Chapter 909: The Inscription on the Gravestone of the Despicable--Excerpt 2

    Chapter 909: The Inscription on the Gravestone of the Despicable--Excerpt 2

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    When I saw Mary last time, she was more beautiful than ever. After I left the fighting club for a few hours, everything had changed.

    That woman might have not fully understood the significance of the status of an officer of Norman Empire in a place being occupied by Norman Empire.

    The young master of Gregory family didn't know about that a few hours ago; however, he understood it too after a few hours.

    It was too late that night while almost nobody could be seen on the streets. The night wind felt chilly.

    Quivering all over, Mary stood in front of my apartment like a princess who was going to attend a ball and a gift being wrapped by a crystal bobtail. Together with her was Pawano the old butler of Gregory family. The old man looked elegant and meticulous in a black swallowtail.

    In the eyes of commoners in Blackhot City, the status of the butler of Gregory family was paramount, which could shatter a commoner's life and family easily.

    On behalf of Gregory family, Pavano apologized to me a few hours ago and expressed that Mary was Gregory family's gift to me.

    Under the gaze of the dignified old butler, Mary quivered and stammered what I expected her to say in front of me, which was shameful for a woman.

    Previously, I thought that I should be pleasant at that moment; however, when that woman entered my apartment and dropped her tears like a lamb entering the slaughterhouse, I found that I was not cold-blooded enough; neither could I gain any sense of achievement or pleasant sensation from her sadness and despair.

    Actually, when I saw her standing outside my apartment, I had already forgiven her. The conflict between me and her was a bit ridiculous--when a woman was selling her youth and beautiful look at a high price in the counter, all of a sudden, she received the inquiry of a poor lad. Being afraid of lowering her level, of course, the woman would feel disgusting. Her reply to me at that moment could be simply translated as "You cannot afford me!" It was more straightforward than being impolite. Just like how one was forbidden in a high-end restaurant in shabby clothes.

    It had nothing to do with self-esteem; it was just a matter of personal habit.

    I thought it through. Therefore, I made a cup of liquor for her to make her warm up. Under her unbelievable eyes, I even apologized to her for my rude behavior in the fighting club. We were on a tie.

    That evening, I told her to sleep overnight in the guest room of my apartment. I slept in my own bedroom.

    When I woke up on the second morning, I found she had gone, leaving a sentence on the glass of my guest room by her lipstick--Thank you, but I hate you!

    By then, I realized that women were like strange animals. Sometimes, when you wanted to have sex with her, she would feel being insulted; sometimes, when you didn't want to have sex with her, she would feel being insulted too.

    I felt that women were all sick.

    The more beautiful the woman was, the sicker she would be.



    Later on, I didn't see her anymore even though I left Waii Subcontinent after the blackhot City and Norman Empire were ruined by demons.

    To tell the truth, I had to appreciate her. It was she who drove me forward.

    Later on, I learned from another woman whom I loved yet finally lost that--One would feel happy with the beloved one on your side; one would grow mature after losing the beloved one. No matter whether one could gain or lose one's love, just take it a blessing in one's life.

    Mary was a blessing in my life.

    Therefore, no matter whether she could read this article or not, I have to bless her and hope her to meet the one who could indeed treasure her and buy her away in terms of happiness.

    Until I came to Taixia Country did I understand another truth--not everything that one loses is a blessing.

    If you treated losing something as a blessing, you've already relieved your vigilance. Someone would set a fatal trap for you by this blessing.



    When I fought demons fiercely in Selnes Theater of Operations of Waii Subcontinent and insisted on fighting them in the north of Kalay Mountain Range of Waii Subcontinent after the defense line of Selnes Theater of Operations was collapsed, my family members had safely and smoothly arrived at Yingzhou Province, Taixia Country and settled down in Fuhai City for the time being.

    I have 3 babies.

    The marriage between Fan family's daughter and I was also engaged by our parents on both sides at that moment.



    On March 2nd, the 900th year of Black Iron Calendar, my family members bid a farewell to me in the Zhang manor in Golden Light City, waiting for me to marry the daughter of Director Fan's daughter in Fuhai City, Yingzhou Province.

    With my excellent performance on inflicting heavy losses in the Heavenly Reaching Church and in the competition for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province, the name of Zhang Tie, Zhang Mushen, the dean of provincial court in Youzhou Province spread out of Youzhou Province for the first time. My mother said that Fan family was urging the marriage.

    As for such an engagement, the male party could not feel sorry for the female party; additionally, the female had waited for me so many years. This marriage was destined to be accomplished.

    I was too ambitious and pleasant at that moment because I didn't fall in the wrestle with the Gobbling Party and the demons.

    I just took this journey to Yingzhou as a chance to relax myself.

    I had not seen the look of Director Fan's daughter. Whatever, as long as she was virtuous and not ugly.

    In the last few years in Waii Subcontinent, the all-purpose medicament produced by Zhang family played a great role in the holy war. It was even taken as strategical storage and hard currency by many countries. Therefore, I intended to extend the business of Jinwu Business Group in Yingzhou Province by chance. As the old saying went, benefits should always be kept for one's own people, now that I would marry the daughter of Director Fan, Fan family would be our ideal agency in Yingzhou Province for selling all-purpose medicament. I went there with 200,000 vials of all-purpose medicament as a gift.

    As it was a personal affair, I didn't keep it a secret. Therefore, the moment I left Youzhou Province, those who paid attention to me should have known it.



    The moment I arrived at Fuhai City, I was told that the Gobbling Party had a very great influence in Yingzhou Province.

    When I arrived at Fuhai City, I lived in the Heavenly No. 7 suite of Guanlanhu Hotel in Fuhai City. The moment I prepared to take a rest, a head of the Morality Association of the Gobbling Party in Fuhai City called Yang Yushan had arrived at the hotel and intended to pay a visit to me.

    I knew it was a threat. Therefore, I felt sick.

    After ignoring Yang Yushan for a few hours, I finally received him.

    Until now, I could still tell you frankly that I disliked him even though that guy was already dead.

    The moment Yang Yushan saw me, he had started to blame me for being ill-mannered.

    I was a knight; Yang Yushan was not even a LV 9 fighter. How could a guy below LV 9 blame a knight for being ill-mannered the moment he saw the latter? Is this the etiquette advocated by the Gobbling Party? How audacious he was! How could a guy who was not even qualified to raise shoes for a knight on the battlefield blame a knight in a domineering manner in the name of the Gobbling Party?

    Except for Taixia Country, which head of a nongovernmental organization below LV 9 could blame a knight across all the human countries?

    Ignoring one's respect; offending the superiors; borrowing power to do evil. If such a Gobbling Party could represent the heavenly laws, the heavenly laws are nothing but sh*t in my eyes.

    Yang Yushan brought me the solution of the conflict between the Gobbling Party and I--I had to join the Gobbling Party and take responsibility for rebuilding the morality association in Youzhou Province as the head of new morality association in Youzhou Province on behalf of the Gobbling Party.

    As the offspring of Lord Huaiyuan, I gave Yang Yushan a solution too--tell the leaders of the Gobbling Party to kowtow three times in front of the memorial tablet of Lord Huaiyuan and admit that they were wrong loudly before dissolving the Gobbling Party!

    You wanted to bargain with me or boast with me?



    It was not a compromise, it was just a plan that the force of the Gobbling Party in Yingzhou Province made to smack my face.

    If you were me, would you promise him?

    Of course, Yang Yushan left angrily.

    Soon after Yang Yushan left, I had received a message from Director Fan's mansion--Director Fan felt uncomfortable. He didn't want to see me tomorrow.

    I had already foreboded that this marriage might be ruined at that moment.


    2 days later, I went to see Director Fan in his mansion.

    As I had predicted, this marriage was ruined.

    Facing the great stress of the Gobbling Party, Fan family in Yingzhou Province chose to break off the engagement. I was not shocked by such a result at all. As an elder of Huaiyuan Palace, I knew what a choice clan would make in this situation--Unless being foolish, the clan elders would never agree with such an engagement at the risk of standing on the opposite side of the Gobbling Party.

    I understood Fan family's choice very well.

    However, it didn't mean that I was happy.

    Although being infuriated at that moment, I didn't feel ill. I was infuriated about being smacked by the Gobbling Party in Fuhai City. I didn't feel ill because I had not seen the daughter of Director Fan at all. That woman was just a strange symbol in my mind. I didn't involve any affection in her. To be honest, after experiencing so many things, although it's a bit shameless and exaggerated to say I've read a lot of women, I was not that innocent teenager who would feel depressed because of a woman's words in the fighting club anymore.

    I just felt that a good business was blown by someone; of course, I would revenge the one who had blown the good business.

    After staying in Fan Mansion a few minutes and making Director Fan reassured, I had left Fan Mansion. After that, I went to the Morality Association in Fuhai City and smacked their face.

    As the old saying went, it's never too late for a gentleman to revenge. However, if the target was right in front of me, I would think about revenging him all day long.

    It was a loud smack on the Morality Association in Fuhai City. Outside the pavilion of Morality Association, I stomped to the ground in front of the backbones of the Morality Association three times, collapsing the pavilion. Two people of Qin family were in the Morality Association, Qin Wu and the young master of Qin family.

    When the group of people was escaping in an embarrassed way, I burst out into laughter. After leaving Fuhai City, I felt a bit pleasant as I had already revenged the Gobbling Party.

    I was just forced to break off the engagement with a woman whom I had not met at all. It was nothing serious for me.

    It's hard to get a lover in the world.

    I treat the power as sh*t and ignore the ridicule of the powerful ones.

    You're just passers in my life, I will not return when I leave.

    If I could marry beloved ones, I prefer to be a farmer.

    I will graze cattle in the morning and come back with wildflowers.

    Inserting flowers on your grey hair, I will watch the sunglow together with you.
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