Chapter 932: A Mysterious Island

    Chapter 932: A Mysterious Island

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    The hot and boiling magma sea appeared under their feet...

    The magma sea was borderless.

    Although being hundreds of meters high above the magma sea, Zhang Tie could still feel the hot waves from below.

    Compared to the hurricane, the hot waves were as tender as spring breezes. Commoners might die out of hydration within a few hours; however, such a temperature didn't cause any effect to knights at all.

    Except for the team of Zhang Clan in Tianlu Palace which felt to be united, the atmospheres in the teams of Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi were both subtle. Lu Zhongming, Lin Huanxi and Bai Suxian unconsciously flew to the front of the team close to the three earth knights.

    Nobody in the two teams would like to expose their backs to the three people. Therefore, the three people were subconsciously driven to the front of the two teams.

    "5 days later, the hurricane would reappear above the magma sea. Therefore, we could only stay 5 days in the hieron ruins at most. If everything went smoothly, we would leave after 3 days, at most 4 days!" Mountain Lifting Hermit's voice sounded in the ears of the others on the team, "I feel that we might face some trouble in this journey. You'd better take care of yourselves!"

    After hearing Mountain Lifting Hermit's warning, Zhang Tie's heart pounded. After exchanging a glance with Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan, they could see a solemn expression from each other's eyes.

    "What are you concerned about?" Zhang Tie asked Mountain Lifting Hermit in a secret way.

    After thinking for a few seconds, Mountain Lifting Hermit replied, "If the one who raided Sun Sheng was a demon knight, I'm considering what that demon knight would think and do after seeing us waiting at the entrance of this magma sea! Undoubtedly, that demon knight's battle strength could never match the jointed battle strength of us. In this case, what do you think I'm concerned about?"

    Being hinted by Mountain Lifting Hermit, Zhang Tie understood it at once.

    'If a demon knight is really following us, Mountain Lifting Hermit must be concerned about it whistling.'

    'If that demon knight didn't know what were we here for before today. It might have already speculated something when he saw the hurricane to disappear over this magma sea.'

    'This was the worst scenario and the most possible result we might face. If that demon knight really blows a whistle after confirming our trace and purpose, given the efficiencies of both parties, we might have a fierce combat with a team of demon knights the moment we come out of the hieron ruins. We might be outnumbered by demon knights. The longer we stay in the hieron ruins, the more dangerous it might get and we might have to collide with a team of demon knights.

    In the Earth-elements Realm, no knight could avoid from fierce collisions with demon knights.

    If Mountain Lifting Hermit, Old Monster Qi and Zhang Anguo could coordinate with each other and make an ambush in the magma sea behind all the others, they would definitely make an achievement if there was a demon knight behind them. At least, it could scare the demon knight away. However, it was a daydream for three earth knights to stay here to set a trap only for the sake of the black iron knights. Even though the heads of the three teams were black iron knights, they would not agree to do that either. At such a critical moment, who would like to give up such a rare chance to wait for fighting a possible demon knight?

    Zhang Tie would. As long as he could kill a demon knight, he would make a big achievement. With the shield that he gained from the demon general, he could hide in the magma sea for a few hours; but it was useless for him to stay here alone. First, everybody else would think he was foolish; second, if there was an earth demon knight behind them, Zhang Tie was not sure that he could defeat it.

    Facing such a situation, Zhang Tie could only let out a sigh inside. Closely after that, he spirited up to respond to the next problems...

    They could only respond to the next situations in a flexible way.

    As there were three earth knights in their teams, it was not his turn to make decisions.


    After flying almost 1,000 miles over the magma sea for over 2 hours at a high speed, they caught sight of a looming isle in the hot, rising, twisting vapor.

    At the sight of this isle, everyone became spirited as they accelerated at once.

    After flying close to it, they could see it clearly.

    It was a big island that covered about 10,000 square miles instead of being an isle.

    All the exposed rocks on this island were weathered and aged might be because of the hurricane. It was a taste of vicissitudes all over.

    A tall, flat-roofed pyramid was standing in the middle of this island.

    Zhang Tie took in a deep breath, 'Here we are.'

    After reaching close to this island, the hot air that had been accompanying them over 2 hours instantly declined. The closer they were to this island, the faster the temperature would decline and be closer to normal temperature.

    "Watch out, it's a no-fly zone in the island like that in Lion Fortress. When we are close to it, we'd better lower our flight altitude!" The grand elder of Tianlu Palace ahead of them opened his mouth as he declined his flight altitude rapidly, closely followed by all the other members of the three teams. When they were close to the edge of this island, they were only a few meters above the ground. The moment they entered the air territory of this island, they had lost their flying capabilities and fell down at once.

    If not being warned in advance, those who came here for the first time might be very embarrassed after falling down from hundreds of meters in the air even though they would not die at once.

    After landing, they felt that the temperature had recovered to normal while the air became refreshing at once.

    Now that it existed in the hot magma sea, it already indicated that this place was very marvelous.

    "After taking a rest, we will take action!" Old Monster Qi suggested.

    They didn't reject him. Earth knights might not encounter any difficult to fly for 2 hours at a high speed consecutively; however, it was very difficult for most of the black iron knights...

    They then found a place nearby to take a rest by sitting cross-legged, drinking water or eating something so as to recover their physical strength and battle strength.

    Zhang Tie sat down against a huge grey rock. Filton then walked to him and stealthily gave him a vial of medicament. After taking a look at it, Zhang Tie became stunned, 'It's all-purpose medicament...'

    "This thing just entered the Lion Fortress a few days ago. It's very effective to recover physical strength and cure common minor injuries and poisoning symptoms..." Filton explained it to Zhang Tie...

    'Has my elder brother opened the market in the Lion Fortress?'

    Zhang Tie felt complexed and gratified...
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