Chapter 892: Being Lunatic

    Chapter 892: Being Lunatic

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    Three extremely dazzling knights' battle qis shot into the sky. Even in the wilderness, they could still be seen by people within hundreds of square miles.

    Besides indicating that the knight was making his full effort in combat, the knight's battle qi could also summon other knights just like whistling. As long as the other knights on his side caught sight of his battle qi, they would know that their partner was fighting...

    Watching the one who looked as same as him burning and vanishing together with that man in black clothes who induced him here and bearing the fierce strike from three knights, Zhang Tie knew that he must have fallen into a terrifying trap. The purpose of that guy in black clothes was to induce him here.

    Zhang Tie wondered why the two living knights could burn into ashes in the black flame all of a sudden.

    'Who's that one who looks as same as me? What did he do? Why Qin Wu and the other two knights were chasing after him?' Zhang Tie wondered.

    Zhang Tie didn't know why would the three knights attack him the moment they caught sight of him.

    After combining these doubts and weird scenes, Zhang Tie knew that he was trapped in a murder, 'The three knights are not attacking me but the one who has burned into ashes. After that person vanishes, I become the very person being chased by them.'

    'Besides looking as same as me, that person even shared the same clothes and the same hairstyle as me. This was a disguise based on my look.'

    'The terror and rigor of this murder are completely out of my imagination.'

    'This is a conspiracy.'

    The three knights appeared so fast and abruptly, leaving no time for Zhang Tie to make any preparation and response.

    Like a fully mad lion, Qin Wu intended to fight Zhang Tie to death by implementing a close combat with Zhang Tie. As for the other two knights, one was a middle-aged literati in cyan clothes with a flute in hand; the other was a 30-year old knight with a longsword in hand. Compared to Qin Wu's crazy strike, the other two knights were relatively mild, who just wanted to block Zhang Tie.

    What made Zhang Tie depressed was that he didn't even know the other two knights' names until now.

    'What the hell?'

    Zhang Tie wanted to leave; however, being besieged by three knights of the same level, how could he leave easily?

    Zhang Tie could be able to make a breakthrough by force; however, he might cause casualties.

    Zhang Tie didn't want to fight in vain and become enmity with other knights before knowing their backgrounds, especially after knowing that this was a trap.

    "Qin Wu, weren't you in Fuhai City? Why are you here? Why did you three attack me the moment you saw me?" Zhang Tie asked as he dodged and blocked the attacks of the three knights; meanwhile, he attempted to make an explanation.

    'It would be better than being confused if I could learn something from Qin Wu.'

    Qin Wu gritted his teeth and kept attacking Zhang Tie. He didn't respond to Zhang Tie's question at all.

    "We've been chasing after you all the way from Fuhai City. Don't you know what you've done? How dare you pretend to be innocent? I've not imagined that Zhang Mushen the Lion of Youzhou Province is such an asshole..." The middle-aged literati uttered as he shook his head. It seemed that he was very disappointed with Zhang Tie. Meanwhile, he drew a green network of battle qi and intended to entangle Zhang Tie.

    'F*ck, what did this father do?' Zhang Tie became extremely puzzled.

    Another knight's longsword was also very sharp. Being coordinated by Qin Wu, each of his movement was lethal to Zhang Tie.

    On this occasion, Zhang Tie could not even stop; he could only fight them.

    "I was induced here from the airship just now..." Zhang Tie attempted to make an explanation.

    "If we did not chase you all the way here, we might have been cheated by you!" The one with longsword sneered.

    They didn't stop their attack as they had treated all the words of Zhang Tie as lies and quibbles...

    After fighting the three knights for over 10 minutes, Zhang Tie intended to retreat based on his advantage in speed and movement; however, he could not fully get rid of their chase at all. Zhang Tie knew that he would be increasingly disadvantageous if he kept going like this. 'What counts most is to get rid of the three knights' chase. If being entangled by the three knights, I could do nothing else at all. This combat is too confusing. Additionally, it seems that the three knights have completely confirmed that I've done something bad. Therefore, I could not clarify myself only by speaking at all.'

    Facing the attack of the three knights, even though Zhang Tie was just defending himself at the beginning, gradually, he exerted his efforts. On this occasion, Zhang Tie was fighting the three knights while facing a great stress. Being attacked by knights' battle intentions and qis, how could he become relaxed.

    Although the other two knights were mainly blocking Zhang Tie, they were still a bit shocked that Zhang Tie as a black iron knight was not fully disadvantageous while fighting three knights.

    When they were fighting, an airboat arrived here with full killing intent. The moment it arrived, Qin Wu started to attack Zhang Tie in a fiercer way.

    At this moment, a powerful figure descended from the airboat as fast as a lightning bolt.

    Zhang Tie was shocked inside, 'Earth knight...'

    "Pay me my young master's life..." Qin Wu suddenly roared and broke into Zhang Tie's defense. At the same time, he covered Zhang Tie's temples and heart with his battle qi as sharp as chisels.

    As a result, Zhang Tie's protective battle qi exploded due to high pressure.

    Zhang Tie radiated a furious eye light as he kicked off the sharp sword qi; at the same time, he twisted his body and dodged Qin Wu's attack towards his head. Meanwhile, he blocked Qin Wu's chisel onto his heart by one hand and punched Qin Wu by his right hand, causing a thunder.

    Honestly, although Zhang Tie's punch was very powerful, he didn't mean to kill Qin Wu; instead, he just wanted to repulse Qin Wu. At this moment, Qin Wu's protective battle qi had not been fully collapsed. Therefore, it was very difficult for Zhang Tie to kill him. In the worst scenario, Qin Wu's innards would be slightly wounded.

    However, the reality was out of Zhang Tie's expectation once again.

    In a split second, Qin Wu shouted as his battle qi suddenly boiled. It seemed that Qin Wu had run his battle qi to the utmost as his battle qi covered both Zhang Tie and himself. However, before Zhang Tie's punch touched Qin Wu's protective battle qi, the last anti-strike ability of Qin Wu had disappeared.

    Zhang Tie was confused by such a sudden change once again. Because he could never imagine that Qin Wu who had fought him for such a long while could "commit suicide" at this moment...

    As a result, Zhang Tie's punch struck onto Qin Wu's body in a split second smoothly.

    Heart racing, Zhang Tie immediately reduced his striking capability by 80%...

    Of course, although Zhang Tie knew that Qin Wu was committing suicide, he also knew that the others must think that Qin Wu was killed by his protective battle qi. Additionally, the sudden boiling battle qi of Qin Wu also blurred the other two knights' visions.

    At the final moment, Qin Wu revealed an extremely weird ridicule. After that, before Zhang Tie punched more, Qin Wu had uttered a shrill cry; at the same time, Qin Wu's body had exploded, spreading his fleshes in all directions...

    In the eyes of the others, it was Zhang Tie who shattered Qin Wu into pieces. However, only Zhang Tie knew what happened just now.

    The weird ridicule and his suicide strike of Qin Wu froze Zhang Tie's heart...

    In a split second, Zhang Tie had realized that he had been a real murder maniac even though he had done nothing bad. It was an unforgivable crime by killing the employed elder of Qin Clan in Yingzhou Province in the public; however, this was what Zhang Tie was trying to avoid even before figuring out what happened...

    The moment this thought flashed by Zhang Tie's mind, he had heard a dignified and furious sound, "Stop..."

    Closely after that voice was a fire dragon that shot towards Zhang Tie.

    It was a fire dragon of battle qi as long as 100 m. It was fierce, grim, destructive and powerful.

    It was a furious blow of an earth knight, which covered 100 square meters around Zhang Tie.

    Before the fire dragon touched Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie had become stiff all over like having fallen into a fire pit. After being targeted by the fire dragon, the air surrounding Zhang Tie was compressed while the woods and weeds on one side were soon burned by the terrifying temperature of the fire dragon...

    Facing this blow, the other two knights who were besieging Zhang Tie hurriedly dodged away as fast as lightning bolts...

    Since he promoted to a knight, Zhang Tie had not met such an awe-inspiring and powerful strike.

    Earth knights were overwhelming in front of black iron knights.

    In this life and death situation, Zhang Tie found it was useless to make any explanation. He just roared while his battle qi boiled for the first time. Meanwhile, he punched the fire dragon which wanted to devour him from above down...

    In the thunderous booms, the ground quaked, causing a huge pit as deep as 5 m with a diameter of 10 m around Zhang Tie.

    Kneeling down at the bottom of the pit on one knee, Zhang Tie spilled out blood from his mouth corners while his clothes were scorched all over. He looked up and watched the tall men in armor standing in the air over 200 m high with a firm look...

    Only with one blow, Zhang Tie had been severely wounded.

    "Hmm, you're indeed unusual. No wonder you dared play the gangster in Fuhai City and killed people in front of me..." The man in armor watched Zhang Tie who was kneeling in the huge pit while his eyes gradually turned colder, "Lord Huaiyuan must be humiliated even though he's in the heaven. I will help Lord Huaiyuan clean up his unworthy descendant, go die..."

    Soon after the man uttered the words "go die", he had pressed down his hands and locked Zhang Tie once again while two thicker intertwined fire dragons darted towards Zhang Tie.

    When the fire dragons reappeared, Zhang Tie clenched his hands. He had not imagined that he had to expose his trump card on the occasion of life and death when facing a Hua earth knight...

    'Today, I could not stay in Taixia Country anymore whether I win or not.'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy in his mind sea had started to spin rapidly like a rainstorm caused by a hurricane. Although bowing his body, his facial expression grew firmer and more persistent as he gazed at the figure in the sky and the fire dragons...

    Zhang Tie entered the ubiquitous state once again...

    In the blink of an eye, two grim intertwining fire dragons had flown 100 m downwards and opened their huge mouths towards Zhang Tie, exposing their fangs.

    When Zhang Tie was going to expose his trump card...

    "Close your eyes..." A strange yet familiar sound suddenly appeared on Zhang Tie's side.

    Like making an acquired reflex, the moment Zhang Tie heard the sound, he had closed his eyes. Although he had closed his eyes, he could still sense a dazzling sun rising from his side...

    In the thunderous boom, the space became ghastly pale. Even Zhang Tie's powerful knight's consciousness and perception interfered with the white light...

    Zhang Tie felt that his wrist was caught by a person. Closely after that, he heard a strong wind passing by while the space beside him was changing rapidly like the change of seasons...

    The moment he became relaxed spiritually, Zhang Tie spurted out a mouth of blood due to the furious blow of the earth knight just now.

    Faintly, Zhang Tie felt an extremely surging, irresistible hot flow slowly swimming across his innards. His pains then became greatly relieved at once while that hot flow dispersed greatly. He felt pretty comfortable. Closely after that, with a light rock, the hot flow spread across his full body. Zhang Tie felt dark all over as he fell asleep...

    "You will be recovered when you wake up..." Before trance, Zhang Tie heard a sound faintly.


    In the wilderness, when the three knights who were in intensive self-defense state recovered their visions and consciousnesses of knights after over 10 minutes from the great shock and confusion, they found that Zhang Tie had disappeared...

    At the same time, they found that all the plants within hundreds of meters around that huge pit had become translucent, snowy white. It looked pretty strange...

    'It's the effect of the explosive light bomb, which is more precious than common alchemist' bombs.'

    Explosive light bombs were also the products of alchemist masters. Its effect was not as destructive as a powerful alchemist's bomb; however, explosive light bombs would not explode. Precisely, it was a special alchemist's item which could let everyone at present lose their vision and perceptive capability. Under the threat of an explosive light bomb, without any precaution, even knights would become deaf and dumb for a short while. Even knights' consciousness and senses would be fully disturbed, not to mention commoners.

    'I've not imagined that Zhang Mushen could carry such a despicable weapon. I was told that he had gained a nanobead when he inflicted heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church. He must've hidden the explosive light bomb in his nanobead.

    Facing such a result, the three knights didn't look good; especially the one standing in the air, who looked pale.

    "Notice all the armies in Yingzhou Province. Arrest Zhang Tie, Zhang Mushen. As long as they catch sight of him, directly kill him..." The man in armor roared...


    After his engagement was broken off by Fan Clan, Zhang Tie, Zhang Mushen was greatly stimulated and made a lunatic crime in Fuhai City as a murdering maniac...

    When the dawn fell, Zhang Tie's name shocked the entire country once again. However, this time, compared to the good reputation that was praised by people when he inflicted heavy losses on the Heavens Reaching Church, Zhang Tie, Zhang Mushen completely degenerated to the other extreme...
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