Chapter 934: As a Lion, Like a Dragon

    Chapter 934: As a Lion, Like a Dragon

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    After the gate was completely opened, the three earth knights moved one step forward and put away their metal pieces. Closely after that, all the members of the three teams entered the hieron consecutively...

    When he entered the gate, Zhang Tie felt an exotic energy sweeping over him...

    Zhang Tie looked back. Although they had entered, the gate didn't close; he then ran his spiritual energy while a tracing feather flew out of his forehead and lay on the entrance of the hieron silently.

    --After everyone entered, as long as someone else entered, the tracing feather would attach to the sole of the new arriver automatically. The moment the tracing feather moved, Zhang Tie would know that someone else had arrived!

    As it was on the flat roof of the pyramid, there was no space behind the gate but an extremely serene, spiral staircase, which led all the way to the bottom of the pyramid.

    Most of the knights who came here for the first time didn't know what was at the bottom of the pyramid. The ground in the pyramid was brilliant and carried a special metallic luster.

    "Ah, it's too cold..." The arrivers quivered a bit when a chilly wind blew towards them from below the staircase.

    Compared to the hot magma sea outside, the inside space of this pyramid was at least below minus 40 degrees Celcius. Even being knights, they could only move normally inside in a short period.

    "Attention, it's even colder downside there. In 3 days, if anyone of you couldn't stand it any longer, you should exit in advance..." Mountain Lifting Hermit uttered.

    When Mountain Lifting Hermit uttered, Old Monster Qi remained silent, who directly led his team and rushed downwards along the spiral staircase at a very fast speed. The knights of Zhang Clan in Tianlu Palace hurriedly followed them up. Mountain Lifting Hermit's team was in the end.

    Although they could not fly by the strength of the chakras at this moment, they didn't slow down. Everybody was moving rapidly on the spiral staircase.

    At this moment, everybody became a bit thrilled.

    When Zhang Tie was running, he kept observing the surrounding environment.

    The spiral staircase gradually turned wider and flatter due to the structure of the pyramid. Additionally, this spiral staircase was a distinctive, two-helical structure like the helical structure of DNA. No artificial trace could be seen on this staircase. It was a complete, mysterious structure.

    In each dozen meters, there would be a fire basket near the handrail. Zhang Tie guessed that the fire baskets might be used to illuminate the staircase in the far-ancient times. However, it could not be authenticated now.

    Due to the existence of night-viewing medicaments, even if there was no fire basket, knights could still clearly see the surroundings.

    There were odd-looking mural paintings and strange words on both walls of the staircase. Zhang Tie saw many scenes about the co-existence between humans and demons. What shocked Zhang Tie was that those scenes were not about wars but about strange religious activities. In those religious activities, animals such as cattle and sheep were pushed in front of a tall and odd-looking joss for a sacrificial purpose...

    There were empty stands on both sides of the staircase. The items on the stands might have been taken away.

    The three keys in the hands of Mountain Lifting Hermit and the other two earth knights were from others. In the past 9 years, two batches of people had arrived here.

    According to the introduction of the previous two batches of people, due to a short period, even knights could not stay too long below there. Therefore, many regions in the hieron ruins had not been fully explored. There might be some good items left. However, as those who had entered here once could not enter it for the second time, even though being the third batch of explorers, they might still find something good inside.

    The Weapons Mountain and the possible space-teleportation equipment were both worthwhile for people to risk their lives here.

    The deeper it was, the colder it would be. They felt like entering an ice cellar.

    In less than 10 minutes, they had deepened over 13 miles inside the pyramid. Given the position, they must have entered the underground space of the pyramid.

    After coming to the last step, the three earth knights stood there. Even Old Monster Qi didn't walk a step forward with shimmering eyes. Everyone else then stopped on the last step.

    What in front of everyone else was a huge palace-like lobby, which lasted for miles. They could faintly see dozens of portals at the end of the lobby, large or small. The ground of the lobby was as clean as a new pin, which was covered with exotic grains. The entire lobby felt icy and quiet. On both sides of the lobby were two rows of exotic metal statues.

    All the grim and dignified metal statues were taller than 3 m which looked like spiders in the lower body and humans in the upper body. They were holding a metal shield by the left hand and various weapons by the right hand.

    When they stopped on the last step, the eyes of the two rows of metal statues started to turn red while their necks started to sound, "kakakaka". At the same time, they moved their heads towards the three teams of knights which were very terrifying.

    They were not statues but powerful battle puppets in the hieron who had been staying there since they were put.

    It was so terrifying that these battle puppets could still move after so many years.

    "Ga...ga...ga..." Old Monster Qi laughed as he watched Mountain Lifting Hermit and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace while narrowing his eyes, "We three will rush over there together in this pass. After that, we will choose one portal respectively and enter it independently. After entering portals, we will not interfere with each other whether you're alive or dead, rich or poor. How about that?'

    After exchanging a glance with each other, Mountain Lifting Hermit and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace nodded at the same time before replying in a muffled voice, "Good!"

    The 3 earth knights rushed out in a split second...

    The moment the 3 earth knights left the last step and landed on the grand of the lobby, all the battle puppets in the lobby started to move as fast as knights.

    6 battle puppets who were nearest to the 3 earth knights instantly rushed out and stabbed three huge swords and three long spears towards the 3 earth knights...

    "Go die..." Mountain Lifting Hermit roared as he released a battle qi punch towards two battle puppets from 5 meters away, causing them to move backward, instead of killing them or damaging them.

    The two battle puppets blocked the greater part of the battle qi of the earth knight with their shields. Although a small part of Mountain Lifting Hermit's battle qi punch touched the bodies of the two battle puppets, it only slid off a part of the metal on the battle puppets...

    With a loud boom, the 16 feet of the two battle puppets left 16 scratches on the ground. After moving 7-8 m backward, they rushed forward once again...

    These battle puppets' defensive abilities and close-combat capabilities could almost match that of knights.

    The roar of Mountain Lifting Hermit started the first battle in the hieron ruins.

    "Hahaha, cool!" Zhang Tie rushed out of the black iron knights with laughter. Based on his powerful jumping ability, Zhang Tie instantly arrived at over 20 m in the air. He then waved his abyss battle spear in the air while a battle qi fire dragon appeared whose brilliant glow covered the entire lobby...

    In the battle, the 3 earth knights couldn't stand throwing a glance at Zhang Tie.

    Everybody then felt a hot sun shining in the air while the temperature in the surroundings rose up abruptly...

    Zhang Tie was lifting the hot sun. Together with the dancing, odd-looking fire dragon with a pair of wings, the hot sun was thrown into the group of battle puppets.

    Thunder-like booms and strong, hot wind and shock waves of battle qi swept over 100 m in a split second, sending 4 of the group of battle puppets flying backward at once.

    What a fierce strike! It could almost match that of an earth knight.

    All the black iron knights including Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan who saw Zhang Tie using his long spear battle skill for the first time were startled at once. They had not imagined that Zhang Tie could be so fierce.

    Zhang Tie refreshed everyone's senses once again.

    At the sight of this scene, the grand elder of Tianlu Palace was shocked too while a famous figure in Taixia Country occurred to his mind, he immediately hailed, "Fire-Dragon Heaven Burning Spear Battle Skill!"

    "Hahahaah...Grand Elder Anguo really has a good taste!" Zhang Tie burst into laughter as he raised his spear horizontally to block two huge swords.

    Closely after that, he changed the direction of the head of the long spear in a weird manner and penetrated it through the gap between a battle puppet's shield and huge sword like a living, golden snake. He directly stabbed his spear into the lower body of the battle puppet and lifted it up, smashing it towards another battle puppet; as a result, the two battle puppets were both sent flying away...

    Each battle puppet here weighed about 5-6 tons. All the black iron knights' eyebrows kept jumping when they saw Zhang Tie lifting up a battle puppet with the spear so easily, 'F*ck, how powerful is this guy! Is he even a human or not?'

    After touching these battle puppets, Zhang Tie felt that these battle puppets' metal was very defensive to long-distance battle qi strikes. As for these battle puppets, the most effective combat mode was the close combat.

    More battle puppets rushed towards them...

    In the laughter, Zhang Tie passed by the three earth knights and rushed into a group of battle puppets alone in an aggressive way.

    After that, all the others could not see Zhang Tie's body clearly. Instead, they could only see huge battle puppets being lifted up by Zhang Tie's abyss battle spear one after another and smashed onto the other battle puppets in the distance. They could barely pick themselves up from the ground until quite a while...


    Zhang Tie kept lifting up 18 battle puppets...

    In Hua legends, an unrivaled fierce general could lift up chariots one after another on the battlefield. Although they had not seen that; at the sight of Zhang Tie's performance, everybody else felt that the legendary general could not even match Cui Li.
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