Chapter 933: The Hieron Ruins

    Chapter 933: The Hieron Ruins

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    After having a sweet vial of all-purpose medicament, a relaxed feeling started to spread across his body from his stomach. After a short while, the fatigue and physical consumption caused by 2 hours of flight had been recovered.

    The 2 hours' flight was much easier for Zhang Tie than the others. It was a middle-and-high speed for others, however, it was just a bit faster than the cruising speed for Zhang Tie. Such a flight didn't cost him too much physical strength. In case of being too eye-catching, Zhang Tie had to take the vial of all-purpose medicament gifted by Gong Ziyao. Actually, he could recover his physical strength very soon without having to take all-purpose medicament at all. Even if he wanted to take the all-purpose medicament, he only needed to run his spiritual energy to move the well-brewed all-purpose medicament from Castle of Black Iron into his mouth.

    After 1 hour, seeing someone standing up, Zhang Tie stroked the familiar pattern of manjusaka on the empty vial before throwing it onto the ground. Closely after that, he also picked himself up from the ground.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether he was littering freely; if someone could really catch sight of this empty vial, his advertisement for his domestic business would be a success.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he threw a glance at Gong Ziyao and Zhou Sufan who was sitting with crossed legs not far away and nodding towards Zhang Tie at the same time.

    Before entering the hieron ruins, everyone wanted to adjust their conditions to the best.

    Gradually, all of them picked themselves up from the ground.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit exchanged a glance with the other two earth knights and nodded at each other.

    "Now that we've had a good rest. Let's go then!" The grand elder of Tianlu Palace opened his mouth while everyone else set off once again.

    As they could not fly in the island, they could only rush towards the huge pyramid in the distance by foot.

    Before leaving, Zhang Tie looked back at the boiling magma sea.

    'I wonder whether someone would follow us?'

    'But who would like to stay here and be a sentry at this moment?'

    As this whim occurred to his mind, Zhang Tie ran forward as he undid his abyss battle spear from his back and assembled it one part after another.

    After being assembled, the 4 m long abyss battle spear looked pretty terrifying. Plus Zhang Tie's towering figure, it was full of killing intent and became the largest and most eye-catching weapon in the entire team.

    Most of the people in the team used short weapons such as sabers or swords; some used exotic weapons such as the ax, hook, spine and 1 m long sickle. Bai Suxian the "young sister" used a steel whip which was circling around her slim waist. Only Zhang Tie used a long weapon.

    The moment he took out his weapon, he became outstanding at once. Even the members of Zhang Clan in Tianlu Palace couldn't stand glancing at Zhang Tie.

    Few of battle skills on knights level were about long weapons. However, all the battle skills with long weapons were overbearing and powerful. Many people were guessing what battle skill did Cui Li the sturdy tough man use with such a terrifying weapon.

    The grand elder of Zhang Clan also recalled the battle skills of long spears that he had learned. After that, he shook his head faintly. He didn't remember that there was a powerhouse called Cui Li who excelled at long spear battle skills.

    In running, Zhang Tie felt a hot eye light falling on his body. Zhang Tie turned around and saw that Bai Suxian was watching him with her watery eyes. When she caught sight of Zhang Tie's eyes, she hurriedly moved her eyes away. At the same time, she replied with a cold harrumph. However, her split vision was still on Zhang Tie's body.

    It was evidently a gesture and signal of a woman who sought for coquetry and comfort.

    If not at this moment and this place, Zhang Tie was sure that as long as he dared hug Bai Suxian shamelessly, the woman would definitely fall into his arms as soft as water.

    'Does this petite girl really like tough men like me?' Zhang Tie touched his bald head as he smirked...

    Bai Suxian moved very elegantly. The moment she touched the ground, she would throw her long sleeves. At the same time, she moved dozens of meters ahead like a fairy. In the entire team, her battle strength reflected by her movements was definitely at the medium level.

    'How could such a woman raid and kill a man who courted her out of no reason?'

    When he thought about this, Zhang Tie felt that Mountain Lifting Hermit's concern might come true.

    'However, as the arrow is fitted to the string, we could only move forward. If we make some achievements in the hieron ruins, we could at least have a greater chance to survive the raid of the demon knights when we go out of here. Mountain Lifting Hermit and the other two earth knights might think in this way. None of those knights who dare enter the Earth-elements Realm are afraid of battle.'


    Based on the high speed of knights, after running less than half an hour, they had already arrived at the foot of the huge, flat-roofed pyramid in the middle of this island.

    There were a lot of stony steps from the foot of the pyramid to the roof, each step was higher than 0.5 m. Led by the three earth knights, everyone rushed upstairs, 10 steps a stride.

    When he reached the flat roof of the pyramid, Zhang Tie's sight expanded at once. He caught sight of a row of huge stony pillars while the entrance of an old, broken temple entered their visions. There were two rows of huge, time-honored statues at the entrance of the temple, each statue was higher than 10 m. At the sight of those statues, everyone became shocked once again, including Zhang Tie.

    The statues were standing in two rows, one row on the left, the other on the right. The row on the right were armored human fighters who were holding their swords with solemn and dignified looks. Those on the left were demon fighters who were also standing in solemn looks with huge hammers in hands.

    The two rows of statues didn't look aggressive to each other; instead, it seemed that they were commonly safeguarding the hieron.

    As these statues were too old, it was hard to guess their ages. However, the statues reminded Zhang Tie that humans and demons might be two races living together peacefully in a far-ancient age. If not, how could humans and demons safeguard the hieron commonly at the entrance? No matter whether it was humans or demons who established this hieron, if they were in the antagonistic state at that moment, the party who established this hieron would never allow the other party's statues to be the guardians of the hieron...

    If Zhang Tie was a historian or anthropologist, he might stop to study this question seriously. However, as a knight, he didn't need to do research; instead, he only needed to plunder so as to grow more and more powerful.

    Therefore, although they were shocked inside, none of them would stop to study those statues. They just passed by the statues and arrived at the entrance of the hieron.

    There were various animals such as cattle and sheep on the huge stony pillars. On the top of the only gate, there was a mysterious triangular sign being made of three scales of different sizes.

    The mysterious triangular sign should be the symbol of this hieron or of a religious meaning like the signboard of yamun, bank or commercial group. However, like how they didn't know why statues of demons and humans were standing outside the hieron, none of the three teams of knights understood the meaning of the sign on the gate of the hieron until today.

    They only knew that they would face dangers and might make good achievements inside.

    After tens of thousands of years, everything in front of them became ruins. They only cared about interests; instead of the far-ancient yet unknown truth. If humans could kill all the demons, they might put their efforts in studying this place seriously; however, as the holy war had broken out, nothing was more realistic and meaningful than powerful punches and sharp blades.

    Right at the entrance of the hieron, the time-honored metal gate being carved with exotic grains was shuttered, leaving three tidy and eye-catching pits on it.

    After coming to the entrance, Mountain Lifting Hermit, Old Monster Qi and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace respectively took out a piece of shimmering diamond-shaped metal. After exchanging a glance with each other, they inserted their diamond-shaped metal piece into the pits respectively before moving a few steps back at the same time.

    "Watch out. When the gate opens, as long as you enter it, don't exit casually. Being affected by the mysterious strength and guarding rule of this hieron ruins, everyone could only access to this threshold just one time. As long as you exit it, you will not be able to enter it again!" Zhang Anguo, the grand elder of Tianlu Palace warned the others.

    As they had made it so far, if someone made such a stupid mistake, he or she would waste all the previous efforts.

    Soon after Zhang Anguo's words, the entire pyramid quivered while the gate slowly opened. With a dazzling white light, a majestic qi poured out of the gate.

    This majestic qi reminded Zhang Tie of the scene when he entered the tower of time, which also indicated that everything in this hieron could not be destroyed by knights...
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