Chapter 887: An Uninvited Guest

    Chapter 887: An Uninvited Guest

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    The uninvited guest was Yang Yushan, the head of the Morality Association in Fuhai City.

    The moment Zhang Tie settled down in the hotel, he had been told that a guy was paying a visit to him. Therefore, Zhang Tie was amazed, 'The moment I arrived at Fuhai City, the Gobbling Party have already known that. It indicates that the Gobbling Party had been following me up. The Gobbling Party must have dispatched a lackey here to frighten me.'

    With a sneer inside, Zhang Tie issued the order, "Go tell the head of Morality Association. I'm a bit fatigued after a long flight. I'm taking a bath right now. After taking a bath, I will rest. I've got no time to meet him. If he wants to see me, let him wait outside there!"

    After issuing the order, Zhang Tie really took a cozy hot shower slowly. After that, he fetched a senior massage technician for a massage. Closely after that, he ordered a supper and had it sent into his suite.

    It took him over 3 hours to finish the entire process while it gradually turned dark. After relaxing himself, Zhang Tie felt that all the fatigueness which was caused by over 2 months of constant cultivation finally disappeared.

    However, the head of the Morality Association in Fuhai City was still waiting for him. He even asked to meet him once again. After thinking about it for a while, Zhang Tie sent someone to bring Yang Yushan in. He wanted to figure out the Gobbling Party's intention.

    In the parlor of the suite, Zhang Tie met Yang Yushan, the head of the Morality Association in Fuhai City.

    He was a middle-aged man with 3 wisps of a long beard and a good look in a set of a white robe.

    Although with a good look, after being treated coldly for a few hours, Yang Yushan's face had turned completely dark. Yang Yushan might not have encountered such a cold treatment over these years. Benefited from the deep influence of the Gobbling Party in Yingzhou Province, Yang Yushan as the head of Morality Association in Fuhai City would always win people's respect wherever he was. It was definitely out of his imagination that he was coldly treated by Zhang Tie this time.

    During the past 3 hours, watching the massage technician and dining car entering Zhang Tie's suite, of course, Yang Yushan knew what Zhang Tie was doing in his suite--taking a bath, massage, having food. Finally, when it was his turn, Yang Yushan had been driven extremely furious inside.

    In a loose night robe, Zhang Tie was leaning against the sofa and sipping the tea while waiting for Yang Yushan.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's look, Yang Yushan's face almost turned purple.

    Standing in the room, he watched Zhang Tie with a sneer, "I've long heard that Zhang Mushen the lion of Youzhou Province is frivolous and unstrained at a young age. At the sight of you, I found you're far excessive than that. It seems that Huaiyuan Palace has been living in the wilderness for so long that you've even forgotten about the basic courtesy to a customer!"

    After a shrewd light flashed by, Zhang Tie sneered as he picked his ears by finger and blew off the earwax, "If there's indeed a guest, I will definitely treat him passionately; however, it's unnecessary for me to treat a guy on an errand so politely. I've already shown my respect to you by meeting you. Well, my time is very expensive, 1 second for hundreds of thousands of gold coins. If the Gobbling Party wants you to pass any message to me, hurry up, don't waste my time! If not for passing the message to me on behalf of the Gobbling Party, I think that you would never wait for me outside for a few hours. Am I right?"

    Yang Yushan changed his face right away. He had not imagined that Zhang Tie could put it so straightforwardly. As a result, Yang Yushan even had no chance to continue to disguise; he then put it straight too.

    If it were someone else in front of him, Yang Yushan would directly turn around and leave. Before leaving, he might even condemn that person; however, he was facing Zhang Tie. When he remembered the mission allocated by his superior, he had to control his anger.

    "Because of the impeachment a few months ago, there's some misunderstanding between the Gobbling Party and Huaiyuan Palace. Now, there's a chance for us to resolve it!"

    "Huh?" Zhang Tie raised his upper eyelids and replied with a smile, "How?"

    Yang Yushan also revealed a smile as if he had regained his confidence at once, "It's simple. As long as you join the Gobbling Party and take charge of rebuilding the Morality Associations in Youzhou Province, you will be the new head of the Morality Associations in Youzhou Province!"

    'What the hell? Are they dreaming that Huaiyuan Palace and I could surrender to the Gobbling Party by sacrificing our self-esteem?'

    "This condition is too sophisticated. Additionally, it has a slow effect. Actually, there's one simpler and faster way to resolve the conflict between the Gobbling Party and Huaiyuan Palace. I'm sure it could take effect right away!" Zhang Tie said with a solemn look.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Yang Yushan became stunned for a second before asking, "What's that?"

    "Let the leaders of the Gobbling Party kowtow three times loudly before the memorial tablet of Lord Huaiyuan and admit their mistake loudly before disbanding the Gobbling Party!"

    "Don't be too excessive!" Yang Yushan was driven furious at once.

    "Don't give up your treatment. Hurry up, go back home to take medicine. If you don't have money, take it from me!" Zhang Tie wove his hand like fanning away a fly.

    As the old saying went, 'When the conversation got disagreeable, to say one word more is a waste of breath.' Yang Yushan replied with a cold harrumph before turning around and leaving. After a few steps, he turned around and said, "The Morality Associations in Taixia Country are based on the heavenly laws and morality stele, have you thought about the outcome to be against the heavens laws? You're in Yingzhou Province, not Youzhou Province..."

    Zhang Tie also sneered, "Speaking of mercy, righteousness, heavenly laws and morality, why not talk about it in the territory of demons? After moving demons with the so-called mercy, righteousness, heavenly laws and morality, you can talk about them to me. As demons are also in the universe and restrained by the heavenly laws, if you couldn't persuade demons, why do you insist on that?"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's irony, Yang Yushan replied with a cold harrumph. After that, he forcefully swung his arms and left...

    Watching Yang Yushan's back, Zhang Tie slightly frowned, 'After refusing the olive branch from the Gobbling Party, it seems that I have to stand on the opposite side of the Gobbling Party from then on.'

    'You're in Yingzhou Province, not in Youzhou Province.' Zhang Tie doubted that Yingzhou Province would cause him some trouble when he recalled the warning of Yang Yushan.

    Zhang Tie's premonition was right. After Yang Yushan left, Zhang Tie had sensed the deep influence of the Gobbling Party in Yingzhou Province.


    Standing in front of Zhang Tie with a bashful look, Zhang Cheng told Zhang Tie what he encountered when he sent Zhang Tie's visiting card to the Fan Mansion in Fuhai City.

    "I've sent the visiting card to Fan Mansion. However, the household register director said that he felt uncomfortable lately and was inconvenient for receiving guest tomorrow...he wants...wants Elder Mushen to pay a visit there two days later!"

    According to the etiquette in Taixia Country, the new son-in-law should pay a visit to the family of his father-in-law on the second day after he arrived at the city of his father-in-law...it's impolite for him to pay a visit there 2 days later...

    If Zhang Tie paid a visit to Fan Mansion tomorrow, he was still a son-in-law; however, if he went there 2 days later, his status as a son-in-law would fade away...
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