Chapter 894: Happiness and Misfortune Depend on Each Other

    Chapter 894: Happiness and Misfortune Depend on Each Other

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    'Bloody Demon Imitation Method?' From its name, Zhang Tie realized that it was a weird and terrifying secret skill...

    Zhang Tie was really shocked by this name while what happened that night became clear all of a sudden.

    "After adopting the Bloody Demon Imitation Method, people above LV 10 could imitate the battle strength of a black iron knight. Additionally, his consciousness and soul would be controlled by people just like a senior puppet. The effect of this secret method also varies according to the difference in the levels of the executee and the executor. The sharpest Bloody Demon Imitation Method that I've seen could enable a battle spirit to maintain his battle strength above that of a half earth knight within 1 week. When the executer stopped controlling the puppet, a black flame would rise from the puppet's body; only in a few seconds, the puppet would burn completely, leaving no remains at all!"

    After hearing that, a thought occurred to Zhang Tie's mind, "Who could apply this secret method in Taixia Country?"

    "Bloody Demon Imitation Method was a top-secret skill of the Bloody-soul Temple of Taixia Country. 6 decades ago, the Bloody-soul Temple made a fatal mistake and was cleaned up by the top 7 sects in Taixia Country. It had already vanished. After exterminating the Bloody-soul Temple, the top 7 sects in Taixia Country gained a lot of secret skills. The Bloody Demon Imitation Method had been lost. It might have been gained by the top 7 sects in Taixia Country. Meanwhile, a lot of members of the Bloody-soul Temple had escaped and hidden themselves. Therefore, those who could use the Bloody Demon Imitation Method might come from the top 7 sects in Taixia Country or the remnants of the Bloody-soul Temple, or probably be the others who have gained the Bloody Demon Imitation Method!"

    'Bloody-soul Temple. I've not imagined that I would hear this name once again.' Zhang Tie thought as the Soul-forbidden Skill that he mastered was also from Bloody-soul Temple. He had not imagined that he could hear this name once again.

    'The Bloody Demon Imitation Method also comes from Bloody-soul Temple. Additionally, Bloody-soul Temple was exterminated by the top 7 sects in Taixia Country. It indicates that Bloody-soul Temple was very powerful in Taixia Country. A common sect would never be attacked by top 7 sects at the same time. Given the secret skills of Bloody-soul Temple, I find that they would be very destructive if they were used to do bad things. No wonder that Bloody-soul Temple infuriated the top 7 sects.'

    If the Soul-forbidden Skill could be mastered by the Three-eye Association clans in Waii Subcontinent, the other secret methods of Bloody-soul Temple might have also been mastered by the Three-eye Association clans.

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie asked, "You mean I could not find any clue through the Bloody Demon Imitation Method?"

    "There is a clue; however it's useless for you!"

    "Why?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity.

    "The Bloody Demon Imitation Method could grant a fighter above LV 10 with the battle strength of a knight in a short period; however, the executor would also suffer a great loss. Therefore, the executor of the Bloody Demon Imitation Method should be at least a shadow knight who had formed the three chakras. Based on your current ability, a shadow knight could kill you easily! The greatest battle strength across Huaiyuan Palace is just an earth knight who has formed two chakras. How do you fight a knight who has formed three chakras?" Zhao Yuan looked at Zhang Tie, "Additionally, this trap is perfect. The puppet who disguised as you might have done something that infuriated the public; therefore, he was chased by people all the way into the wilderness. The moment the two puppets vanished in the wilderness, the evidence that could verify that you're innocent disappeared. When the others arrived, you were the very evil person. You have no reason to argue about that, not to mention that you've killed Qin Wu in front of them. Therefore, you've no chance to exonerate yourself from a charge at all. That one dared not kill you before; however, the moment you appear in front of him now, you will be killed for sure. Even if you know who the murderer is, you will not be able to defeat him, not to mention that you don't even know who he is. Therefore, you should stay away from him; the farther the better now."

    Zhang Tie became silent and reassured in a split second, 'What 'I" have done in Fuhai City? Given the roar of Qin Wu before death, I'm afraid that the young master of Qin Clan has been killed by "me". However, what did the words of the Cheji General in Yingzhou Province mean? The resentments between the Gobbling Party and I and Lord Huaiyuan Palace have been exposed to the public; the Gobbling Party have ruined my engagement. Although it was a bit rude, lunatic and lawless for "me" to kill the members of Gobbling Party, how did I make Lord Huaiyuan humiliated? Besides killing the members of the Gobbling Party, "I" must have done something else in Fuhai City that drove others furious...'

    The look of Director Fan suddenly occurred to Zhang Tie's mind, arousing an ominous feeling in Zhang Tie's heart. As a result, Zhang Tie's heart froze immediately...

    'After Fan mansion broke off the engagement, I felt like losing my face. If I did something bad in Fan mansion, everyone would take it as my revenge after being driven mad...'

    'Besides the possible evil deed in Fan mansion, if "I" killed some members of the Morality Association and was discovered. After that, I was chased all the way out of Yingzhou Province and encountered a fierce battle in the wilderness. Qin Wu was even killed by me...'

    'I'm afraid that I've already been listed as wanted in the supreme court of Taixia Country!'

    'Such a trap is really well-planned. Any link is reasonable, leaving no loophole at all--vicious, really vicious, extremely vicious! I'm afraid that they've already planned it the moment I left Yingzhou Province...'

    'Through this trap, they're going to kill me and completely pollute my gentlemen's halos. Meanwhile, they intend to send Huaiyuan Palace to the opposite side of Fan Clan and Qin Clan. A stone with three birds! If the culprit of this trap is the Heavens Reaching Church of demons, a stone with four birds! Because they cause major clans in Taixia Country to fight each other...

    'Who's the culprit, the Gobbling Party, the demons or the others who want to strike me and the Gobbling Party at the same time...'

    'The Gobbling Party could perform the ruse of self-injury to strike me and Huaiyuan Palace; demons could revenge and arouse internal chaos in Taixia Country; the others and forces might have other evil purposes.'

    'Qin Wu is a clue; however, Qin Wu is just an employed elder in Qin Clan, a senior guard of Qin mansion or a senior piece who could be sacrificed at any time when necessary. It's not hard to find too many information about Qin Wu's death. If Qin Wu sacrificed himself voluntarily, the culprit on his back definitely used a terrifying manner.

    Qin Wu's death fixed Zhang Tie's crime at once.

    This time, Zhang Tie understood that there was nothing he could do to clear his name. He could not even find a place to cry out a grievance across the country.

    'What a fatal blow!'

    A question suddenly occurred to Zhang Tie's mind, Zhang Tie then recovered his composure, "Master, for how many days have I slept this time?"

    "Two days!" Zhao Yuan replied, "Faster than I've imagined!"

    After hearing that he had slept for two days, Zhang Tie took out the remote-sensing crystal and started to contact his elder brother.

    Zhao Yuan knew what Zhang Tie was doing. Therefore, he just waited aside silently.

    In a split second, he confirmed the status of the opponent in secret words.

    "Are you all right? The family members are worried about you very much."

    "I'm fine, how's my mom?"

    "Mom is worried about you so much. The entire family doesn't believe that you could do such an evil thing!'

    The trust from his family made Zhang Tie feel warm inside. After recovering his composure, Zhang Tie continued to talk with his elder brother...

    "It's too complicated. I'm framed. It's hard to clarify it. You'd better comfort mom first and tell mom and dad that I'm safe and sound. They don't need to worry about me; especially mom, she has just recovered from her mental disease lately, don't make her get sick once again."

    Actually, Zhang Tie didn't care how he was framed and wronged, what he was worried about the most was that his mom might get her sickness back after knowing what happened to him.

    "I know!"

    "How about my wives?"

    "They're good, their babies have been 2 months old."

    Before Zhang Tie came to Yingzhou Province, the five women in his bedroom got pregnant at the same time. Zhang Tie finished another round of sowing. His mom would soon become the principal of a kindergarten.

    "What happened in Fuhai City after I left there?"

    After being silent for 2 seconds...

    "According to their description, you're too arrogant. After being greatly stimulated by the event that Fan Clan broke off the engagement, you lost your mind out of fury and exterminated the entire family of Director Fan; you even raped his daughter. Director Fan wanted to prevent you; however, his left chest was penetrated by your battle qi. Luckily, his heart was on the right chest, therefore, he survived. Director Fan said that he had witnessed what you had done as the first witness of your crime. After you left Fan mansion, you went to a private mansion in Fuhai City and killed all the 37 members of the Morality Association in Fuhai City including Yang Yushan the head and the young master of Qin Clan in Yingzhou Province in a very brutal way. Qin Wu the employed elder of Qin Clan and two knights in Fuhai City chased you all the way out of Fuhai City and entered the wilderness. Facing Cheji General, Qin Wu was also killed by you. After that, you were wounded by Feng Yuelun the Cheji General in Yingzhou Province and escaped by trick. The Supreme Court in Taixia Country has already issued the order to arrest and kill you. Many clans across Yingzhou Provinces including Qin Clan and Fan Clan want your head with the reward of over 300 million gold coins and a city. Elder Muyuan has come to our home. He said that the Supreme Court of Xuanyuan Hill had dispatched commissioners to Youzhou Province so as to investigate this event. After they arrived at Youzhou Province, all the remote-sensing crystals had to be submitted to them according to the regulations. I will not be able to contact you independently from then on. Otherwise, I will commit a crime of shielding criminal. He told me to prepare for that."

    It took Zhang Tie 2 minutes to digest this paragraph of Zhang Yang. It was worse than he had imagined. His enemy destroyed his gentleman's halos by the reason that he was possessed by the devil. The witness, the plaintiff, the physical evidence and the crime were all ready. Zhang Tie, who had taken the position of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province knew about the rules of the Supreme Court of Taixia Country more or less. If the Supreme Court of Taixia Country issued the order to arrest and kill someone, this case must have been fixed and posed a great influence in Taixia Country, which could be hardly reversed.

    Zhang Tie felt bitter. He had not imagined that the event that Fan clan broke off the engagement could become a loophole that the others would use to frame him as being possessed by the devil and the fuse of this trap. The one who set the trap was too terrifying...

    "After I left Fuhai City, someone disguised as me and committed a physical murder in Fuhai City. After that, he induced me to the wilderness from the airship so as to collide with the knight who chased the murderer all the way from Fuhai City. Qin Wu must have a special background. Before Feng Yuelun arrived, Qin Wu committed suicide and made it look like that he was killed by me. Therefore, I could not argue about that. This event is too complicated. The one who set the trap is too powerful. The entire Huaiyuan Palace could not beat him. No matter what, elder brother, you should tell mom and my wives that it was not done by me. Additionally, I could protect myself. I will not die. "

    "I will report your words to Elder Muyuan and let Huaiyuan Palace know that you're framed. What can I do for you? Jinwu Business Group has many branches across Taixia Country. I could mobilize the resources of those branches."

    "No need, I could take care of myself. To avoid trouble, this is the last time I contact you with this remote-sensing crystal."

    "Watch out! You have to live on no matter what!"

    "I will, elder brother, I hope you could help the brothers of the God's Will brotherhood."

    "No problem!"

    Zhang Yang didn't ask Zhang Tie's whereabouts in case of leaking Zhang Tie's trace.

    That was what a brother should do!

    After contacting his elder brother, Zhang Tie rubbed the remote-sensing crystal into pieces.

    Zhang Tie then contacted Huaiyuan Palace.

    He received two messages.

    First, the Supreme Court has dispatched powerhouses to Youzhou Province. Don't go back to Youzhou!

    Second, take care of yourself!

    It seemed that even Huaiyuan Palace thought that it was done by Zhang Tie.

    After throwing a glance at the elder's finger ring, Zhang Tie took it off and threw it into the space of the nanobead.

    After that, Zhang Tie contacted Guan Xiyi, the CEO of Gold and Power Law. As the dark gold CEO, Guan Xiyi was Zhang Tie's only liaison in Gold and Power Law.

    --I feel very sorry about the events that you were suppressed by the Gobbling Party and Fan family broke off the engagement. However, Gold and Power Law could barely agree with how you took revenge with the Morality Association in Fuhai City and Fan family. I feel very regretful to tell you that the Gold and Power Law could not accept someone whom the Supreme Court of Taixia Country has issued an order to arrest and kill. This is our bottom line. Therefore, your status as the dark gold CEO has been canceled. However, out of the morality and the contract between you and us, the Gold and Power Law will not leak your status as Peter Hamplester to the Supreme Court or anyone. Neither will we provide any assistance to you nor those who want to arrest and revenge you. Please forgive us.

    After reading this courtesy reply, Zhang Tie also felt the sense of estrangement from Gold and Power Law.

    Zhang Tie then replied Guan Xiyi--Don't let Donder interfere in this event. Additionally, please tell him that what happened in Fuhai City was not done by me. I've been treated as a human flesh bag and was usually humiliated when chasing after girls. The event of breaking off an engagement is nothing serious to me. It's not just me who knows "disguise skills" which he taught me in Blackhot City, someone has even more advanced "disguise skills".

    On this occasion, Zhang Tie didn't need to explain it to the Gold and Power Law at all out of his dignity. However, as Donder was his inspiration, friend and almost brother who had taught him too much, Zhang Tie didn't want to let him down. As for others, Zhang Tie didn't care about their opinion about him.

    After being silent for a few seconds, Guan Xiyi replied--I will. But Donder has already applied to be the manager of Golden Roc Bank in Jinwu City when the city is built.


    'This guy...'

    Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile. Closely after that, he took off the finger ring which was used to contact the Gold and Power Law from his finger and broke the remote-sensing crystal into pieces...


    "Did you sense that?" After Zhang Tie contacted all the important people, Zhao Yuan leisurely opened his mouth.

    Zhang Tie became curious, "Sense what?"

    "Besides power, who else could accompany you in the world?" Zhao Yuan leisurely replied...

    Closely after hearing Zhao Yuan's reply, Zhang Tie had indeed realized it, "I could not rely on any other force anymore, whether it is my clan or my organization. I could only protect myself with my own battle strength at such a critical moment.'

    However, what Zhang Tie felt conciliative was that his family members were not involved in this event no matter whether he was framed by others or not. This was the benefit as a knight and the bottom line of the "Laws of Taixia Country"--If a knight who had mastered the top battle strength and power in the world made a crime and would have his family members involved with that, knights might have already risen in revolt.

    After tasting Zhao Yuan's words, Zhang Tie asked, "Master, do you want me to learn alchemist skills from you now so as to improve my power?"

    "Based on your aptitude, after I inspire you, you could get the ABC of alchemist skills after immersing yourself in them for 3 decades. With another 3 decades, you could make a small achievement on them. However, you've already been a knight with full resentments. Will you be patient enough to learn alchemist skills only for the small achievement in 6 decades?" Zhao Yuan watched Zhang Tie with a meaningful look.

    Zhang Tie became silent.

    'Yeah, will I spend 6 decades to cultivate alchemist skills only for a small achievement? What's more, will they spare me 6 decades?'

    'Sometimes, the dreams of a young age makes me so hesitated in reality. What a complex mood!'

    'Although I dream to be an alchemist master, I'm not allowed to do that in reality. Unimaginably, I became an animal controller and rune equipment master...'

    Receiving no response, Zhao Yuan suddenly asked with a profound meaning, "Do you know why I'm called an alchemist devil?"

    "Is it because the master has unrivaled alchemist skills and could end your resentments as soon as you want, which arouses others' awe?"

    Zhao Yuan shook his head, "You've just hit one point. However, it's not the most important. Of course, the devil should have very special talents and do very special things. The one who could devour the world by his bloody mouth could be qualified as a devil. There're thousands of human alchemists; however, I'm the only one being called an alchemist devil!"

    "You mean you are unrivaled, having far greater power than your same kind?"

    "No matter how powerful I am, I'm just a heavenly knight who has formed 4 chakras. I'm powerful; however, I'm not unrivaled. My opponents are not worse than me. I'm not the only heavenly knight in the world!" Zhao Yuan shook his head once again.

    "Why then?" Zhang Tie scratched his head.

    "As metals, rocks, humans, demons and all the other visible items in the world are just balls of energy, all of them could be refined. When you could refine everything in the world, you will become a devil!" Zhao Yuan replied with an overbearing, shocking look.

    "Refine everything in the world!" Zhang Tie muttered, "What do you mean by refining everything in the world!"

    "In my eyes, the so-called knight is just a walking element crystal. When I dislike them, humans or demons, I will consume them so as to form my chakras and break through my realm..." Zhao Yuan explained it as he pointed at Zhang Tie's forehead with one finger. At the same time, some occult messages poured into Zhang Tie's mind at once.

    It was a secret skill which could enable Zhao Yuan to be invincible in the world except for an alchemist skill.

    The secret skill was "wordless". Because words were feeble and futile, which were always out of the original intention, the top-secret skills could only be passed through the mind.

    The secret skill was called "Purgatory Samsara"...

    At the end of the secret skill, an exotic beast that opened its huge black mouth and could devour the entire world appeared.

    "If a gentleman was possessed by the devil, his road towards a sage would be cut off; if he cultivated towards the sage, the gossip that he's possessed by the devil would collapse of itself and he would be protected by almighty gods and auspicious things. In this world, who else could prove that you're innocent besides power? Besides battle, who else could lead you to the road towards sage? If you don't experience samsara in the purgatory, how do you devour the entire world and conquer the universe..." Zhao Yuan said as he stepped into the misty clouds by one foot while his voice was still lingering at Zhang Tie's ear, "I've passed the "Purgatory Samsara" to you. After leaving my knowledge to you, I've almost had my dream come true. When you could form 4 chakras in the future and chase your enemies like chasing pye-dogs; when you have a pee at the gate of the Supreme Court and would only be ignored by others, you could find me in the Gods' Realm of the earth-elements realm...this place is the Lianyun Mountain in the east of Qingzhou Province. Yingzhou Province is in the east. It's over 25,000 miles away from Fuhai City. It's always untraversed here. I found such a mountain cave where a knight passed away while sitting cross-legged by accident. There's a "Fire Dragon Sutra" in the jade case in the cave, which was left by the late knight for the lucky person. "Fire Dragon Sutra" is a Marquis-level classic. It's also very precious. However, it's useless to me. The battle skill is a bit interesting. You can handle it by yourself. By the way, you could comprehend the "Purgatory Samsara" for a few days here. It's dangerous at the foot of the mountain. Knights are dragons among humans. Dragons could move in the universe and make clouds and rains in a domineering way or hold their bodies in water and play with fish and shrimps or bath the sunlight..."

    While the voice lingered in his ears, the lonely yet domineering figure had disappeared in front of Zhang Tie...


    Standing at the edge of the cliff, Zhang Tie watched the clouds still for 3 days...

    3 days later, Zhang Tie moved his body, causing a crack while the surrounding clouds started to revolve around Zhang Tie like a chakra.

    After a short while, the clouds dispersed. Zhang Tie opened his gleaming eyes.

    After returning to the cave, Zhang Tie walked to the stone table. After taking the jade case, he blew off the dust on its cover and opened it.

    There was indeed a secret skill in a very extravagant crystal being wrapped by a piece of mithril. Taking it, Zhang Tie injected his spiritual energy into it and saw the golden words "Fire Dragon Sutra"

    What surprised Zhang Tie was that this "Fire Dragon Sutra" not only contained a systematic cultivation system on lighting surging points but also contained "Fire-dragon Heavens Burning Javelin Skill", "Fire-dragon Golden Body", "Fire-dragon Palm Skill with a Sun" and "Fire-dragon Light-speed Dodging Skill".

    Besides the "King Roc Sutra", the "Fire Dragon Sutra" and the other battle skills was almost the most senior secret skill of cultivation that Zhang Tie could touch.

    After putting away these secret skills, Zhang Tie threw a glance at that skeleton sitting cross-legged and bowed towards it three times. After that, he excavated a place beside the mountain cave and buried it inside.

    After doing that, Zhang Tie flew into the clouds...
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