Chapter 910: The Inscription on the Gravestone of the Despicable--Excerpt 3

    Chapter 910: The Inscription on the Gravestone of the Despicable--Excerpt 3

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    In a split second, I saw a person as same as me and the one whom I had been chased all the way there from the airship being engulfed by black flames. The two people soon reduced to ashes. My heart froze at once. Before I recovered from the sudden shock, Qin Wu and the other two knights had appeared in the air and started to launch an attack towards me!

    Besides Qin Wu, I even didn't know who were the other two knights, why they appeared there and attacked me.

    I asked Qin Wu the reason.

    Qin Wu wanted to kill me for the late young master of Qin family.

    When I collapsed the pavilion of the Morality Association, Qin Wu and his young master were both there; however, until I left Fuhai City, I didn't hear that anyone was killed by the falling pavilion. Why would Qin Wu kill me for the death of his young master?

    I felt something was wrong!

    Especially when I recalled the one who looked as same as me and suddenly reduced to ashes in front of me.

    I realized that I might've fallen into a terrifying trap.

    I didn't want to fight a knight of Taixia Country to death, as I defended Qin Wu's mad attack, I kept retreating.

    I thought that Qin Wu was fulfilling his responsibilities as an employed elder of Qin clan; however, the fact was that I made a ridiculous fault.

    When your opponent suddenly exerted his utmost efforts to attack you with boiling battle qi, you had to launch a counter-attack so as to protect yourself; however, in a split second, the knight who was having a close combat with you removed his protective battle qi and moved closer to your punch on purpose, have you met that?

    I met that. That was what Qin Wu did to me. I wanted to defend his punch with my own punch; however, I punched his body into pieces. Actually, I've already removed 80% of my strength the moment I hit him. The remaining 20% of strength could only severely wound Qin Wu; however, Qin Wu revealed a weird fleer towards me before splitting into pieces.

    Qin Wu committed suicide. However, in that situation, all the other knights thought that Qin Wu was killed by me.

    The moment Qin Wu died, I had heard a roar "stop..." from the sky.

    Closely after that, a powerful earth knight launched an attack towards me.

    After Qin Wu's death, I lost my last chance to clarify my innocence.

    Until a furious earth knight wanted to kill me, I still didn't know why I suddenly mired in such a dilemma and was besieged by strange knights when I was eating hotpot in the airship. What made me more confused was that the earth knight said he was cleaning up the dreg for Huaiyuan Palace.

    I wanted to swear whether this father had abducted your daughter or dug your ancestral grave and where the motherf*cking did he come from.

    Later on, I knew that earth knight was Feng Yuelun the Cheji General of Yingzhou Province.

    However, with his one blow, I had been heavily wounded.

    Before his second blow arrived, I released an explosive light bomb from my portable space-teleportation equipment and escaped at the critical moment.


    I hid in a secret place as I didn't want to die out of no reason.

    After recovering my wounds, I changed a look and came to Fuhai City. I wanted to figure out what happened in Fuhai City after I left there and why I suddenly became a public enemy in Taixia Country.

    As to what happened later, you've already known.

    I also figured out why the two knights suddenly reduced to ashes in front of me.

    Is it ironical? I should learn what "I" did in Fuhai City from others.

    After that, I became a heinous wanted criminal, an abnormal guy who was possessed by the devil after being forced to break off the engagement with Fan family.

    There were all sorts of evidence about my crimes everywhere.

    However, I didn't have any evidence to prove my innocence. Just like how a lion falling into the trap could not have a ladder to climb out of there, I also couldn't prove that the one who made the crimes was not the real me.

    The two knights had been applied with the Bloody Demon Imitation Method; therefore, they suddenly reduced to ashes in front of me. I'm already satisfied to be attacked by a knight who has formed three chakras.

    However, I am not the criminal, no matter how similar he looked to me.


    Director Fan, as you're still alive, do you remember how that b*stard insulted your daughter?

    Although I was not at the scene, I'm sure that the criminal was not naked at that moment! Do you know why? Although he could imitate my look, he could not imitate my skin. As he didn't know whether I had a birthmark, scar or tattoo on my skin, he dared not expose his skin in case of any loophole.

    Neither did he leave any body liquid which could be used to authenticate his identity in case of any loophole. Therefore, I lost another chance to prove my innocence.

    Yes, I was possessed by the devil. I was lunatic. However, I stood to not ejaculate at that moment. Do you admire me?

    The b*stard penetrated through your left chest by his battle qi; however, as your heart was in the right chest, you finally survived. You were sure that the one was me because you saw his look; however, if I really wanted to kill you, I would never spare any chance for you to survive. Do you know the reason?

    Simply, since I joined Huaiyuan Palace and raided the demonized puppets in the Heavenly Cold City to the Selnes Theater of Operations, I had fought numerous demonized puppets and formed a battle habit, namely, If I wanted to kill someone, I would never attack his heart; instead I would shatter his main body into pieces so that he would completely lose his moving ability or directly chop off his head.

    This habit has already become my instinct just like my breath after fighting numerous demonized puppets. Common perforating wounds are not fatal to the demonized puppets. Only when you destroy their heads and main bodies could you kill them. Any veteran who has rich experience in fighting demonized puppets would form such a habit. Do you know how many demonized puppets have I killed in Heavenly Cold City, Selenes Theater of Operations and in the process of preventing the contingent of demonized puppets from moving southwards in Kalay Mountain Range?

    At least 500,000 demonized puppets. Believe it or not! At the cost of the lives of 500,000 demonized puppets, this habit has been deeply branded in my bones.

    As I've been possessed by the devil, I almost forgot how to kill people.

    I killed your whole family; however, I didn't take off my clothes when raping your daughter? When I was thrilled by your naked daughter, I didn't leave any semen fluid? I hated Fan family so much; however, I kept your body complete? Because that b*stard looked as same as me, I became the criminal? This is the so-called fatal evidence.


    Green Flute Hermit and the young elder of Lancang Sect, when you were attracted by the battle qi totem of Qin Wu and followed him to chase the criminal out of the Fuhai City, are you sure that the criminal was always in your sight? Whether Qin Wu was dominating the entire chasing process? Whether the criminal had gotten rid of your sight for a short while before you met me? Finally, through Qin Wu's search, you found me once again and started to launch an attack towards me without any hesitation, right?

    Because you chased the criminal all the way from Fuhai City to the wilderness, when you caught sight of me, you thought I was the very criminal. In that situation, you both thought that there wouldn't be any 2nd Zhang Tie, right?

    Therefore, I became the very criminal.


    General Feng, I knew you abhor evils as deadly foes; however, when you thought that you were purifying Huaiyuan Palace, have you considered why Qin Wu died the moment you arrived?

    When I "killed" Qin Wu, General Feng, Green Flute Hermit and the young elder of Lancang Sect were all enshrouded by the boiling battle qi of Qin Wu. You didn't see clearly how Qin Wu died at all. You only saw the final result--Qin Wu split into pieces.

    Undoubtedly, in your eyes, Qin Wu was killed by me.

    I was possessed by the devil; I became foolish too. After escaping out of Fuhai City, I got lost; however, I moved all the way towards your camp. Therefore, after receiving the notice from Fuhai City, the moment you left your camp by airboat, you had blocked me over 500 miles away from your camp.

    When in battle, the battle qi totems of knights could be seen from 350 miles away on a sunny day. Is it different than fighting and killing people outside your home?


    I didn't know why Qin Wu and the young master of Qin family suddenly appeared in Fuhai City, because the two people should be patrolling in Yulin City, the private city of Qin family. As Qin Wu said that the young master of Qin family was killed by me and I killed Qin Wu, therefore Qin family thought the young master of Qin family was killed by me.

    There was something wrong with Qin Wu!

    However, I couldn't prove it because he had committed suicide.

    I just want to remind the Qin family, as Qin Wu had served you for so many years, he must have known a lot of secrets of Qin family and participated in many actions of Qin family. You could completely trust Qin Wu; however, suppose Qin Wu was a member of demon or the Heavenly Breaking Church, do you know what he was going to do during these years and how many preparations had he made in Qin family?

    After coming to Taixia Country, my only enemy was the Heavenly Reaching Church and the Gobbling Party.


    Finally, I want to talk about the Gobbling Party. Fan family made the decision to break off the engagement with me under the great stress of the Gobbling Party. This is the cause of this tragedy. That night, why would Yang Yushan summon the backbones in Fuhai City after losing their face in the daytime and wait to be cleaned up by me? As a result, my crime was confirmed and Qin Wu had a chance to chase me out of Fuhai City.

    Grand tutor of the heir apparent, can you prove that this event is not a gunning test that the Gobbling Party designed to kill me?

    I believe that the Gobbling Party will never be so heinous because this has surpassed your bottom line after fighting Huaiyuan Palace for such a long time. I know that many members of the Gobbling Party expect me to die and uproot Huaiyuan Palace, however, this is not your style. You excel at evident plots, such as encouraging the imperial consorts in Xuanyuan Hill to attack me with words. You're thinking about catching a chance to shatter Huaiyuan Palace according to the rules in Taixia Country.

    However, can you prove that no member of the Gobbling Party has taken advantage of this event or colluded with the Heavenly Reaching Church or demons in this event?

    Of course, you don't need to prove it. Because you're the leader of the Gobbling Party, a heavenly knight in Taixia Country, the current grand tutor of the heir apparent and one of the top three lords in Taixia Country in the future. However, I'm just a fugitive, a guy who's lunatic and should not be trusted. You don't need to prove or make any response to my words. I'm just talking rubbish and framing you.


    When I inflicted heavy losses on the Heavens Breaking Church in Youzhou Province at the beginning of this year and killed Master Jiang, this shadow demon who might have hidden in Taixia Country so for many years uttered a pleasant and mad sentence before death--Your Hua people's doomsday is coming, I'm waiting for you in the hell.

    Only I heard this sentence at that moment. I thought it was just a curse from a demon who was going to die. Therefore, I didn't keep it in mind.

    After listening to his will, I stomped his head into pieces.

    Lately, his will always rang in my ears.


    A powerful knight who mastered the Bloody Demon Imitation Method and could not be resisted by the entire Huaiyuan Palace...

    A powerful force which could let Qin Wu frame me at the cost of his life...

    A terrifying force which knew that the heart of Director Fan was on his right chest through the official difference engine database of Yingzhou Province.

    A former dean of the provincial court of Youzhou Province suddenly became a hot figure on the wanted list of the Supreme Court of Taixia Country...

    A former gentleman suddenly became an abnormal devil...

    After coming to Taixia Country for half a year, what happened to me and what was exposed to me were completely out of my imagination.


    Being despicable is the passport of the despicable ones while being noble is the inscription on the gravestone of the noble ones.

    I'm despicable; however, I have no passport. If I was killed by the powerhouses of Taixia Country one day, this article would be the inscription on my gravestone.

    If there's one more Zhang Tie who proves that he has betrayed the humans and could not use his knight's crystal plate to contact the Mountain of Brightness or leave any words in the forum of the Mountain of Brightness, don't be too amazed, because it's not difficult for them.

    Who are they? Where are they hiding in?

    Besides being sure that they're malicious to Taixia Country, I knew nothing about them.

    Even if the sky collapsed, someone would support it for us;

    I have fallen into the pit and almost been buried alive. Even though I tried my best to jump out, I could only make this far.

    Well, that's all I want to say. As I have some strength left, I'm going to escape from the rest of the world...
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