Chapter 919: Alluring Secret Items

    Chapter 919: Alluring Secret Items

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    After Pandora left...

    Some more knights entered the Iron-blood Tower Bar. It was still boisterous over there; especially when some female knights entered the bar, they made the surrounding men restless at once. As a result, men queued up to invite those girls for a drink...

    After throwing a glance at those female knights, Zhang Tie withdrew his eye lights.

    The liquor in the bar was brewed by watermelons. It tasted like beer. Although it tasted a bit bitter and strange, this liquor would still cost one consumption point a cup.

    Zhang Tie's mood was like the watermelon liquor in his hand. Watching Pandora leaving, Zhang Tie also felt a bit bitter. Besides, he felt a bit enraged inside...

    However, he could only bury these feelings deep inside.

    The surrounding knights were drinking and chatting. As for those usual contents, they directly talked with each other; however, even the usual contents were major events for commoners.

    Some foreign knights being not far away from Zhang Tie were chatting that someone was going to be a No. 1 knight of a country in a subcontinent in a usual tone while the other knights at a farther table were discussing the advantages and disadvantages to be a corps leader at this moment.

    In front of commoners, the topics such as becoming a No. 1 knight or a corps leader were all major events that could influence numerous people's fates. However, in Iron-blood Tower of the Lion Fortress, these contents were casually discussed and determined by knights.

    This was the knights' world!

    Zhang Tie sighed with emotions. Looking around these people, Zhang Tie knew that if a knight became famous in the Earth-elements Realm or in the Lion Fortress, he or she would have a great influence and reputation in the entire human world. If these knights could survive here, when they exited the Earth-elements Realm, they would be No. 1 in a region. They were on the top of the pyramid of human rights. If someone could become outstanding among these human knights, he or she would leave a brand in the top circle of humans. In the future, he or she would have an inestimable influence for sure.

    Now that Pandora became famous in the Lion Fortress within such a short period, she must have a very powerful battle strength.

    What happened just now was just a small episode for Gong Ziyao and Zhou Sufan. They didn't care about that at all. Actually, they had something to negotiate with Zhang Tie.

    After having some cups of watermelon liquor and chatting, Gong Ziyao exchanged a glance with Zhou Shufan. Gong Ziyao then opened his mouth once again.

    "Young brother, have you heard about silver secret items?"

    Gong Ziyao asked in a secret way. Therefore, nobody else could hear that except for Zhang Tie.

    "Yup, it's said that silver secret items are very marvelous. When in need, they could come out of nowhere after extracting four elements from the elements realm. They're very powerful!" Zhang Tie replied in a secret way too.

    As for knights, only silver secret items that came from the underground world could be the exclusive equipment of knights. After promoting to knights, being affected by the black iron effect, most of the equipment for knights produced by rune equipment masters and alchemists were actually dispensable. It was not determined by someone, but by the difference between civilizations and levels in the long river course of history. Some civilizations had been on the peak while some civilizations were still in the valley and remained unchanged.

    "As young brother has just been here, I wonder whether you have gotten your exclusive silver secret item yet?"

    "Elder brother Gong, you must be kidding. I'm new here, how could I have any silver secret item?" Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

    Zhang Tie indeed got a silver secret item from the demon general. As he had not made it legitimate, Zhang Tie wouldn't expose it easily.

    "To tell you the truth, brother Zhou and I have got a chance to gain silver secret items in the first abyss, therefore we came back to make some preparations for that. As we both like you and admire your battle strength very much, after negotiating with each other, we want to know whether young brother Cui would like to have a try with us and get a silver secret item for yourself so that you could have a self-protection in case of greater dangers in the future!"

    Zhang Tie straightened up and put down his glass.

    Gong Ziyao looked very solemn. It didn't look like a joke.

    How could Zhang Tie refuse the chance to have a silver secret item aboveboard?

    "Are you sure we can have some?"

    "Not sure. Silver secret items are precious wherever they are. Anyone who got it would not like to expose it to the public; additionally, the more the better. However, as we've been staying in the Lion Fortress for a long time, we're well-informed. Additionally, we've met some friends. This time, we've got a chance to gain silver secret items. If young brother could join us, even if there's any danger, we three could form a 3-in-1 matrix and have a greater chance to survive ourselves."

    "Are we going to the first abyss?"

    "Yes, not only three of us. A team of knights in Lion Fortress would go there under the leadership of an earth knight. Those who will go there tonight would meet in the Iron-blood Tower! If young brother has determined to join us, we can go and meet the other knights after a while."

    "Right in the Iron-blood Tower?"

    "Yup, in a private room above us at 9 pm!"

    Only after considering it for half a second, Zhang Tie had nodded and made his decision, "Sure, thanks to your appreciation, I will have a try with two elder brothers this time regardless of a mountain of swords and a sea of flames!"

    Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan burst out into laughter at the same time.

    "That's our friend, hahaha..."


    After Zhang Tie fixed the plan with Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan, the group of three waited for the rest of the team while drinking and chatting in the bar. Only after a short while, some knights came to the lobby of the bar. After throwing a glance inside, one of them caught sight of Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan. He then pointed upstairs before going there from the staircase on one side.

    Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan then exchanged a glance with Zhang Tie at the same time. The group of three then left their cassettes and went upstairs after the rest of the team...
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