Chapter 924: Encountering Demon Knights

    Chapter 924: Encountering Demon Knights

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    During the past 3 days since they entered the first abyss, this team didn't encounter any demon knight at all.

    In the first abyss, the team of 12 human knights moved and rested together. The distance between every two members would not exceed 100 m. Even though, they would have the same probability to encounter demon knights as that a single human knight would have in the first abyss.

    As the proverb went, when one usually walked along the riverside, how could his shoes not get wet.

    On the 4th day since they entered the first abyss, when they reached the conventional battlefield of the first abyss, they finally encountered demon knights.


    Mountain Lifting Hermit was flying ahead of the team, closely followed by the other 11 human knights in the shape of herringbone. Everybody had hidden their battle qi lusters and followed up Mountain Lifting Hermit in the black fog along the precipice of the first abyss.

    All of a sudden, Zhang Tie caught sight of some lusters flickering in the black fog over 20 miles ahead of them.

    Due to the dense fog in the abyss, he could faintly judge that they were knights' battle qis.

    However, Zhang Tie remained silent. Through these days' observation, Zhang Tie had realized that he could have a greater vision than the others due to his dark vision ability.

    Until the flickering lusters moved another hundred of meters ahead in a few seconds did Mountain Lifting Hermit stop.

    Everyone had caught sight of the faint battle qis in the distant black fog.

    Due to the long distance, Mountain Lifting Hermit could not see it clearly. Additionally, the looming battle qis were separating and gathering from time to time. Therefore, it was very difficult to determine how many forces were there.

    As the leader of this team, Mountain Lifting Hermit was expected by all the others to work out a plan in such a case.

    Generally, battle qis in the first abyss indicated an ongoing battle. Of course, it might also be a fatal trap. The party which thought that they were advantageous in battle strength or had powerhouses on their back might simulate an ongoing battle by releasing battle qis in the first abyss on purpose so as to attract the opponent passers-by and ambush them. Such a trick was usually seen in the first abyss by both demons and humans. The fatal trap was like angling in water. Of course, if the anglers had a bad luck, they might encounter a great white or a billhead, when he might be tragic.

    Generally, shadow knights and heavenly knights had disdained playing such a trick. Those who dared play such a trick would always be a team of knights led by one or two earth knights.

    Narrowing his eyes, Mountain Lifting Hermit watched the battle qis in the distant fog with flickering eyes. Only after thinking a couple of seconds, he had made the decision, "I need one person to take a look over there with me. The others just hide here! If it's a trap ahead of us, I will send a signal to you. You then retreat to the place where we rested last time. After we broke through their encirclement, we will converge with you over there!"

    "I will go there with Mountain Lifting Hermit!" Soon after Mountain Lifting Hermit finished his words, Zhang Tie had jumped out.

    Demon knights were definitely "tunics" for Zhang Tie. Although it might be a trap, Zhang Tie still wanted to take a look over there. It would be better for him if it was not a trap. Before determining to interfere with it, Mountain Lifting Hermit actually could determine to have his team detour that place and the rest of the team would not have any different opinion about that. However, they would feel a bit uncomfortable if they just detoured that place. Because, it might be unkind for them to do that. As human knights, if they didn't stand on the side of their same kind when facing demons, they would face a mental test on being righteous or not.

    The boldness of execution stems from superb skill. As his battle strength grew increasingly powerful, Zhang Tie became increasingly bolder.

    He might have dangers there with Mountain Lifting Hermit. If it was indeed a trap in front of them, they might be trapped. As for the same trap, an earth knight might be able to escape out; however, a black knight might not. If it was not a trap, after a black iron knight and an earth knight joined the battle, given the scale of the faint battle qis, the balance between both parties would be altered at once. As a result, the human knights would have an overwhelming advantage.

    If it was a trap, it would be more convenient for them to break through the encirclement; if not, the trace of their team would not be exposed. This consideration indicated that Mountain Lifting Hermit was very shrewd and righteous.

    Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan both wanted to say something; however, now that Zhang Tie wanted to go there, they didn't feel it proper to stop him at this moment. It was improper if they persuaded Zhang Tie that it was too dangerous over there and let others go there.

    After throwing a glance at Zhang Tie, Mountain Lifting Hermit nodded. Closely after that, he flew towards the flickering battle qi totems, followed by Zhang Tie.

    The moment they left, the other knights of the team had exchanged a glance with each other before hiding somewhere nearby.

    Being not far from them was a precipice of the first abyss. In the precipice, there were many vertical, valley-like gullies as deep as hundreds of meters. The gullies had been covered with thick and huge abyss vines. Any gully could hide hundreds of people, not to mention 10.

    While hiding his battle qi luster, Zhang Tie flew towards the battlefield closely after Mountain Lifting Hermit...

    It only took Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit a bit longer than 2 minutes to finish the trip of over 20 miles.

    It was not a trap, but a real battle between human knights and demon knights.

    3 human knights in uniformed greenish armors were fighting fiercely with 4 ox-head demon knights. As demons outnumbered humans, the 4 demon knights had already been in an advantageous position.

    The battle was undergoing pretty fiercely.

    Each party had formed a 3-in-1 battle formation, the surplus demon knight was constantly booming the 3-in-1 human formation on one side, causing a great disturbance and stress to them.

    "I will assault the demon formation, you deal with that surplus demon knight as soon as possible!" Mountain Lifting Hermit told Zhang Tie in a secret way.

    "Okay!" Zhang Tie's heart had long been pounding.

    The moment Zhang Tie finished his words, Mountain Lifting Hermit had released his battle qi luster and accelerated his speed by 2 times towards the 3-in-1 demon formation. Zhang Tie also released his battle qi luster and accelerated towards the surplus demon knight.

    Due to the low visibility in the first abyss, their sudden acceleration made the four demon knights off-guard at once.

    Being hundreds of meters away from the 4 demons, Mountain Lifting Hermit had released his huge virtual image which was hundreds of meters in height.

    After promoting to earth knights, knights would manifest the virtual images of their battle skills when their battle qis were extremely vigorous. The virtual images were the symbols of knights above earth knights. Knights' virtual images were illuminant objects which were almost material objects being composed of battle qi, spiritual energy and willingness like that of battle qi totems of fighters. However, knights' virtual images were several levels higher than that of battle qi totems.

    The appearance of the virtual image of an earth knight indicated that the earth knight had spent his full effort in the battle.

    The virtual image of Mountain Lifting Hermit was an extremely fierce giant who was embracing a hill.

    With the appearance of the virtual image, Mountain Lifting Hermit who was not tall previously instantly became much more muscled.

    The moment he launched an attack, Mountain Lifting Hermit had exerted his full efforts like how a lion pounced on a hare.

    "Go die!" Mountain Lifting Hermit roared like causing a spring thunder.

    At the same time, Mountain Lifting Hermit released a light beam by his hand and stroke one of the 3-in-1 demon knight, sending him flying backward...

    The 3-in-1 formation was collapsed in a split second.

    The demon knights were shocked greatly while the 3 human knights became spirited immediately...

    The surplus ox-head demon knight was also stunned. He caught sight of Zhang Tie who was accelerating at him. Therefore, he slashed towards Zhang Tie by his huge saber, being accompanied with a fierce saber qi...

    Zhang Tie accelerated once again as fast as a lightning bolt being benefited from the effect of the "Fire Dragon Flowing Light Battle Skill". At this moment, the gold-eaten tri-edged dagger appeared in Zhang Tie's hand and protected Zhang Tie's body from being harmed by the saber qi like a diamond crown.

    The saber qi of the demon knight was split up by Zhang Tie's gold-eaten tri-edged dagger into two halves and rubbed with Zhang Tie's protective battle qi as if it was going to cut open Zhang Tie's protective battle qi.

    Being pushed by this saber qi, Zhang Tie became faintly absent-minded in a split second when time and space might have paused.

    Being pushed by this saber qi, he felt like being pressed by sea water and two undercurrents at the bottom of the sea when in a high-speed flight. If he could take advantage of this stress, he could move faster instead of slowing down. Similarly, when one peeled a banana, the moment one put forth one's strength, one would send the banana flying out of its peel.

    In the sky, when he took advantage of the wind strength facing him, his glider would also win an elevating force and driving force. The secret lay in the difference between the upper and lower planes of the wings of the glider...

    Zhang Tie had experienced the similar scenes so many times in both sea and sky.

    Facing that stress, Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy while he shrunk his protective battle qi and adjusted it in the shape of a spindle. Closely after that, he rapidly shrunk and rocked his protective battle qi. When sensing the changing stress and friction force, Zhang Tie accelerated once again and rushed towards that demon knight in an overwhelming way...

    In a split second...

    The tri-edged dagger split off the saber qi of the demon knight and broke its protective battle qi before stabbing into the demon knight's body immediately...

    The demon knight watched Zhang Tie with a dumbfounded yet a pain-free look...
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