Chapter 904: What Rolling Thunders!

    Chapter 904: What Rolling Thunders!

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    What a Force Province!

    After leaving the airship for less than 20 minutes, Zhang Tie had seen at least 10 knights in the sky; most of whom just passed by him while two flew towards northwest like him.

    The knights didn't feel strange seeing their same kind, it was just like encountering each other on the road by car. Therefore, they didn't hail each other; instead, they just hurried on with their own journey.

    Besides knights, as Zhang Tie flew towards west, he saw more and more battle airships in the sky.

    Huge battle fortresses, barracks and panzer groups running in the wild could be seen everywhere below.

    When Zhang Tie was in Selnes Theater of Operations, the crystal battle fortress of Jinyun Country was the largest one over there; however, at this moment, right below Zhang Tie's feet, Zhang Tie could see bigger battle fortresses in every 70 miles. Those bigger and grimmer battle fortresses were like wild beasts crawling on the ground quietly. Airships would land in the battle fortresses time to time.

    During the sunset, the afterglow in the skyline turned more brilliant...

    After about 2 hours of flight, Zhang Tie "leisurely" traversed almost 1,000 miles, As more and more knights appeared in the sky, Zhang Tie knew that he had arrived at his destination.

    A huge floating airboat flew 1,000 m above Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie turned around and saw 4 men and 2 women standing on the prow and looking into the distance.

    The 6 people looked distinctive. Some were carrying a crossbow and bolts, some were carrying a sword. With a profound qi, they were looking into the distance and talking about something.

    The floating airboat didn't move too fast while a huge flag was swaying in the wind in the middle of the airboat with two huge characters on it--...

    Zhang Tie was shocked for a short while, "Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace?"

    It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that he could meet a top clan surnamed Zhang.

    Given the airboat which was not smaller than the exclusive vehicle of Commander Cheng, Zhang Tie knew that Zhang family of Tianlu Palace must be something.

    Zhang Tie turned around and looked at that huge airboat. After sensing Zhang Tie's sight, the 6 people on the prow turned around at the same time and threw a glance at Zhang Tie. After finding that Zhang Tie was nothing special but a sturdy figure with a bald head, they just ignored him.

    At this moment, more and more knights appeared in the sky. Within Zhang Tie's sight, Zhang Tie could see over 20 knights flying ahead together with him.

    Another airboat flew towards him from afar...


    After flying another 10 minutes, Zhang Tie sensed the increasingly stronger ascending, whirling thermal current, which had completely broken the limit of the ascending thermal currents caused by geographical features on the ground.

    Except for knights and airboats, no airship could stand still in such a severe environment.

    Those who liked gliders and were not afraid of death could have a try here.

    After sensing the thermal current, the airboats and knights ahead of Zhang Tie ascended to above 15,000 m high from thousands of meters high at the same time...

    Right on the ground below, Zhang Tie caught sight of a pitch dark entrance leading to the underground world.

    The entrance was so large that its diameter was over 150 miles. From a height, it looked like a huge funnel. Compared to it, the entrance of Dragon Cave was like a sesame to a millstone...

    As Zhang Tie had learned, it was the entrance to the earth-elements realm...

    This huge funnel was breathing; precisely exhaling.

    A thermal current was blowing out of the huge funnel-sized black hole, causing changes in the air within tens of thousands square miles. Right in the center of the huge entrance, a cyclone covering 70 square miles was swirling in an anti-clock manner like a hurricane, which was very shocking.

    Standing above 10,000 m in the air, Zhang Tie looked around and found 3 airboats and over 100 black spots in the surroundings above 10,000 m, all of whom were looking down at the entrance of the cyclone quietly and waiting for the possible chance to enter it, including Zhang Tie.

    Coincidentally, the floating airboat of the Zhang family of Tianlu Palace was also hovering not far from Zhang Tie.


    The thermal current was constantly blowing out of the entrance of the earth-elements realm. After reaching the highest point in the troposphere, they dispersed in all directions. causing no cloud within square miles.

    Before the catastrophe, when everybody was cheated by lies, it was very difficult for a commoner to believe that this planet was hollow and could breathe itself while its surface could lead to another world in its depth. The current scene could only be seen at the poles of this planet at specific moments, which could never be touched by commoners. Even aircrafts were forbidden in the areas where people could catch sight of the underground tunnels from a height. The limited number of major countries which knew this secret had blocked the poles and divided their own territories. They then stealthily explored another underground world in the name of studying climates and glaciers.

    The existence of the underground world had been a shared secret among major countries.

    Watching the present scene and recalling the history before the Catastrophe, Zhang Tie felt that humans before the Catastrophe were too innocent. The limited number of major countries invested in a lot of money and personnel and forbade people in only for studying the climate change and changes in glaciers in the depopulated zone hundreds of millions years ago and making explorations in geology and resources? However, most of the people believed in it. Didn't they think that those who entered the poles in the name of scientific research might want to do some other researches such as making an exploration nearby the entrance of the underground world or contacting some intelligent beings and forces in the underground world?

    As the sun gradually set, the cyclone in the huge entrance also started to decline...

    More knights and airboats arrived.

    Among those later knights, a woman in a bright-colored imperial dress started to look around, the moment she arrived here. At the sight of Zhang Tie's sturdy back, her eyes shone. Closely after that, she floated towards Zhang Tie like a red cloud.


    "Brother, are you going to the earth-elements realm?"

    After hearing the word "brother", Zhang Tie almost fell down. After sniffing the fragrant breeze, Zhang Tie turned around as he saw an extremely sexy woman standing on his side, who was watching him with a sweet smile in a pair of charming and watery eyes.

    Her skin was as white as milk. In a red, hot imperial dress and a peony-shaped bun, she had a nice nose and petite mouth. The bra covered 3/4 of her "huge white rabbits", making them tight and plump. As a result, Zhang Tie's interest was aroused.

    'F*ck, am I attending the palace ball or heading to kill demons in the earth-elements realm?' Zhang Tie muttered. After looking around, he found this woman was talking to him.

    'Brother?' It was Zhang Tie's first time to hear a female knight calling him in such a sloppy manner.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie faintly heard two women's cold harrumphs from the airboat of the Zhang family of Tianlu Palace. When a woman disliked the other one, she would never conceal her feeling. Evidently, this woman was not on the side of the other two women on the airboat.

    Growing up among so many women, after throwing a glance at this women, Zhang Tie had caught an information and indication from the eyes and qi of this woman which could only be identified by experienced guys.

    Zhang Tie caught the same information and indication from that beautiful female first lieutenant's eyes when he returned to Blackhot City last time.

    However, this woman was far better than that female first lieutenant in terms of both look and figure.

    Touching his bald head in an amazed look, Zhang Tie thought, 'It'd be acceptable if I were a handsome toyboy or in my original look. I've not imagined that my current look is still attractive. What the hell--a beauty and a wild beast or a tough man and a sexy woman?'

    As the woman revealed a sweet smile, Zhang Tie had to force a smile too.

    He then nodded, "Right, I'm heading for the earth-elements realm!"

    "That's great. I'm going to the earth-elements realm too. I've not been there before. Therefore, I'm a bit scared. Can you take me there, brother?" Just be my partner..." The woman asked as she moved closer to Zhang Tie in a tender way.

    Although knight's real age had nothing to do with their look; especially for female knights, after hearing the woman who might be his grandma calling him brother, Zhang Tie's fine hair stood at once while he quivered all over at the same time.

    --Shameless--the two female knights on the airboat replied with a cold harrumph at the same time before turning around.

    --Junior sister apprentices, don't be angry, people are always different although they eat the same food--a man on the airboat opened his mouth in a mild way.

    "Do you bear **ing?" Zhang Tie asked in a loud, coarse tone.

    "What?" The woman asked as she blinked her eyes as if she didn't understand Zhang Tie's question, "What do you mean..."

    "I mean, can you bear being **ed by me naked on the bed?" Zhang Tie raised his voice at once as he started to look this woman up and down with hot eyes like selecting slaves in the slave market, "I like women who could bear **ing. I don't care whether you have various gestures on the bed; they are useless; the key is that you should bear **ing. If not, please don't waste my time in case of getting me bored on the bed!"

    'What rolling thunders!'

    After hearing Zhang Tie's question, tens of thousands of thunders rolled over. As a result, it became quiet in the surroundings in a split second. Even the man who had opened his mouth on the airboat started to cough heavily like having been choked up by his own saliva...

    The beauty in the imperial dress changed her face greatly. Even though she was open, she had not encountered any man who dared ask this question the moment he uttered. Even if her face was 10 times thicker, she could not "bear" this question either...

    Zhang Tie broke her bottom line in a split second...

    This woman had met someone who had a low emotion quotient and could burn lyre to cook red-crowned crane; however, this one directly cleaned his butt by peony blossoms...

    "I was...I was just asking you the way...how...how could you...be so rude, shameless!" The beauty in the imperial dress swung her sleeves and directly flew away without even throwing a glance at Zhang Tie...

    "Young sister, young sister, don't leave..." Zhang Tie shouted.

    After hearing the appellation "Young sister", the woman quivered all over and accelerated her speed away...

    After it became quiet once again. Zhang Tie hushed.

    After sensing the weird atmosphere in the surroundings, Zhang Tie turned around and saw that those men and women on the airboat beside him were watching him with dumbfounded looks.

    Zhang Tie exposed his teeth towards them, the two women who had replied with cold harrumphs instantly turned pale as they hurriedly turned around. Even the entire airboat moved a bit farther from Zhang Tie...

    When a person reached a degree in a certain aspect, he would be unrivaled in the world.


    The sun finally set while the cyclone at the huge entrance of the cave disappeared. After that, it gradually turned darker, a great suction came into being in the cave together with a new hurricane which revolved in a clock-wise manner. The air in the sky then started to pour into the cave...

    A black spot rushed downwards as fast as a light, closely followed by all the other black spots and airboats in the sky, including Zhang Tie...
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