Chapter 931: The Crisis

    Chapter 931: The Crisis

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    If there was a battle qi, it indicated that a combat was breaking out. At this critical moment, any combat was very sensitive, combats between human knights and demon knights or internal conflicts between human knights.

    Before Mountain Lifting Hermit uttered, the other members of his team had rushed towards the battle qi in terms of light.

    At the same time, the other two teams also rushed towards that place in terms of light from their camps.

    It only took them about 4 minutes to complete the distance of over 50 miles.

    The moment they arrived there, they had caught sight of a corpse lying on the ground.

    The corpse's head had been chopped off, leaving a puddle of blood on the ground.

    After looking around the place, the knights ensured that there was no ambush in the surroundings; neither did they see any figure; therefore, they landed.

    After landing there, Mountain Lifting Hermit, Zhang Anguo the grand elder of Tianlu Palace and Old Monster Qi threw a glance at each other before walking towards the corpse.

    After checking the corpse, they confirmed the identity of the dead. However, they didn't find any clue of the murderer at the scene.

    "It's Sun Sheng!" Old Monster Qi picked himself up from the ground as he glanced at Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Anguo with a weird, icy eye light. As he had seen the two earth knights fly off their camps just now, he didn't think they had a chance to kill Sun Sheng.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Anguo also stood up.

    "He was raided. Before he released his battle qi, his heart had been fatally wounded. In the latter combat, he was chopped off in a few seconds!" Zhang Anguo said in a muffled voice.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit looked icy. He just threw a glance at his team members silently.

    Even if it was a close combat, it was also difficult for an earth knight to kill a black iron knight; however, a black iron knight could heavily wound or kill another black iron knight in an extremely short period by raiding the latter.

    Everyone at present felt a solemn yet weird atmosphere among the three teams.

    "Jia Xiong, wasn't Sun Sheng always with you? Why did he come here alone?" Old Monster Qi suddenly turned around and asked a knight on his team.

    The knight was swarthy and short. After hearing Old Monster Qi's question, everyone focused on Jia Xiong, causing him to feel nervous and swallow his saliva, "Sun Sheng was with me 1 hour ago; however, later on...later on he met...Miss Bai, after hearing that Miss Bai just ate some dried rations, Sun Sheng voluntarily said that he would hunt some smooth rats for Miss Bai, which was the tastiest food in the cave...Therefore...therefore he went out alone!"

    "Where's Bai Suxian?" Old Monster Qi threw a glance at the team and didn't see that woman.

    "Soon after Sun Sheng left, Miss Bai 1  had left too..." Someone in the team of Old Monster Qi replied.

    Zhang Tie didn't know the name of "Young sister" until now. This name made him speechless. Although the female was pretty white, she had nothing to do with Su 2  and Xian 3  .

    Soon after his words, some more lights arrived from afar, including the couple Lu Zhongming and Lin Huanxi, the two women and one man from Tianlu Palace and Bai Suxian the "Young sister".

    "When we arrived here, we found this guy had been raided!" Mountain Lifting Hermit uttered after throwing a glance at them while accenting the word "raided".

    Watching the corpse whose head had been chopped off and hearing Mountain Lifting Hermit's words, the latter ones changed their faces at once.

    As they were late, they were suspects.

    Old Monster Qi gazed at Bai Suxian before asked in a muffled voice, "Where have you been?"

    The "Young sister" threw an aggrieved glance at Old Monster Qi before asking, "Do you also think it's done by me?"

    "It's a human life. You're late, therefore, you need to explain it to us!" Old Monster Qi replied in an icy tone.

    Under the gaze of everyone else, Bai Suxian's face blushed as she replied, "I am menstruating these days. As there were too many males in the valley, it was inconvenient for me; therefore, I was looking for a place to solve it..."

    Soon after Bai Suxian finished her words, Old Monster Qi's eyes gleamed. In a split second, he had come to the side of Bai Suxian. Before Bai Suxian responded, he had caught her wrist. Bai Suxian was shocked. Before she wanted to launch a counter attack, Old Monster Qi had rapidly let off her wrist and retreated. The entire process was completed in a split second. When Bai Suxian responded with a pale face, Old Monster Qi had moved away.

    It was almost like raiding Bai Suxian. However, it also reflected Old Monster Qi's power and arbitrary temperament, which shocked everyone else at present.

    "I've checked your pulse condition. It's indeed the physical condition when a woman is menstruating. You're not lying!" Old Monster Qi explained. Everybody else then understood why he caught Bai Suxian's wrist just now.

    Watching how Old Monster Qi do, Lu Zhongming and Lin Huanxi were shocked immediately. They slightly moved away from Old Monster Qi. Lu Zhongming stood in front of his wife as he pressed one hand onto his sword handle. After throwing a glance at them, he said in a muffled voice, "Just now, we were seeking for some rare underground plants' seeds in the valley so that we could sow those seeds in the underground mountain cave of our Minling Sword Sect and create a cultivation environment being similar to that of Earth-elements Realm..."

    "As it's the first time for some young elders in Tianlu Palace to come to the Earth-elements Realm, I told them to be familiar with the environment here these couple of days. I know that they left the camp just now!" Zhang Anguo opened his mouth as he clarified the reason why the three people of Tianlu Palace were late. At this moment, anyone who dared find Tianlu Palace's trouble would be regarded as the enemy of Tianlu Palace as a whole.

    Everyone at present then became silent.

    Old Monster Qi then watched Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Anguo with a sneer, "We've just fixed the rule to forbid private duel or mutual trap less than half a day ago, and we met such an accident here. How do you explain this?"

    "It's not necessary that one of us who killed Sun Sheng!" Mountain Lifting Hermit said.

    "What do you mean?"

    "We don't have the motive to kill him. Even if someone wanted to kill him, he would not risk the dangers until Sun Sheng came out of the hieron ruins. However, Sun Sheng had not entered the hieron ruins yet; neither did he have any valuable item with him that might arouse others' vicious intention. Additionally, he had no resentment with us, why would someone kill him in vain at the risk of being recognized and besieged by us? Old Monster Qi, don't forget that we're in the Earth-elements Realm. Besides us, demon knights are also wandering here."

    After exchanging a glance with each other, all the others were shocked once again...


    After burying the corpse over there, the three teams of knights returned to their own camps in a weird atmosphere.

    Zhang Tie was shocked inside as it was his first time to see a dead human knight.

    Although Mountain Lifting Hermit's explanation was reasonable, Zhang Tie still was not sure whether Sun Sheng was killed by a demon knight or not. In this world, human's mind was most unpredictable.

    Zhang Tie had tasted unpredictable human minds too much...

    Because of this uncertainty, Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy and released a lot of tracing tentacles and attached them to the sole of each knight at present before they left, including that of Bai Suxian, Old Monster Qi and those people in Tianlu Palace.

    The biggest effect of tracing tentacle was to monitor each one's trace and position each knight at any time.

    Whether Sun Sheng was killed by someone in the three teams or a demon knight, it was not a good news for all the others. Because this indicated that a dangerous enemy might beside them.

    The temporary camp became more depressive and weird. Many people's eyes contained some hidden meaning when they looked at Lu Zhongming and Lin Huanxi.

    No matter what, Lu Zhongming and Lin Huanxi were suspects. As a human knight was killed, all the others had to beware of them more or less.

    Now that Sun Shen was raided, it indicated that all the others at present might be raided too. Nobody could ensure that he or she was not the next one being raided.


    "These days, we three have to go out together. None of us should take any action alone..." Gong Ziyao told Zhang Tie in a secret way after returning to the camp.

    Zhang Tie nodded.


    Two days soon flew past.

    Nothing else happened in the two days. The knights completed their supplies in the valley in two days. With full preparations, they came to the magma sea once again.

    The terrifying hurricane gradually faded away...

    "Let's go!" Mountain Lifting Hermit said in a muffled voice while all the others followed him towards the center of the magma sea...
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