Chapter 896: Everything is Like a Boat with a Short Canopy

    Chapter 896: Everything is Like a Boat with a Short Canopy

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    The tough guy surnamed Cui sat in the teahouse for the entire morning. Until afternoon did he pat his butt and left...

    Although not being in the Pavilion of Brightness, the tough guy had heard all the messages from the Pavilion of Brightness.

    Of course, this tough guy surnamed Cui was Zhang Tie.

    After activating his body-changing immortal bloodline, Zhang Tie completely changed his look. Even those knights who chased after him that night might not identify him.

    The look of this tough guy was not fabricated. It was an incarnation of Zhu Liang the fierce wolf that Zhang Tie had read from Zhu Liang's memory after killing him on the isle in the open water of Qiongzhou Province.

    Zhu Liang the fierce wolf might be unworthy of mentioning in Zhang Tie's eyes; however, he excelled at disguising. As he was pretty cunning, he had a lot of incarnations in Youzhou Province. Because of this, Zhu Liang the fierce wolf became unfettered on the wanted list of the Supreme Court in Taixia Country for so many years. If not he had met Li Butian when he raped a woman, he might be still wandering about leisurely.

    The image of the tough guy surnamed Cui was an identity that Zhu Liang the fierce wolf always used when he didn't make crimes or wanted to escape from investigations. Over the past dozens of years, nobody could find that this tough guy was Zhu Liang until he was killed by Zhang Tie.

    Given this point, this identity had never been exposed to the public.

    The prototype of this identity was called Cui Li, who lived in the Liuying Town at the foot of the Panlong Mountain outside Zeyun City in the Luye Prefecture of Yongzhou Province. He was a local celebrity.

    Cui Li was well-known nearby Liuying Town because of the following reasons: First, Cui Li was a local landlord as he had over 30,000 square meters' arable lands and mountain woods. He was rich. Second, Cui Li was kind-hearted. He usually donated money to his villagers for paving roads and renovating schools. Therefore, he had a good reputation among the villagers. Third, Cui Li was obsessed with studying fighting skills. He used to practice martial arts at home. He was a good fighter. One time, he even arrested a big burglar when he passed by Liuying Town. Therefore, he was the idol of the local youngsters.

    When Zhu Liang the fierce wolf couldn't stand making a crime, Cui Li would leave Liuying Town at the foot of Panlong Mountain in the name of paying visits to famous masters and would not return for many months or years, which would not arouse people's doubts at all.

    Cui Li was single. He only had some docile servants at home. His "parents" were two puppets that he controlled using medicine. When the family settled down in Liuying Town and gained legal "identities", Cui Li's "parents" "passed away" in a few years consecutively.

    Previously, Cui Li's "parents" were just two commoners living in a remote village before settling down in Liuying Town. They had a son called Cui Li. The real Cui Li and Zhu Liang the fierce wolf who disguised as a herbalist doctor were good friends for a long time. Zhu Liang even had cured Cui Li's parents. Pitifully, after Zhu Liang figured out the situation of Cui Li's background, he directly killed Cui Li. After that, Zhu Liang used the name of Cui Li and controlled his parents by medicine. After that, the family moved to Liuying Town and settled down there. After dozens of years, nobody could figure out the real identity of Zhu Liang anymore.

    It had been over 1 decade since Zhu Liang left Luye Prefecture of Youzhou Province for paying visits to masters in the name of Cui Li.

    This time, Zhang Tie found that this identity fitted him well. Considering it as his reward after killing Zhu Liang, Zhang Tie disguised as Cui Li.

    The disguise skill and bones-shrinking skill of Zhu Liang the fierce wolf could never match the body-changing skill of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie looked absolutely the same as the real Cui Li.

    After converting his "King Roc Sutra" into "Fire Dragon Sutra", of course, Zhang Tie who had disguised as Cui Li carried the features of "fire dragon sutra", namely, as sturdy as a Hua dragon. These days, Zhang Tie had almost got hang of the secret battle skills in the "Fire Dragon Sutra" in the trouble-reappearance situations. Honestly, they were the most advanced battle skills that Zhang Tie had touched. As he imitated the "Fire Dragon Sutra" by the "King Roc Sutra", Zhang Tie started to cultivate those battle skills at the same time. Unimaginably, he got a marvelous effect.

    This time, Zhang Tie discovered the great value of "King Roc Sutra" as an emperor-level secret skill once again. With the domineering power of an emperor-level secret skill, Zhang Tie could rapidly imitate other secret skills using the ability granted by the "King Roc Sutra". During the process that the "King Roc Sutra" was converted into "Fire Dragon Sutra", Zhang Tie rapidly lit all of his surging points using the energy of the chakra of the "King Roc Sutra" according to the requirements of the "Fire Dragon Sutra". It only took Zhang Tie a few hours to imitate the entire process. After lighting them all, Zhang Tie had one more template of "Fire Dragon Sutra" besides the earlier one of "Five-elements Ground-look Sutra". He could realize the conversion between "King Roc Sutra" and each of the other two sutras in only a few seconds.

    As he deduced the "King Roc Sutra" by sacrificing himself numerous times, Zhang Tie wondered whether the "King Roc Sutra" contained some more powerful battle skills just like those in the "Fire Dragon Sutra". He didn't think about this before. However, after gaining the "Fire Dragon Sutra" and learning the battle skills in "Fire Dragon Sutra", Zhang Tie felt that the real "King Roc Sutra" might contain some powerful battle skills. However, he could not deduce them.

    It was Zhang Tie's great fortune to gain the emperor-level "King Roc Sutra" by deduction in trouble-reappearance situations. Zhang Tie didn't make excessive expectations. He could not always seek perfection. Except for the doubt in his mind, Zhang Tie had been very satisfied.


    Based on Zhang Tie's current judgment and perceptions, after collecting all the discussions in the Pavilion of Brightness, he figured out many unknowns and restored what happened in Fuhai City that night.

    The middle-aged literati who chased after him that night was a bosom friend of the mayor of Fuhai City and the lecturer of the mayor's sons. His nickname was Cyan Flute Hermit, a pretty famous knight in Yingzhou Province. He had lived in Fuhai City for many years.

    The one who used knight was the junior fellow apprentice of the head of Lancang Sect in Yingzhou Province and the promising, youngest elder in Lancang Sect. When the event occurred, he was passing by Fuhai City and was going to travel in Yinyue Subcontinent by sea. Right then, he saw Qin Wu's battle qi shooting into the sky, he then chased after Zhang Tie together with Qin Wu.

    There was no problem with the Cyan Flute Hermit and the young elder of Lancang Sect, it was Qin Wu who had the problem.

    Qin Clan was very furious. That day, Qin Wu should be patrolling in the Yulin City of Qin Clan with the young master of Qin Clan. The Qin Clan wondered why the two people suddenly changed their route and came to Fuhai City and why they were killed.

    Qin Wu might know the reason; however, he had died. Therefore, this clue was a dead end.

    There was another clue, namely, Director Fan's heart was on his right chest. Zhang Tie knew that the one who wanted to frame him must know the secret of Director Fan. Therefore, he kept Director Fan alive. Zhang Tie thought that he could find a breakthrough from this clue; however, he was very disappointed by the message that he had heard about--When Director Fan took the office at a young age, the doctors and relevant personnel who checked his identity and made physical examination for him had found that his heart was on the right chest. This information was recorded in the database of the official difference engine in Yingzhou Province. Although only a few people knew about this secret, it's not difficult if someone wanted to investigate it. If someone gained this secret of Director Fan from this database, he would not leave any inquiry record at all.

    The culprit would never leave such a foolish loophole to Zhang Tie.

    The abnormal situation in the Fan mansion was discovered by the neighboring guard. If not, Zhang Tie was sure that the opponent would definitely make further arrangement to have people find what happened in Fan mansion at almost the same time.

    Although that b*stard had raped the young lady in Fan mansion, he didn't leave any body fluid in and outside her body. Therefore, Zhang Tie lost another clue. Otherwise, Zhang Tie knew that the owner of the body fluid could be identified in Taixia Country by a certain method.

    After receiving the message and request from the mayor of Fuhai City, the Cheji General in Yingzhou Province was driven mad and launched an attack towards Zhang Tie.

    The point of the trap in the wilderness was less than 500 miles away from the Cheji General's Mansion. Within such a short distance, as long as Cheji General found Zhang Tie by airboat, he would not let Zhang Tie escape away.

    Feng Yuelun the Cheji General of Yingzhou Province was a strong-willed man who abhorred evils as deadly foes.

    When Feng Yuelun arrived, Qin Wu was rightly killed by Zhang Tie; therefore, Zhang Tie lost the last chance to surrender or argue about that.

    All this was well planned in advance, one step after another and one link by another.

    This time, Zhang Tie wanted to discover some clue or reconfirm the possibilities that could help him argue for his innocence. Pitifully, after figuring out those details, Zhang Tie reconfirmed that his opponent was completely out of his imagination, who spared no chance for him to prove his innocence. Even though Zhang Tie was alive, he was destined to be the scapegoat.

    What made Zhang Tie more disappointed was that he realized that the culprit of this event had a pretty deep root and a great influence in Taixia Country and had learned well the information about Taixia Country in all aspects. It would be even more terrifying if those guys were demons or colluded with demons.

    At this moment, the words that "Master Jiang" told him before his death occurred to Zhang Tie's mind once again.

    'The demons and Heavens Reaching Church are probably on the back of this event.'

    'After catching this good chance, the Gobbling Party would never give up framing me. The morality associations of the Gobbling Party across Taixia Country became the eyes and ears that the Gobbling Party would use to look for me.'

    'The major clans in Yingzhou Province represented by Qin Clan want to revenge me.'

    'Even the Supreme Court which maintained the laws of Taixia Country wanted to kill me. As a result, I rank 98th on the wanted list.'

    Only after coming to Taixia Country for less than 1 year, Zhang Tie had rapidly finished the conversion from a hero to a criminal. Finally, Zhang Tie understood the words "Life is like a drama."

    'As Taixia is too large, If I expose my "real identity", I will immediately be besieged by enemies from all directions. Both humans and demons want to kill me...'


    Zhang Tie couldn't stand complaining about such a dilemma.

    After leaving the teahouse, Zhang Tie considered it as he wandered in Fuhai City. This time, Zhang Tie completely gave up arguing for innocence by clues.

    'Struggle is in vain!'

    As he had become the scapegoat. Unless he was able to destroy this scapegoat, he could only be the scapegoat no matter what.

    'If I promoted to a sage level, the gossip that the gentleman has been possessed by the devil would collapse itself! However, the sage level...is a far objective...'

    'Even if I didn't promote to a sage level, after forming four chakras, I could also be as free as my master. No matter how urgently Taixia is looking for him, he will not lose a hair. However, his opponents will worry about being revenged by him at any time. No matter what, those in barefoot are not afraid of those in shoes. Even if a heavenly knight in barefoot had a pee at the gate of the Supreme Court in Taixia Country, the Supreme Court could only choose to ignore him. The destructive power of a heavenly knight in battle could be hardly imagined when I recalled the lake outside Blackhot City caused by my master.'

    Gradually, Zhang Tie exited Fuhai City and came to a cliff near the seashore outside Fuhai City.

    'Whatever, I will go back home first in case my mom's worried about me...'

    After thinking for a second, Zhang Tie jumped off the cliff and dove in the sea.


    "Oh, no, someone is jumping off the cliff..." At the sight of this, someone in the far shouted.

    Only after over 10 minutes, a steamboat driven by maritime criminal hunters of Fuhai City had arrived at the place where Zhang Tie dove in. After searching him for 2 days in vain, they stopped the salvage. However, they erected a stele to warn others to not jump off the cliff on the place where Zhang Tie jumped off. There was a poem on the stele--

    Everything in the world is like a boat with a short canopy, it moves to the west bank or the east; the moons will become full or crescent; the wind will blow southward or northward.

    An old man will always get sick while the blossoms in late spring will soon wither and fall. If the gossip about you enters your ears, you need to stand it and pretend to be deaf or foolish.

    One's life is as fast as a shuttle, you need to have a drink and song in front of the blossoms. How long will the blossoms sustain? How long will you live your life?

    Good blossoms are hard to plant and blossom, the youth will flash by. If you've not been drunk in front of blossoms, you would be ridiculed as an idiot by the blossoms.
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