Chapter 897: Returning Home

    Chapter 897: Returning Home

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    Zhang Tie could reach his fastest speed by sea. The ocean was his highway. Additionally, he would not be discovered by people in the ocean.

    Zhang Tie could move about 670 m per second in the ocean. Although this speed was less than half of the transmission speed of sound in water, it was already super fast for any other living beings in the ocean.

    The distance between Yingzhou Province and Youzhou Province by sea was about 8,000 miles, which was similar to the aerial distance.

    It would take Zhang Tie 2 months to finish this distance by airship; however, it only took him less than 3 days by sea.

    Zhang Tie had arrived at Youzhou Province on the evening of May 18.

    Zhang Tie exposed his head out of the sea level outside the Embracing Tiger Harbor. Watching the shimmering water of the Embracing Tiger Harbor, Zhang Tie felt that Youzhou Province must be not quiet at this moment. After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie dove into the water once again and entered Castle of Black Iron. The tiny black beetle was then summoned out of Castle of Black Iron.

    The marvelous tiny beetle was not scared of the water at all. It could swim although it couldn't swim as fast as it could fly. Quivering its wings, the tiny thing had shot out of the water. After shaking off the water drops, it flew towards the Embracing Tiger Harbor.

    During the past years, this tiny black beetle had been settling down in the cliff of the Abyss of Chaos. It faced the Abyss of Chaos and ate all sorts of specialties and all-purpose medicament in Castle of Black Iron everyday. Therefore, it had changed physically. There were some golden spots on its body. Besides, it looked a bit larger than before; it even got a short tentacle on its head. After transferring his consciousness into this tiny, black beetle, Zhang Tie felt that it could fly faster and more flexible than before. At night, this little thing could have a greater color-changing ability and adaptability to the environment. Its entire body became dark gray, which was close to translucent. Even though knights could hardly find that the short tentacle was very sensitive to the dangerous factors in the surroundings.

    It was brightly lit in the Embracing Tiger City. The urban nightlife had just come to a start.

    Above the Embracing Tiger City, Zhang Tie looked down at the scenery and found a building down there was very boisterous. It seemed to be a hotel. Zhang Tie's heart raced as he descended at once.

    After flying around the garden, Zhang Tie landed on a window outside the dining hall.

    It was indeed a medium hotel which had a good business.

    There were over 30 tables with seats in the dining hall, large or small, all of which had been occupied. The servicemen were constantly serving dishes in the dining hall while guests were toasting each other, making it pretty boisterous.

    Almost the moment Zhang Tie landed, he had heard a drunk guy patting the table and swearing the Fan Clan of Yingzhou Province.

    "If not that Fan Clan broke their promise, how could Elder Mushen be stimulated greatly and be possessed by the devil? How heroic was Elder Mushen in Youzhou City last year! He tried his best to stand to the end and help Count Long Wind gain the position of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province, which shocked the entire Youzhou City. Even Commander Cheng was speaking highly of him. How could such a proud and arrogant person stand such a great humiliation? I was told that Fan Clan invited Elder Mushen to propose a marriage in Yingzhou Province. However, after Elder Mushen arrived there, Fan Clan broke off the engagement. Aren't they poking fun at Elder Mushen? If it were me, I would be infuriated and topple over the Fan mansion too, not to mention Elder Mushen. He must be greatly stimulated by Fan mansion..."

    "Yea, yea, yea, Elder Mushen is so heroic and talented. How could he stand such a humiliation? How could Elder Mushen just leave Fuhai City in such an embarrassed way? I could understand how Elder Mushen was uncomfortable mentally. No wonder Elder Mushen would be possessed by the devil!" Another voice sounded.

    "Yup, if the tiger went down to level land, he would be insulted by dogs. As the Gobbling Party couldn't beat Elder Mushen in Youzhou Province, they wanted to find their face back in Yingzhou Province. Without the Gobbling Party on their back, Fan mansion would never break off the engagement!" The third voice sounded.

    "Bang", someone forcefully patted on the table, "I think Elder Mushen is right, those b*stards should be killed..."

    "Yeah, well done!" Many people shouted in unison...

    "Pitifully, Elder Mushen's bright future was destroyed by some villains!" Someone let out a sigh...

    "Elder Mushen was the last one who evacuated from Waii Subcontinent. Additionally, Elder Mushen did many good deeds when he took the position of the corps leader of the Hurricane Corps. He saved many people and made great meritorious deeds. Everybody praised him. It's really out of my imagination that..."


    Many guests here were furious about Elder Mushen's poor experience.

    Information among commoners would spread a bit later than the official notices; especially such a sensitive thing. With the "cold treatment" of Huaiyuan Palace in Youzhou Province, Zhang Tie's crime in Fuhai City gradually developed among commoners in almost 2 weeks.

    While there were full of condemnations about Zhang Tie's deed in Fuhai City, even in Yingzhou Province, it was Zhang Tie's first time to hear someone pitying him in Yanghe Prefecture!

    The commoners in Embracing Tiger City sympathized about Zhang Tie's encounter very much; additionally, they owed all the responsibilities to Fan Clan and the Gobbling Party.

    The different opinions were caused by different locations. It was Zhang Tie's home advantage.

    Hearing such a positive argument, Zhang Tie was deeply moved. He knew that what he had done for Huaiyuan Palace and his impression in the commoners' minds in Huaiyuan Palace's territory could not be easily forgotten. Facts spoke louder than words.

    However, Zhang Tie also sighed inside, 'Even the commoners in the Embracing Tiger City have believed that it was done by me and found an excuse for me being possessed by the devil. I could imagine how commoners in other places would think about it. Given this point, Zhang Tie, Zhang Mushen has indeed been killed by the designer of this plot.'

    After staying in the hotel for a short while, Zhang Tie flapped his wings and flew towards the Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace in the Embracing Tiger Mountain.

    No elder was inside the Shrine Palace. After flying around the Embracing Tiger Mountain, Zhang Tie found that all the disciples and deacons on Embracing Tiger Mountain had been forbidden to talk about what he had done in Fuhai City.

    It was reasonable.

    After finding no clan elder there, Zhang Tie flew towards the airport outside Embracing Tiger City.

    In the airport, there were fixed flights between Embracing Tiger City and Golden Light City around the clock. Zhang Tie landed on the air sac of an airship heading for Golden Light City and took a free ride.

    The hundreds of miles' trip was too short for the thunder hawks; however, the tiny black beetle was not suitable to make a long flight.


    Zhang Tie arrived at Golden Light City at about 11 pm. After flying off the airship, Zhang Tie flew around Zhang manor for quite a while. Through a careful inspection, Zhang Tie was shocked as he found 2 strange knight's qis hiding in the radius of 300 m around this manor.

    It was already mid-May. At night, there were flying insects everywhere. Therefore, the two strange knights didn't find the trivial beetle, who, however, had found them.

    Of course, the two knights were not dispatched by Huaiyuan Palace. As knights of Huaiyuan Palace were clan elders, they would not hide outside their own manor. Therefore, the two strange knights probably were the powerhouses from the Supreme Court in Taixia Country.

    Zhang Tie then recalled what Huaiyuan Palace reminded him when they contacted him through the elder's finger ring, 'It seems that the Supreme Court has indeed dispatched powerhouses to Youzhou Province. According to their personnel arrangement, the Supreme Court must have thought that I would probably come back home.'

    'The powerhouses dispatched by the Supreme Court to Youzhou Province excelled at getting hang of humanity; they must have studied my situation seriously. Therefore, they made such a personnel arrangement.'

    It seemed that Zhang manor remained unchanged. At least Zhang Tie didn't see any evident change as everything ran as smoothly as usual, except that the vigilance in the manor was strengthened. One more Long Wind guard composed of the direct line of clan disciples of Huaiyuan Palace was increased for the safety of Zhang family.

    The main courtyard was brightly lit. Zhang Tie saw Feng Cangwu walking into the main courtyard with his three sons.

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie flew into Feng Cangwu's private courtyard and stealthily slid into his room. After that, he recovered to his original body and sat on the chair in the room quietly for the return of Feng Cangwu.

    As it was pitch dark in the room, Zhang Tie was as still as a rock.

    After waiting there for over 10 minutes, Zhang Tie had heard footsteps from outside.

    "You can go to bed now, it's too late. I don't need your service anymore!" Feng Cangwu's voice sounded along with the footsteps.

    "Yes, sir!" Two female servants answered Feng Cangwu immediately.

    After that, a footstep moved closer to the room. Feng Cangwu opened the door and lit the lamp. Of course, he caught sight of Zhang Tie who was sitting in the room quietly...

    The moment Feng Cangwu caught sight of Zhang Tie, his battle qi had enshrouded the entire room silently although he looked as normal as usual. Even the knights outside wouldn't know what happened inside the room

    After that, Feng Cangwu gazed at Zhang Tie with shiny eyes, "Who're you?"

    After noticing Feng Cangwu's movements and listening to his question, Zhang Tie smiled reassuringly as he realized that he had not backed the wrong person...

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