Chapter 929: The Hurricane in the First Abyss

    Chapter 929: The Hurricane in the First Abyss

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    "It's my first time to hear someone comparing his words to fart, I like your simile, it's fresh, humorous and individual!" Zhang Tie said straightforwardly. Even though he was facing an earth knight, he was not scared at all.

    "Humorous?" Old Monster Qi watched Zhang Tie as he blinked his eyes. All of a sudden, his killing qi disappeared as he burst out into laughter, "Brat, you're visionary, I like you. What's your name?"

    "Cui Li!"

    "I like you. How about coming to my side? I'm sure that you could get benefits in the ruined hieron!" Old Monster Qi patted his chest and suggested with a smile.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that this guy would dare "undermine the foundation" of Mountain Lifting Hermit. 'It seems that this Old Monster Qi is really something. He must be qualified to be arrogant. It's normal for such an able man to be a rustic emperor in a remote place like Waii Subcontinent.'

    "Thank you but I don't care which team do I belong to!" Zhang Tie shrugged as he continued with a casual look, "Additionally, I don't like to cooperate with someone who changes his facial expressions so fast. Although Mountain Lifting Hermit looks cold, he's enthusiastic inside. I feel good in this team!"

    The moment they heard Zhang Tie's reply, both Mountain Lifting Hermit's and Old Monster Qi's eyes gleamed.

    Old Monster Qi slightly narrowed his eyes as he said, "You're the first black iron knight who dared to say that I change my facial expressions so fast!"

    "Although the others didn't say that in front of you, they thought the same inside. If it's your real reflection, why not care about it being mentioned by others? If you're a mountain, you will be a mountain; if you're a tree, you will be a tree; if you're a snake, you will be a snake; if you're a dragon, you will be a dragon. No matter what others comment about you, a mountain will not be a tree; a tree will not be a mountain; a snake will not be a dragon; a dragon will not be a snake. Unless what you present to others are fake, you should not care about it being mentioned by others. Am I right?"

    "Interesting, interesting..." The Old Monster Qi's eyes gleamed as he burst out into laughter once again.

    Finding that Zhang Tie was so talkative in front of Old Monster Qi, the "Young sister" in the team of Old Monster Qi couldn't stand throwing a few glances at Zhang Tie out of curiosity. All the other knights who met Zhang Tie for the first time also gazed at him with a serious look.

    "Ahem..ahem..." The white-eyebrow elder coughed twice at this moment so as to attract the others' attention, "Now that we've fixed the rule, we'd better not stay here anymore. Let's go take a look at whether the hurricane has stopped or not. I'm afraid that it will stop after a day or two!"

    Mountain Lifting Hermit nodded as he issued the order "Let's go" before flying towards afar ahead of his team, closely followed by Zhang Tie and all the other team members.

    Seeing Mountain Lifting Hermit's team leaving, the other two teams also hurriedly followed them up. The three teams then moved shoulder to shoulder with a distance of less than 50 m. The 3 earth knights led their teams towards the pit in the distance.

    This underground pit was thousands of meters in depth, which had many branch holes. If the three teams could encounter here, it indicated that the hieron ruins was not far from here.

    They were all thrilled inside.

    "Young sister, long time no see!" Zhang Tie hailed the "Young sister" in a secret way when in flight.

    Even earth knights could not easily hear the contents of talks between black iron knights which were done in a secret way. Therefore, Zhang Tie was not afraid of being heard by others.

    "Harrumph, rogue!" The young sister replied with a cold harrumph.

    As the young sister was born to be enchanting, even such a simple reply sounded like being coquettish to Zhang Tie.

    "Young sister, as we entered the Earth-elements Realm at the same time, this brother wants to warn you. My mother told me to not make friends with people who usually changes his moods. Such people are not reliable. Watch out, don't be devoured by him in the end!" Zhang Tie threw a glance at Old Monster Qi as he warned the young sister.

    "Why do you care about me so much?" After a few seconds, the young sister replied with a softer voice.

    "Even though we cannot sleep on the same bed, we're not enemies either. Additionally, this brother finds that you are not a bad girl. You're at most a lost girl with full desires. Therefore, I just warned out of good intention..."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's response, the young sister turned around and rolled her eyes at Zhang Tie from dozens of meters away before flying off...

    Touching his bald head, Zhang Tie became confused, 'Did I say something wrong?'


    The demon baron appeared in their confluence after they left there for 2 hours. With sparkling red eyes, the demon baron stretched out of its bloody tongue which split into 4 parts like that of a lizard. After licking around its mouth rapidly, he flashed away towards where Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit left for...


    After 3 hours, those human knights felt hot abruptly while Zhang Tie saw some statues on the walls of the deep tunnel.

    All the exotic statues as high as 1,000 m were sitting up straight on chairs. Some of them held weapons, some held maces; some cupped fruits such as pine cones. These statues were too huge and tall with grim faces. Being directly carved in the mountain, they shocked Zhang Tie's souls greatly.

    Although they were flying hundreds of meters above the ground, they could only reach the knees of those statues.

    Many of those statues had been ruined; many had cracks as wide as dozens of meters; some had already collapsed. Zhang Tie guessed that they had been carved for tens of thousands of years. However, Zhang Tie could still sense something solemn and holy from these statues.

    'In the long course of history, what kind of civilisation could create such a marvel?'

    When flying past these statues, everyone slowed down out of their reverence to the unknowns and human history.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie saw a glow from the exit of the cave. At the same time, he felt hotter. The temperature was almost as high as 100 celcius degrees. After penetrating through the exit of the cave, Zhang Tie saw a borderless space.

    Zhang Tie was shocked by this scene.

    It was a boiling magma sea below them which was covered with a red hurricane. The red hurricane roared and rolled the magma into the air as high as thousands of meters. 'What a destructive power!'

    This was the so-called hurricane in the First Abyss. Although being far away from the magma sea and the hurricane, they could still feel the terrifying power of the hurricane. It was a destructive furnace being featured by a terrifying, high temperature and speed...

    The red hurricane was very strange as it was only rampant above the magma sea. The moment it left the magma sea, it had disappeared.

    Due to this red hurricane, they couldn't see anything in the distance of this space.

    Out of curiosity, Zhang Tie broke off a solid rock from aside. It was a low-quality hematite which was very hard and resistant to high temperature. After weighing it in hand, Zhang Tie threw it into the red hurricane.

    Right under the gaze of everyone else, the piece of hematite entered the red hurricane. Before it fell into the magma sea, it had been torn apart, melt by the red hurricane and finally disappeared...

    'F*ck!' Zhang Tie took a deep breath.

    Even earth knights would not insist on a few minutes facing such a destructive power, not to mention black iron knights. If knights wanted to enter this hurricane, they had to bear high-speed excisions hundreds of times a second in all directions. No protective battle qi could stand such a destruction. Even shadow knights might not bear it.

    "F*ck, that's amazing. Is the hieron ruins behind this hurricane? It's really the idealest place to kill a person and rob his treasures..." Filton said as he flew to Zhang Tie's side with Cecilia and Bolam.

    "Shut up, Filton..." Cecilia swore him with her furious eyes on him.

    As they were cooperating with three earth knights, even if there was a robbery, it could only be a black iron knight who's robbed. After thinking it through, Filton smirked and didn't say anything else.

    Watching the magma sea, Bolam who was always silent finally uttered with a solemn look, "After entering it, we'd better stay with each other!"

    Cecilia and Filton nodded at the same time.

    As they watched it on one side of the magma sea, the white-eyebrow elder took out a metal compass and stood on some positions for a short while respectively by facing the compass towards the hurricane as if measuring or confirming something. After a few minutes, he put away his metal compass and told Mountain Lifting Hermit, "We're neither too late nor too early, the hurricane will disappear in 45 hours..."

    "You mean we will be able to enter it in about 2 days?"


    "Hahahaha..." Old Monster Qi laughed, "That's pretty good. We will take a rest two days here so that we could plunder inside!"

    The white-eyebrow elder exchanged a glance with Mountain Lifting Hermit before nodding with him at the same time.

    Everyone then moved back into the cave. As it was barren near the magma sea, they couldn't find any resources to supply themselves at all. Additionally it was too hot here, they'd better rest in another place.


    After half an hour, all of them landed in the valley where those huge statues were 35 miles away from that magma sea...
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