Chapter 914: Partners

    Chapter 914: Partners

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    Coincidentally, although black iron knight's battle qi totem could not be seen by people from afar in the first abyss, two human knights indeed flew here just now. At the sight of the battle qi totems, they flew towards here.

    When they drew closer, they saw Zhang Tie lifting up an ox-head demon knight and shattering it into a bloody mist by his battle qi.

    Although Zhang Tie was tall and sturdy, the ox-head demon knight was one head higher and sturdier than him. It was more like a fierce ox. Anyone would be shocked when they saw a human knight to lift up a demon knight who was much bigger than him and shatter it into pieces.

    After landing in the distance, the two knights' hearts pounded at the same time. After throwing a glance at each other, they flew towards Zhang Tie at the same time.

    "Friend, we saw two battle qi totems rising up from here; therefore, we hurriedly rushed towards here. Do you need any help?"

    The two knights were both Hua knights at their 40s. One carried a saber, the other carried a sword. Given their qis, Zhang Tie knew that they were also black iron knights. The moment they drew close, the man with a sword asked in a polite way.

    "Thanks. But I've already killed the demon knight!" Although the blood rain sprayed over, it was blocked by Zhang Tie's protective battle qi. After moving his punch back, Zhang Tie said in a hoarse voice while watching the two people, "F*ck, I was just resting here; however, this demon knight launched a sudden strike towards me. Now that we encountered, I had to kill this b*stard, peh..."

    Zhang Tie spat onto the ground.

    Standing several meters away from Zhang Tie, the two Hua knights glanced over the neighboring messy battlefield before moving their eyes back onto Zhang Tie. After finding that Zhang Tie didn't even suffer a wound, the two human knights' eyes gleamed at once.

    'Now that this human knight could kill a demon knight without suffering any wound, it indicates that this knight is overwhelming to the demon knight.'

    "Friend, great battle skill and braveness!" The middle-aged man with a saber praised Zhang Tie before cupping his hands towards Zhang Tie, "I'm Gong Ziyao, he's Zhou Shufan. We both came from Qingzhou Province. May I know your name?"

    "I'm Cui Li from Youngzhou Province!" Zhang Tie replied as he cupped his hands.

    Hebrews always greeted each other by shaking hands; while Hua people greeted each other by cupping their hands. Shaking hands meant that they had no weapons in hands while cupping hands meant that they covered their right hand which was most aggressive by their left hand. Both etiquettes represented peace. When two people met each other for the first time, cupping hands was more intellectual than shaking hands. Although the identity Cui Li was a bit brutal, he was not absolutely a boor.

    "We have stayed in the Lion Fortress for 2 years. But we've not seen younger brother Cui!" Gong Ziyao asked.

    "I've just come to Lion Fortress about 10 days ago!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan were more stunned.

    Zhou Shufan said with a solemn look, "I've not imagined that younger brother Cui has killed a demon knight and made a meritorious deed only after entering the first abyss for a few days. If this demon knight dared to come here alone, it was definitely fiercer than common demon knights. Younger brother Cui is really admirable!"

    "Heh...heh..." Zhang Tie touched his bald head with a smirk, "He's unfortunate. As I've been here ahead of him. After this guy arrived, he found a hidden tree hole and took a rest inside. When he fell asleep, I stealthily moved to the back of the tree hole..." Zhang Tie raised his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger and simulated the movement of stabbing it into the tree hole forcefully, "With such a poke, I exploded his anus. As a result, he could only exert 50-60% of his full strength and was finally killed by me!"

    At the sight of the grim, sturdy tri-edged dagger and hearing the words "exploded his anus", Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan understood it right away as they couldn't stand contracting their anuses.

    After exchanging a glance with Gong Ziyao, Zhou Shufan slowly nodded his head. They had formed a privity after a long-term cooperation. They could exchange many information only through eyes.

    Through Zhang Tie's simple reply, the two people felt that Zhang Tie had a great battle strength and was open-minded and aboveboard. The other knights would definitely not expose the obscene means of exploding anus to them so frankly. Therefore, they liked Zhang Tie from inside.

    "Demon is human's public enemy. As you have killed a demon knight, you have made a meritorious deed for humans. Whatever means you have used, younger brother Cui Li is a hero and a tough man as you caught this chance to kill this demon knight sharply!"

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter...

    "We should not stay here, if any earth knights were fighting in the distance, they might have been attracted by the battle here. Earth knights could see clearly the battle qi totems from over 70 miles away in the first abyss. How about changing the place?" Zhou Shufan suggested.

    "Good!" Zhang Tie ran towards the pair of ox horns which had inserted into the earth and picked them up before putting them into his battle armor. Closely after that, he rose up into the air.

    Presenting amaranth, this pair of ox horns proved that Zhang Tie had killed an ox-head demon knight. With this meritorious deed, he could enjoy many benefits in the Lion Fortress. Pitifully, this ox-head demon was a poor thing as it had no more equipment but a broken leather armor.

    In the air, Gong Ziyao asked Zhang Tie, "Young brother Cui Li, do you want to fight a few more days in the first abyss or return to the Lion Fortress?"

    "What about you?"

    "We're going back to the Lion Fortress for some supplies and then we will come back!" Zhou Shu fan answered in an implicit way.

    "We can come back together..." Zhang Tie answered, "We can take care of each other on the way back..."

    "That's great!"

    Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan nodded at the same time...

    Although Zhang Tie looked calm, his heart was racing crazily. It was his first time to use the Purgatory Samsara Method. He felt having made a great achievement this time. He was thinking about digesting the energy of the earth chakra of the demon knight somewhere. Additionally, with this pair of ox horns on his back, he didn't feel convenient in the first abyss; if he didn't want this pair of ox horns, it would arouse the doubts of the two human knights; if he put it away in his space teleportation equipment, he would expose his secret; therefore, he chose to go back to the Lion Fortress together with Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan. He would exchange this pair of ox horns for some benefits before digesting the achievements.

    As there were many powerhouses in the first abyss, black iron knights were a basic battle strength here. Zhang Tie felt that he'd better not use his portable space teleportation equipment and Castle of Black Iron so as to match his performance with the image of Cui Li. Otherwise, he might incur troubles and crises. The identity of Cui Li fit him pretty well, which was also very useful in Taixia Country. If he changed another identity, he might have to spend more time to deal with it.

    Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan were well known as Saber and Sword Partners in Qingzhou Province. They had been bosom friends for dozens of years. They had been in the earth-elements realm for 4 years. When the group of three hid their battle qi luster and flew towards the entrance of the abyss, they kept chatting. After introducing themselves, the Saber and Sword Partners started to inquire about Zhang Tie's background.

    Of course, Zhang Tie told them about the background of Cui Li--I lived in a rich family in Liuying Town at the foot of Coiling Dragon Mountain, Luye Prefecture, Yongzhou Province. I have been obsessed with battle skills since I was young. Therefore, after my parents passed away, I traveled among the famous mountains and rivers in Taixia Country and learned from masters everywhere. Later on, I experienced something special in a famous mountain and finally promoted to a knight.

    I have just returned home a few days ago and ended some secular affairs at home. Before my powerful memorial gateway was built in my hometown, I have come to the earth-elements realm and prepare to fight demons so as to live up to what I've learned in the past years.

    "Young brother Cui, do you think about making meritorious deeds for the country?" Zhou Shufan asked.

    "I've not thought about it yet. No matter what, I can't waste my battle skills; especially in the holy war. As demons are thinking about devastating Taixia, I should do something as a tough man. I don't care what meritorious deeds will I make; no matter what, I can't stand being a knight who only thinks about cultivation indoors everyday. No pay, no power, no woman, no dignity! It's boring! If it's in peaceful times, it's understandable for you to close your doors and enter cultivation everyday; however, the holy war has broken out, if you did the same, it's nothing different than being a timid rabbit!"

    Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan burst out into laughter at the same time. They felt that Zhang Tie had verified the feelings of most of the knights in the Lion Fortress.

    After 3 days, the group of three started their trip back. On the way, they met some human knights; however, they didn't meet any demon knight. Therefore, they returned to the Lion Fortress smoothly.

    At the gate of the Lion Fortress, at the sight of the pair of ox horns, the line of garrison knights threw "admiring" eyes towards Zhang Tie.

    "Tough man with ox horns, will you join our Feathers Army? Our Feathers Army is powerful with good treatment and rich human resources above and underground, how about that?" An officer shouted towards Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie was stunned as it was the second time for him to listen to the words. 'Did all the top four armies of Taixia Country recruit soldiers in the same way at the Lion Fortress?'
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