Chapter 889: The Vengeance of Gentleman

    Chapter 889: The Vengeance of Gentleman

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    "Take me to the Morality Association in Fuhai City!" Zhang Tie told the driver the moment he left Fan mansion.

    After throwing a glance at Zhang Tie's glassy-eyed look, Zhang Cheng got really scared.

    Although Zhang Cheng had not followed Zhang Tie in Fan mansion, as a shrewd man, given the clues lately and Zhang Tie's deed after leaving Fan mansion, Zhang Cheng had realized that the engagement between Zhang Tie and Fan Clan might have been broken off.

    Being affected by the Morality Association in Fuhai City, the engagement between Zhang Tie and Fan family was broken off. Zhang Tie's face was smacked in Fuhai City.

    Zhang Cheng was afraid that Zhang Tie would lose his mind in Morality Association in Fuhai City.

    'Lately, Yang Yushan the head of the Morality Association in Fuhai City gathers a lot of backbones there and criticize Zhang Tie everyday. Besides, they keep spreading gossips about Zhang Tie across Fuhai City. Even many members of Morality Associations in the surrounding prefectures and cities have arrived. They are waiting to make fun of Elder Mushen.'

    'If Elder Mushen was driven mad today, give his battle strength as a black-iron knight, he might cause big trouble. If so, Huaiyuan Palace would not protect him.'

    "Elder Mushen, besides Yang Yushan, many other backbones of Morality Associations are over there; many of them are disciples from major clans in Yingzhou Province, including a grandson of the head of Qin Clan. You're going to the Morality Association for..." Zhang Cheng reminded Zhang Tie meticulously.

    Zhang Tie threw a glance at Zhang Tie, "Don't worry, I just want to take a look over there. I know those guys are waiting to make fun of me. I will go there to vent my anger so as to shut them up. I won't use any force!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Zhang Cheng became reassured. However, Zhang Cheng could not understand how Zhang Tie would "vent his anger" and "shut them up" without using any force.

    Zhang Tie indeed feel a bit depressed; however, he didn't feel being humiliated.

    'This time, Fan family's choice is out of external stress instead of their original intention. Additionally, it was Fan Clan who proposed the engagement first; therefore, besides losing my face slightly, it's not a big deal. Additionally, in Yingzhou Province, Fan Clan indeed could not match Huaiyuan Palace in influence.'

    What was more, Zhang Tie had not seen that girl in Fan family since the beginning. They had not even talked with each other; therefore, they had no emotional underpinnings. As he was here at the request of his parents, he didn't pay too much attention to it. Therefore, he didn't suffer a loss emotionally.

    However, these b*stards of the Gobbling Party made him bashful and caused his parents some mental troubles. He could not stand those guys making fun of him and watching him return to Youzhou Province in an embarrassed way.

    Gentlemen had to revenge villains who had caused him trouble. Of course, Zhang Tie couldn't wait to revenge the b*stards in the Morality Association.

    It took Zhang Tie less than 20 minutes to arrive at the other place in Fuhai City from the avenue where the Fan mansion was located.

    It was beside a park in Fuhai City with a nice scenery in the surroundings. There was a bamboo grove in the place. Travelers were walking in the park. A magnificent Hua pavilion with green tiles, red pillars, raising eaves and dougong was sitting on one side of the park.

    Zhang Tie directly had the driver park at the front gate of the pavilion.

    After getting off the vehicle, Zhang Tie looked up and saw the three huge Hua characters--  1  on a gold broad hanging over the 2nd floor of the 3-storey pavilion.

    The Hua characters on the board were like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing, which seemed to be the work of a famous calligrapher.

    'These b*stards of Morality Association really chose a good place.' Zhang Tie muttered as he looked around.

    Zhang Cheng also got off the vehicle and followed after Zhang Tie tightly.

    There were two sentries on the stages outside the gate of the Morality Association. After noticing the unusual looks of Zhang Tie and Zhang Cheng and their limo, one of the sentries instantly walked towards them with a big smile.

    "Are you going to formally visit the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele in the Morality Association?"

    Zhang Tie blinked his eyes, "Isn't the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele in the Gobbling Province? Why do you have one here?"

    "Of course the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele is in the Gobbling Province. However, the scriptures on the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele have been copied according to a certain scale in the Morality Associations of all the cities and provinces so that people could formally visit them and learn them!"

    "Ha, it turns out that this is a counterfeit Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele in the Morality Association!" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "However, by bowing towards a stele everyday, you really look like honoring the memory of the dead ancestor at a grave. How strange you are! I'm afraid that you're even more pious than treating your ancestors in this way. No wonder I felt this building's gloomy with a bad fengshui the moment I caught sight of it!"

    Closely after hearing Zhang Tie's words had the sentry changed his face, "Who're you?"

    "Zhang Mushen from Youzhou Province!"

    After hearing the name, the other sentry's heart pounded at once as he hurriedly rushed into the Morality Association. Only after a few seconds, with a sound "shua", dozens of people had poured out of the pavilion, old and young. Even workers had come out. However, given their clothes and looks, most of them were not average.

    Their head was Yang Yushan.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, Yang Yushan's eyes flickered as he sneered, "Oh my god, it's our Zhang Mushen from Youzhou Province. I was told that you were going to propose a marriage to the Fan mansion today. Was it smooth or not?"

    Zhang Tie sighed, "It should be a good marital relationship; however, it's ruined by a rat's sh*t. How many rats' sh*t have destroyed this marriage?"

    Previously, Yang Yushan wanted to continue to satire Zhang Tie; however, he was almost driven mad by Zhang Tie.

    "Shut up!" A young man in a purple robe stood out with an arrogant look before Yang Yushan uttered, "How dare you talk nonsense in front of the Morality Association? Hurry up! Kowtow 300 times loudly in front of the Far-ancient Immortal Moral Stele!"

    Zhang Tie just gazed at the youth in the purple robe. Although he didn't move, his qi had covered towards that youth like a mountain.

    Previously, the youth in the purple robe still looked arrogant; however, all of a sudden, he felt a mountain descending towards him. Being dwarfed by the mountain, he was as weak as an ant or a withered leaf.

    The face of the youth in the purple robe turned pale in a split second. He instantly knelt down towards Zhang Tie as if his tendons had been pulled out by someone else.

    The moment his knees touched the ground, a hand had been stretched out from aside to support him. With the help of that hand, he gradually stood up. Closely after that, an average-look old man stood up in front of him and blocked Zhang Tie's qi.

    Zhang Tie then watched that old man with narrowed eyes, causing his muscles to grow tense all over.

    Zhang Tie just gazed at the old man for almost 10 seconds silently. Gradually, that old man's forehead oozed fine sweat drops.

    That old man was also a knight. However, at this moment, nobody else at present knew the feeling of the old man--A strong wild wolf was pressed onto the ground by the sharp and strong claws of a fierce tiger. Watching the fierce tiger opening its bloody mouth with full killing intent and exposing its sharp fangs towards him, although the wild wolf could launch a counter-attack by its own claws, he was destined to be killed.

    A sweat drop rolled down from the old man's forehead and was shattered on the step in front of him.

    Zhang Tie then stopped releasing his qi while his battle intention which was as aggressive as volcanic eruption disappeared at once. Zhang Tie smiled, "Who're you?"

    "Qin Wu from Qin Clan, Yingzhou Province!" The old man uttered in a hoarse voice, "Elder Mushen, my younger master was a bit rude just now, please forgive him!"

    Qin Wu called Zhang Tie according to his status as a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace and a knight and asked Zhang Tie to forgive his young master, it meant that he warned Zhang Tie to not bully the weak.

    Zhang Tie then threw a disdainful glance at that glassy-eyed youth. After being silent for a second, he said, "Several years ago, when I got a son in Yingzhou Province, Qin Clan even sent a gift to me. Given that you're a member of Qin Clan, I will forgive you today. Across Taixia Country, except for Emperor Xuanyuan, who else dare order a knight to kneel down? However, given your manner of speaking, you must take yourself as Emperor Xuanyuan. Who made you so audacious? Do you believe that I dare chop off your head and impeach that your Qin Clan is going to rise in revolt because of your words? If you could apply 1/10 of your shrewdness into the human relationship instead of taking advantage of someone and causing Qin Clan trouble, you will deserve your life!"

    The youth started to quiver all over as he tried his best to control his fear. Nobody else dared utter at this moment. Although the confront between Zhang Tie and Qin Wu was not short, the invisible collision between two knights' qis made those at present feel that they were like insects at the crater. As long as the crater was going to erupt, they would vanish at once.

    "Elder Mushen, are you here to presume on your power to intimate others?" Yang Yushan asked while straightening his neck, "Our Morality Association also have knights!"

    Although Zhang Tie was a knight, Yang Yushan believed that Zhang Tie would never dare hurt him in the public as long as Zhang Tie didn't get any evidence about him that could get a hold in lawsuits or arguments.

    "Hahaha..." Zhang Tie burst into laughter, "When I came to Fuhai City, I heard that the Morality Association was donated and built by the common people in the city. As I'm going to leave today, I especially came here to review whether someone is cheating on work and cutting down on materials in case you carry out a jerry-built project and put the donation into your own purse. There are a lot of such villains in the world. At the sight of your Morality Association, I feel that your building might be a jerry-built project!" As Zhang Tie said this, he stomped thrice on the ground, "Although it looks firm now, it might have been a dilapidated building. You'd better have someone check it; otherwise, it might collapse!"

    Yang Yushan sneered, "It's none of your business!"

    "Faithful words grate upon the ear!" Zhang Tie sighed, "Alright, I will mind my own business!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie called Zhang Cheng and left.

    Until Zhang Tie left did those guys in Morality Association exchange glances with each other, "He just left? Did he really come here to take a look at the Morality Association?"

    "The Lion of Youzhou Province is so-so!"

    They then sneered.

    "The news that Zhang Mushen's engagement with Fan Clan was broken off has to be spread to all the Morality Associations at the fastest speed. I will let Zhang Mushen never lift his head wherever he is!" Yang Yushan said mercilessly before calling the backbones back into the pavilion.

    At this moment, they heard a sudden cracking sound from the pavilion. They then lifted their heads at the same time.

    "Watch out!" Qin Wu immediately caught the young master of Qin Clan to retreat...

    "Boom...", the pavilion of the Morality Association in Fuzhou City collapsed in a split second while broken logs and tiles flew in all directions. A tile directly hit Yang Yushan's head and made him bleed. Those members of the Morality Association hurriedly dodged away in an embarrassed way...

    After a few minutes, when the dust had fallen onto the ground, although nobody was killed, the entire pavilion had become debris.

    At this moment, most of the backbones and personnel in the Morality Association were covered with dust in a pretty embarrassed way. Many heads were bleeding...

    Being disheveled and covered with blood on his face, Yang Yushan's figure appeared in the dust as he shouted, "Zhang Mushen...you b*stard!"

    Although his sound was hysterical, it revealed his weakness due to the fear deep in his heart...

    Zhang Tie could ruin the pavilion of the Morality Association in the public silently without being discovered and observed. If Zhang Tie wanted to kill someone...

    When they thought about this, everyone felt chilly inside.

    'How could a knight humiliate so easily?'

    Even though everyone knew that it was done by Zhang Tie, they could not accuse him as they had no evidence...

    Qin Wu also turned his face completely. Even though he didn't know how Zhang Tie did it. He only felt that Zhang Tie's stomps were unusual. However, if Zhang Tie could pass his battle qi to this pavilion through his feet silently and ruin the pavilion, it meant that he could precisely control his powerful battle qi. Only 1 of 100 black iron knights could do it.


    After leaving the Morality Association for about 0.7 miles, Zhang Cheng saw the dust caused by the pavilion through the rearview mirror. At the same time, he faintly heard a loud sound.

    Zhang Cheng was also stunned as an awe-stricken feeling rose in his heart.

    Zhang Tie didn't use his hand in the entire process.
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