Chapter 921: Becoming a Celestial Being

    Chapter 921: Becoming a Celestial Being

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    As knights treasured time so much, they did everything at a high efficiency.

    The entire process of Mountain Lifting Hermit entering the room to leaving lasted less than 5 minutes. After a short meeting with each other, the 12 knights left the Iron-blood Tower respectively.

    As they were going to set off at 9 pm tomorrow, they only had 24 hours left for making preparations in the Lion Fortress.

    When Zhang Tie, Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan left the Iron-blood Tower, the heavy rain had not stopped yet. It was still pitch-dark outside the fortress.

    "Brother Cui, we might encounter many accidents in this action, you'd better prepare some equipment in case of possible dangers!"

    "Thanks, brother Zhou, I'm thinking about preparing something!"

    "If you don't have enough consumption points and earth-elements crystals. Just tell us, we've got 10 more earth-elements crystals, you could exchange them for many items!"

    "I've not used up the earth-elements crystals that I've exchanged with the horns of that ox-head demon. Additionally, I've got 1,000 consumption points left. It's enough!"

    "Which weapon are you good at, brother Cui?"


    "Spear!" Zhou Shufan glanced at Zhang Tie's tower-like figure seriously as if he was imagining how Zhang Tie looked when he used a spear, "It's a popular weapon. You could buy it in the equipment stores in the fortress. Top-quality spears need to be customized which requires longer time. I'm afraid that you might not have enough time to customize spears."

    "No problem, I will take a look in the equipment stores. By the way, I will buy some other items!"

    "See you tomorrow then!"

    "Yes, see you tomorrow!"

    Gong Ziyao, Zhou Shufan and Zhang Tie then cupped their hands towards each other before separating from each other.

    Seeing Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan off, Zhang Tie recalled Pandora's look once again...

    Standing outside the Iron-blood Tower for a few seconds in an absent-minded way, Zhang Tie shook his head. After recalling the locations of the equipment stores on the map of the Lion Fortress, Zhang Tie strode away...


    3 hours later, Zhang Tie returned to his private knight's tower with a senior metal field operations bag which was longer than 70 cm. A knight's battle spear which had been folded into three sections was inserted to one side of the bag.

    It was a snapping-up, in which Zhang Tie spent 80% of his earth-elements crystals and consumption points.

    The most expensive one among the commodities that he had purchased was that knight-level foldable battle spear, which was called abyss battle spear. It was 178 kg in weight and 3.8 m in length. The entire battle spear was made of abyss iron. Additionally, the body of the spear was attached with a Class III consolidating effect; the head of the spear was also granted with a rune effect of accelerated bleeding. This battle spear was made by an artisan master in the Lion Fortress. It cost Zhang Tie 11 earth-elements crystals.

    As Zhang Tie was also an artisan master, at the sight of the spear, he had known the superb craftsmanship of the artisan master who made this abyss battle spear. Its maker was even better than "Master Jiang" and Zhang Tie himself. It would take Zhang Tie at least 1.5 months to make a battle spear which was faintly dwarfed by this one.

    In peacetime, abyss battle spear was portable as it could be folded into three sections. When in need, it would only take its owner a couple of seconds to assemble the three sections and play its role as a knight's battle spear.

    Besides the abyss battle spear, Zhang Tie bought a pair of high metal tiger-claw shaped battle boots, which was waterproof, fire-resistant and pierce-resistant and carried the effect of Class II consolidating skill and a Class I cleaning effect. The Class II consolidating skill was common; however, the Class I cleaning effect was considerate for knights. With this rune effect, even if Zhang Tie constantly fought for months in the wild, he would never scare others away by his foot the moment he took off his battle boots.

    This pair of battle boots cost Zhang Tie 6 earth-elements crystals. As a result, Zhang Tie only had 1 earth-elements crystal left.

    Actually, there were better battle boots and battle spears. However, given his ability, Zhang Tie could only buy the two items.

    As for others, the senior metal field operations bag and the sets of combat uniforms in the bag cost Zhang Tie more than 700 consumption points.

    After returning to his knight's tower, Zhang Tie put down his belongings in the bedroom before entering Castle of Black Iron...

    Since being wanted, Zhang Tie had not entered Castle of Black Iron.


    "Ah..." The moment Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron, he had heard a jarring exclamation instead of a Heller's greeting.

    Right in the lobby of the palace tree, two girls of about 15 years were startled by Zhang Tie's sudden appearance as they exclaimed at once.

    Zhang Tie was also stunned as he had not imagined that someone else was here. However, he instantly remembered that he had promised Heller to have some youngsters go up the mountain last time.

    When he took his parents in, he didn't see the two girls. It was really out of his imagination that he could see them this time.

    "This is the God of Karma whom you're worshipping. The God could freely access to the secular world and his own immortal country in his incarnation. No panic!"

    Heller always appeared in time. After hearing that this one was the celestial being that they had been worshipping, the two beautiful girls hurriedly knelt down.

    Heller blinked his eyes towards Zhang Tie. After understanding Heller's meaning, Zhang Tie instantly triggered his body-changing immortal bloodline and recovered his original look. At the sight of Zhang Tie's original look, the two girls immediately lowered their heads and almost touched the ground. They dared not glance at Zhang Tie anymore as if they were very guilty...

    Zhang Tie only recovered his original face; however, his figure remained unchanged. As Cui Li's figure was much larger than Zhang Tie's, if he recovered his original figure, his pants would rip off at once. He could not continue to disguise as a celestial being by pulling his pants.

    However, it was enough for him to just change his face. Watching the two girls being so scared and thrilled, Heller told them to leave...

    'God of Karma?' Zhang Tie blinked his eyes towards Heller as he wondered when did he become the God of Karma of those residents in Castle of Black Iron.

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