Chapter 902: Zhang Ties New Plan

    Chapter 902: Zhang Tie's New Plan

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    After leaving Liuying Town on the evening of June 7th, Zhang Tie arrived at Ailian City which was 3,500 miles away from Liuying Town on June 9th at a medium speed.

    Ailian City was a Class A city, which was the traffic hub that linked Yongzhou Province to the western provinces in Taixia Country.

    That was to say, people could buy air tickets to arrive at any province in the west part of Taixia Country from Ailian City.

    Zhang Tie was going to Force Province.

    Being in the northwest of Taixia Country, Force Province was almost 150,000 miles away from Yongzhou Province.

    As one of the 36 upper provinces in Taixia Country, Force Province was an important military province in Taixia Country. The entrance leading to earth-elements realm was in Force Province.

    Even in the entire human world, Force Province was one of the most outstanding human places, not to mention in Taixia Country.

    Each of the top four forces in Taixia Country had powerful troops in Force Province. Besides, there were over 1.5 billion regular soldiers in Force Province. That was how it got its name.

    The airline from Ailian City in Yongzhou Province to Force Province was operated only once a week. When Zhang Tie arrived at Ailian City, 3 more days were left for the second airship to set off. Zhang Tie spent 268 gold coins to buy a ship ticket of a super deluxe berth cabin from Ailian City to Force Province. After that, he settled down in a hotel in the west airport of Ailian City and started to cultivate there.

    The Purgatory Samsara confirmed Zhang Tie's guess--in ancient times, besides elements-gathering matrix, people have developed a method to absorb four elements in a higher efficiency.

    After getting hang of the Purgatory Samsara, Zhang Tie increased his absorption efficiency by 3 times at once. Previously, it took Zhang Tie 2 hours to use up an earth-elements crystal; now, it only took him half an hour to use up one high-quality earth-elements crystal.

    Of course, such a high efficiency was based on the effect of his 18 spiritual hands at the same time. Besides Zhang Tie, nobody else might be able to absorb earth-elements crystals at such an amazing speed. Even his master Zhao Yuan might not do it. Such a powerful one mind-for-various purposes skill was exclusive to Zhang Tie.

    At such a high efficiency, Zhang Tie could absorb above 40 earth-elements crystals each day on the premise of making his full efforts in cultivation. In this condition, Zhang Tie could light one scale in about 8 days. Due to the sudden increase in cultivation speed and consumption of earth-elements crystals, Zhang Tie finally saw a ray of hope in forming the tricky second chakra of King Roc Sutra.

    Zhang Tie's total stockpile of earth-elements crystals were over 9,000 which couldn't afford him to light 30 scales. Even though he used up all the crystals that he had, it was still a long way to go before lighting the second chakra. Therefore, Zhang Tie chose to have a try in the earth-elements realm.

    Actually, it would only take Zhang Tie over 10 days to fly to Force Province from Yongzhou Province himself; however, Zhang Tie didn't want to make trouble at such a critical moment. Therefore, he chose the airship.

    It would take the fastest public airship in Taixia Country almost 4 months to arrive at Force Province from Yongzhou Province, plus the supplying time in the way. Zhang Tie planned to cultivate during this period.

    On June 12th, after absorbing over 120 earth-elements crystals in 3 days, Zhang Tie checked out the room in the early morning and came to the underground entrance of his airship on time.

    There was only one tunnel leading to the ground. Two beautiful stewardesses were checking tickets at the entrance of the tunnel.

    It was not a long queue in the tunnel. Zhang Tie's height and figure made him very eye-catching the moment he arrived there.

    "Sir, please show me your air ticket!"

    When it was Zhang Tie's turn, Zhang Tie passed his super deluxe air ticket to the stewardess while watching her sweet smile.

    After checking it, the stewardess punched a hole in the ticket and gave it back to Zhang Tie. Meanwhile, she reminded Zhang Tie, "Please keep your ticket. Before the airship set off, there's one more checkpoint in the airship!"

    Zhang Tie nodded in a handsome way.

    "Do you need check-in luggage?" The stewardess asked Zhang Tie while throwing a glance at the simple military luggage in Zhang Tie's hand.

    Although the military luggage was not small, it was like a kid's schoolbag in Zhang Tie's hand.

    Of course, Zhang Tie carried his space-teleportation item; however, it was too eye-catching; especially for a knight who was not famous. Additionally, in case of trouble, Zhang Tie didn't show his space-teleportation item. Instead, he just carried a military luggage which contained some clothes and spare shoes. Even though knights had to prepare spare clothes in case of scaring people away by stink after being treated as a beggar. Now that he didn't want to show his space-teleportation item, Zhang Tie had to carry these necessities.

    "No need, thanks!"

    "If so, please board the airship from this side. Your cabin berth is Heavenly No. 17. Bon Voyage!"

    Holding the luggage, Zhang Tie walked to the ground through the tunnel.

    Right on the ground, there was a huge blue hard-type airship at the exit of the tunnel.

    It was so huge that even the fury-level airship of Huaiyuan Palace was only as large as half of it. Additionally, compared to that of the fury-level airship, this airship's air sac was very special. Common air sacs would look full after being filled with gas; however, this air sac shrunk with wrinkles on its surface like that of the bellows of an accordion.

    Zhang Tie watched this airship for a while.

    This was the most technical airship in the world--vacuum airship.

    The air sac of common airship would usually be filled with a gas which was lighter than air; however, the air sac of vacuum airship was in the vacuum state. It flew by the floating effect caused by the vacuum air sac.

    Besides a greater loading capacity, vacuum airships could fly longer than common airships. Of course, it required more advanced technologies. In this age, besides Taixia Country, no other human countries could produce vacuum airship. Facing the fierce competition of the airship manufacturing industry in Taixia Country, Zhang Ping's small airship factory had to go bankrupt.

    After watching the huge airship for a short while, Zhang Tie entered the cabin with his luggage...
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