Chapter 920: Mountain Lifting Hermit

    Chapter 920: Mountain Lifting Hermit

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    The private room upstairs was more brilliant. Covering over 300 square meters, it was as resplendent and magnificent as an imperial palace.

    Soon after Zhang Tie, Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan arrived here, the other knights constantly entered this private room.

    It was a secret party for some knights in the Lion Fortress. Therefore, they all arrived here on time. After entering the private room, they exchanged a glance with each other and nodded at each other before taking a seat quietly.

    Before 9 pm, 11 knights had arrived in the private room. They were in 4 groups, three groups were composed of 3 knights respectively while the rest two Hua knights were a couple given their genial looks and behaviors. One group was composed of three foreigners--a black tough man, a white tough man and a blonde woman.

    The 4 groups of knights were destructive to a city or a nation in any subcontinent.

    All the knights here had strong qis. They were at least more capable and vigorous than common black iron knights. Many of them had a bloody sense of oppression.

    Many knights here threw a glance at Zhang Tie in spite of themselves because of Zhang Tie's sturdy figure and height and dowdy look.

    Compared to the other knights, Zhang Tie was completely like a migrant worker from a slum as he only wore a set of common battle uniforms without any special weapon. However, the other knights' helmets, armors or portable weapons were all senior commodities which had broken the black iron effect. Given their looks, Zhang Tie knew that they were all elaborate works which were worth millions of gold coins. Even the Hua couple in white and golden boa silk robes with white-sheath longswords at their waists looked like an immortal couple.

    All the knights arrived at this private room a few minutes earlier than the regulation. After that, they just waited here and communicated with each other in a secret way.

    A black tough guy constantly threw a glance at Zhang Tie. As his figure and height were outstanding among all the knights at present, he had not imagined that Zhang Tie was taller than him; additionally, Zhang Tie's muscles were as firm as steel which revealed an explosive strength faintly.

    Watching the black tough man glancing at him, Zhang Tie grinned towards him.

    This black tough man reminded Zhang Tie of Bagdad. Such a knight was definitely the idol of Bagdad.

    At 9 pm, the door of the private room was pushed open from outside while a man entered.

    Watching this man entering the room, all the knights who were sitting in the private room stood up at once so as to greet him.

    Zhang Tie stood up together with Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan too; meanwhile, he glanced at the man out of curiosity.

    That was an old man at his 60s. He was not tall and was even a bit thin. Besides two strands of silver hair near his temples, his hair looked pretty smooth and tidy. With bulgy nose and forehead and slim legs, his eyes glittered.

    Given the sense of oppression which was overwhelming to black iron knights at present, Zhang Tie knew that this guy must be an earth knight. Given the other knights' response to him, Zhang Tie knew that this guy must be extremely dignified among these people.

    "Mountain Lifting Hermit..." They all greeted him.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit was the official name of this earth knight, which also represented his background in Taixia Country. Given his official name, he didn't serve the imperial palace or any major clan in Taixia Country. Otherwise, they would add Lord plus official positions such as General, Provincial Governor ahead of Mountain Lifting. However, if this guy originated from a major clan, he would be called Elder or Clan Head Mountain Lifting. The official name Mountain Lifting Hermit indicated that he was a lonely knight who used to cultivate himself or a member of a sect in Taixia Country.

    Zhang Tie's current identity was also a lonely knight.

    Mountain Liting Hermit nodded as he threw a glance over the knights at present before saying, "Please take a seat!"

    After the Mountain Lifting Hermit issued an order, he walked to a long table in the private room and sat on the main seat. At the sight of this, the other knights in the corners and sofas of the private room also came to the long table and sat down.

    As the table was longer than 10 m, it was available for over 20 people, not to mention the 12 knights in total.

    Zhang Tie walked over there with Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan and sat inferior to them, also the end of the left side of Mountain Lifting Hermit. As Zhang Tie was tall and sturdy, he sat there with ease. On his opposite were the three foreign knights.

    It felt like a mini-conference among knights. If being led by a black iron knight, this team was already destructive in Waii Subcontinent, not to mention that it was led by an earth knight.

    Zhang Tie sighed with emotions inside, 'Lion Fortress is really a capital city of knights.'

    It seemed that all the knights at present had known about Mountain Lifting Hermit; however, they were strange to each other. Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan were just a bit familiar with that knight who greeted them in the lobby of the bar just now. They had heard about the others at most. Take the immortal couple as an instance, Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan heard that couple came from Huizhou Province, Taixia Country, who excelled at the combined strike. They had killed some demon knights in the Lion Fortress.

    "Now that you came here, you must have known our purpose. I will put it simply. Our destination is a pre-historical relic in the first abyss. Due to the hurricane in the abyss, that pre-historical relic was accessible every 3 years. Last time, someone found the Mountain of Weapons in the pre-historical relic and gained a lot of silver secret items from there. Someone even gained nanobeads and space-teleportation equipment from there. My first target is nanobead and space-teleportation equipment!" The Mountain Lifting Hermit said in a muffled voice.

    The moment the other black iron knights heard "Mountain of Weapons", they were in uproar at once.

    "If so, Mountain Lifting Hermit, why do you summon us to go there? Based on your battle strength and skills, you could easily gain nanobead and space-teleportation equipment over there alone." The male of the couple on the right hand of Mountain Lifting Hermit posed his question. As knights, they all had their own concerns and benefits, especially in such an action. Even though Mountain Lifting Hermit was an earth knight, he was on equal footing with the other black iron knights on rights. He had no right to order the other black iron knights to do anything.

    "That pre-historical relic is in a space like a Shangrila. It's a hieron. According to the knights who entered the pre-historical relics for the first time, some powerful battle puppets were safeguarding the pre-historical hieron inside. It would take a long time for one person to repel those battle puppets. Before the hurricane in the abyss sealed the pre-historical relic once again, I alone might not have a chance to gain any silver secret item or other space-teleportation equipment. Therefore, if we go there in a team, we could share the stress and benefits together. It's a win-win situation!"

    "You mean we might encounter enemies in the pre-historic relic?" Zhou Shufan asked after thinking for a second.

    "Yes!" Mountain Lifting Hermit nodded immediately, "Additionally, the pre-historical relic is in a very deep place of the first abyss, which is crisscrossed with the frequent forces of the demons. We probably need to fight demons there. Even though we could enter the pre-historical relic, we might face competitions from other knights from the Lion Fortress. Therefore, it's a very dangerous action; plus, we cannot ensure that everyone at present could gain a silver secret item!"

    "How do we allocate the booties?" The white knight on the opposite of Zhang Tie asked.

    "Before entering the pre-historical relic, the booties and meritorious points that you gain from killing demon knights belong to yourselves. After entering the pre-historical relics, we will join hands to break the battle puppets in the hieron. The first space-teleportation equipment that our team gains belong to me, nanobead or others. If there's no space-teleportation equipment, the first silver secret item that our team gains belong to me. I enjoy the right of selecting one item at first. As for the rest, it depends. I don't need anything else from you!"

    Mountain Lifting Hermit revealed his plan of allocation in an arrogant look yet fair way. As an earth knight with greater battle strength, the convener and the leader of this action, of course, he enjoyed a greater right of distribution.

    After thinking for a second, everybody else nodded.

    "As this action is very dangerous, I hope everybody at present is a powerhouse who has at least killed one demon knight." Mountain Lifting Hermit said as he focused on Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie was a newbie in the Lion Fortress. Therefore, few people knew him here; plus his dowdy look, no wonder Mountain Lifting Hermit paid more attention to him.

    Hearing Mountain Lifting Hermit's suggestion, all the other knights moved their eyes onto Zhang Tie.

    "Although young elder Cui Li has been in the Lion Fortress for less than 1 month, he has just killed an ox-head demon knight a few days ago!" Zhou Shufan said calmly.

    All the others gleamed their eyes before moving their eyes away from Zhang Tie...

    Mountain Lifting Hermit then moved his eyes away from all the other knights one after another before saying with absolute certainty, "Now that we've made a decision, we will set off at 9 pm tomorrow..."
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