Chapter 918: Familiar Strangers

    Chapter 918: Familiar Strangers

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    "Elder brothers, who's that woman?" Zhang Tie asked straightforwardly after coming to the side of Gong Ziyao and Zhou Sufan.

    Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan exchanged a glance with each other. After staying with Zhang Tie a couple of days, they both knew that Zhang Tie was straightforward; however, they had not imagined that he could be so unconstrained. How could he directly ask a girl if she had a boyfriend the moment he caught sight of her? It was their first time to see such a person.

    Zhou Sufan forced a bitter smile, "Younger brother, take a seat first!"

    Although Zhang Tie sat down, he was still gazing at Zhou Shufan.

    After Zhang Tie's interruption, Pandora didn't feel like playing the piano anymore. She stopped and directly walked out of the bar, closely followed by the two silent Hua knights. The other knights just watched Pandora leaving with reluctant looks. Two more guys were throwing furious glances at Zhang Tie as if they were complaining that Zhang Tie had disturbed their good moods.

    "This woman has been in the Lion Fortress for over 1 year. She's the princess of the Demon Killing Valley, the granddaughter of the head of the Demon Killing Valley, she's called Pandora!"

    Zhou Shufan told Zhang Tie about Pandora's background in a secret manner.

    After hearing this message, Zhang Tie widely opened his mouth with an amazed look.

    The princess of Sacred Golden Orchid Empire, the daughter of Haiger VII the weird emperor, the granddaughter of the head of Demon Killing Valley. All these identities puzzled Zhang Tie.

    'With an evident, foreign look, Pandora had the bloodline of Hebrews, how could she be the granddaughter of the head of the Demon Killing Valley?'

    When Zhang Tie thought about it, he asked this question in a secret manner, "Elder brother Zhou, this woman has a foreign bloodline, how could she be the granddaughter of the head of Demon Killing Valley? Does the head of the Demon Killing Valley also have a foreign bloodline?"

    "How could a leader of one of the top 7 sects in Taixia Country carry a foreign bloodline? It's told that Pandora was the daughter of a young daughter of Wu Dingtian the head of Demon Killing Valley and an emperor of a subcontinent who traversed across Taixia Country many years ago. She had been living in a remote place away from Taixia Country. After the holy war broke out, she returned to Taixia Country. As one of the top 7 sects in Taixia Country, the Demon Killing Valley is very powerful and has a lot of secrets!"

    "What's this woman doing in the Lion Fortress? I couldn't find a knight's qi from her. She should not be a knight. What does the head of Demon Killing Valley mean by dropping her granddaughter in the Lion Fortress?"

    "Younger brother, you're wrong this time!" Gong Ziyao replied Zhang Tie in a secret way, "Pandora is very famous in the Lion Fortress. I was told that she had awakened two top heavenly-rank bloodlines, the dark body and the bad luck curse. With the dark body, she could completely hide her qi. No matter how powerful she is, she just looks like a commoner; as for the bad luck curse, all those who are against her will be in great troubles. The two bloodlines are exclusive top bloodlines of the Wu Clan in Taixia Country. With the secret battle skills of Demon Killing Valley, this woman has killed more than 5 demon knights in the past one year."

    After hearing Gong Ziyao's introduction, Zhang Tie was greatly shocked. He couldn't help recalling how Pandora was pushed aside by the other girls in the Wild Wolf Valley. 'As all the other girls said that they would have a bad luck when they stay with Pandora, Pandora was always lonely in the Wild Wolf Castle. She had no friend at all. Is this caused by the strength of her bloodline? After encountering Pandora a few times, I also suffered from some dangers. Pandora felt very sorry for that. Perhaps, Pandora had already realized that she had awakened some special bloodline at that time. Therefore, she became increasingly lonely and sensitive...'

    Additionally, Zhang Tie knew that many major families, even common families in Taixia Country forbade their Hua girls to marry foreign people; otherwise, it was always regarded as a humiliation. When he recalled that Pandora, as the princess of Sacred Golden Orchid Empire, had to dwell in Blackhot City instead of returning to Taixia Country, Zhang Tie doubted that this might be because that her mother was a daughter of the head of Demon Killing Valley. Due to some unknown reason or the stress from Demon Killing Valley, the emperor Haiger VII who dreamed to build a powerful mechanical troop in the black iron age had to take Pandora away from the imperial palace and hide her in a secret place.

    Zhang Tie remembered that Pandora had never mentioned about her mother.

    It was completely out of Zhang Tie's imagination that Pandora could be a knight. 'However, given the terrifying resources and powerful backgrounds of the top 7 sects in Taixia Country and the fact that Pandora had awakened her powerful heavenly-rank bloodlines, it was not difficult for Wu Dingtian the head of the Demon Killing Valley to help Pandora promote to a knight in a few years. Even I could promote to a knight, not to mention a princess of one of the top 7 sects in Taixia Country, whose identity is much nobler than the princess of Sacred Golden Orchid Empire. Additionally, I was told that the top 7 sects in Taixia Country had private towers of time, which were an extremely scarce resource. Of course, they could produce knights very fast...'

    Zhang Tie thought through many things at once.

    However, although Zhang Tie could not get her for the time being, he had been satisfied too much after knowing that Pandora lived pretty well with such a powerful background. After the demonized puppets disaster on subcontinents and witnessing hundreds of millions of people dying miserably, Zhang Tie just hoped Pandora to survive herself for a very long time until the moment just now.

    Therefore, after knowing that Pandora was still alive, Zhang Tie became reassured.

    Seeing that Pandora was still wearing the finger ring that he had gifted her, Zhang Tie became reassured and pretty moved. However, neither he nor Pandora could be as capricious as before.

    Being once young and frivolous and having made an unalterable oath of marriage and always being moved by each other, Zhang Tie wondered how important he still was in Pandora's heart.

    Due to the growth, changing environment, time and space and status, the innocence might have gradually faded away.

    Given his current situation--being wanted by the Supreme Court in Taixia Country and being hunted by the official and mysterious powers of Taixia Country at the same time, Zhang Tie felt like being an alchemist's bomb which was going to explode at any time; therefore, he dared not expose his original look to Pandora in case of unpredictable troubles and dangers to the latter.

    At this moment, he could only hold back even though he had too many words to say.

    The previous performance of Zhang Tie was not out of his whim or impulsion. It was a decision that Zhang Tie made in a split second after consideration. With this start, if he was close to Pandora again, or protected her or made good overtures to her, it would be regarded as a normal deed of a man who wanted to court Pandora.

    Zhang Tie loved Pandora. Many times, one cared about and loved another in his own pattern.

    As a princess of Demon Killing Valley, Pandora could easily gain a lot of suitors in the Lion Fortress due to her power, background, even the distinctive look. What happened just now was nothing strange to Pandora at all. As all the knights were very confident, not only Zhang Tie who was straightforward in the Lion Fortress.

    Of course, Pandora didn't know that the suitor was Zhang Tie.

    However, Zhang Tie knew that she was Pandora...

    Although they had met each other, they could not recover their former ties.

    Zhang Tie didn't withdraw his full attention from Pandora until her footsteps completely disappeared.

    After departing for so many years, Zhang Tie suddenly re-encountered Pandora and departed with her in such a calm manner just like strangers.

    Although Zhang Tie became spirited, his mind was still filled with the look of Pandora and the warm moments between them...

    --Am I still your beloved one?

    Zhang Tie asked inside, although he didn't expect that Pandora could hear it.

    Pandora who had come to the outside of the Iron-blood Tower slowly stopped her footsteps while she faintly frowned her beautiful eyebrows. She suddenly felt melancholy like having missed something precious the moment she left the Iron-blood Tower. At the same time, her heart raced for a second...

    Right then, a lightning bolt flashed across the skyline, closely followed by a rumbling...

    Pandora looked up and watched the rain curtain above the Lion Fortress--

    After a long while...

    "Am I still your beloved one?" Pandora muttered while her eyes became blurred.

    That night, the rain was as heavy as this, however, that person was not on her side anymore. She was concerned about him so much.

    "Miss..." One of the two knights who followed her walked forward and asked her what happened...

    Closing her eyes for a few seconds, Pandora opened her eyes which had turned distant and decisive, "Let's go to the first abyss..."

    After 10 more minutes, three lights rushed out of the gate of the Lion Fortress and disappeared in the heavy rain...


    After being apart for so many years, Zhang Tie suddenly re-encountered Pandora and departed with her in such a calm manner just like strangers.
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