Chapter 899: Breaking the Mental Obstacle

    Chapter 899: Breaking the Mental Obstacle

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    Zhang Tie frankly walked out of Feng Cangwu's private courtyard. A Long Wind guard who was patrolling in Zhang's manor caught sight of Zhang Tie immediately.

    The Long Wind guards had been shocked by the three lights. Although they didn't know what happened, they thought that Elder Mushen had returned. Whereas, they saw Zhang Tie walking towards them on the path...

    The Long Wind guards were struck dumb with astonishment.

    "Hard work!" Zhang Tie nodded towards a Long Wind guard who had forgotten to move.

    "Elder...Elder Mushen..." The guards had not responded to Zhang Tie's sudden appearance.

    Zhang Tie directly walked towards the main courtyard.

    After being still for a second, the Long Wind guards moved while the entire Zhang manor entered the supreme alertness at once.

    No matter how much Zhang Tie was wanted outside, Zhang Tie's authority and position could never be suspected in Huaiyuan Palace. Because Zhang Tie was still a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace.

    On the way, Zhang Tie met some servants, who were dumbfounded too.

    Zhang Tie was not afraid that some of them would betray him and had him arrested. If Zhang family or Huaiyuan Palace could not control these people, they'd better roll out of here.

    Additionally, he wouldn't stay too long at home.

    The entire Zhang family had walked out of the main courtyard and looked up at the sky.

    "Has...Guoguo come back just now?" Zhang Tie's mom asked in a 'trembling' voice as she looked up at the profound sky with tearful eyes...

    Zhang Tie's three kids were clenching their fists and watching the sky. They couldn't wait to fly right now.

    Zhang Yang, Zhang Tie's elder sisters-in-law and Zhang Tie's wives were watching the sky with complicated looks.

    "Ahem...ahem..." After hearing Zhang Tie's familiar coughs, the entire family was shocked as they turned around and threw their glances at the flower corridor on the side of the main courtyard.

    "Papa..." Zhang Chenglei, Zhang Chengting and Zhang Chengpei rushed towards Zhang Tie like three cubs.

    Zhang Tie showed himself out of the shadow of the flower corridor and cradled the three kids at once.

    As for the Zhang family, they didn't doubt whether this Zhang Tie was real or not. Because Zhang Tie's invisible qi field, feeling of familiarity and cordial feeling could not be disguised by anyone else. Even though Zhang Tie was wearing a mask, his family members could still identify him based on his coughs.

    Touching the three boys' heads, Zhang Tie looked at his family members and smiled, "Just now, Feng Cangwu has induced away the two knights of Supreme Court from our manor, we have 2 hours!"

    "Hurry, hurry up, enter the room..." Zhang Tie's dad said in a 'trembling' voice.

    After they returned to the main courtyard, Zhang Yang called the butler of Zhang manor and whispered something to him. The butler nodded with a solemn look. After bowing towards Zhang Tie, he silently left there...


    Zhang Tie held his parents' hands and wanted to stay with his parents for a few minutes in a study on the second floor of the main courtyard while the other family members were waiting outside.

    When his family members found that Zhang Tie was safe and sound, they were all very thrilled and happy; especially Zhang Tie's parents. Zhang Tie felt that his parents were tightly seizing his hands by their trembling hands.

    The door of the study was closed, leaving 3 people inside.

    "Guoguo...are...are you alright? Neither your dad nor I believe that you could do such an evil thing..." Zhang Tie's mom hadn't moved her eyes away from Zhang Tie's face since he appeared, "Have you been hurt these days? Are you hungry? Have you eaten something?"

    Zhang Tie's dad also looked Zhang Tie up and down with a concerned expression...

    Both Zhang Tie's dad and mom knew that it was more dangerous than being on the battlefield in the subcontinent by being wanted by the Supreme Court of Taixia Country.

    Watching their concerned looks and hearing mom's questions, Zhang Tie almost cried.

    In the Zhang family, studies were like backrooms. The building and decorative materials of this study could insulate sounds pretty well. As long as it was closed from inside, outsiders wouldn't know what happened inside.

    "Mom, dad, I'm fine. I'm safe and sound. I want to tell you that I will be fine wherever I am. Don't worry about me!" Zhang Tie comforted his parents, "Especially you, mom. You always worry about my safety. This time, I want you to know that your son will be safe and sound even if all the knights in the world are hunting me!"

    "I believe that...I believe that..." Zhang Tie's mom nodded as she dropped off tears.

    Zhang Tie knew that his mom was still worried about him all the time even though she said she wouldn't. Because of concerns, she looked more haggard lately.

    "Dad, mom, relax. Hold my hands. I will show you a place..." Zhang Tie made his determination.

    "Argh? Are you leaving now? Didn't you say that you would stay here for 2 hours?" Zhang Tie's dad asked...

    The moment Zhang Tie's dad finished his words, the three people had disappeared from the room...


    After almost 40 minutes, Zhang Tie held his parents' hands and reappeared in the room.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's parents looked extremely wonderful. Zhang Tie's dad raised his head and looked around the familiar study as if he had been there for the first time. Meanwhile, he stammered, "Time tunnel...it's like passing a time tunnel..."

    In the next second, the three people disappeared once again. After a few minutes, they reappeared...

    After traversing the time tunnel twice, Zhang Tie's parents had recovered their composure as they all watched Zhang Tie with weird looks.

    "Dad and mom, you already know that I will be fine wherever I am. Without such an ability, I've long died hundreds of times. I was fine before. I would be fine in the future!" Zhang Tie explained while an exotic yet powerful spiritual energy silently deepened into his parents' subconsciousness, which could prevent his parents from revealing this secret to anyone.

    "Will...will you come back?" Zhang Tie's mom asked without any concern. She was just missing Zhang Tie.

    "I won't in a short period. But I will definitely come back to see you. Additionally, as the one who framed me is too powerful, who could not even be resisted by Huaiyuan Palace, I need to improve my battle strength as soon as possible so as to respond to the possible crises. Therefore, dad and mom, you don't need to worry about me. I'm just going to cultivate myself for a long time. If you could enjoy food and drinks and have a good sleep at home, I will have no concern anymore. Otherwise, you would make me absent-minded! Now, you've known that our Zhang family would have a way to escape no matter how the holy war would proceed. Therefore, you should completely be reassured..."

    After throwing a glance at each other, Zhang Tie's mom and dad let out a sigh and nodded to each other seriously...


    Although Zhang Tie stayed with his parents in the study a bit long, the others outside the study didn't complain about that. Everyone knew that Zhang Tie was filial obedient. After leaving home this time, they didn't know after how long would Zhang Tie meet his parents again...

    The door of the study finally opened. Zhang Tie's dad and mom then walked out of there.

    Zhang Yang felt his dad and mom looked completely different; especially his mom, who looked spirited all over and had recovered her composure as usual.

    Zhang Tie's mom threw a glance at Zhang Yang, "Zhang Yang, go talk with your brother for a short while inside..."


    After entering the study for over 20 minutes, Zhang Yang also walked out of it with a calm look. He then called Zhang Tie's wives in...


    In 1 more hour's rapid flight, Feng Cangwu had already led the two powerhouses from Supreme Court far away from Zhang manor.

    As an elite in Heavens Fortune Sect, Feng Cangwu flew as fast as the light with a constant qi, which was far better than common black iron knights.

    The two powerhouses from Supreme Court were not average either. They mastered a special combined flying ability. When they flew closely one after another, their battle qis were connected tightly and gradually mixed with each other. Their speed was not slower than that of Feng Cangwu; later on, they even caught up with Feng Cangwu. Even though Feng Cangwu could move and dodge flexibly, the distance between him and the two powerhouses was gradually narrowed.

    The two powerhouses joined hands and blocked Feng Cangwu's way with a purple battle qi net. It could almost match the power of an earth knight.

    The two powerhouses from Supreme Court were really sharp. Their combined striking skill was unrivaled.

    Feng Cangwu felt that they were already far away from Zhang manor; therefore, he released a dignified qi once again.

    "Why are you chasing after me?" Feng Cangwu hid his battle qi luster and pull off his black mask forcefully.

    "Feng Cangwu?" The two knights immediately stopped at the sight of Feng Cangwu, "Why?"

    "Zhang's family is in dilemma, I was paying a visit to the Zhang family and just wanted to try the vigilance of the guards of Zhang's manor; I've not imagined that you two could catch up with me!" Feng Cangwu looked at the two knights who almost looked same as he tossed back his hair, revealing a smile, "I've long heard that you two are famous twin criminal hunters called nets above and snare below. Your combined striking skills are unrivaled in the world and could almost match earth knights. You must be the two famous criminal hunters who scare off so many big criminals on the wanted list!"

    "Sh*t, we're trapped!"

    Heavens Fortune Sect would almost never miss it whoever they wanted to trap.

    The two famous criminal hunters' faces turned purple at the same time. With a roar in unison, they turned around and flew back towards Golden Light City.


    After his wives left the study, Zhang Tie called in his three sons...

    Touching their heads, Zhang Tie told them, "Remember, from today on, you three brothers are already little tough men. Since you lit your first surging points, you've already grown up. Am I clear?"

    Raising their little heads, the three boys nodded forcefully in front of Zhang Tie.

    "Dad, mom said you were framed. You have to leave us, is that real?" Zhang Chenglei asked before biting his lips.

    "It's real. Someone did the bad things and framed your dad. They framed your dad as the bad guy. Therefore, dad has to leave you for the time being. When he grows stronger, he will be able to fight the real bad guys and protect you. If dad stays with you, the bad guys might hurt you and your moms. Therefore, dad could only leave home. Later on, you should take care of your moms and your younger brothers and sisters. Am I clear?"

    The three little guys' eyes turned red...

    Zhang Chengting gritted his teeth as he clenched his little fist and suddenly uttered, "Dad, if we could defeat the bad guys, you will not leave home, right?"

    "When you grow as sharp as your dad, your dad will not leave you anymore. Remember your dad's words, dad doesn't request you to be a good person but you should never be bad guys. When you're alive, you need to enjoy yourselves. However, no matter how you enjoy yourselves, you should not hurt those who have nothing to do with you and are weaker than you. The stronger you are, the more you need to learn how to respect those weaker living beings. You improve yourselves only to keep a humble and common heart, do you understand?"

    The three little guys nodded as if they've understood that. However, they bore Zhang Tie's words in mind.


    Holding his sons' hands, Zhang Tie walked out of the study and bid a farewell to his elder sisters-in-law and the other family members.

    After a few minutes, before the two lights arrived at Golden Light City from the skyline, Zhang Tie finished his farewell to his family members. After kissing the faces of his three sons and five wives, he rose up and accelerated towards the Embracing Tiger City as fast as a lightning bolt.

    Closely followed by the two lights from the skyline...


    Half an hour later, the open water of Golden Light City...

    Zhang Tie directly dove into the sea. 2 minutes later, the other two lights dove into the sea too...

    After 1 hour, two lights flew out of the sea which was hundreds of miles away from where they entered it. After loitering there a few hours in vain, they finally left...
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