 3,000 vials of Rose Beauty and Evergreen. The three kinds of medicaments were sharply different on packages; especially the latter two kinds. As Rose Beauty and Evergreen were targeted at high-end customers, they were sold in sets. Each set of Rose Beauty and Evergreen contained 30 vials respectively as one course of treatment at the price of about 500 gold coin. Although it was a high price for commoners, in Taixia Country, many consumers considered 500 gold coins as 5 copper coins. Therefore, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang didn't need to worry about their sales...
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