Chapter 883: Re-entering

    Chapter 883: Re-entering Castle of Black Iron

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    On the early morning of March 2nd, Zhang Manor...

    Right in the airport of Zhang Manor, the servants had already filled the warehouse of a fury-level airship with vials of various all-purpose medicaments. This time, Zhang Tie brought 200,000 vials of all-purpose medicaments to Fan family in Yingzhou Province...

    Zhang Tie's parents, Linda, Beverly, Fiona, Aimei and Aixue were all here to bid a farewell to Zhang Tie.

    Compared to the reality that most of the knights in Taixia Country had dozens even hundreds of wives and concubines, Zhang Tie was a devoted husband with only 5 women on his side. Additionally, this marriage was agreed by his parents; therefore, Linda, Beverly, Fiona, Aimei and Aixue were not jealous about that.

    These days, Linda, Beverly, Fiona had been getting along well with Aimei and Aixue. Zhang Tie was also indulged in the living that he had been dreaming of.

    "Well, dad and mom, you can go back now. I will bring her back from Yingzhou Province this time!" Zhang Tie told his dad and mom.

    Zhang Tie's dad and mom then nodded towards him.

    "Brother Cangwu, thank you for protecting the manor after I leave!" Zhang Tie told Feng Cangwu in a secret way.

    Feng Cangwu nodded in a distant way.

    As it was Zhang Tie's private affair to pick his wife in Yingzhou Province, if Feng Cangwu followed him there, he would become Zhang Tie's subordinate; therefore, Feng Cangwu just stayed in Zhang Manor and continued to be the special lecturer of Zhang kids. By now, Zhang Tie's parents, elder brother and wives had already known that Feng Cangwu was a knight and came from the Heavens Fortune Sect. Therefore, the entire Zhang family respected Feng Cangwu very much. As a result, Feng Cangwu gained a mental balance in Zhang family.

    Similarly, in Taixia Country, it was impolite for a man to pick up his new concubine, followed by his wife and concubines. Without this concern, Zhang Tie really wanted to take his wives and concubines there for a honeymoon.

    After bidding a farewell to his wives and concubines, Zhang Tie cradled his three kids and kissed them one after another. After that, he turned around and entered the airship...


    When the fury-level airship gradually lifted off, Zhang Tie wove his hands towards his family members on the deck. Until the airship arrived at 1,000 m in height and his family members left did Zhang Tie enter his berth cabin.

    The crow-fly distance between Yingzhou Province and Youzhou Province was over 80,000 miles. Even if he had a smooth ride by airship, it would also take him at least 2 months on the way. It was already early enough if he could come back by July.

    By contrast, it would only take him 2 weeks for a round trip by airboat.

    When he thought about the advantage of an airboat, Zhang Tie only let out a sigh.

    Although fury-level airship was good, it was nothing compared to airboat.

    If not being afraid of exposing his flying ability, Zhang Tie could directly fly towards there himself while the all-purpose medicaments could be stored in his nanobead. However, it was not wise for him to expose his ability to the public at this moment; besides, he would suffer from a series of troubles later on. Therefore, Zhang Tie could only go there by airship.

    The marriage was fixed by Zhang Tie's parents in Fuhai City. At that moment, Zhang Tie didn't have a Hua woman yet; therefore, his parents promised this marriage to the household register director whose surname was Fan. According to his mom, that Fan's daughter was good-looking; besides, she was highly cultured and steeped in propriety. Given her look, she could definitely manage domestic affairs and give birth to healthy babies. Additionally, Fan family was fulfilling the appointment and having their daughter wait for Zhang Tie these years. As their daughter gradually grew mature, Zhang Tie legitimately should go pick her up.

    "During this flight, I will cultivate quietly in my room. No need to prepare the food and drinks for me. If I need them, I will go get them. Don't bother me unless there's an emergency!" Zhang Tie told the captain before entering his room and shutting the door.

    Having been in Taixia Country for a few months, Zhang Tie felt pretty good to enter such a free and single state once again.

    With a smile, Zhang Tie took a round in the room before entering the cultivation. After sitting on a cattail hassock with crossed legs, Zhang Tie took out an earth-elements crystal from Castle of Black Iron and started to absorb the earth elements by 18 spiritual hands at the same time...

    After 2 hours, he had completely used up the golden earth-elements crystal and threw it back into Castle of Black Iron. After that, he got a new one and continued his cultivation...


    Zhang Tie used up 30 earth-elements crystals constantly. When he opened his eyes, it was already 2 days later.

    Zhang Tie then picked himself up from the ground and moved his limbs before exiting the berth cabin.

    "Where are we?"

    "We're above Yangui Mountain Range. After flying over Yangui Mountain Range, we will exit the air territory of Youzhou Province!" A bodyguard answered respectfully.

    Yangui Mountain Range was a barrier in the south of Youzhou Province.

    Zhang Tie then came to the deck.

    Zhang Tie's robe sounded in the spring wind. Zhang Tie looked down and saw an undulating, lofty mountain range over 10,000 square miles. The mountain slope had been covered with tender grasses. The more southward it was, the greener it would be. In the sunglow, the land and mountain range was plated with a glow, which was especially splendid.

    Flocks of wild gooses and migrant birds were flying below in the form of herringbone and rested in Yangui Mountain Range, bringing endless vitality to the land downside there...

    When the spring arrived, the wild gooses and migrant birds flew back from south where they tided over in winter...

    Mountain Range was definitely more splendid than Kalay Mountain Range in Waii Subcontinent.

    Watching such a splendid landscape in the sky, Zhang Tie felt broad-minded and refreshed all over.

    'What's immortal is the tens of thousands of miles landscape that breed billions of living beings and the flowing clouds which share brilliance with the sun and the moons and dance with the stars. Those b*stards of Gobbling Party want to abduct the natural laws and verify its immortality with one Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele? How ridiculous they are!'

    Standing on the deck, Zhang Tie appreciated the scenery downside there. Until 1.5 hours later when it turned dark did he let out a long sigh and return to the cabin.

    After knowing that Zhang Tie had exited his berth cabin, all the cooks started to prepare for the supper for him. As it was the dinner time, Zhang Tie ate supper together with his crew in the dining hall. After joking with the crew casually, he returned to his private berth cabin.

    When he recalled that he had not entered Castle of Black Iron for a long time, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. In the next second, he had disappeared into the room and appeared in the palace tree in Castle of Black Iron...

    "Welcome back, Castle Lord!" Heller and the other three servants were waiting for Zhang Tie there as if they had known that Zhang Tie was coming back.

    Before Zhang Tie uttered had he seen Edward gazing at that finger ring being embedded with the nanobead with an aggrieved look just like how an unrivaled powerhouse was dispatched to be a watchdog of a hotel...

    Of course, Zhang Tie was clear what Edward was thinking about. After scratching his head in an embarrassed way, Zhang Tie hurriedly comforted Edward, "Erm...this was a special situation. If I handed the nanobead to you, I could not have explained it to others. Next time, next time, I will definitely hand the goods item to you!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Edward's aggrieved look gradually faded away. However, he still let out a sigh with a pitiful look, "Actually, there's a better design for the combination of this nanobead and finger ring. What a pity! What a pity..."

    Rubbing his face, Zhang Tie asked Heller, "Is everything going well in the castle lately?"

    "All is well. But those residents in the castle have one thing for your consent..."

    "What's that?"

    "They've prepared some innocent and beautiful young girls and want to send them to serve you on the immortal mountain, Castle Lord!" Heller said with a meaningful smile.

    'Innocent and beautiful young girls?' Zhang Tie patted his forehead, 'Those guys are really generous. I've already taken their articles of tribute last time; how could they contribute young female to me? Do they really think that I will take everything that they offer?

    "I can take articles, but not female. Those young girls should fall in love with some handsome boys; marry them and deliver babies. What do they go up the mountain for? I don't want to delay their youth!" Zhang Tie shook his head.

    "Actually, it's not bad to have some young girls here. The palace tree is too large. With a few more people, it would be more vigorous. Castle Lord, when you come back, you could have someone look after you. They don't have to stay in the mountain for the rest of their lives; only after staying here for a few years, they could go down the mountain; marry men and deliver babies too. It's a great honor and confirmation for those residents in the castle to go up the immortal mountain. Castle Lord, If you could accept them, all the residents in the castle would be greatly inspired! Castle Lord, you must know that you're their celestial being and creator. They just want to express their sincerity and respect to their own celestial being and creator. Castle Lord, If you refused them, you might discourage them greatly." Heller explained...
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