Chapter 891: The Crisis

    Chapter 891: The Crisis

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    Zhang Tie left Fuhai City by airship at evening.

    There was nothing to recall with nostalgia in this city; he had said what he should say and done what he should do. Therefore, Zhang Tie chose to leave right away.

    The fury-level airship left for Huaiyuan City.

    Huaiyuan City was over 2,000 miles away in the northwest of Fuhai City. It was a bit derailed from the route towards Youzhou Province; however, it was not a long distance. It was just a couple of days by airship, which was nothing compared to the months of travel.

    Honestly, Zhang Tie let out a sigh after Fan Clan broke off the engagement. When he was young, he was frivolous and could kill time with those girls of Rose Association. However, he felt a bit awkward to marry a woman whom he had not met before and had a baby with her. Although affection could be slowly cultivated, Zhang Tie still felt a bit embarrassed about this.

    'I could not disobey my parents' intention; however, if Fan Clan breaks off the engagement themselves, it will not be my fault.'

    It was too normal for a black iron knight to be humiliated by powerful opponents such as Gobbling Party in a foreign land. However, Zhang Tie didn't care about it at all; not to mention that he had slapped the face of Gobbling Party before he left Fuhai City.

    Zhang Tie was open-minded; therefore, he felt pretty relaxed when he left Fuhai City.

    As for those medicaments that he brought here, he handed them to the branch of Jinwu Business Group in Fuhai City. After that, Zhang Tie left there with a relaxed mood.

    After boarding the airship, Zhang Tie contacted his elder brother using the remote-sensing crystal. He had Zhang Yang tell their parents that Fan Clan had broken off the engagement due to the threat of the Gobbling Party and that he was going to come back soon. After that, Zhang Tie entered his room and started to absorb earth-elements crystals.

    After a few days, Zhang Tie would light the 14th dragon scale on his knight's crystal plate...

    Knight's road of cultivation should be paved one step by another, which should never be optimistic.

    The night gradually deepened...

    Zhang Tie had just absorbed 3 earth-elements crystals. When he was absorbing the 4th one with crossed legs in his room, his spiritual energy became disordered as he opened his eyes at once.

    When absorbing earth-elements crystals, although he had put the most of his spiritual energy in the elements realm, he still maintained the most basic perceptions and feelings about the outside world with his powerful knight's consciousness. It was also a basic skill of knights. As a knight, one should be sensitive to his surroundings at any time.

    A porthole of Zhang Tie's room slid off silently. Closely after that, Zhang Tie came to the outside of the airship silently. After that, he silently closed the porthole by his battle qi.


    The fury-level airship was flying steadily at over 2,000 m high. In the night, red fluorite lamps were flickering over the air sac on the top of the airship, which reminded other aircraft that there was a large airship here.

    Facing the heavy wind, a person in black clothes was silently attaching to the hard air sac within a dead angle of observation like a gecko.

    "It's windy. If you want a hitchhike, you need to come to the cabin with me. No need to hide there!" Zhang Tie had appeared on that guy's side silently.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's sound, that guy was amazed as he immediately turned around.

    Zhang Tie saw a pair of eyes with weird eye lights under the black mask.

    Zhang Tie directly stretched out his hand and intended to grab his neck. However, that guy instantly slid over 10 m down along the air sac and dodged from Zhang Tie's first strike.

    Zhang Tie was shocked inside as such a weird and flexible movement was rarely seen even among black iron knights.

    After dodging Zhang Tie's first strike, that guy raised his hand while three sparkling stars were shot towards Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie barely dodged from them. That guy then sprung up and appeared over 100 m away in a split second. Closely after that, he flashed towards the south.

    Zhang Tie just intended to let him leave the airship by launching a punch at him; otherwise, if this guy made destructions, though Zhang Tie would be safe, this airship might be destroyed. For a knight, to shoot down an airship was as easy as piercing a balloon by a needle. If the airship fell off, at least half of the crew would be killed.

    Realizing that stealthy guy was going to escape, how could Zhang Tie let him go so easily? Therefore, Zhang Tie accelerated at once and chased after him.

    Zhang Tie was shocked once again. Since he promoted to a black iron knight, he had not met anyone of the same level who could match him in speed in the sky, except for this guy. Additionally, that guy's movement was very weird. After fighting with him for two rounds, Zhang Tie realized that he had met a master in using hidden weapons, whose skill was far better than common black iron knights...

    However, that guy's battle qi was a bit weaker than his. Otherwise, Zhang Tie almost thought that he met a powerhouse on the level of the demon general.

    'Who's this guy? Is he from the Heavens Reaching Church or the Gobbling Party?'

    A question occured to Zhang Tie's mind. Therefore, Zhang Tie kept chasing after him...


    Fan Clan, Fuhai City...

    The Fan Clan had been brightly lit at this moment while numerous torches were blazing fiercely in the night. A lot of criminal hunters, officials and powerhouses were gathering here from the Provincial Court of Fuhai City. Even the streets outside the mansion were blocked.

    It was a guard of a mansion being close to Fan Clan who found something abnormal in Fan Clan.

    Being neighbors, they usually had exchanges in normal times. As there was only one wall between the two mansions, the guards of the two mansions were familiar with each other. Tonight, that guard was on duty in his mansion; however, he found that Fan mansion was pretty quiet. He didn't even see the guards who were usually on duty in Fan mansion. Feeling something abnormal, that guard shouted towards Fan mansion; whereas, he received no response. Therefore, he climbed over the wall and found nobody was alive in Fan mansion. He was so scared that he hurriedly reported it to the local judicial agency...

    Director Fan was an official in Fuhai City. After such a tragedy happened in an official's mansion, the entire Fuhai City was frightened.

    After receiving the news, even the mayor of Fuhai City had hurriedly come to Fan Clan. Watching the miserable condition, the face of the mayor of Fuhai City turned purple; even his mustache started to quiver.

    'Who dare kill the whole family of an official of Taixia Country in such a cruel manner? Even the daughter of director Fan was raped before killed. Such a pernicious case is rarely seen in Taixia Country. It's going against all the officials in Taixia Country!'

    The mayor stood in the parlor of Fan Clan in a gloomy manner. Watching the drawing of green pines and red sun and that pair of couplets, he was waiting for his subordinates' reports.

    At this moment, a guy in the official uniform of court hurriedly entered the parlor and said, "Sir, Director Fan has woken up after the treatment..."

    "Director Fan is still alive?" The mayor's eyes flickered.

    "Director Fan's heart is on his right chest; therefore, he survived..."

    "Hurry, take me there!"


    Watching the mayor of Fuhai City, Director Fan's eyes flew out bloody tears as he tightly caught the hand of the mayor and quivered all over, "I saw it...it's...it's Zhang Tie...Zhang Mushen...the son of a b*tch...in my daughter's room...and intended to kill me...that b*stard has been possessed by the devil...please help me, mayor..."

    In the legend of Western Continent, angels could degenerate; while in Eastern Continent, gentlemen could be possessed by the devil!

    After hearing that it was done by Zhang Tie, the mayor of Fuhai City was shocked. Right then, another one ran into the room and whispered to the mayor.

    The mayor of Fuhai City changed his face once again. Closely after that, he gritted his teeth and issued an order, "Notice the Provincial Court and Cheji General's Mansion in Yingzhou Province. Zhang Tie has made a heinous crime. He killed the whole family of Director Fan in Fuhai City and the head and members of the Morality Association in Fuhai City. He has had heavy blood debts. Zhang Tie, Zhang Mushen should be listed as wanted and arrested. He's forbidden to leave Yingzhou Province, alive or not!"


    In over 1 hour, Zhang Tie had chased that guy deep into the wilderness.

    During the process, they had fought two rounds. That guy was wounded by Zhang Tie. Additionally, Zhang Tie had attached a tracing feather to that guy's body. Zhang Tie wondered where this guy was heading for.

    Gradually, that guy had entered the woods in the valley from the sky. Zhang Tie followed him in without any fear.

    After entering the woods for a few minutes, that man in black clothes suddenly stopped in a place.

    Zhang Tie stood still over 20 m away from him, "Who're you?"

    "You don't need to know who I am. You only need to know that I'm going to kill you. Brat, you better close your eyes before being killed by me!" That man uttered in a very weird voice.

    'F*ck, you should be the one who closes eyes.' Zhang Tie frowned before revealing a smile, "You want to kill me? Don't dream!"

    "I could've killed you easily. However, it was not fun and would bring me trouble. Now, it's the best time..." that man burst out weird laughter. At the same time, another shadow flashed towards that man like a shadow.

    Watching the man darting towards him, Zhang Tie almost thought that he had a blurred vision. Because that man was as same as him from the height, figure, look, even clothes.

    Right in Zhang Tie's eyes, the two people collided with each other. Closely after that, a weird black flame rose up from their bodies at the same time.

    Being so weird, even though the flame was far away, Zhang Tie could still feel its terrifyingly high temperature and energy. What was more strange was that the black flame didn't burn anything next to them.

    In a few seconds, the two people had burned into ashes in front of Zhang Tie, leaving nothing.

    That was too weird, just like a dream.

    Zhang Tie didn't know what happened. He just felt something was wrong while being extremely alert...

    The moment Zhang Tie intended to leave, he had seen 3 meteors descending and rushing towards him at the same time...
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