Chapter 884: New Fruits

    Chapter 884: New Fruits

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    Heller's words immediately reminded Zhang Tie of how those residents in the castle worshipped his statue.

    As for those residents, since they were brought into Castle of Black Iron from the dilemma, they had taken belief as a necessary element and pillar in their lives.

    Heller's words were reasonable. Therefore, Zhang Tie reconsidered it.

    "How old are those girls?" Zhang Tie asked Heller.

    "Those girls entered Castle of Black Iron at a very young age. After so many years, they are now 16 years old!"

    After considering it for a short while, Zhang Tie finally nodded, "Well, just let those girls live in the palace tree for a few years. It's indeed like a huge playground here and a bit pitiful if there's nobody here in normal times. Just leave a nice memory to them!" After saying that, Zhang Tie saw a big smile on Heller's face. Zhang Tie then added, "However, each batch should not surpass 10 young girls; 4 years a shift. Besides young girls, young boys of the same age could also go up the mountains. They can go down the mountain when they are 20 years old. In normal times, these young boys and girls could take care of the affairs in the palace tree and learn skills from Agan, Edward and Aziz so that they could apply them when they go down the mountain..."

    Zhang Tie was not worried whether these young girls and boys would cause any trouble in the palace tree. As the core of the palace tree, the small tree was in the sacrificial altar, which could only be accessed to by Zhang Tie, not to mention that everything in Castle of Black Iron was within Heller's control.

    When the small tree occurred to his mind, Zhang Tie couldn't stand throwing a glance at that small tree. At the sight of those fruits hanging over the small tree, Zhang Tie revealed a smile...

    'Just find some apprentices for Agan, Aziz and Edward.' Zhang Tie thought, 'Perhaps, those girls and boys could fall in love with each other after staying here for 4 years.'

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Agan, Aziz and Edward chested out immediately.

    "Now that Castle Lord has agreed with that, they might arrive here in 3 days!" Heller said while he found Zhang Tie had moved his eyes onto the small tree. Therefore, he also revealed a smile and told Agan, Aziz and Edward to leave.

    "You should pay more attention to this affair. Don't let them think that these young girls and boys are destined to sacrifice themselves to the celestial being or be virgins for the rest of their lives. Don't arouse any tragedy! Now that they treat me as a celestial being, let them know that I actually just want them to live happily. No matter what, don't hurt anyone." Zhang Tie urged Heller as he walked towards the small tree and went upstairs onto the sacrificial altar one step after another.


    Zhang Tie realized that he had not entered Castle of Black Iron for half a year since he came to Taixia Country in last September. It was the longest period for him to leave Castle of Black Iron.

    Just like Zhang Tie's old friend, the small tree was waiting for Zhang Tie quietly whenever Zhang Tie came back.

    This old friend had never let Zhang Tie down.

    For over 6 months, fruits had been hanging over the small tree.

    27 ripe leakless fruits;

    2 iron-body fruits;

    1 fruit of redemption from the gratitude of golden uangs, which was set free last September. As the market was running out of golden uangs between the end of September and Mid-March, Paul couldn't help him set free golden uangs during this period.

    Additionally, there was a fruit of brilliance, which contained the spiritual energy of Zhu Liang the poisonous wolf whom Zhang Tie killed on a wild island in the open water of Qiongzhou Province.

    The more advanced the fruit of judgment was, the more "contributions" were needed to form it. Therefore, as Zhang Tie had imagined, he didn't gain a fruit of judgment after killing Zhu Liang.

    Of course, the most eye-catching fruit was the red glittering and translucent fruit-- the fruit of plunder.

    This was the reward for killing "Master Jiang". After taking it, a healthy commoner could immediately become a master artisan and get all the talents of "Master Jiang". This was the only fruit that could be taken out of Castle of Black Iron by far. Outsiders might never imagine about its function; however, it just appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

    After circling halfway around the small tree, Zhang Tie finally caught sight of two wholly new fruits, one looked like a tiny gulf shrimp, the other looked like a shell.

    At the sight of the two fruits, Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    Zhang Tie then placed one hand on the gulf shrimp-shaped fruit.

    --Fruit of Redemption--Gratitude from gulf shrimps. The Fruit of Redemption has become ripe. Usage: Pick and directly eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

    --This fruit could improve the healing and recovering ability of Castle Lord by 1.5% and your bearing ability by 0.7% in the oxygen-deficient state.

    If not the words "your bearing ability by 0.7% in the oxygen-deficient state" in the latter, Zhang Tie thought that he was touching the fruit of redemption from the gratitude of earthworms.

    Zhang Tie was stunned, 'Why does it carry the same effect as setting free earthworms by setting free gulf shrimps?'

    "Castle Lord, actually, besides earthworms, many shrimps, especially the gulf shrimps that you've set free have a powerful ability of regeneration and recovery. Even if these animals lost their limbs, they could also regenerate them. Shrimps, crabs, geckoes and earthworms, all of them have such a great ability! These animals share the same gene segments." Heller's voice sounded on one side, "Therefore, by setting free gulf shrimps, you could also activate the relevant genes in your body. Additionally, gulf shrimps have a great viability in the oxygen-deficient state. Therefore, the fruit carries one more function!"

    Zhang Tie understood it right away. Previously, he held that only by setting free earthworms could he gain such a great ability of regeneration and recovery. It was really out of his imagination that he could also gain the same ability by setting free gulf shrimps.

    "You mean, I could also promote to medium recovery body by setting free gulf shrimps?"

    "Yup!" Heller nodded, "Castle Lord, you only need to take a look at the advancing process of the fruit towards medium recovery body on the small tree!"

    The fruit of advancement towards medium recovery body had been hanging there for a few years. Zhang Tie had not checked it since Hanna's family left that village before the holy war. Being reminded by Heller, Zhang Tie walked to the other side of the small tree and checked the fruit which had almost been forgotten.

    Fruit of advancement towards medium recovery body--it's not ripe yet.

    The energy of this fruit originates from the gratitude from earthworms. It's the continuity of the fruit of redemption.

    By setting free gulf shrimps, you can make this fruit ripe faster.

    It requires you to set free 160,000,000 earthworms or gulf shrimps to advance to medium recovery body from preliminary recovery body.

    The current advancing progress is: 4,318,879/160,000,000.

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter when he found the fruit of advancement towards medium recovery body was growing again, 'How lucky I am!'

    'Good men always have good returns!'

    After moving to the other side of the small tree, Zhang Tie put one hand onto that shell-shaped fruit.

    --Fruit of Redemption--from the gratitude of the hairy shellfish. The Fruit of Redemption has become ripe. Usage: Pick and directly eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

    --This fruit could increase Castle Lord's defensive and anti-resistance capability by 0.1%.

    The function of this fruit was also out of Zhang Tie's imagination. When he recalled the hard shell of hairy shellfish, Zhang Tie understood it at once.

    'Precious, it's too precious!' Zhang Tie became thrilled once again. The improvement in defensive and anti-strike capability meant that he could have a greater battle strength in close combat. Although the increase of 0.1% in defensive capability was not too much, it was not easy for Zhang Tie to realize it as he had already got a very great defensive capability. Additionally, as long as he could gain such a fruit constantly, he would definitely make an essential breakthrough in his defensive capability.

    Compared to iron-body fruits which could increase the "base" of his defensive and anti-strike capability overall, this fruit could increase his defensive and anti-strike capability overall by 0.1% in a split second.

    'What a coincidence! The two new fruits today could both strengthen my capability to cope with harms and defend strikes.'

    Watching these fruits, Zhang Tie had long been drooling...

    Zhang Tie then sat under the small tree and started to engulf fruits.

    He ate leakless fruits first. As he picked them off, he put them into his mouth, one after another. Each leakless fruit turned into a strand of hot flow and entered the void of the qi sea in Zhang Tie's lower abdomen, where they would lubricate the sun of battle qi...

    It only took Zhang Tie a couple of minutes to eat all the leakless fruits. Closely after that, he stretched his hands towards the iron-body fruits...
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