Chapter 926: Being Extremely Awkward and Sincerest

    Chapter 926: Being Extremely Awkward and Sincerest

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    Mountain Lifting Hermit was an earth knight. It was reasonable for him to exert his full efforts to kill a black iron demon knight. However, even Mountain Lifting Hermit hailed Zhang Tie's fierce striking skills towards a black iron demon knight.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit had noticed how Zhang Tie gripped the demon knight's wrist and stabbed his dagger into its body while resisting the saber of the latter. Although Mountain Lifting Hermit had met so many combats these years, he had not seen such a brutal close duel before.

    Although being coarse, this combat made its onlookers thrilled.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit had not seen such an intrepid human knight for so long.

    The moment they ended the combats, Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit had flown towards the direction where the two demon knights had escaped for.

    After a few minutes, the 3 human knights who had chased after the two demon knights flew back from afar, one of whom held a pair of ox horns like Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit.

    At the sight of the ox horns in the hands of Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit, the 3 human knights understood that the two demon knights had been killed by Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit.

    "Thanks to your righteous deed, we're members of the Feathers Army in the Lion Fortress. I'm Zhou Feng; this is Guo Zifang; this is Deng Tianhao. May I know your names?" The moment the three knights arrived, one knight with a square face and dense eyebrows had cupped his hands towards Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit.

    If not Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit, the 3 human knights might be in great danger. Even though they were not exterminated, being besieged by the 4 demon knights, even if they could break out of the encirclement, at least 1 of them would long sleep in the first abyss.

    To tell the truth, Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit were like their saviors. Therefore, Zhou Feng introduced himself and the other two human knights very politely and solemnly.

    Feathers Army was one of the top 4 armies of Hua people in Taixia Country. Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could meet the knights of Feathers Army here once again. Although Zhou Feng, Guo Zifang and Deng Tianhao were not outstanding in the Lion Fortress, they were definitely high-ranking officers in the Feathers Army and corps leaders on the earth's surface.

    "As we're all knights in Taixia Country, we had to help you when we found you were in trouble. I'm Mountain Lifting Hermit!" Mountain Lifting Hermit replied with the same indifferent and faintly cold look. Although he was speaking politely, his look still remained unchanged.

    This was the temperament of Mountain Lifting Hermit--being glassy-eyed yet kind-hearted. At the sight of dangers facing the 3 human knights, he immediately rushed towards them; however, he was not passionate about others' appreciation.

    Zhou Feng, Guo Zifang and Deng Tianhao raised their eyebrows. Earth knights in the Lion Fortress were definitely more outstanding than common black iron knights. As there were so many black iron knights here, they might not know each one; however, he had indeed heard about Mountain Lifting Hermit.

    "This one is..." They then looked at Zhang Tie.

    They had seen how Zhang Tie raided that demon knight and carried out a close duel with it. Actually, they were more impressed by Zhang Tie than Mountain Lifting Hermit. They could identify that Mountain Lifting Hermit was an earth knight; however, they were more shocked by Zhang Tie's braveness and terrifying battle strength. Few outstanding valiant generals in the Feathers Army could match Zhang Tie.

    "I'm Cui Li, Cui Li from Yongzhou Province!" Zhang Tie grinned as he frankly inserted the pair of ox horns into his metal bag.

    This pair of ox horns indicated his exploit, which could be exchanged for many good items in the Lion Fortress. Even Mountain Lifting Hermit would take it, not to mention Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie felt pretty good. Although the booty from killing this demon knight could not match that from the last one, Zhang Tie felt that this one's earth charka could almost light 4 of his scales. The Purgatory Samsara was really the best partner of emperor-level secret methods. If he maintained his previous cultivation speed, he didn't know how long would he take to light 4 scales. However, this time, after coming to the first abyss for less than 5 days with Mountain Lifting Hermit, he had lit 4 scales. Zhang Tie had already been satisfied with this journey even if he couldn't gain anything later on.

    This time, Zhou Feng, Guo Zifang and Deng Tianhao were responsible for scouting in the first abyss. After accomplishing their task, on the way back, they encountered the 4 demon knights. Therefore, a fierce battle broke out.

    After chatting with Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Tie for a short while, they had revealed a news to the two, "The Tiewei Mountain Range in the First Abyss is abnormal lately; demons' activities are growing increasingly frequent over there. Additionally, high-level demon knights were found there. It's becoming more dangerous to gain element crystals from the mines of Tiewei Mountain Range. The battle over there is growing fiercer. If you want to go there, you'd better take care of yourself. After returning to Lion Fortress, we will report this news to our superior..."

    After reminding Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Tie, Zhou Feng, Guo Zifang and Deng Tianhao cupped their hands towards Zhang Tie before leaving rapidly.

    The final warning by Zhou Feng should be confidential. Generally, without the consent of the superior, they should not leak this news to others. They broke the rule because Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit saved their lives.

    Seeing them off, Mountain Lifting Hermit revealed a thoughtful look before nodding towards Zhang Tie, "Let's go back too!"

    Zhang Tie nodded silently before following Mountain Lifting Hermit on the way back.

    After 1 minute later, Mountain Lifting Hermit suddenly opened his mouth...

    "I saw the demon knight to strike you with its saber qi but how did you break its saber qi while accelerating your speed by almost 2 times in a split second?" Mountain Lifting Hermit put it straightforwardly as if he was not good at communicating with others.

    Zhang Tie directly drew his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger out of the sheath and threw it to Mountain Lifting Hermit, "This is a sharp weapon that I got by accident. I found that this dagger was greatly penetrative to knight's battle qi; therefore, I had a try just now and broke its saber qi smoothly. As the old saying goes, sword always goes in line while saber always covers a wide area. The demon knight's saber qi had a wide striking scope; however, its saber qi was not as dense as sword qi. Therefore, I broke its saber qi fortunately. When I cut open it, I felt that its saber qi pushed my protective battle qi which reminded me of the experience in the sea when I met undercurrents. Actually, the stress could be converted into a driving force. After adjusting the interactive pattern between my protective battle qi and saber qi, I accelerated immediately. I've not imagined about such an effect too..."

    Mountain Lifting Hermit had not imagined that Zhang Tie could explain it to him so clearly. After taking Zhang Tie's dagger, he looked over it while his look gradually turned more solemn, "Your dagger is made of the teeth of gold-eaten boa by an alchemist master. It's priceless given its material and craftsmanship. It's indeed very penetrative to the protective battle qi of black iron knights. You'd better put it away. This item would make people jealous in the Lion Fortress."

    After looking over it for a short while, Mountain Lifting Hermit threw it back to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie put it back into the sheath.

    After letting out a sigh, Mountain Lifting Hermit watched Zhang Tie with a tender look at once as he told Zhang Tie in a genial voice, "As for the pattern that you could accelerate your speed by two times immediately under the stress of saber qi, it's your precious gnosis and your trump card. You might even work out another powerful battle skill by it. Remember to not expose this gnosis to the others from then on. You have to watch out in the Lion Fortress and the Earth-elements Realm!"

    Touching his bald head, Zhang Tie smirked, "Thanks for your warning, Mountain Lifting Hermit, I've caught sight of your virtual image--an intrepid giant embraced a mountain, may I know your cultivation method?"

    "I'm cultivating the "Embracing Mountain Sutra", a count-class sutra!" Mountain Lifting Hermit explained it to Zhang Tie patiently.

    After fighting together with Zhang Tie, witnessing Zhang Tie's valiance and finding that Zhang Tie was straightforward and sincere who would stand out immediately when in dangers, Mountain Lifting Hermit who was usually forthright slightly changed his attitude towards Zhang Tie too.

    Zhang Tie also found the change in Mountain Lifting Hermit. Therefore, he sighed with emotions inside, 'The extremely awkward deed could conquer the extreme intelligence; the extreme sincerity could break the extreme hypocrisy.' Being disguised by Zhu Liang the fierce wolf, the role of Cui li was crazy about battle skills in an awkward and sincere way, Zhang Tie inherited the temperament of Cui Li and exerted it to the utmost, namely, being extremely awkward and sincerest. However, Zhang Tie gradually found that the way of being extremely awkward and sincerest was actually a profound life philosophy. It could relax him and pose a great influence on those beside him. Therefore, Zhang Tie gradually found that it was natural for him to behave in an awkward and sincere way...
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