Chapter 898: Being Frank and Honest

    Chapter 898: Being Frank and Honest

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    Feng Cangwu enshrouded the room with his battle qi in case that Zhang Tie was discovered by the two knights outside while his question was to confirm Zhang Tie's identity.

    Why would he confirm Zhang Tie's identity? Because Feng Cangwu didn't believe that Zhang Tie could do that evil thing in Fuhai City. However, given the irrefutable evidence, the probability was that someone had disguised as Zhang Tie and did those bad things in Fuhai City. Feng Cangwu might have thought about the existence of the disguised Zhang Tie. Therefore, he asked, "Who're you?"

    Of course, Zhang Tie felt reassured after listening to such a question.

    "It seems that you've changed a lot during the past months. When you came here at the beginning, you were as proud as a peacock and only nodded at everything. Generally, you would not tell the female servants to take a rest at such a moment!" Zhang Tie uttered.

    After hearing this, Feng Cangwu threw a serious glance at Zhang Tie before revealing a faint smile, "You're too audacious!"

    "I'm always audacious!"

    "You are really fast. It only took you less than 20 days to travel from Yingzhou Province to Youzhou Province!" Feng Cangwu said as he walked to the chair beside Zhang Tie and sat down there. After that, he poured a cup of water for himself and bottomed it up.

    Zhang Tie blinked his eyes as he didn't want to tell Feng Cangwu about the truth in case of collapsing him mentally once again. If a knight could travel 80,000 miles in about 20 days, or at least 4,000 miles a day, he must be very sharp. Most of the black iron knights could not do it. 'Feng Cangwu must have considered that I've awakened the Kuafu Bloodline and carried a space-teleportation equipment which could provide me with sufficient supplies. Additionally, he must think that I've started to move back towards Youzhou Province after the event in Fuhai City.'

    "I had no choice. Otherwise, I would be killed!" Zhang Tie said vaguely.

    "What happened in Fuhai City?" Feng Cangwu asked with a solemn look.

    Thus, Zhang Tie repeated his encounter to Feng Cangwu.

    As for those people who knew Zhang Tie well; especially those who had been familiar with him for a long time, none of them believed that Zhang Tie would do that evil thing in Fuhai City, neither did Feng Cangwu. During the period when Feng Cangwu was in Zhang manor, given Zhang Tie's open-mindedness and indifference about fame and fortune and his care about his family members, Feng Cangwu was sure that Zhang Tie would never do such an evil thing. Others he might think that Zhang Tie must have felt extremely shameful after Fan Clan broke off the engagement and must have been greatly stimulated by that so that he was possessed by the devil and lost his mind; however, Feng Cangwu knew that Zhang Tie would never do that. He knew that there must be another reason. However, when Feng Cangwu heard about the conspiracy, he drew in a breath, 'What a terrifying trap! It's fatal! The only loophole of this trap is that Zhang Tie escaped away from Cheji General on that occasion. Zhang Tie has already been a rat across the street, who will be beaten whenever he is discovered.'

    Evidence prioritized in the cases of Taixia Country. The so-called evidence was the truth that was widely accepted by the public; instead of being the subjective judgments of the familiar ones and family members of the suspects. Therefore, even though those on Zhang Tie's side such as his family members and the elders of Huaiyuan Palace didn't believe that Zhang Tie would do that, in front of those irrefutable "evidence" including testimony of witnesses and material evidence, the public was unable to identify the truth; the Supreme Court could only make decisions and responses according to the evidence instead of the judgments of Zhang Tie's family members and friends.

    "I'm afraid that the only benefit of my encounter is that the culprit had not imagined that after all this I could still be alive. Now that I'm alive, they may expose themselves. I know that it's all a conspiracy against me. Those who set this conspiracy must have a very great influence and relationship network in Taixia Country. Additionally, they must be hiding very deeply and know Taixia Country very well in all aspects. They even know that Director Fan's heart is on his right chest and could make use of this point. These people must have demons on their back. As long as the opportunity arises, these people will definitely raise winds and waves in Taixia Country and become the major threat of Taixia Country." Zhang Tie watched Feng Cangwu seriously as he continued, "As Huaiyuan Palace has just rooted in Taixia Country, it's very weak. The one who could apply the Bloody Demon Imitation Method could never be resisted by Huaiyuan Palace. I hope Brother Cangwu to tell Commander Cheng and the elders of the Heavens Fortune Sect about this information so that they could make preparations for possible threats!"

    Zhang Tie's intelligence was very critical. The information that culprit could apply the Bloody Demon Imitation Method was of great value. However, Zhang Tie was right, such a person and force could never be resisted by Huaiyuan Palace. Only top forces were qualified to investigate it and prepare for the possible threats secretly.

    "Don't worry, I will definitely tell your words to the elders of my sect and Commander Cheng. What about you? Do you have any plan for the future? If you like, I can..."

    "No need, Brother Cangwu..." Zhang Tie waved his hand, "I know what you're going to say. Thanks for your good intention. However, if you did that, it would cause Heavens Fortune Sect trouble and would provide an excuse and chance for the culprit to escalate this event. As a result, Taixia Country would be more chaotic!" Zhang Tie refused Feng Cangwu, "I just want to bid a farewell to my family members. After that, I will find a chance to chop off demons' heads in the earth-elements realm!"

    "You want to go to the earth-elements realm?"

    "Yup, however, I might go there in another identity and look!"

    "You also know disguising skills?"

    "Yes, I know. Thankfully, someone taught me that before. It's not difficult to deal with common situations." Zhang Tie forced a bashful smile, "I'm so sorry, Brother Cangwu has stayed in Golden Light City for months, but I couldn't help you break your mental obstacle; you have even worked as my kids' free tutor for a few months. What's your plan?"

    Zhang Tie knew that it was needless for Feng Cangwu to stay in his home now as he had to leave home. After all, this young elite of Heavens Fortune Sect was not destined to be a tutor who could be employed by money and some benefits. It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that Feng Cangwu could stay in his home until now.

    "Now that you're going to the earth-elements realm, I'm afraid that I have to go there too in order to break my mental obstacle. As I've told you, my mental obstacle could only be broken by you!" Feng Cangwu replied with a smile, "Perhaps, we could meet each other then. But it will test my ability to distinguish you. It's funny. Speaking of a tutor, I have to notify you that your three sons have already lit their first surging point last week. Their cultivation speeds are very fast. They also have great power of understanding. Your three sons are all rare cultivation geniuses. I've already contacted my sect. If you agree, the three little guys could be official disciples in Heavens Fortune Sect when they promote to LV 9!"

    Zhang Tie was surprised by this news. Although Zhang Tie had long prepared for his sons' excellence, he had not imagined that they could become LV 1 warrior at such a young age. 'What weirdos! I remember that I became a LV 1 warrior when I was going to graduate from the middle school after I picked up the small tree and Castle of Black Iron. However, my three sons have already lit their first surging points after cultivating for less than two months. According to such a speed, they might promote to LV 9 fighters in only 3-5 years. What the hell!'

    Feng Cangwu posed his suggestion out of his concern about Zhang Tie and Heavens Fortune Sect. Major sects would rely on generations of excellent disciples and talents for their long-term prosperities. Based on the current performances of Zhang Tie's three sons, they might match Zhang Tie at Zhang Tie's age. Even if they made progress step by step instead of making leapfrog progress, they would probably become knights after a decade.

    Zhang Tie considered, "When they're LV 9, two of them could join Heavens Fortune Sect while the other should be managed by Huaiyuan Palace! Sometimes, even though I'm their father, I could not fully determine their future development in the clan. I have to consider all aspects."

    Feng Cangwu nodded and said, "Well, I understand, that's the deal!"

    "There's one more thing to trouble Brother Cangwu!"

    "Go ahead!"

    Zhang Tie rubbed his face and sighed, "There're two super large bulbs shining in the evening. Please induce them away, for the time being, Brother Cangwu. Spare me 2 hours so that I could say something to my family members! I don't want to meet my family members stealthily at this moment. I don't know when will I come back next time."

    After throwing a glance at Zhang Tie, Feng Cangwu sighed helplessly, "If you don't want to be stealthy, it seems that I could only be the stealthy one. I've not imagined about such a day!"

    Zhang Tie made his face...

    Feng Cangwu then picked himself up from the chair. After that, he changed a set of clothes in his room and tousled his hair. He even covered a piece of black cloth on his face, making him look a bit embarrassed. He then threw a glance at Zhang Tie's figure. Closely after that, his bones cracked. Even his limbs turned as same as Zhang Tie. He then opened a window of the room. In the next second, he turned into a wisp of smoke, floated out of the window and entered the darkness...

    Zhang Tie just waited in Feng Cangwu's room quietly...

    After a few minutes, a shadow flew from afar and intended to land in Zhang manor's garden silently without radiating any light. Before he landed, he suddenly found something. Being shocked, he instantly shot back into the sky as fast as light...

    Closely after that, two lights chased after the shadow towards the north...

    The three lights disappeared in the sky in the blink of an eye.

    'What an elite of Heavens Fortune Sect!' Zhang Tie applauded inside.

    All the people in Zhang's manor were shocked while many of them walked out of their rooms...

    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie picked himself up and flicked his clothes. After that, he frankly walked out of Feng Cangwu's room...
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