Chapter 936: Womans Heart

    Chapter 936: Woman's Heart

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    Now that he was called Old Monster Qi and was not favorable, he would always do something that made people abhorrent, exposing his selfish temperament sharply.

    Take this moment as an instance, when the others were fighting battle puppets bloodily, Old Monster Qi suddenly broke out the encirclement and left all the others behind.

    Zhang Tie wondered what Old Monster Qi and his team members had agreed with; however, at this moment, Zhang Tie felt that the other team members became Old Monster Qi's tools. As long as they could help Old Monster Qi pass this lobby, they would lose their value.

    Although Old Monster Qi left without any hesitation, an earth knight's sudden departure severely weakened the overall battle strength of human knights; especially the battle strength of Old Monster's team.

    After almost 6 hours of bloody battle, when they were going to pass this terrifying lobby, most of the knights had been exhausted. Old Monster Qi's departure immediately made his team suffer a great loss. As a result, one of his team members was injured at once.

    Bai Suxian moved as agile as usual. Her soft steel whip was both sharp and crafty, which could be as hard as steel and as soft as water. Her ability was definitely above average black iron knights. Since they entered the lobby to the present, 3 of their team had been injured; however, the "young sister" was still safe and sound.

    However, as a woman, even though her battle strength was not bad, after 6 hours of a tough endurance race, she had also almost run out of her physical strength. At this moment, Bai Suxian's face had turned abnormally pale while oozing sweat at her temples. Facing the fierce attack of so many battle puppets, she gradually became stagnated while her protective battle qi was only 1/4 of the original thickness. At the same time, it was undulating very unsteadily. For many times, the battle puppets' battle swords almost scraped her neck and nose tip. The remaining protective battle qi actually could not guarantee her safety anymore, which would be easily collapsed.

    The battle puppets would not die; however, knights would die for sure. If the passage of this lobby was 1.5 times longer and only two earth knights broke in, perhaps even earth knights would be killed.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace had not exerted their full strength. Since the beginning of this battle, they had not shown their real strength. Besides, only Zhang Tie among all the other knights was still vigorous while being circled by a fire dragon. Holding an abyss battle spear, he was like a battle god. Wherever he went, he would sweep over his weapon as if he had determined to have a head-on fight with the battle puppets. Zhang Tie didn't look fatigued at all.

    "Ah..." An exclamation drifted from Bai Suxian. Zhang Tie turned around and found Bai Suxian's long whip was twining around a battle puppet's neck. However, that battle puppet suddenly dropped its shield. At the same time, it suddenly stood up its lower body and started to draw the long whip forcefully. Having been very weak, Bai Subxian, after losing her balance, instantly flew towards the battle puppet. Right then, the battle puppet stabbed its spear towards the "young sister"'s breast forcefully with a shrill sound in the air.

    Battle puppet didn't have a good taste. They only knew enemies instead of cup sizes.

    As it occurred so abruptly, Bai Suxian had no chance to dodge at all. With a despairing look, Bai Suxian was going to be penetrated through by the spear and be severely injured in the blink of an eye...

    Right then, Zhang Tie rushed over there and hugged her; at the same time, he bore the strike of that battle puppet with his back directly.

    Zhang Tie found that he was genuinely soft-hearted. As that woman was not that vicious, he really couldn't stand watching a woman being severely injured or killed by a battle puppet in front of him.

    Such a strike was very powerful. Although it didn't break Zhang Tie's protective battle qi, it rocked his protective battle qi. Additionally, Zhang Tie was sent flying backward together with Bai Suxian.

    As Zhang Tie flew backward horizontally. The moment he fell onto the ground, he had hugged Bai Suxian with one arm and started to roll on the ground.

    In such a case, even knights were disadvantageous while lying on the ground.

    The surrounding huge swords were fiercely stabbed towards the two people. At the same time, the spider feet stomped towards their bodies mercilessly like sharp forks.

    The battle puppets launched a tempest-like strike towards Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian.

    As the old saying went, when you helped a person, you had to help him to the end; when you see off a Budda, you'd better send the Budda to the West. Now that Zhang Tie had determined to save Bai Suxian, of course, he would prevent her from being injured. If the one whom he saved was injured at this moment, he would lose his face greatly, 'No matter what, this father has experienced hundreds of battles and is cultivating an emperor-level secret method. Aren't I qualified to save her?'

    When those swords, spears and spider feet fell, Zhang Tie protected Bai Suxian with his body while some swords and spears were directly stabbed onto his battle qi, causing his qi and blood to roll inside.

    However, as Zhang Tie was strike-resistant and had a self-recovery body; even if he was stabbed and chopped a few times, he could still bear that. He was not afraid of that at all.

    In others' eyes, such a fierce and thrilling attack would solve the battle in a split second.

    The other knights just saw Zhang Tie rolling on the ground with Bai Suxian so as to dodge from the brutal and terrifying blades and spears. As a result, those ineffective blades and spears stroke the ground, causing booms across the lobby.

    Gong Ziyao, Zhou Shufan and Filton were startled at the same time as they hurriedly came here to save Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie didn't notice that Bai Suxian whose face turned pale just now was raising her head and looking at him without blinking her eyes while her fearsome look had disappeared.

    Bai Suxian unconsciously leaned against Zhang Tie's chest lightly with her face and listened to Zhang Tie's surging blood and heartbeats. At the same time, she embraced Zhang Tie's waist with closed eyes...

    "Go die!" Zhang Tie finally found a chance to launch a counter-attack by sweeping over his spear while lying on the ground, breaking 4-5 spider legs within a radius of 4 m besides blocking those spears and huge swords.

    Zhang Tie sprung up from the ground once again. At the same time, he caught the waistband of the imperial longuette of Bai Suxian. In the next second, he threw Bai Suxian towards the other end of the lobby like throwing a javelin.

    Zhang Tie's strength was really great. Not until Bai Suxian landed on the other end of the lobby steadily and opened her eyes did those battle puppets respond to that.

    Therefore, Bai Suxian became the second person who passed the lobby after Old Monster Qi.

    There was an evident line of demarcation on the ground while the colors and grains of the floor on two sides of the line of demarcation were different. It seemed that those battle puppets within the line of demarcation didn't see Bai Suxian at all.

    Standing outside the line of demarcation, Bai Suxian watched Zhang Tie while panting heavily. At the same time, she took out a vial of all-purpose medicament and drank it up...


    Previously, Gong Ziyao, Zhou Shufan and Cecilia were thinking about breaking the encirclement to save Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian; however, before they arrived, they had seen Zhang Tie spring up from the ground vigorously. At the same time, he threw Bai Suxian out of the battlefield.

    At this moment, a battle puppet whose neck was circled with a soft whip rushed towards Zhang Tie. Watching this battle puppet and recalling his embarrassed look just now, Zhang Tie roared as he jumped up and fiercely struck the battle puppet's head with his spear by two hands like lashing a stick.

    The battle puppet raised its shield to block Zhang Tie's strike; however, Zhang Tie's strike was evidently out of its endurance capacity.

    As a result, its shield turned into pieces and scattered over the ground. Closely after that, one of its arms was broken. Finally, Zhang Tie's abyss battle spear smashed onto its head, breaking its head into parts and sending them flying in all directions...

    The battle puppet didn't die; even though its head was chopped off, it had just lost its sense of direction, sense of judgment and striking capability for the time being while circling on the ground...

    'What a man!' Everybody took a deep breath at the sight of this scene.

    "Is that a man?" Filton roared what the others were thinking about...

    Before the others came to save him, Zhang Tie had swept over once again.


    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt a white shadow flashing by. Zhang Tie was stunned as he had not imagined that Bai Suxian who had been thrown out of the battlefield could return.

    Bai Suxian caught her long whip and protected Zhang Tie by waving it like a tempest.

    Zhang Tie didn't appreciate her; instead, he was driven mad. He felt that he had borne hundreds of times of strikes for her in vain, 'Is she crazy?'

    Zhang Tie roared towards Bai Suxian, "Are you motherf*cking sick? You've been out of the battlefield, why are you back? As a female, why are you flaunting your superiority at this moment?'

    However, Bai Suxian didn't say anything; she just wove her steel whip more frequently.


    It took them almost 10 minutes to break through the last 100 m.

    When everybody rushed out of the line of demarcation, the battle puppets in the lobby stopped their strikes. After wandering in the lobby for a while, the battle puppets returned to their original positions. When they stood still in two rows like statues, the glow in their eyes faded away like nothing had happened...


    The moment they passed the lobby, most of the knights threw themselves onto the ground and started to pant heavily like having escaped from a catastrophe...
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