Chapter 911: Leaving the Knights Tower

    Chapter 911: Leaving the Knight's Tower

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    "If I could marry beloved ones, I prefer to be a farmer.

    I will graze cattle in the morning and come back with wildflowers.

    Inserting flowers on your grey hair, I will watch the sunglow together with you..."

    On October 11th, a woman in a brilliant red skirt was standing on the highest floor of an 18-storey brilliant pavilion in Snowblowing City, the capital city of Threespring Prefecture and watching the colorful clouds fading away in the sunset. At the same time, she kept muttering the poem that Zhang Tie released in the forum...

    When she muttered the first line of the poem--It's hard to get a lover in the world. She dropped off her tears.

    If not a sentimental person, how could he write such a heart-broken line?

    When the wind blew, the woman's red skirt danced on the side of the handrail of the pavilion...

    The youth told what he had experienced since he was in Blackhot City to the present in a casual tone in his article. The woman was like an elder sister who watched the neighboring bashful youth gradually growing mature.

    Last night, when she read that "I even met a beauty who praised me that I was ambitious and a daydreamer!", she simmered with laughter.

    When she read that he let the woman who had once hurt him stay one night in his apartment safe and sound before leaving, she became relaxed--thank you, but I hate you--only a woman could understand the mood of another woman at that moment. She knew that the youth was telling the truth.

    How could such a mentally mature person reduce to be a devil after being forced to break off the engagement?

    The front part of the article was relaxed as if he was traveling among mountains and rivers. She also accompanied the teenager all the way from Blackhot City. However, when she read what the teenager experienced in Fuhai City, she felt a killing qi--that was a terrifying, fatal trap...

    After knowing that the teenager escaped successfully, she became relaxed too. By now, all the contents of that article had faded away in her mind, except for the poem and the look that she had seen in Youzhou City lately...

    Watching the sunset and the stars rising, she finally let out a faint sigh before returning to the pavilion. Sitting in front of the dressing table mirror, she touched her hair on the temples with a sad look.

    Although being a knight, she still had black hair all over and a brilliant face. However, where's the one who could insert flowers on her grey hair and watch the sunglow together with her? If she couldn't meet him anymore for the rest of her life, how lonely she would be and who would appreciate her beautiful look.

    Taking up a white diamond and pearl headwear, she inserted it into her hair near the temple. After looking into the mirror for a short while, she changed to a more beautiful one. After taking another look at it, she picked it off once again...

    After trying over 20 beautiful, luxurious diamond pearl headwears consecutively, the woman still felt lacking something.

    Finally, the woman rubbed all the diamond and pearl headwears into powders. At the sight of this, the two female servants who were serving her hurriedly knelt down...

    After feeling the sudden, vigorous qi in the pavilion, a figure instantly flashed in her room like a ghost.

    The woman's voice turned icy at once while the majesty as the head of a family reappeared on her body.

    "Go tell the sister apprentices...the event of Zhang Tie, Zhang Mushen is a bit weird, stop hunting him. Such a person will never be possessed by the devil..."

    "Additionally, all the cities in Threespring Prefecture have to include all-purpose medicament of Jinwu Business Group into their storage!"

    After saying that, the woman thought about something else while her voice suddenly turned resentful, "Tell Guo Wu to take someone to smash the Morality Association in the Snowblowing City..."

    "Erm...the Morality Association has been smashed by people a few days ago, it's not been renovated yet..." The black shadow coughed twice before reminding her.

    "Smash it again..."



    Xuanyuan Hill, Taixia Country...

    A person in a white robe was feeding golden fish leisurely and delicately on the side of a lotus pond. He didn't say anything for an hour as if he had not seen the three people behind him...

    The old man was dropping lifeless doughs, which turned into tadpoles and swum vividly in the water the moment they touched the water. As a result, a shoal of golden fish constantly chased after them, arousing ripples...

    Standing behind this old man, the three people's backs had been fully wet in the past hour...

    After feeding the golden fish, the old man clapped his hands as he turned around and asked the three people, "Have you thought it through?"

    "I...I will go to Yingzhou Province...to investigate it..." The man who had sweated most answered in a trembling voice.

    The old man didn't lose his temper; however, he looked more terrifying than losing his temper when he was silent.

    He had not been silent for so long in front of them.

    "The manor of the Gobbling Party is too large. We should clean it. A black iron knight from Huaiyuan Palace makes me universally condemned; even the Xuanyuan Hill is shocked. Do you want me to be the laughingstock of the people?" The old man let out a sigh.

    The three people oozed sweat all over as they kept quivering, "We dare not!"

    "Lord Huaiyuan really has a good inheritor!" Shaking his head, the old man turned around and entered the small courtyard...


    Shrine Palace of Fan family, Tianshui Prefecture, Yingzhou Province...

    Director Fan, who had been more than 10 years elder only after a few months, was recalling what he saw that night in front of the clan elders.

    "When I saw Zhang Tie, although...he was indeed raping my daughter in clothes..."

    The Fan elders exchanged a glance with each other before letting out a long sigh in unison...


    "Investigate it..." The head of Qin family was infuriated as he smashed the emerald table in front of him by one palm...


    After a few days later, some brand girls in the brothels across Taixia Country had composed a piece of music and started to sing the song named "The Beloved Ones" by playing pipa, a plucked stringed instrument...

    "It's hard to get a lover in the world.

    I treat the power as sh*t and ignore the ridicule of the powerful ones.

    You're just passers in my life, I will not return when I leave.

    If I could marry beloved ones, I prefer to be a farmer.

    I will graze cattle in the morning and come back with wildflowers.

    Inserting flowers on your grey hair, I will watch the sunglow together with you."

    This song made many girls in brothels across Taixia Country to drop off their tears. They all wanted to know who created such a wonderful poem...

    After reading this poem, the sentimental ones would feel more lonely...


    After becoming a member of Title Party in the Mountain of Brightness and calmly describing his experiences in one article, Zhang Tie had started to enter cultivation.

    Zhang Tie didn't feel that he was literary. This article was just a reflection of his life experience and feelings. Even though the poem originated from his true feelings.

    It was useless for him to cry out a grievance. Zhang Tie didn't do that. He just wanted to show others what a man he was and had people make judgments themselves. As he could not prove that he was innocent, he could only influence others' judgments.

    All those who read the article were knights in the Mountain of Brightness, all of whom had a great influence in the reality and were more above average in intelligence.

    It was enough.

    A knight with more than three chakras who had mastered the Bloody Demon Imitation Method.

    The background of Qin Wu.

    The force who could easily know the secret that Director Fan's heart was on his right chest...

    All these were clues.

    The evidence was not definitely the truth; however, the truth could arouse resonance among people.

    This time, Zhang Tie exposed all those who had framed him to the public.

    He couldn't resist those people because his ability was trivial in front of them. However, those people could only move in the dark as their power was also trivial in front of the righteous power of the humans across Taixia Country.

    That was a terrifying, malignant tumor among humans in Taixia Country.

    This was not only the personal resentment between Zhang Tie and those people; it was more like a public resentment between humans in Taixia Country and demons. It was unnecessary for Zhang Tie to shoulder it himself. Additionally, he couldn't shoulder it for the time being. Therefore, he shared it with other people.

    As the old Hua saying went, there must be a loyal and faithful people among 10 households.

    Even if 1 out of 10 knights who had browsed the article could be vigilant about those insurgents or 1 out 100 knights wanted to seek for the truth of the even in Fuhai City, they would be much more powerful than Zhang Tie and Huaiyuan Palace.

    Whether Fan family or Qin family in Yingzhou would be vigilant and reflect themselves after browsing this article. After all, whatever Zhang Tie had exposed was all genuine.

    It was a pattern of self-protection and counter-attack and a warning about the crisis facing Taixia Country from a Hua knight.

    It could protect Zhang Tie from two aspects: first, it could make him less wanted by the knights and Supreme Court in Taixia Country; at least they would not beat him like a rat crossing the streets; second, all the people in Taixia Country would focus on Huaiyuan Palace and his family members. If anyone wanted to revenge Huaiyuan Palace and his family members, everybody else would recall that that one was probably backed by demons; as a result, the possible attacker had to consider about the outcome of his deed.

    Zhang Tie didn't expect that he could prove his innocence only by an article, the authenticity of which could not be verified. If not, it would be a laughingstock and the laws in Taixia Country would be ineffective. He hoped that he could turn into "grey" from an extremely "dark" guy in Taixia Country through this "public notice".

    The Gobbling Party would make a response to this article. Although the Gobbling Party couldn't prove that they're innocent, the knights who had read the article would definitely doubt the Gobbling Party for sure. They would imagine about the role of the Gobbling Party in this event. The Gobbling Party had to prove their innocence. After all, no force could stand being framed as colluding with demons even if they were standing on the side of the top three chancellors in Taixia Country.

    It was also the price that the Gobbling Party had to pay.

    After all, none of the contents about the Gobbling Party in the article was fabricated. Zhang Tie's suspicion about the Gobbling Party was justified. Perhaps, the Gobbling Party would not care about Zhang Tie's opinion; however, they had to concern about the opinion of all the knights in the Mountain of Brightness.

    By the way, Zhang Tie also made an advisement for the all-purpose medicament in the article.

    It was a family strategy of Zhang family to have all-purpose medicament enter the purchasing storage contents of the nationwide six warehouses in Taixia Country. It was related to the benefits of numerous generations of Zhang family. Even though he was still wanted, this strategy would be firmly executed. If this generation couldn't make it, the next generations had to make it. They would not make any compromise to that.


    On October 10th, after coming to the Lion Fortress for 12 days, Zhang Tie ended his cultivation and opened his eyes in his knight's tower.

    The reason was that he had consumed all of his earth-elements crystals.

    Zhang Tie picked himself up in the cultivation room and relaxed his limbs, causing his muscles, tendons and bones to quiver and rub like plucking strings of musical instruments.

    After the last earth-elements crystal turned transparent, Zhang Tie directly threw it into Castle of Black Iron. After throwing a glance at the Cui Li's crystal plate, he found that the 30th golden scale had just been lit on the new knight's crystal plate.

    After putting away the new knight's crystal plate, Zhang Tie went downstairs. He took a bath in the washroom on the 2nd floor and put on a clean set of field suit, a multi-purpose tactical armor and a pair of metal battle boots. After that, he went downstairs and walked out of the knight's tower.

    The Lion Fortress was still covered with a layer of exotic, transparent energy while the mysterious clouds above the energy cover radiated a dim white light, which indicated that it was daytime above the ground.

    Zhang Tie watched the sky and the awe-inspiring huge pyramid as he touched his bald head and trotted towards the other gate of the Lion Fortress facing the earth-elements realm.

    That gate was called Earth-elements Gate, the real portal towards the Earth-elements Realm.

    By contrast, the gate towards the earth's surface was called Force Province Gate.

    The entire Lion Fortress only had two gates.

    When he exited the Lion Fortress, he needed to punch the metal identity plate too.

    There were also two lines of knights riding on their underground dragons outside the Earth-elements Gate.

    Knights were leaving the Lion Fortress for the mysterious world of the Earth-elements Realm constantly while lights constantly arrived at the Lion Fortress from the Earth-elements Realm.

    The moment Zhang Tie exited the high tunnel-like doorway, he had flown towards the distance.

    The terrain outside the Earth-elements Gate had a downward inclination and was borderless. Like a fortress at the highest point of a huge valley, the Earth-elements Gate overlooked the entire shell-shaped valley...

    The barren entire valley covered hundreds of thousands of miles. There was nothing but shiny things among rocks and sands in the valley under the dim daylight which was common Class 1 and Class 2 crystals

    If on the earth's surface, this place could be a treasure land. Although those crystals were in low class and of high value, nobody in the earth-elements realm would care about the common crystals. The price of these crystals could not even offset the freight from this place to the world on the earth's surface by airship...

    Zhang Tie's destination was the first abyss outside the Lion Fortress...

    It was the underground battlefield between human knights and demon knights...

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