Chapter 927: The Demon Baron

    Chapter 927: The Demon Baron

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    Watching Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit to come back in such a short period with a pair of ox horns respectively, the other 10 human knights of the team were shocked inside.

    It was not strange for Mountain Lifting Hermit to kill a black iron knight as an earth knight; however, it was really out of their imaginations that Zhang Tie could also kill a black iron knight in such a short period.

    Therefore, many people changed their attitudes towards Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie ignored their amazing eye lights. He directly threw the battle saber that he gained from the demon knight to Gong Ziyao, "Brother Gong, you're good at using sabers, this saber might have a great power in your hand..."

    Abyss iron was very precious. Even if it was not a weapon, a piece of abyss iron weighing dozens of kgs would be very expensive too.

    "But this is your booty..."

    "It's just a saber. I don't use it. By the way, it's heavy. Just take it, brother Gong!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Gong Ziyao took the saber.

    The battle sabers of demon knights were fierce and grim, which were very popular in the Lion Fortress.

    "As we've already met demon knights here, we'd better watch out..." Mountain Lifting Hermit warned them before setting off ahead of the team once again.

    This time, Mountain Lifting Hermit accelerated his speed evidently...

    "You've killed a demon knight?" Filton asked Zhang Tie in a secret way.

    Zhang Tie turned around and found that Cecilia and Bolam on the other line were watching him.

    "Right, when the demon knight wrestled with some knights from the Lion Fortress, I raided it and killed it!"

    "Wow!" Filton said while sighing with relief, "You've already killed 2 demon knights after coming to the Lion Fortress for less than 1 month, I feel you might become a trump knight!"

    "Trump knight?"

    "After killing 5 knights of your level, you would be called trump knight! The target of I, Cecilia and Bolam is to be a trump knight!" Filton explained seriously.

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

    It was really too difficult for a common black iron human knight to kill 5 black iron demon knights. The one who could make this achievement was qualified to be a trump knight. However, Zhang Tie had killed over one dozen demon knights and knights from Three-eye Association; therefore, the reputation of trump knight was not attractive to him. Actually, Zhang Tie was qualified to be a trump out of trump human knight.

    "What benefits do I have after becoming a trump knight in the Western Continent?" Zhang Tie asked Filton in a secret way.

    "After becoming a trump knight, you would be able to rule the most powerful trump corps in the Western Continent. Even being a No. 1 knight in a country, you could also enjoy a very good treatment and many privileges!"

    Zhang Tie replied with a surprised look, "I see!"

    "You didn't know that?"

    "I didn't know too much about the Western Continent!"

    "Even in Lion Fortress, you could also have a lot of benefits as a trump knight!"

    "What are they?"

    "You can choose highly paid tasks which are especially for trump knights. Additionally, you can practice your battle skill in the Heavens Ball once a month for free! Of course, you will gain more respect. All the earth knights being promoted from trump knights are very sharp. If trump knights could be famous on the Heavens Fortune Namelist, they would be the real nobles among humans!"

    "Hahaha, I've not imagined that there're so many benefits for a trump knight. I expect to be a trump knight in a few days!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's answer, Filton became speechless. 'Others have to exert their full efforts to be a trump knight, how come this guy expect to be a trump knight in a few days? How arrogant he is!' However, although Zhang Tie was arrogant, Filton didn't feel sick about that; instead, he felt it was possible for Zhang Tie.

    Under the leadership of Mountain Lifting Hermit, the team made turns twice and soon disappeared in the dense black fog in the first Abyss...


    After they left this region for 4 hours, a tall demon knight appeared silently in the air above the battlefield where Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit fought just now. There might be a powerful, invisible tensile force over this figure while the black fog within 20 m rolled away in all directions like being blown away by the wind.

    The demon knight's horns looked purple and golden. In a black half-body armor, a bloody cloak and a pair of grim metal gloves, this one looked much more powerful than the 4 demon knights that Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit had just met.

    The demon knight's eyes looked aggressive with full killing intent. He gazed at the surrounding fog while the fog gradually formed 7 figures, each figure was about 16 cm in height. At first, 4 figures fought 3 figures. Later on, 2 more mini figures darted towards them and killed 2 of the group of 4. The remaining 2 figures started to retreat while the group of 3 who were in a disadvantageous position chased them away...

    This demon knight stood still here a couple of minutes when another demon knight arrived with luster. Those mini figures composed of fog faded away suddenly...

    The latter one was the very one who had escaped away from the three human knights.

    "Lord Baron, we encountered the raid from an earth human knight and a top black iron knight just now..." The latter demon knight panted faintly with an embarrassed look as its wounds had not been treated.

    "I've already known that..." The demon knight being called Lord Baron gazed at the latter demon knight while its eyes gradually turned icier and bloodier, "In that case, even if you only had 2 people, you could fight human knights to death instead of escaping, although you were besieged by the 3-in-1 formation of human knights, you could at least perish together with one human knight. However, you chose to escape and survive the 5 human knights safe and sound. Why are you still alive?"

    The latter wounded demon knight had been wet all over as it started to quiver, "Lord Baron..."

    "If you could not fight to death for the Demon God, you're nothing but a sh*t!"

    The moment it finished the word "sh*t", the Lord Baron had already penetrated through the quivering body of the wounded demon knight with a punch...

    The demon knight whose body was penetrated through started to burn all over. Only after wailing mournfully a few times, it had become ashes in less than 1 minute and disappeared in the black fog of the First Abyss, leaving a pair of horns...

    The pair of bloody horns fell in the hands of Lord Baron. The Lord Baron then widely opened its mouth and started to crunch them with its terrifying, sharp teeth, causing jarring frictions and grinding sound before swallowing them.

    When the Lord Baron crunched the pair of horns, the horns flew out of dense fresh blood while a weird bloody rune appeared in Lord Baron...

    "Now that you could not serve the Demon God, I will put away the strength that the Demon God gifted to you..."

    After swallowing the pair of horns, Lord Baron's eyes turned bloody. It looked at two directions: one was where Zhou Feng and the other two human knights left for; the other was where Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Tie left for. Only after considering it for 2 seconds, it had moved towards where Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Tie left for and disappeared in the dense fog in a split second...

    After the demon baron left, the black fog covered that place once again...

    This place recovered its tranquility like nothing had happened.


    After 4 hours of flight, they caught sight of a huge black entrance of a cave whose diameter was about 1 mile among the gullies of the First Abyss. Mountain Lifting Hermit led them in...

    They had met hundreds of caves like this one, large or small on the way.

    Each cave like this one might lead to a mysterious yet unknown world...

    From a certain perspective, the First Abyss was similar to an elevator in the Earth-elements Realm...

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