Chapter 913: Anus Boom

    Chapter 913: Anus Boom

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    These days, Zhang Tie had been exploring the first abyss meticulously in the incarnation of a little beetle.

    After 8 days of exploration, Zhang Tie gradually became familiar with the first abyss.

    The biggest benefit for him to incarnate in a little black beetle was that nobody else could find him. The biggest weakness was that the vision of the little beetle was much poorer than Zhang Tie's original vision. If Zhang Tie could see miles clearly in the first abyss, the little black beetle's visual distance was only hundreds of meters.

    This was the so-called swings and roundabouts.

    Any incarnation could not be all mighty.

    According to the description of the "Great Wilderness Sutra", the best, irreplaceable incarnation of people was his own body--it's hard to incarnate into a human body.

    Thanks to these days' adaptation, Zhang Tie had known well about the first abyss.

    The little beetle was almost invisible for the others.

    However, with his original body, Zhang Tie could observe enemies in the distance.

    After these days of exploration and serious comparison, Zhang Tie though that a greater perceiving ability was more important for him than being almost invisible. After all, he was here to kill enemies and improve his battle strength.

    Zhang Tie had already prepared to summon his original body out of Castle of Black Iron. However, when the little beetle landed on a huge plant and took a rest over there, he caught sight of the first demon knight since he entered the abyss of the earth-elements realm.

    It was an ox-head demon who had the most balanced battle strength and sensory perceptions. It was also the prototype of the devil in the legends among humans.

    Compared to iron-armored demons, ox-head demons had greater viability and battle strength in the first abyss.

    Watching the ox-head demon to hide meticulously in the "big bamboo shoot" for a rest, the little black beetle blinked its eyes. Zhang Tie was driven mad.

    'It's really out of my imagination that a demon knight could build its base here.'

    'As this place is only thousands of miles away from the top of the abyss. This fearless demon knight must have a great battle strength.'

    The little beetle just gazed at the place where the ox-head demon hid from dozens of meters away.

    Knights could fall asleep in only a couple of minutes. However, after falling alseep, their knight's consciousness would still be sensitive to the surrounding situation although being sharply weaker than that in the normal situation; not to mention that the guy hid in the tree hole...

    5 minutes later, the little black beetle arrived behind the tree hole.

    After that, the little beetle disappeared. With the effect of a super hiding skill, Zhang Tie appeared behind the tree silently.

    With a gold-eaten tri-edged dagger in hand, Zhang Tie's eyes shimmered.

    With his eyes on the tree, a strange sneer appeared on his face.

    Such a raid felt like a troublemaker throwing a huge rock into the manure pit when someone was in the toilet in Blakhot City.


    'Go die', Zhang Tie's eyes turned solemn at once...

    In 0.01 second, Zhang Tie released his battle qi. At the same time, he forcefully stabbed his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger into the tree by his right hand and launched a heart-breaking palm of the"Big Sun Fire Dragon Palm" by his left hand towards the tree...

    When Zhang Tie's attack touched the tree, the demon knight who was resting inside had woken up. However, due to such a short distance, even though he had realized what happened, he had no chance to make a response to it anymore.

    As for a knight, the bamboo shoot-like huge tree was as week as a bunch of cotton. Zhang Tie stabbed into it with his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger like breaking a piece of paper. The dagger directly penetrated through the plant and entered the body of the ox-head demon knight.

    Zhang Tie felt that his heart-breaking palm hit the back of the ox-head demon knight while his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger...


    With the furious and painful howl, the ox-head demon knight shattered the tree in a split second. At the same time, it released an indifferent attack while tens of tempestuous battle qis swept over dozens of surrounding trees in the shape of a semi-lunar blade. As a result, dozens of trees fell down like ears of wheat being cut off, causing booms.

    Although the opponent was trying its best to survive itself in the emergency, of course, Zhang Tie would not collude with him face to face.

    Before the demon knight released its battle qis, Zhang Tie had stirred up his dagger in the body of the ox-head demon knight, causing a huge wound. At the same time, Zhang Tie had retreated as fast as a lightning bolt while dodging from those tempestuous battle qis.

    With a dark purple battle qi shooting into the air, the ox-head demon knight flew off right away.

    In the air, it spurted out a mouth of blood. With a painful and twisted look, it couldn't stand uttering another howl. At the same time, it wanted to catch something from its butt or stop bleeding over there. However, it was in vain. Because Zhang Tie had stabbed the dagger into its weakest and fatal part; especially when Zhang Tie pulled out the gold-eaten tri-edged dagger, he stirred it up, expanding the wound from the fatal part all the way to the interior part of its thigh, causing a 40-cm long grim wound there...

    A knight could at least prevent the wound from bleeding only by controlling the neighboring blood vessels of the wound if not heal it right away...

    Although the blood on its thigh was immediately stopped; however, the blood on that part...

    Those left were not only blood but stinky and smelly things in its belly and intestine...

    It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that he had exploded the demon knight's anus with that strike. In order to avoid from arousing the attention of the demon knight, Zhang Tie didn't lock its precise location in the tree by his spiritual energy; he just stabbed into its body based on his perception.

    It was an obscene strike with a surprisingly good effect.

    Only after throwing a glance at the furious and painful look of the demon knight and its remains below, Zhang Tie had realized that he had caused the demon knight to lose half of its battle strength at least.

    'Plus the effect of my palm, although this demon knight won't die, for the time being, he has been heavily wounded.'

    After throwing a glare at Zhang Tie with its bloody eyes and extremely grim look, the demon knight didn't rush towards Zhang Tie; instead, it turned around and escaped right away.

    Although it was dauntless, it was not an idiot. It knew that it had almost lost the battle although having not fought Zhang Tie. Therefore, it chose to escape so as to survive itself.

    It was nothing shameful in the first abyss.

    However, how could Zhang Tie let it go.

    The ox-head demon knight was just a black iron knight. Zhang Tie had not seen any black iron knight who could fly faster than him, not to mention that the demon knight had suffered a heavy wound.

    The demon knight released its battle qi luster and accelerated to its maximal flying speed. So did Zhang Tie while a fiery flame rose from his body.

    In such a case, now that they had noticed each other, it was meaningless to hide themselves anymore.

    The moment the demon knight moved, Zhang Tie had chased after it. Only after a few seconds, with a roar, Zhang Tie punched another palm while a fiery dragon flew off Zhang Tie's hand and caught up with that demon knight in a split second. The demon knight wanted to resist Zhang Tie's attack; however, it was still forced to fall off, causing a huge pit on the ground.

    The moment the demon knight flew off once again, Zhang Tie had appeared on his side while Zhang Tie drew a fierce light net using his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger and fully covered the demon knight.

    Their battle qi totems rose up at the same time...

    On the earth's surface, the moment black iron knight's battle qi totem rose up, it would be seen by others hundreds of miles away. By contrast, due to the ubiquitous fog, there was a low visibility in the first abyss. The knight's battle qi totem could not be seen from 20 miles away.

    Therefore, unless they had enemies or friends within 20 miles, their battle could barely be influenced by external factors.

    As it was Zhang Tie's first prey, Zhang Tie accelerated his attack in case of troubles.

    Zhang Tie only attacked instead of defending. The attacks from the demon knight would be carried by his protective battle qi and body; of course, his attacks would be defended by the demon knight by its own body and protective battle qi.

    Even though this demon knight was safe and sound, Zhang Tie didn't fear about fighting it face to face at the risk of wounds, not to mention now.

    In the beginning, the demon knight could bear some rounds of face-to-face collisions with its dauntless spirit; however, after a few seconds, it had changed its face.

    It was definitely out of the imagination of the ox-head demon knight that Zhang Tie could have such a powerful battle strength, including his protective battle qi and physical strength. It could be said that Zhang Tie was the most powerful human black iron knight that it had ever met. What was more terrifying was the grim dagger in Zhang Tie's hand.

    The dagger could easily penetrate through a knight's protective battle qi.

    Only after half a minute, the demon knight had gained 7-8 more wounds. However, Zhang Tie didn't even lose a hair.


    After 4 minutes, Zhang Tie inserted his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger into its collarbone ferociously. With the miserable howl of the demon knight, Zhang Tie suddenly punched his right fist into the part below its chest and caught the demon knight's spine. Closely after that, he lifted up the demon knight like raising a barbell...

    The demon knight thought that Zhang Tie would shatter it into pieces by his battle qi; As for the inevitable death in battle, the demon knight was not afraid of it at all. Whereas, in the next second, the demon knight suddenly felt that his earth chakra which had not been fully formed started to revolve in an anticlockwise manner. Just like the ice in the pond. It was suddenly shattered by Zhang Tie's overwhelming strength and flew into Zhang Tie's body...

    The demon knight just watched Zhang Tie with a fearsome look while it gradually lost its strength to struggle...

    1 minute later, Zhang Tie suddenly increased his battle qi and shattered its body into a bloody mist. At the same time, two human figures fell in the distance as fast as a lightning bolt. At the sight of the scene, they were both shocked...
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