Chapter 890: The Grim Monster

    Chapter 890: The Grim Monster

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    In a deep night, the moon was bright while the stars were few...

    In a pavilion of the garden of Fan mansion, Director Fan was drinking too much that he had become drunk after knowing that Zhan Tie had left Fuhai City by airship at dusk while the pear blossoms were falling like snow in the surroundings.

    "Early sunshine after light snow" was indeed the top drink in Youzhou Province. Anyone with a good capacity for liquor would become drunk after drinking common drinks too much; however, no matter how much "early sunshine after light snow" did they drink, people would always be in a half-drunken state and never lose their mind.

    For people who liked liquor, this was the most ideal state. Just like an immortal in liquor, with one bit less, it would taste lighter; with one bit more, it would be delirious.

    After breaking off the engagement with Zhang Clan, the elder of Fan Clan left Fan mansion. Director felt depressed and started to swig in his own garden.

    After Zhang Tie left Fan mansion, he directly went to the Morality Association in Fuhai City. Closely after that, the pavilion of the Morality Association collapsed. According to the marvelous gossip, Zhang Tie stomped a few times outside the gate of the Morality Association. After he left, the pavilion of the Morality Association collapsed itself.

    A dumb person took a dose of bitter medicine--suffering humiliation. The members of the Morality Association couldn't even find a reason to accuse Zhang Tie. Because none of them found that Zhang Tie had launched an attack. Zhang Tie just stayed outside the pavilion of the Morality Association for a short while; he didn't even enter the territory of the Morality Association. Therefore, they could not find a reason to accuse him.

    After the news had spread across the city, all the commoners in the city started to doubt whether someone had grafted the donation of the pavilion and made a jerry-built project. Otherwise, how could it collapse only after someone stomped a couple of times on the ground tiles outside the pavilion?

    'After taking a round in Fuhai City, the Lion of Youzhou Province stomped a couple of times on the ground before leaving, which shocked the entire Fuhai City.'

    'Such a figure should have been my son-in-law, I've not imagined that...'

    Director Fan grew more and more depressed as he picked the "early sunshine after light snow" gifted by Zhang Tie and drown his "worries" in the drink.

    After midnight, Madam Fan and his daughter came here to persuade Director Fan to drink less. Later on, the butler of Fan mansion also came here to persuade Director Fan twice and prepared to carry him into his bedroom if he was drunk...

    Gradually, although Director Fan drunk more and more, he was not fully drunk. As it was too late, Madam Fan and his daughter went to bed. In the end, the butler and his servants had disappeared. Even the insects in the garden of Fan mansion had stopped chirping.

    As a result, Fan mansion was pretty silent.

    Being half-drunk, Director Fan didn't notice anything abnormal in the mansion.

    At this moment, a nightwatchman passed by the street outside the mansion, causing some muffled, wooden knocks reverberating in the air. Feeling a bit chilly, Director Fan picked himself up in a groggy way. Under the dim lamplight in the courtyard, he wobbly left for his bedroom.

    The garden of Fan mansion was close to the western courtyard. When Director Fan passed by an arch door in the winding corridor of the western courtyard, he suddenly slipped onto the ground.

    Director Fan stepped into a puddle on the ground. When he fell down, his hands touched the puddle.

    "The servants are really excessive. They don't even clean the water on the ground..." Director made a burp as he picked himself up wobbly and muttered, "Hopefully, it's not the pee of a pye-dog who slid in through the doghole...urgh..."

    After walking another a couple of steps forward, Director Fan suddenly felt his hands were a bit glutinous. It didn't feel like water. Under the dim lamplight, he raised his hands and threw a drunk glance at it...

    Terrifyingly, Director Fan caught sight of a pair of bloody palms.

    His hands were covered with blood just like coming out of a basin full of blood.

    At this moment, a chill flashed across Director Fan's spine. After quivering all over, Director Fan almost woke up. He turned around immediately and widely opened his eyes. He then saw a black frame lying in the grass at the foot of the wall where he had just slipped down.

    Director Fan walked over there and turned over that black figure.

    It was the corpse of a LV 10 guard in Fan mansion, only half of his head was linked to his neck. What a tragic death! He slipped onto the blood that flew off from the neck of this corpse just now.

    Director Fan became fully awake at once. Until then did he realize that the entire Fan mansion was especially quiet, except for the faintly, strange sound from his daughter's room in the west courtyard.

    Director Fan felt his heart burning as he rushed towards his daughter's room.

    The servant girls outside her daughter's bedroom became breathless too. Hearing the strange sound from his daughter's bedroom, Director Fan immediately burst open his daughter's bedroom.

    His daughter was grabbed by the neck and pressed onto the bed by a naked man. Being covered with wounds, her mouth corners were spilling out blood. She had been too weak to ask for help.

    Director's eyes almost popped out as he instantly picked a vase and threw it towards the man's back. At the same time, he exclaimed hysterically, "Let go of my daughter..."

    After hitting the man, the vase broke apart. The man turned around and Director Fan saw a familiar face--"Zhang Tie".

    However, "Zhang Tie" looked grim and berserk. With red eyes, he was like a mad mutated beast...

    "Zhang Tie, you son of a b*tch, I will fight you to death!" Director Fan clenched his fist and rushed towards "Zhang Tie" while gritting his teeth even though he knew that he could not defeat "Zhang Tie".

    After Director Fan rushed two steps forward, "Zhang Tie" had raised his finger and shot out a sharp battle qi, which directly penetrated through Director Fan's heart on the left chest...

    Director Fan lay on the ground while his blood tinted the floor red...

    "Zhang Tie" directly broke the neck of Director Fan's daughter before getting off the bed. After that, he looked around the room with red eyes. Closely after that, he disappeared.

    The Fan mansion in Fuhai City became completely quiet...

    However, "Zhang Tie" who had "left" Fan mansion hurriedly didn't notice that Director Fan's finger moved a bit.

    Director Fan's heart was on the right chest. Few people knew this secret...


    After a few minutes, in a private mansion in Fuhai City...

    All the backbones of the Morality Association in Fuhai City had been transferred here in an embarrassed way.

    The Morality Association had been ruined. Therefore, this place became the temporary venue of the Morality Association in Fuhai City.

    With the effect of the recovery medicament, the wounded ones had been basically recovered. However, this strike made the backbones of the Morality Association in Fuhai City depressed.

    In this age, the difference between knights and those below knights made people disappointed.

    "I've already noticed the headquarter. Our Morality Association has to find the face back. We cannot suffer such a loss. Zhang Mushen is too excessive..." Yang Yushan gritted his teeth with a layer of gauze over his head so as to pluck up courage for these backbones.

    "After coming back home, I will definitely have my grandpa ban Jinwu Business Group. As long as our Qin Clan is in Yingzhou Province, we will definitely forbid every item of Jinwu Business Group to enter the trading channels of Qin Clan!" The young master of Qin Clan turned solemn too. When he heard Zhang Tie's warning, he was scared. However, after Zhang Tie left, this young master of Qin Clan felt being extremely humiliated while his heart felt like burning. He almost knelt down in front of that guy who looked younger than him. Later on, he was reprimanded like a kid. He hadn't experienced this since he was born. Qin Clan was called 100-city Qin in Yingzhou Province; even the provincial governor of Yingzhou Province would be polite to Qin Clan. Who was Zhang Tie? How dared he reprimand the young master of Qin Clan?

    "We can blow upon him through newspaper and media!" Another person uttered, "Our clan has some paper agencies. Even though we cannot accuse Zhang Mushen, we will humiliate him by the news that he collapsed the Morality Pavilion..."

    Losers would gather together to improve their morale with animosity; therefore, Yang Yushan summoned these guys who suffered a loss in the daytime.

    They then made opinions or reaffirmed their resolve to revenge Zhang Tie one after another...

    They were really excited as if they had already stomped Zhang Tie under their feet.

    Qin Wu's sound drifted from outside, "Who's that?"

    Closely after Qin Wu's voice, the gate of the private mansion had been shattered with a boom. At the same time, a figure in black mask with bloody eyes had broken in...

    All the members of the Morality Association in Fuhai City were shocked...

    "Young master, run!" Qin Wu shouted from outside while his knight's battle qi shot into the sky like a big blazing torch in the evening of Fuhai City, which shocked numerous people in a split second.

    After breaking in, with one punch, his sharp battle qi had reverberated in the room. In a split second, thousands of blades had cut through the entire room, blowing up the limbs and heads of all the dumbfounded backbones and the furnishings in the room at once...

    "Zhang Tie!" Qin Wu roared as he rushed in like a mad lion.

    Although that guy was wearing a black mask, Qin Wu could still recognize the face under the mask based on his figure and eyebrows.

    The sharp qi carried by that punch was as same as the effect of the metallic battle qi in the "Five-element Earth-look Sutra" cultivated by Zhang Tie...

    Qin Wu's battle qi had shocked the entire Fuhai City while two more meteors had rushed towards here when Qin Wu's battle qi shot into the sky.

    After fighting Qin Wu for two rounds rapidly, the one in black mask flew towards the north like a meteor...

    Closely followed by 3 more meteors...
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