Chapter 935: A Bloody Battle in the Lobby

    Chapter 935: A Bloody Battle in the Lobby

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    The battle puppets could not be killed...

    After Mountain Lifting Hermit, Old Monster Qi and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace, Zhang Tie was the 4th knight who penetrated through a battle puppet with abyss battle spear and broke the battle puppet into metal fragments and parts.

    Zhang Tie thought that the battle puppet would die for sure; however, the fragments and parts of the battle puppet assembled once again automatically and recovered the original look of the battle puppet in less than half a minute.

    This scene reminded Zhang Tie of his favorite game at home when he was young--find an empty box of leather shoes and threw some nails and screws in it. After that, move a piece of the magnet at the bottom of the box slowly. Gradually, those nails and screws would move and gather together...

    Zhang Tie was obsessed with this game when he was 5 years old. At this moment, watching those parts assembling like being manipulated by a huge piece of magnet underground, Zhang Tie felt goosebumps all over. He finally understood why Mountain Lifting Hermit organized a team to explore this hieron ruins together with him.

    Although those battle puppets' battle strength could almost match that of knights and their bodies could be damaged or shattered into pieces, their finest parts could never be destroyed, even by earth knights.

    Knights might be killed; however, those parts of battle puppets could only be separated temporarily. In less than 10 minutes, they would assemble into a new battle puppet and join the battle once again.

    They were not fighting battle puppets but thousands of indestructible fine parts and gears.

    Besides the battle puppets, the entire palace seemed to be able to "heal" itself. The traces on the ground caused by Zhang Tie gradually faded away in less than 10 minutes too...

    It took them more than 2 hours to march in 1/3 of the lobby.

    Many battle puppets were rushing towards them all the time...


    With an explosive sound "boom", Zhang Tie penetrated through a battle puppet's chest after causing a special, shrill sound in the air. With his vigorous battle qi, the battle puppet exploded while thousands of parts scattered like how a heavenly maid scattered blossoms.

    It was the 6th battle puppet that Zhang Tie had killed...

    When a spider's leg flew off, Zhang Tie immediately caught it by his hand.

    Noticing that Filton and the other two team members were being besieged by 7-8 battle puppets, Zhang Tie rushed to their side as he wove his spear to strike the 7-8 battle puppets' bodies and shields in a split second. After a tempest-like collision, the formation of the battle puppets was broken by Zhang Tie, resolving the crisis facing the group of three at once.

    Only at this moment did everybody else feel being lucky to have Zhang Tie as their team member.

    After Zhang Tie broke the formation of the battle puppets, two battle puppets rushed towards Zhang Tie at a high speed at once.

    "Piss off!" Zhang Tie lifted up one battle puppet by his right hand and sent it flying away. At the same time, he fiercely smashed the spider leg onto the other battle puppet's shield, causing that battle puppet to slide over 10 m away.

    The spider's leg weighed over 200 kg. It worked as an odd-looking wooden club in Zhang Tie's left hand. Even though being a club, it was also intimidating with the terrifying strength and battle skills.

    With a spear in the right hand and a spider's leg in the left hand, Zhang Tie was surrounded by wild air-splitting shrieks and howls. He then rushed into the formation of the battle puppets and caused a great chaos at once like a fierce lion coming down a mountain.

    Filton rushed to Zhang Tie's side and made a head-on collision with a battle puppet.

    During this process, Filton asked Zhang Tie, "What do you take a leg of battle puppet for?"

    Zhang Tie replied, "I want to see whether the battle puppet could recover while lacking one leg. Don't you feel it is interesting?"

    "What the hell!" Filton replied.

    Among all of them, perhaps only Zhang Tie felt that it was interesting to do an experiment with a broken leg of a battle puppet at this moment.

    If he was alone, Zhang Tie even thought about throwing this broken leg into the abyss of chaos in Castle of Black Iron to check whether this battle puppet would still be that sharp or not after its broken leg was completely melted.

    Besides being unable to use battle qi strikes and fly, these battle puppets' battle strength was really terrifying. A corps of 100,000 battle puppets outside the hieron in the pyramid could definitely be unrivaled in the world.

    Right then, the first human knight was wounded...

    He was from the team of Old Monster Qi.

    The knight jumped higher than 30 m as if he wanted to jump over some battle puppets...

    However, when he jumped up, some battle puppets in front of him lowered their bodies and jumped up at the same time; meanwhile, two huge swords and one spear pricked towards that human knight.

    Actually, when a human knight lost his flying ability, it was very dangerous and stupid for him to jump up and fight his enemies in the air due to gravity.

    Even the three earth knights who had greater jumping abilities than him were fighting step by step on the ground, he definitely had to bear the corresponding result for his jump.

    It seemed that he had not imagined that these battle puppets could jump so high.

    In the air, he was startled. After blocking three battle puppet's strike hurriedly, his protective battle qi was broken at once; meanwhile, he started to decline rapidly towards the ground.

    At this moment, a battle puppet raised its head and threw out a spear towards him when his protective battle qi was broken.

    It was out of his imagination that battle puppets could throw out a spear.

    The target of the spear was his lower abdomen. The battle puppet wanted to kill him. In a panic, he used his instinct to strike the long spear by palm from a few meters away. Although the spear's head lowered and didn't hit his lower abdomen, it penetrated through his thigh. After spurting out a lot of blood from his thigh, the man uttered a muffled harrumph...

    The moment he landed, he had rolled aside and poured a vial of all-purpose medicament into his mouth at the fastest speed.


    In a few minutes, a battle puppet with red eyes and one leg jumped towards Zhang Tie at a speed which was just a bit slower than that of normal battle puppets.

    At this moment, the broken leg in Zhang Tie's left hand started to expand and contract forcefully. It felt like a living, running hind leg of a robust ox. The broken leg had a very great strength. Commoners could not hold it fast at all, except for Zhang Tie. However, the strength of the broken leg was dwarfed by the strength of Zhang Tie's hand.

    Watching Zhang Tie holding fast its broken leg, the battle puppet chased after Zhang Tie like a lunatic. It seemed that it swore to kill Zhang Tie.

    After a while, the broken leg started to get warmer. Gradually, it turned as hot as a red piece of iron. After that, with a sound "Pah", the broken leg automatically separated into many finer parts and dropped off Zhang Tie's hand. Closely after that, those parts started to bounce towards the very battle puppet like hopping beads. Gradually, a new leg formed...

    'How great these battle puppets are! On this occasion, they could almost be unrivaled.'

    'However, the one who created these battle puppets tens of thousands of years ago was greater.'

    Zhang Tie sighed with emotions inside as he kept fighting those battle puppets...

    After recovering its leg completely, the battle puppet rushed towards Zhang Tie once again...

    In a few minutes, the battle puppet turned into pieces over again...


    Everyone was marching on as they fought battle puppets fiercely.

    It was a bloody battle. Since the first human knight in the team of Old Monster Qi was injured, more and more people in the teams of Tianlu Palace and Mountain Lifting Hermit started to get injured consecutively. Even Gong Ziyao's shoulder was injured by a battle puppet's spear...

    Thankfully, nobody was killed in this course.

    After about another 4 hours' bloody fight, they finally drew close to the other end of the lobby. The arch doors on the fan-shaped walls could almost be reached in less than 100 m.

    However, by then, above 90% of them had been exhausted.

    "Hahahaha, see you. Wish you're safe..." Old Monster Qi burst into laughter as his battle qi suddenly surged. An image of a huge bloody toad rose up and beat back a row of battle puppets in front of him at once. At the same time, he dodged from the sharp weapons in weird movements and broke the final ring of encirclement. Closely after that, he disappeared behind an arched door...
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