Chapter 888: Breaking off the Engagement

    Chapter 888: Breaking off the Engagement

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    Because the household register director Fan didn't "feel good", Zhang Tie lived one more day in the hotel. Until the third day since he came to Fuhai City, namely the afternoon of April 29th did he "pay a visit" to Fan Mansion.

    Fan mansion was in a tranquil place in Fuhai City which was surrounded by high gates and large courtyards.

    There were two stone lions at the gate of Fan mansion, which indicated the deep family background of an official in Taixia Country.

    When Zhang Tie got off the vehicle, he saw an old steward of Fan mansion waiting for him at the vermeil gate. The steward moved forward to welcome Zhang Tie; Zhang Cheng handed Zhang Tie's gift to a servant of Fan mansion.

    "Does Director Fan feel better today?" Zhang Tie asked the steward of Fan mansion in a calm tone.

    With a bit bashful look, the steward stammered, "Master...master is much better!"

    Zhang Tie found that everyone in Fan mansion was polite, including the servants. However, they lacked passion.

    Zhang Tie sighed inside as he had not imagined such a situation in Yingzhou Province. However, now that Fan mansion had made the choice, he would coordinate with them to finish this performance given that Director Fan's daughter had been waiting for him a few years.

    'Even though we cannot establish a marital relationship, we'd better depart in a kind way.'

    'It's the Gobbling Party in Yingzhou Province that makes me embarrassed instead of Fan mansion. Therefore, I could only revenge the Gobbling Party if I want.'

    'Given the current situation, I should have taken Linda, Beverly and Fiona here for a honeymoon.' Zhang Tie thought inside.

    Steward Fan invited Zhang Tie into the parlor of Fan mansion.

    Director Fan was sitting in the main seat in the parlor and waiting for Zhang Tie. Right behind Director Fan, there were a photo of green pines under the red sun and a couplet on two sides of it.

    The one on the left side was--Green pines, verdant bamboos, the vast land exists forever!

    The one on the right side was--Green willow leaves, red blossoms, the Hua land is always brilliant.

    The horizontal scroll was--Everything looks fresh and gay.

    This couplet in the parlor of Fan mansion really matched the position of Director Fan in Fuhai City.

    It was also Director Fan's first time to see Zhang Tie. At the sight of Zhang Tie's young age and brilliance, Director Fan's eyes sparkled at once. However, closely after that, his sparkling eye lights faded away.

    After Zhang Tie took a seat that was specially set for a guest, a female servant served a cup of tea for Zhang Tie. The male servant who had gotten Zhang Tie's gift put the gift on Director Fan's table. Closely after that, Director Fan waved his hands. All the servants then left the parlor.

    Director Fan then let out a long sigh.

    "Director Fan, why do you sigh?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Now that nephew has guessed it, no need to ask me about that anymore!" Director Fan watched Zhang Tie with a bitter smile, "I just feel regretful that my daughter could not marry such an excellent son-in-law. My daughter is really unfortunate. On this event, it's Fan family's fault, we broke our promise and became a laughingstock! I've lost my face too. If I were alone, I'd not be afraid of losing my position. In the worst scenario, I will sell liquor on the roadside. I will enjoy such a life. However, I'm just a member of Fan Clan. Sometimes, I could not just care about my own interest while ignoring the overall interests of the clan. As a big clan in Yingzhou Province, our population is not fewer than that of Huaiyuan Palace. Therefore, I have to consider all aspects. If nephew feels angry and embarrassed, you could beat me up. I would never report it to the criminal agency even if I was beaten to death, not to mention that I would cause Huaiyuan Palace trouble..."

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that Director Fan was so frank and admitted his fault at the beginning instead of being hypocritical at all. Therefore, Zhang Tie had a good impression on Director Fan.

    Through Director Fan's words, Zhang Tie had already known the result which was as same as what he had guessed. By putting pressure on Fan Clan in Yingzhou Province, the Gobbling Party forced Director Fan to break his promise. As Fan Clan had a great undertaking in Yingzhou Province, they would never go against the Gobbling Party in Yingzhou Province in a round manner only for marrying a common woman.

    'Fan Clan should have long known the resentment between Huaiyuan Palace and the Gobbling Party. What Fan Clan has not imagined is that the contradiction between the Gobbling Party and I have escalated so much. If the Gobbling Party really follow the mercy, righteousness, heavenly laws and morality as they advocate, such a contradiction between gentlemen is reasonable; pitifully, there're few gentlemen in this world. Therefore, Fan Clan have to break off the engagement.'

    This was also where Zhang Tie despised the Gobbling Party; because they usually asked others to follow mercy, righteousness, heavenly laws and morality; instead of themselves.

    "The resentment between Huaiyuan Palace and the Gobbling Party started from Lord Huaiyuan. As an offspring of Huaiyuan Palace, I have the blood of Lord Huaiyuan; of course, I should shoulder the resentment between Huaiyuan Palace and the Gobbling Party. However, I've not imagined that even Fan Clan would be involved in it. Because of me, your daughter's best years are delayed. I'm really sorry about that!" Zhang Tie slightly bowed towards Director Fan. Director Fan also hurriedly bowed towards Zhang Tie with a bit shameful look.

    After Director Fan took a seat, Zhang Tie continued, "This event was aroused by the Gobbling Party. I understand the concerns of Director Fan and Fan Clan pretty well. I will not vent my anger on Fan Clan. The cooperation between Fan Clan and Jinwu Business Group would not be influenced at all. From today on, the engagement between your daughter and I will be canceled. I hope your daughter could find her Mr. Right as soon as possible and live a happy life! Director Fan doesn't need to think too much about that..."

    'I've not imagined that Zhang Tie is such an understanding man.' Watching Zhang Tie, Director Fan felt like losing a good son-in-law. In a complex mood, his lips quivered, "Nephew..."

    Zhang Tie had already stood up and put it straight, "It's okay. I will leave. As my parents are concerned about me, I will leave for Youzhou Province by airship today!"

    "Nephew, the gift..." Director Fan pointed at the gift and wanted Zhang Tie to take it away with a bashful look.

    "I was told that Director Fan liked liquor; therefore, I prepared some "Early Sunshine after Light Snow" for you. This liquor is the best specialty in Youzhou Province. It has been put in ice cubes on the way here. Director Fan should taste. Additionally, my mother prepared some specialties of Huaiyuan Palace for Madam Fan and your daughter. It carries our good intention. Although it's not valuable, please take it, Director Fan."

    Before leaving, Zhang Tie threw a glance at the room behind the parlor...


    Director Fan accompanied Zhang Tie all the way to the gate of Fan mansion until Zhang Tie got on the vehicle. After that, he let out a long sigh with a complex mood before returning to the parlor.

    Another old man at his 60s was standing in the parlor at this moment.

    At the sight of this old man, Director Fan felt like seeing nothing as he directly threw himself onto his seat like being cramped. At the same time, he shook his head and muttered, "What a son-in-law...what a son-in-law..."

    That old man was checking Zhang Tie's gift. After finding no dangerous items among them, he became reassured.

    "This son is indeed excellent; alas, what a pity..." That old man also sighed.

    "More than that..." Director Fan raised his head and threw a glance at that old man before sighing once again, "A 20-odd year knight is already an elite even in the top seven sects in Taixia Country...It's told that this son has been fighting demons in Waii Subcontinent before and has rich battle experiences. In the beginning, I didn't believe that. During the past months, he had been well-known across Youzhou Province after helping Zhang Taixuan get the position of the provincial governor; after he promoted to the dean of the provincial court of Youzhou Province, he even inflicted heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church and became famous across Taixia Country. Even in the competition with the Gobbling Party, he's still brave and wise. It's said that he's filial obedient to his mom, respect the old and love the young at home. Given his deed today, he's really a gentleman. As I've seen so many people, I know that this son would be at least a provincial governor in the future..."

    "If not, how could the Gobbling Party be so scared about him and want to suppress him in all means?" That old man shook his head.

    "Pitifully, Zhu'er's best days were wasted..."

    "Zhu'er is docile and understanding. After this event, we could find a good husband for her. Fan Clan won't maltreat her!"

    After hearing these words, Director Fan became reassured. However, he couldn't stand pouring another concern. Picking himself up suddenly, Director Fan gazed at that old man, "Elder, our Fan Clan should not just be bullied by them in Yingzhou Province in this way. No matter how powerful is the Gobbling Party, they were not that unrivaled. Why would we make a compromise to the Gobbling Party this time and waste this good chance to launch a counter-attack against them? If we wait a few more years..."

    The old man became silent for a few seconds before replying slowly, "I've got the message from Xuanyuan Hill...the East Palace...would act as regent within this year!"

    Director Fan stood still for a short while before throwing himself onto the chair in a frustrated way...

    Now that the East Palace was going to act as regent, it indicated that the one who led the Gobbling Party would soon become one of the top three chancellors in Taixia Country, perhaps in a few years or one decade at most...

    Although Fan Clan had a deep influence in Yingzhou Province, they were not qualified to compete with the top three chancellors in Taixia Country. Over these years, Zhang Tie was still Zhang Tie; however, the Gobbling Party might not be the Gobbling Party anymore...

    "You mean His Majesty has..."

    "Watch out your words!" The old man raised his voice to interrupt Director Fan as his face turned solemn at once.
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